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The Buddha (was he a Prophet of God)

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Salam aleikum

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wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So let's just go legit. Go ahead che so in Malaysia over there is 11 over here is nine. But we're right on time. We're right on time and hum did Allah

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Allah Allah, Allah again, Mashallah. So tell us I'm gonna take us back in history again. So we met I believe it was correct me if I'm wrong first time we met that was in Hodge and you gave me something that I still use to this day to show the mercy of Islam because you went and you went over the letters is lm Islam says love all mankind, can you go ahead and elaborate on that? Yeah, because Islam is m you also can translate into AI is AI as a shell is all L is

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not an L is Love is all M is mankind. So, I shall love all mankind, I as an n.

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So, there is what the prophet was sent for my son naka ihlara of material and I mean a lot of shade to Earth there are Mohammed we know saying you except to bring the mercy to the world to everybody, not only to one raise or only to the Muslim but Rama to lead me into the world.

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So this is very important. No, because of the the mercy the mercy is more than love because having mercy meaning you are prepared to go through all the pain and suffering just to save others.

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To save the oma to bring people from darkness to light, even they are not ready to extend they go against you. But because of the mercy you have you keep on praying for them, you keep on inviting them. And of course at the end of the day, Allah said the one who gives you that is Allah not us.

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I like what you mentioned about mercy because we often get this word thrown around. He says to her, she says to him, I love you, baby, and all these empty slogans right, but there's no mercy between the two. Just empty words. But the mercy as you said Prophet Mohammed was sent as a mercy to all mankind. So what would you say to the president of France now, with all of the attacks that are happening against Islam? What would you say to him? Regarding this mercy of Islam?

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Yeah, we as a Muslim, you know, what's obviously going on in France now, right? Yeah. Yeah, we are. We are following this very closely to

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you see, and then we always believe that this is one of the areas that may be something that Muslim must reflect number one.

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Whether we have been talking to all these people about Islam, the especially Muslim leaders, I'm not talking about the public we talk about President you talk a politician to leader to lead our Prophet. Yeah, when he was the leader of the oma, he was addressing the other leaders. But today the Muslim leader is so naive so weak, you know, they don't even present Islam to other leaders.

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So they are very ignorant to me. I will say that ignorant when you are ignorant, something you can be arrogant.

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So it is just too bad but is a wake up call for everybody.

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And no, this is just something that Allah is telling us again, that we Muslim wherever you are, you must set a good example you must integrate. Yeah, we've everybody saw that show them this is Islam. Islam is about unity. Islam is about love. You don't care what color you are. No, we all are children of Adam. And all children Adam, we are like one big family and Allah created us different race and nation or tribe is for us to get to know one another.

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So when that won't feel this thing can happen. This fitna, of course is not wise.

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For a leader, a very intelligent person, a person who are so high a bow. Yeah, they should be very, very careful when they speak when they talk about others.

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No leaders should unite people not to create unrest and hatred.

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So of course we are hurt as a team. We must feel hurt

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because we love our

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Profit more than ourselves. That's why No, they don't understand. They just don't understand that people will say no, the Muslim, if you win burn there

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you go and talk about it, they still will know very patient when you hit Prophet Mohammed, some Muslim. Now the Muslim is just have to wake up.

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How about the you mentioned leaders? Was it Iran, the one of the leaders for being the president of Pakistan? It seems like what do you think? Is he taking up the call? Like, he's seems like many are sleeping there. But what do you think about him have?

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As has he has he tried to do some of this what you're talking about at all? We hope that our lead though, will be very proactive, is when a lead to a leader when they talk to one another. It makes a big difference. Big difference, right? Big difference. So the leader, the leaders need to step up and have some have some courage to go ahead and share this message. What do you think about the courage of our brother Habib, who had been also kind of stepping up a little bit and he spoke out against this and this president and these attacks on the prophet SAW some Have you heard of this? of Habib?

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No, no, I don't think I follow everything. No, closely. Yeah. Tell us tell us for the people that don't know. You. Actually, you were formerly a, you are Buddhist, we did that program before. But you are actually you are a Buddhist at one time, right? Yes, yes, of course. And then you were you officially I don't remember a monk also.

