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Sh. Omar Suleiman and Sh. Abdullah Oduro, joined by special guest Dr. Khalil Abdur-Rashid, explore gems from the 13th Juz’ of the Holy Quran.

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Dr Hameed onto the CHF doctor for the doctor seat who's

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left us in Dallas some time ago. And we we miss him dearly down here but is now at Harvard University and how that allows the chaplain up there and also teaches at the Divinity School and hamdulillah we benefit from him often so welcome to the Welcome to the show next year because I love hearing from them so now my brothers and sisters

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so inshallah talk before I get into the juice, just wanted to point to two things for everyone that's benefiting and that's been keeping up with the series inshallah Tada, next week, on the, on the 20th day of Ramadan, which I know we were losing time, may 13, inshallah tada from 3pm. Eastern inshallah tada to 8pm. Eastern, we're gonna have a finished strong telephone where we're gonna have various speakers coming on sha Allah Tada, keeping you engaged throughout the day, inshallah Tada, getting us prepared for the 21st night which will be that night. So again, just mark the calendar in Charlottesville for May 13. inshallah 3pm Eastern onwards, it's going to be an all day thing, and

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then we'll end with a draft. And some of us have asked about how you can donate over the last 10 nights, and hamdulillah. If you click on the donate button now in Charlottetown of the Milan Donate button, you'll see the option to donate now, or to split your donation over the last two nights for the night at us. I know many of you supported us that we last year. And we appreciate everyone that has that has been supporting this project and other projects throughout. So please do and shout outs if you want to get in there early and make the NEA saw the fanshaw that truthful Nia and and and get an end then you can click the button right up right under the link and it'll take you to the page

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and you can see the terminates donation button as well. What does that mean? Well hold on. And we'll go ahead and get started in Charlottetown. So we're on June 13. We had a beautiful lesson on sort of use of last night,

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thinking about use of adding his salon, and the change of fortune and all of the things that he went through. And the way that use of it is set up is the subtle bush or the subtle glad tidings of a lot of talks about sort of hoods that then comes out and perfects the legacy carries forth the blessing of his father, his grandfather and his great grandfather Ibrahim it set up and the 13th was actually some handleless starts with the turning point use of slife. So verse 53, to the end, which is use of it so I'm being appointed as the Kings cabinet minister, and then you start to see use of it his Salaam, showing superiority and his Alok superiority and his character. And this is something very

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beautiful, because the first example which is where use of brothers come to Egypt to get food and great use of ask them to bring Binyamin, his younger brother used to Friday his setup demonstrates a superior level of compassion. And then you have your whole body has said I'm demonstrating a superior level of patience. And then you have use of it. He said I'm demonstrating superior forgiveness, right a superior level of forgiveness and then you have Yaqoob it is Salaam demonstrating a superior level of hope to things between the father and the son that showed these a lot these beautiful qualities that transition down from the boy whom it is to them. These were

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qualities of the mighty mighty is Salaam sovereign Jimmy and beautiful patience was the quality of Abraham it is Salaam forgiveness was the quality of the bond here it is that I'm seeing beauty even in the people that harm you think of Ibrahim alayhis salaam and how he spoke to his father, and still had that level of love and compassion towards his father and think of the way that use of how he approaches his brothers as well. And so these are Clark these beautiful, noble qualities that transition through the Abrahamic line, both in lineage as well as in the way that it was taught and the way that it was inherited. If you go to the end of the surah, right in the previous surah. The

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good news was that she is the one that gives the good news is the angel telling Ibrahim alayhis salaam and Sabah about the two blessings Isaac is happy and Yahoo Jacob right so there's a Bashir the one giving the glad tidings isn't Angel, giving the glide tidings of his half and Yaqoob. Here, the good news, the same word is actually used the machine but it's not an angel. Of course the machine is the one who's giving the glide tidings is speaking to your pool buddy his salon. And what's the glide tiding he is giving to Jacob that both of his sons use of it his Salaam and Binyamin are alive. So some kind of law to glad tidings are given to Yaqoob and in a very similar

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fashion, as his grandfather is given the glad tidings of his father and then him. And there's a beautiful narration that majestically Mola narrates that when the Bashir came to court when the one who gave the glad tidings to Jacob came to him to tell him that his son was still alive and that his son had actually ascended Yaakov it is an absolute key for talk to us.

