Powerful Stories of Everyday Muslims #07 – The Story of Willpower

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Our story today is the story of willpower. How do I persevere and avoid giving up? One time a young man picked up a dumbbell, and he started working out with his very first set. And as soon as the pain started, he gave up the first moment he felt pain he gave up. And that was when he counted to six. He looked at his friend who was nearby working out. And as he looked at him, his friend kept going. So he asked, how are you able to handle the pain? How are you getting through that pain? His friend said, If you believe that you can lift that dumbbell two more times, do you think that would help you to continue? So that young man after a while started again. And this time he counted with

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full conviction that he will lift it eight times. And in fact, he did. Sometimes, your belief in accomplishing more or a specific number or target or goal helps you to find the willpower within yourself the strength within you to actually pursue and accomplish it. But we seek our willpower and our help, first and foremost from Allah subhanho wa taala. So we recognize for example, we recognize that the the strength that we experience in life and the success in life is all by his will. And through his permission, we begin with Bismillah in the name of Allah and a sincere intention. And we find our motivation and our blessings in that and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada, to increase us.

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Second, we recognize that every step counts. And sometimes people want to start by lifting 100 pounds without first going through the process of practicing or building their muscle, from 20 pounds to 50 pounds to 60 pounds to 100 pounds later on, you're not going to climb a mountain with one step, you have to take many steps. And so you're climbing of that mountain began with a first step. So you need to begin at the start of that trial, the start of that journey. Number three, it is important that we connect our willpower to our purpose in this world, why we are here, and what it is that we need to do today, in case there was no and in case there is no tomorrow. Because

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ultimately, for many people who passed away before us, perhaps they had the perspective that they would accomplish what they wanted to accomplish, or even begin some new goal tomorrow and tomorrow never came before them. This life is short and fast, and it is a test. And our laziness is not going to help us to pass this test. Our laziness is going to be an obstacle and impediment to our success and our willpower and our productivity and our optimism. If you have experienced something painful in the past, stop living in the past, find the help that you need, the resources that you need and the therapy that you need. Find the therapy and the healing of the Quran as well. But you need to

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keep moving forward. Now. If you're so stuck reading the last chapter or chapters of your life without one particular fees or hardship or experience or an extended one event. How do you expect to enjoy the next chapter of your life that Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for you, you need to move forward and find all the resources within our tradition and even the resources of professional help in your community or online. Number four, think about the higher ranks of paradise. Laziness does not get you to the higher ranks. Laziness does not help you to excel. This is why Allah subhanaw taala mentions us how we mean the people of belief that people have the right on the day of

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judgment, but then he specifies another group within them. Another group that excelled beyond them was Serbia Kona Serbia Cohen, those who raced ahead, they raced ahead hula Ecole Makarova and they are the closest to Allah subhanaw taala. Why? Because they did not allow their laziness in this world to determine their objectives, their destiny, their success in the next life. They worked hard, they worked really hard beyond what others on average we're working for. And of course, every individual has their own unique test your own unique circumstances, your own your own unique race, but ultimately, we are racing for gender, with the circumstances that you have with the life that

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you have. Are you working as hard as you can? Can you do more? Are you using all of your willpower or are you depleting it? Are you overcoming for example, your challenges your own laziness your own bad habits that are stopping you from being a greater person from achieving your greater goals and your greater potential? And finally, number five,

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ultimately, we really need to avoid ever feeling in this life entitled to anything

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Because as difficult as it may be to hear this, we really are not entitled to anything in this world. Nothing at all is guaranteed for us. The one thing that you're guaranteed is that you're going to leave this world, you're going to leave not with your D not with your your job, not with your wealth, not with your family, not with anything you've you've gained of material possessions, you're only going to leave with your deeds. And so if this is the one guarantee, and you know you're not guaranteed anything else, than when difficulty comes your way, whether from society or from family or from friends, whatever it may be, have difficulty or your job or your studies or your

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relationships. Do not allow yourself to stop and feel bad for yourself, feel bad for yourself, because you are entitled to that thing in this world. It is difficult, and it is a test. But what you need to do is to move forward and pass that test what you need to do is to accept that it was not guaranteed to remain permanent. What you had yesterday, is not guaranteed today. And what you have today is not guaranteed tomorrow. And if that's the expectation that you have, then you are no longer entitled to anything in this world. You recognize that life is constantly changing your experiences, your phases of life will constantly change the people around you or the way that they

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treat you will constantly change. And the reality is Allah subhanaw taala is eternal. Allah subhanaw taala is our constant, Allah subhanaw taala is permanent. So we turn to him we trust in him. What's our color Allah Hi Isla de la nuit put your trust in the one who is ever living everlasting and does not pass away, does not change Subhana wa Tada. You have one life that Allah subhanaw taala gave you in this world before your soul moves on with your deeds with all that you've worked for. So live it with strength, live it with wisdom, live it with a willpower and may Allah subhanaw taala increase us in strength and willpower and grant us the resources and the environments and the factors that

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will also contribute to that willpower Allahumma me

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