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Not really a man, but I am one of the good followers of God and I reached the level of a monk. And now, but we are going to this debt. Tell us I remember you telling me the story of Gautama Buddha, about him about him possibly maybe even being a prophet. I remember getting that from you. Can you elaborate on that? Yeah, we know that our Prophet someone loves and I mentioned that many there are 120,000 of profit being sent of God do not is there's only 313 or 215, that is the messengers. And then only 25 is recorded in the Quran. But there are many that the name is not being known. Only Allah knows best. But why we say that is not impossible, is because of the teaching. every prophet

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was saying as Bashir on one on zero, but she run an algebra to convey glad tiding good news for those who follow, and also to warn those who disbelieve and those who reject. And then if you look in the teaching of Guatemala, then you'll find that he will always end with Sokka with DACA

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in the Sanskrit language, Taka, which means let tiding and wanting

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good news and bad news.

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And then you see that the they have you know that one was the most important ingredient in our current Eman? Yeah, that we mostly must always

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be very strong in that is to believe in auto encoder. The sixth, the last article of faith, there is to believe in what is being ordained what is been predestined by Almighty Creator a lot of galantamine.

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And then when you look into the teaching of God tomorrow, then you come up with the karma.

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Karma is about at the end.

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So of course, we don't we cannot claim 100% because the name is not been mentioned in the Quran or in the Hadith. But we know that Allah said that I have stand to own nation, equally O'Meara sulan, a net with a lower spendy. But

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we have sent to every nation, a messenger.

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So what law Lambie saw, but the teaching never contradict. To my understanding, yes, yeah. Because you you being a part of someone who was actually a Buddhist, then you actually ended up going above and beyond you end up really looking into Islam. You accepted Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation, you accepted it. And now comparing the teachings there of the pure monotheism. How did it how do you see then you became an Islamic scholar? How do you see from your perspective that it evolved to where it is today from you talked about his life? He was a simple man. You know, he kind of went away if I remember from the phone. He was a preteens and then suddenly he came to rely to

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see the rally.

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Be of life. Because when he was in the palace, they don't really show him all the the real. The reality of life that suffering the poor, the old age, they want him to just see everything that is beautiful, until one day when Allah SCADA that he was when he was able to travel with parents out from the palace. And that is the time Allah subhana wa opened the way that he managed to just get out from the main group. And then he saw behind all the beautiful picture there's been displayed in front of him. He saw how people are suffering, the poor, the sick, the old age, then he started to realize something is wrong.

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What I was been informed in exposing the perilous been taught by my parents, and the people around me in a palace is just like a drama show. The reality is different.

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So Allah, Allah gave him the awakening, destroy your call Buddha, Buddha came from the wood of wood. Wood means the awakening.

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So he thing is he starting to think he wants to get out and like you want to look for the truth.

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You want to look for the answer to what is life.

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I'm living in the parallels with everything around me. Nobody is smiling. Everybody is good. LBD is healthy. But now I realize outside the palace, people are suffering, people are dying. So that's why he makes an attempt to make a he tried, he left the palace and make his first HIV lab.

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And that's where he was looking and looking. And he just he found some people who was doing a lot of meditation in the wilderness but the way they do

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about what they are trying to do is he didn't no attacking because it looks so good. These are ugly, not clean. What is this? So he doesn't believe that that should be the way Yeah, to find God, that shouldn't be the way to get closer to God that shouldn't be the way so then he kept on searching, no one can guide him No one can give an answer until he made a carwash and all profit do carwash pro forma window era, the problem Moses ran up to the mountain every day go for an isolation called Kahlua. And there if he was meditating under the Bodhi tree, and that's where he was given the enlightenment. And that's why after receiving the Enlightenment, then he started his mission is to