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He said, How did you leave him? And what state? Was he gonna talk to? Who is another muscle? He said, I left him and he was the minister over agent. He said, Lisa and had a look. He said, That's not what I'm asking you. I'm not asking you about his financial thing. I'm not asking you about his wealth. That's not the goal of life for us. That's not why we're here. He said, talk to her, Ed, what religion did you leave him on? He said, talk to vida Dean and his family. So I left them in a state of Islam in a state of submission to the oneness of Allah, Karla Jacobi our core values that are

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similar to Nirvana. Now, the blessing has been complete. Remember you Tim and Eric Mehta, who is a co worker that came out of timber the other week, that the blessing would be complete, the blessing is complete, that the dean, that use of it is allowed through all of the trauma that he had been through that yaku was not yet fully aware of in terms of all of the twists and turns that would take place in his life. But the beautiful thing here is that jacoba Islam said, was his Islam intact through whatever he went through over these last two decades, where he was absent for me was his faith intact, and a lot tells us right, and certain buckler will also be hackable or he will be

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Benny, here we are, oh, yeah, video, in the last video, I'm watching the indo anti muslim on quantum Shahada. If, however, they are old enough to

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remember the guy who wouldn't eat Africa

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was happy and lucky that when a Muslim or a low gives us the story of the death of Ibrahim, and sort of bacala, giving the inheritance of Islam to his children, and then his children, saying to their children, stay upon faith and then jacoba has said I'm saying to his children, Jacob saying to his children don't die except as a Muslim, and how to suit a use of end use of it. He said, I'm turning to Allah and saying, Tell us any Muslim and what is happening beside him, allow me to die. This is verse 101. caused me to die as a Muslim. And join me with the righteous. Remember, the scariest I have the previous Surah Surah Hood was a stepping command to stay firm upon the religion to stay

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firm upon this, this path. And here you have this, this desire for for use of it set out to stay firm. Yeah, cool to see his son firm, and Ibrahim alayhis salaam and soon to shut up by the way.

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Verse 78, to 83 Ibrahim ends his draft, I'll be heavily hoekman will help me to slaughter him that allow me to follow in the path of the writers and sort of realize

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that there is not the verse of sodalite. So remember, last night, I said that if you notice, there's something in the first I wasn't.

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It wasn't the other flower meme or the elephant ama. Every one of these sort of starts off with a verse about the poor app a lot declaring the greatness of the poor. And so we'll see how long this carries because it carried with the two previous Sooners and is going to carry through all of the suitors and this just as well, a verse extolling the virtues of the Quran, verse 24, sort of odd, Allah subhana wa tada talks about the people who enter agenda because of the patience that they had, and the angels entering, entering upon them saying, so we're not an eco be Master, so long term for near America, you know, peace beyond to you for the patients that you had. And what a beautiful

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abode. This is. So Pamela, we just heard about suborn jahmene, the beautiful patients of Yahuwah at his salon, and now you have the reward agenda that's being elaborated on is sort of the life. Some of the scholars say that Allah mentions the reward and glory in dunya, and sort of use it, but the reward of Gemma is what's elaborated on and sort of the lives so it's like the agenda of this world, or rather, the glory of this world is nothing in comparison to the glory of the hereafter. And the true agenda of this world is in the vicar of Allah is in the remembrance of Allah and in the team. I'm not just plugging that by the way, verse 28, inshallah, of this verse, finally, sutra, Brahim,

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and it always comes back to him it is Salaam, Abraham, where Allah subhana wa tada says, what is to come let in Chicago to him that as he doesn't come with it in Catholicism in vitosha de verse seven and remember when your Lord proclaimed, if you are grateful, I will surely increase you in favor but if you deny indeed my punishment is severe. And I want to end with this one I and then I'll pass it off to Chicago lunch Allah. pseudo hood was about having us the Dhamma was about being firm. Right? So to Yousef is the story of two people that maintain firmness in their faith, despite all sorts of trials and tribulations, things that could have uploaded faith and most normal people only increase

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the faith of Yaqoob and Yusuf and they drew closer to Allah subhanho tab. In this sort of pseudo Rahim, the verse which describes the rootedness of faith is verse 24. And I'm taller okay for a lot of Allah who method and Kenny

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bets on labor to play You bet. Us Neuharth our bets, well, federal health system app, have you not considered how a lot presents an example, a good word like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed, firmly fixed in the heart, and its branches are high in the sky, always producing fruit. This shows you that the Muslim lives between sugar and sublime. And it's no between gratitude and patience. And it's no secret that in this job, you have the most famous verse about sugar coated, most famous verse about gratitude. And the most famous verse about patience, both together, because that's how these these people live their lives. Ibrahim alayhis salam, his descendants all live their lives

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between patience and gratitude. And they've had the karma firmness because that law was a firmly rooted treat in their hearts. And that's the tree that we're called to plant in our hearts as well. And with that, and shall pass to Chicago to talk about another verse about near mancell about blessing and gratitude and sort of

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second law here and Bismillah he or salatu salam ala rasulillah, he was he was suffering women with that rubbish Ronnie so that he is in the mid washroom, aka dexamethasone. Yes.