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is called and there is when he was named as Buddha. We got the word Buddha means the enlightened one. So the word enlightened to us is hedaya. So now you connect these I mean, see what retranslate the word again to awaken. What's the word? awakening awakening? Oh, good, good. Good. So bird means awakening. So awakening so when you're awakening to the reality of this dunya right this life you can you can you can you can really relate to the concept of Islam thinking like what's the purpose of life? Why am I What am I living for? Where am I going when I die, awaken to the reality that you're going to die that is life is transitory is short,

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but that concept is there, but how did it evolve shake? How did it evolve to where it is today where we see people actually work worshipping themselves as a god worshipping Buddha you know worshiping the creation through this

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Yeah, you guessed that we call manmade religion that call comes in. People start to make money and commercialize every commercialized business now became bit yeah. Yeah, you made an either

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good business.

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And thank

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you, this is the Buddha that can help you like happen in the time of Abraham the father either he is either maker

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and no and then he is calling people to sell his his idol and then tell people to worship this either. is a big business. So it happened to every generation, even the time of Jesus it happened. Jesus never called people to worship Him. Neither Buddha called anybody to worship Him.

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And you'll see they have they have prostration if you look at the Buddhist when they do their prayer straight, we a lot of chanting, yeah. So if you look at that, then you'll see that there's a lot of similarity

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in lean with one to another

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Aloha, Aloha. The only problem today is when people start to worship something, they are starting to make sure that everybody that later on will follow their idea. And people, majority of the people today they are blind follower. They don't really want to think they don't even want to reflect. They just want to be a good follower, if they follow the right one Alhamdulillah the true shocker, but majority are not doing the

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best way in the Quran. The only book that if you go back, if you compare the Old Testament and the New Testament, in the Quran, the last testament, Allah keep on reminding us apparently at the Battle of Fallujah, of Allah young zone. No, don't you think? Don't you reflect? she allowed us to have an open mind. Don't do anything with that knowledge. What a duck for Malaysia like a bear.

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In surah, Islam, don't say or do anything with that knowledge. Why? Because when you are a blind follower, then you can easily be misguided by anybody.

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There's a beauty of Islam. You see, there's a beautiful and that's how I communicate with my own people when I talk to them. When I talk to the people, or the Christian I was a Christian do before. Now talk to them as a brother, sister, do you believe in Jesus? They say, of course, how you cannot be a Christian if you don't believe in Jesus, good. Now we cannot be a Muslim. We don't believe in Jesus.

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I said, Can you be a Christian if you don't believe in the Bible?

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Is it No. But must we believe in the Bible? He asked me back. I said, I don't know. I'm asking you. Can you be a Christian? without believing in the Bible? I think No, I think we should be good. We Muslim cannot be a Muslim if we don't believe in the Injeel.

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Now I'm going I'm going now a bit further.

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Do you believe in motion? And then they asked me why must I believe in motion? I don't know. I just want to ask you. How you feel? How about you? How about your feelings to emotions?

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You see, we cannot be a Muslim? If you don't believe Moses.

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Then I'm going to talk again. Can you do you believe in Ibrahim?

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Do you see why you are bring me further and further. And I said no. I'm just asking.

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If you don't believe that you have problem because it's written in your Bible?

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Is it? So if you believe that now I have another important question. What is the name? The God of Moses?

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What is the name of the gods of Ibrahim? Alex?

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Can you say that they worship Jesus?

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Because he just came later on?

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Are you telling me there's no God before that?

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They don't believe in God. You know, Abraham, believe in God, you know most of us have gotten. But what is the name of the God of Moses?

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So I'm just going to make them set the thing I want you just to reflect.

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So you see, when we become a Muslim, we don't lose anything.

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We believe in Jesus, we believe in the angel. We believe in most of the belief in the Torah, we believe in the software. We believe in everything that is the beauty of this religion, you might everybody.

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Allahu Akbar. So Shane, so you also you had your experience of being a Christian also. And now so you got to, to experience Buddhism, Christianity, and over my years of interviewing people, that's what I found. I've I found that if a person was sincere, they were genuine, genuinely seeking the truth. I mean, and they would see they would test the manmade religions. But then when they came to Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation, they would see the the connection that their heart had to it, and it would really stand out from all the rest.