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So as he mentioned, Mashallah, the shift alluded to or actually mentioned, the name or how the verses mentioned, blessings, and acknowledgement of the blessings. And then even in the chapter, Ebrahim, which you mentioned, which is one of my favorites, sword has all this sort of very beautiful, how the verse of sugar, and sugar comes with knowing the blessings that are upon you and others, then you recognizing that a loss of kind of $1 has placed his blessing on you, or other than you, recognizing acknowledging that and doing something about it from that is gratitude. Now the gratitude can be through your actions through your tongue. But it's very, very important because in

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the verse you mentioned earlier, earlier, he says, if you were to be thankful than I would increase you, when he talks about increasing he doesn't mention in what he doesn't mention them, I wouldn't be he doesn't mention the object of that which he will increase you in rather he leaves it blank, just as we say, Allahu Akbar, and then it's blank, who barddhaman Cooley say he's greater than anything you can imagine and fathom and that what you can't even fathom and imagine. The verse that I want to talk about here is in the chapter Ebrahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala Subhan. Allah, he mentioned just just a snippet of certain things that we take for granted sometimes, and we remember

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them, but even within our remembrance of those objects, it will never, ever, ever amount to the amount of gratitude that he deserves, and the loss of kind of what data says

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in verse number 32. And these verses roughly 31 through 34 talk about sugar and being Britishness and mentioning the objects that you should be good tissues upon. He says after the blemishes on a gene, Allah who led the Holocaust and it will although ends elemina somat Emma and human SMRT Let's collect them a portion of the verse so that's what Allah says, Allah who led the Holocaust will Allah is the one that created the heavens and the earth. ones that I mean I send that email and for RGB heat minister, Marathi rescorla calm, he created the heavens and the earth and then he causes a water to descend down from the heavens, I mean a semi a mountain for 100 gb even if the Marathi risk

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or lecom and from that water that soaks into the ground, agriculture comes forth. seminars fruits are that which is of agriculture risk, but why as a means of provision for you, as he mentioned another verse in the Quran, who will lead the Haleakala Kuma field or the Jimmy and he has created everything on this earth for you to indulge upon to embark upon to use but in a manner that is befitting to His Majesty. So then he says here, that's the first thing he says he says the response let them what's the hora Luqman full Kalitta Judea feel badly be angry, and then he has made for you, he has made for you the ships to sail through the sea with his honor with His permission. The

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Emory was Sahara like woman and her and then he has made for you the rivers. So, notice he says Sahara the Sahara come He has made really is actually subjugated for you, subjugated for you, these these ships that you will go on the sea by his his his order and his divine wisdom. And if you notice, he says be me because when you are in the sea you have no ultimate control over which direction you will ultimately go if the wind is going profusely and you cannot control that. So there has to be a level of talk called so when seeing that Allah says he does all of this for you, subjugated it for you. You know as the law says in the chapter 100 lay your own movement omim people

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should not be little or scold one another because when you do that it is as though you are subjugating them to what you are saying about them you are making them lesser than you. So in a lot subjugates it it's a reminder that he has ultimate duty

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over it and then he says to Pinilla or SOHCAHTOA shumsa will comment on dat eBay and then Allah subhanaw taala says, and he has subjugated for you the sun and the moon in a continuous orbits, that urbane means continuous, it's always moving as a lot of talks about the people that fit around. He says cadet be early for the owner with a leading company that means that which is continuous that which they continuously did, it was their norm. So when Allah says here Sahaja come with some sort of camara de ebaying he's made the sun and the moon is that which will continuously swim and float, it will never turn off, it will always be there was so caught in a coma Layla when, and he is

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subjugated for you, the night and the day that which emanates from the Sun is that which we know is the daytime. And that which emanates or we see when the sun leaves, we see that the nighttime is here. And a strong sign of that is the moon. And also the moon is that which we determined the beginning of the month. And we determined with the lunar calendar didn't last kind of what data says what ads are coming tomorrow. And then he just gets to the point. It's like saponify you see all of these things. You just make an analogy of any other form of creation, anything that you can imagine and know that Allah has subjugated it to His Majesty.

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And when the last month Allah concludes with this, these small examples, he says what adds Aquaman coolness ultimo, he's giving you everything that you've asked for. But the beautiful verse here is Apollo, it really hits home. We're into Doo Mata LA, he left her so her Lord

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has fallen. He said, If you were to try to count or enumerate the blessing of Allah, I'm saying blessing on purpose, the blessing of a lot, you would not be able to encompass them. There's some benefits here and then we will conclude.

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He says, if you were to try to, to do and to do consumer audit, which means number, so if you were to try to enumerate the blessing of Allah and I know it's translated can be as blessings of Allah. We want to stop here for a minute, because when he says Nima is singular, Neon is plural. But then he says near metal law, some scholars say when you have it in the possessive form will often move off LA, that means a plurality, near metal law in this particular context, when in terms of a loss of Panama data, another understanding of this is with in that blessing, our blessings.

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You look at your child, you say what, Mashallah, my child is a blessing. Okay, but let's just ponder over your child, the fact that they're healthy, the fact that they have characteristics of you, and another characteristic of your older brother, and of your grandma, whenever you look at your child, sometimes you look at your brother, so you got that for Mom, you got that from dad, you look at yourself. And you look at the blessing that Allah has given you. And you say which in every an anatomical structure of your body, your eye, your nose, your every single thing, that one anatomical structure, your eye, for instance, within it are blessings, the retina, the cones and rods within

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the retina, that distinguished color, the nerves that is the optic nerve that connects to the eye. So all of this is a blessing of a law supplemented with data. That's why he says after that, you would not be able to encompass it. And notice he says, if he tried to enumerate to do he doesn't say, let me let you will not be able to enumerate it. That's what I do her is allowed to sue her, you will not be able to encompass it. And the word is saw is used in Arabic for surveys, because you're going to be counting or checking a lot of people. So if you were to try to count a grains of rice in a bag, you would start to enumerate 123 51 to 100%, you're going to stop and say, I can't do

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this. It's too many.

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So when we look at a loss of power without his blessings, that is what he is meaning in this verse when he says, if you were to try to enumerate the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to count them. And then he concludes, letting you know your reality and remind you in the incentive level when kafele and mankind verily is someone that is oppressive, or someone that is unjust and ungrateful, unjust to him or herself, because they may take the right of a law and put it in an in in its improper place, by committing a sin and being negligent of the network that is in front of them the blessings that is in front of them, and they are profound, because they are ungrateful.

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They associate that blessing with something of a creative thing, another human being, or they may attribute it to themselves. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us a tentative of his blessings, and allow that attention to those blessings to serve as a motivation to increases in Our thankfulness. Just a little here was our panel last summer the last starts with blessings that you don't even consider

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blessings, usually things that are wrong.

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And then Allah gives you blessings that you know about and says try to count the blessings within that one blessing and you'll still feel like well, and I really appreciate how you elaborate on

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you know the wording of the lumen Kapha

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that we're transgressing, and there is an in gratitude and how we attribute and misplace those blessings. And one of the greatest blessings is Vicki and ally mentions that Vicki increases our capacity of gratitude weather in Chicago. That was the dominant calm so check

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that out and show off you can take us away and show that Columbia shakaama thank you so much Chicago for that inspiring and unique data sparkle, Africa, Milan, Chris, your insight and your family is one crush you in blessing and blessings and insights. The brothers and sisters Good evening, I Sarah Malik, Rhonda light aloe vera cattle mentor him I just thought I would share some reflections on one verse in sort of total rod chapter 13 that we're discussing here, verse 28. And verse 28, is a verse that we see quite commonly around, you know, people's homes and pictures of calligraphy, quoted, some marketing material, etc. But it's very, very, very critical, very important to not commodify

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this verse,

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to not take it for granted, but to internalize it profoundly, and to be people who anchor ourselves in this. So and Edina M and o Turner says stay the biller, those who have faith, and that people who are interested in in

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just lip service. And people who are interested in saying one thing and doing another those people who really have faith and people, not only who have faith, but are striving to keep their faith, striving to maintain their faith, striving to hold on to what it is despite the turbulence and the and the storms that are around them. That's why one of the the deeper meanings of have sort of arrived is it's allowing us to invoke the storms in our environment, the stormy days that we have the turbulences in our lives that still are full of our you know, the days and the nights that have ups and downs that are pregnant with hope and pharma with fear and hope, throughout all of those