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Of course,

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and what do you think is the the main problem today? What are you seeing that even amongst some Muslims, that now many, some don't appreciate? You know, it has to be someone like yourself, you know, somebody who had to really go outside and really investigate, but some people take it for granted because maybe my father was Muslim, or my, my parents and but then when it comes down to actually submitting right themselves and obeying the commands of a law, their Creator, they're kind of like Burger King. Have it your way. They kind of just, you know, making things up as they go. Have you seen a lot of this happening?

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Oh, yeah, it's happening everywhere. is happening everywhere.

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Yeah, I don't blame a lot of them for that. You know why? To my humble experience mixing around with them. The app

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The copyright the intellectual deck admission I know and everybody I mix with all group of people. Yeah. From from the, the lowest of the low to the upper of God. No. So then I I start to realize you know what went wrong with a lot of fellow Muslim brothers and sisters who are getting further and further away from Islam, the so called the are circular so called the liberal there are so many new groups here coming up. If you look carefully you'll realize that what went wrong is because of the therapy.

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The therapy means the Islamic education that was being given to them majority of the bomoseen are just focusing on a ritual without values.

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Teach them to read the Quran memorize the Quran without understanding so what can the Quran benefit them?

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You can say I memorize the Quran and I read the Quran

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but neither believe in the Quran Of course because you don't understand

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the value is not there.

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So one they have the value that's why the Prophet Somoza was then to focus on the VEDA and the value the adapt know that there is how it's not it other how to develop Yeah, the human to thing like human don't play God and don't be like an enemy we are no any money either you become the lowest of the low of somebody or country then they claim that I am God later on

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and on so both sides but Islam is always in the middle. That's where the Prophet said clearer or more on Satya the best offense is always when you are in the middle

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and Allah say to us because Attica and no matter what sorta we and we create the you the oma of Prophet Muhammad Salah as the middle oma

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who are bearing witness to everybody,

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Allahu Akbar, have the responsibility. How do you see now when you are growing up? Can you paint a picture or we can see like the definition of a man let's say a woman compared that when you are coming up? And then now the generation What are you seeing like now when you have application form? You have I don't know if they have that in Malaysia, now we have male female and then over here non binary. Are you familiar with this terms? So they were you have? Are you seeing a direct attack on the masculinity of a man trying to make a man more like a woman, a woman trying to make a woman like a man? I mean, obviously a man is also someone who's compassionate, who's merciful, who's loving all

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these qualities but also, what's the definition Islamic of a man, a man's man and a woman's woman? When you were coming up and then today

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Yeah, if you go back to the history, history, repeat history repeat this problem of not having men and half and one day he she and she all did. It happened before us, it happened is not something new to us. Everybody is aware of at the time of nude, and so on. But then what did God say about these people? Do God acknowledge accept them? And do God say is okay? No. And that's why even in Buddhism, even in Christianity, in Judaism, in all religion, they just cannot accept

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what that we are accepting today because we are praying God today

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we know this thing will happen is part of Allah kada but we are not here to promote We are not here to endorse We are here to help them if they need help. If not, we have to leave them to Allah and mighty

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is sometime this kind of thing. Yeah, it Do not just is not just a virus to attack your body attack your mind your brain.

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And now and now you cannot think straight anymore.

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You just do not know how to differentiate between heart and bottom. We know the creation start with Adam and Eve. Everybody who believe in the book they must accept it.

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Yeah, there's no no other than his own Adam and Eve male and female was that because at all

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It? Well, you're not gonna hear me in one minute. I'm gonna say yeah yohannes caloptima come in Zachary owns that

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I created male and female. Other than that is a disease.

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Whatever you want to name is up to you, you can come up with new them. But still,

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according to the book, from the time Adam was created until the end of time, the law the divine law will not change. A law will only recognize the hate. And and this is not something this is not something new. I mean, this is according to the teachings of Jesus, Jesus peace be upon him according to the teachings of Moses, Abraham, they all taught the same thing of pure monotheism, differentiating the role of the man and the woman. You also have that these are the teachings of Christianity of Judaism. So this is not like anything new, but what people are bringing now that's something that's going against what the Creator has sanctioned from all of us, tell us, what do you

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when we say this word, also Lita, Lita, what do we you know,

00:26:15--> 00:26:25

what does that define that word from us? And how do we implement this as men in our lives? Lita, this term, Lita? And do you see this kind of going away from from many?

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Yeah, because Allah, I didn't mean had won us about this.

00:26:33--> 00:26:59

In the demand. You see, the prophet also have warned us about their karma time, you know, so the the the men have lost their identity as a man. The woman will dress like a man, the men dressed like a woman, they behave just the opposite. Sometimes they started with fun is just funny is just an act. No, but later on, it become an issue.

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You see, that's why Islam always hit prevention is better than cure. We know you're just like the widest COVID-19 today know, how do Islam introduce this prevention is better than cure, whoever is affected is a virus and disease is very, very fatal, very, very dangerous, it can spread very far, they cannot move from that area, total isolation. And the one that is not been affected cannot enter a complete year quarantine. This is not nealon not only the World Health Organization come up with this as it was recommended by our prophets, Allah 1000 years ago.

00:27:49--> 00:28:32

But a lot of these good teaching that was guided by Allah and mighty who created us will know is the best way to solve our problem. But we have failed ourselves because we all considered we thought that we know better than God, if everybody will just come back to God and look for his guidance. And he said, Follow this man, because this is the time that nobody can be the way except Prophet Mohammed Salah in a time of Moses, Moses is the way to God in time of Jesus Jesus the way to God in the time of performance and to the end of time, Mohammed sama long as salaam, the man where the people are talking bad about him. He is the only way

00:28:34--> 00:28:46

to go. A lot of sin are in quantum had been Allah if you state your belief in God, you love him. You love Allah. Allah just commanded us to follow one then

00:28:47--> 00:28:57

then you get the love from Allah. We have failed to follow this man Allah say, but there are only you have to follow my last message to you Mohammed.

00:28:59--> 00:29:03

Then I did come along I Allah the Creator, we live

00:29:04--> 00:29:11

all of it. And when He loves us, the first thing he will do, we have philippou back over here, forgive all our students.

00:29:13--> 00:29:21

Aloha, come on, welcome. So just just to conclude now, you see a lot of Christians and people I've interviewed

00:29:22--> 00:30:00

Christians and one in particular, who was really fascinated about how Muslims hold firmly to many of the Divine commands that God Almighty has sent like we we talked about the pure monotheism, this is the one thing when somebody really looks at between the manmade religions and then they look at the truth of the pure monotheism. This just stands out from the rest and this is what really brings the majority of people to Islam, but then you have the moral code, the manners, and then not swinging away where Islam is not like a buffet like you know, just do it your way. And then everything is just there. It's laid out, people respect that. They really, you know, discretion

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In particular, one Christian, his name is Owen, Benjamin he was looking at he said, Man, I, I couldn't go find a church where I can go where it wasn't, they were not modifying things, but I really respect the Muslims because they are really holding to those principles, you know, that are really, that are really clear there. And for him, that was just amazing, you know, so we just continuing talking about some of these things. And just to remind also, though, my other people, like you said, the leaders to be leaders, you know, to invite to the dean to share the dean, and to us to really be grateful for what we have

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of the deed and tarbiyah education so important. So what closing comments and advice do you have now as we conclude ship?

00:30:44--> 00:30:59

Yeah, I think we have to do our part, everybody has a duty. That's why the prophecy coloca Mirage in Baku, coma spooler. And everyone is a leader at least to our set, set. Good example.

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We must name a lot of say quantum Koroma only in the book of Allah, the last testament,

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there is this kind of sentence, unless it You are the best nation with the earliest picture you don't have this kind of idea, this kind of center. Only in Islam. Allah say, You are the best oma, why we are the best, because we follow what Allah has to do. And we follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad masala and we carry out our duty as amamagna Mancha among other unnamed calling people to goodness and for big people for doing anything that is bad. Is that from ourselves? That's why they're saying that the Prophet that da da da, da da da da is a very short haddish that I always remind my students please memorize this or this you say you love Prophet Muhammad, memorize his

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saying, and it's simple. Even you've read the idea, I believe you have memorized it very simple. La da da da da da da da da da,

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LA, da da da, da da da are finished. The Prophet is telling a Muslim is a person who will not say or do anything that will cause harm to themselves set good example.

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And then you are not willing to cause harm to others.

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There is a Muslim is a person who are believed in what is good for him and he will do it. show good example. Be kind be loving, be sincere, be committed, be clean. You know, be honest, know be trustworthy, all the good thing there's all the Islam want us to do and when you have done that, you can set a good example to anybody wherever you go. And guess what the Allah tequila haze to makuta be connected to a lower ever you are.

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Whatever you do, you are businessman don't cheat Don't lie. Be an honest yeah businessmen honesty, the best policy. You know when you are become a husband be the best husband the prophesy the best among men and the men who are best to the wife example.

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Yeah, when you are a father be a good father. Take this as a man when you are a good leader, then you become a good leader. Then those who are not needed become good follower. You see this how you go move on, move on.

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And this is the beauty of Islam has everything from cradle to grave. Everything is so detailed. When you want to eat it, what is halal, what is good and how to eat, how to drink also Islam is here to guide you on your thought you want to talk you can talk about you how to talk, what kind of of what you should use, everything is guided.

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You don't get it in any other idea and at the end because they are not perfect yet they are not completed yet only in Islam, Allah Allah Yama mantoloking Dena come today I perfected my religion for you, whatever you need in this life, and today after everything is there and I have completed my favor upon you wherever you need.

00:34:25--> 00:34:38

from cradle to grave, how to educate a person how to eat, how to drink, how to behave, how to talk to you're better, how to talk to the elders, how to give to the young, the neighbor and everything how to do business. Everything is there

00:34:39--> 00:34:48

and then allows it I choose on my use this word. I choose this religion for you.

00:34:49--> 00:34:57

Cannot be wrong. The problem is now the people are lost. They don't know what to choose.

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

But this religion

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

That last 10 to promo mama he himself choose products can you imagine brother Eddie? Is the creator the king to something for you? How do you feel?

00:35:14--> 00:35:46

You'll feel so brash. You know? And that guy is no number one specialist in this hate to something for you. You feel so great, now he is the creator a Holic. Okay, everyone have to choose this religion for us to love is a great blessing is really a great blessing. Thank you so much. Hey, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Thank you for sharing your advice. chuckleheads, very nice to have you on the program again, may Allah reward you

00:35:48--> 00:36:32

said my warm Salaam to everybody, your family we all hope you will meet that soon again. Insha Allah, Allah, you always love to see all the good people around us and they love to share whatever we have with all the good people. You know, you can be anybody the Christian you have good people around them the Buddhist and disbelievers so called is with the eight is a free pinker. You know, I've been traveling to China before having a lot of discussion with all the think tanks. Who are they're harmless, but I stopped them on my religion, they are very open and hungry and they start to realize oh, because they just do not want to get involved in any religion because they don't have

00:36:32--> 00:36:33

the understanding.

00:36:34--> 00:37:21

You see they think it's like a drug no make you know Hi. And then forget about your responsibility. You have people who go for chanting and go for meditating they become lazy, after they don't like people like that they want people to be productive. I say that is what Islam is about. It's about creative, constructive, productive, you just anything good that is in Islam, Allah. Thank you. So the end at the end is Allah who give Hidayat we'll just try our best to share whatever knowledge you have given us. And the best knowledge is what Alon said common law or color assume the loss of a mother not what I think how you think. But what Allah says and what the prophet SAW Muslim have

00:37:21--> 00:37:28

taught us that is pure knowledge a lot. What do you have? Thank you so much shake, thank you.

00:37:30--> 00:37:32

Just to be in touch,

00:37:33--> 00:37:34

inshallah, inshallah.

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Allah salaam aleikum.

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