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things. When we try to hold fast to our faith and trying to make meaning of the events that are that that are around us that we face, and levena Avenue, we still affirm our belief, but then what happens is because the body is shaken by the stress, because the body is shaken by the pandemic, because the body is shaken by the economic situation, the body is shaken by crisis, the body is shaken by, by loss, the the body experiences turmoil. Because the body is fragile, the pilot becomes fragile to the heart becomes fragile, because the heart is an extension of the body. The body is the extension of the heart. The heart is just internal. So when the body feels the shock, the heart

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takes it to. But alone Thomas says something quite interesting here and levena airmen who listen people of faith, not Yeah, you held in a hand where he's talking about and levena Amadou, those who have faith.

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Those who have faith, what talks about kulu, whom basically led not only those that have faith, but those who, whose hearts find peace, in the remembrance of God and the remembrance of Allah tala. And the remembrance of Allah tala, those people that choose that because it's tough to make meaning of external turbulence of external situations sometimes, because we don't have the hiccup. We don't have the long vision, all we have is what happens to us. It's very hard to make meaning and to find peace, when you're in a state of conflict. And so a lot of us don't search for peace outside. Don't search for peace in the environment. Don't try to anchor yourself in things that are full of change.

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loudhailer doesn't change. Right? Don't anchor yourself in meanings that are external, but use the external to draw you into them into a deeper understanding. So

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what's up to my inner kulu kulu boom, victory lap and they choose chooses my word I'm inserting here, but the meaning is, and they their hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah, not peace in the in the rise of the employment rate, not finding peace, you know, in different political commentators on different social things or on Twitter on this so that they don't find peace in the sound bites, they don't find peace and all kinds of things in the sales. No

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They find peace in the remembrance of Allah and then allow Thomas because there's there's a dot dot that there so those who believe and who find whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah what comes after that law doesn't have to mention it because Allah basically law he talks about in lucado It's enough that truly, certainly, undoubtedly, I'm sure assuredly

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in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace that's enough

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this is really deep we tend to be oftentimes when we understand the term Victor we remember or we think about the term Victor would readily comes to mind as a first meaning dear brothers and sisters as depicted with the with the tongue with the sad, rudimentary the normal routine they could have that that we do after the salaat and things of this nature that's part of the practice of the prophets lie Selim when we have to keep and hold firm to that, but that is not the extent that's not the end. point that is not the only

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goal the vicar must enter from the tongue and take root in the heart. What good is it to mention a low tolerance name by tongue after the prayer and then read up when we get up and walk away we forget Allah subhana wa tada that we're supposed to continually invoke Hello tala recognize the low tala Be conscious and mindful of Allah tala as we go through the world as we enter turbulence in the world as we go ever ups and our downs. Whether we're in salon or in between salon, we are supposed to do everything and all of our actions and our actions what are called our Hata cat, and our second net, everything we do, and everything we don't do whether it's going into the bathroom before we eat

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before we wash our hands when we go into the shopping mall when we when we get into the car when we drive everything is with the remembrance of Allah tala, the vicar with the tongue is just a more Kadima. It's an introduction, it's a, it's a sharp, it's a practice to get us into the routine and habit of our hearts. And our minds being automatically programmed to be conscious, aware and aware of a loud toddler.

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And the biggest one of the biggest spiritual crimes of the believer, male or female, is that they forget the one who never forgets them. We forget a loss of kind of $1. So one of the that's one of the biggest crimes. So one of the ways one of the instruments, one of the ways that out of a low tell us Rama out of his generosity out of his father, out of his lots of one of the ways that alone, Tyler helps us and gives us crutches, to remember him is to remind us of our bounties that he's given us. That's the whole point of thinking about a chef Abdullah, beautifully articulated the name that Nima that's the whole point, because we tend to be concrete creatures. That's why idolatry was

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a big problem, right? We tend to be materialistic people, we tend to prefer concrete things that we can see. So a lot of times, in his infinite wisdom allows us to think about the blessings we have in front of us, draw to our minds that in reality, there are innumerable that Shaykh Abdullah pointed out even in one blessing, it contains a microcosm of of, you know, blessings that blows your mind. And if that's the case, with the material blessing, what is it with the rub of the blessing? What is the case with the Lord of the blessing. And so, if we are in a, if our environment and our cosmos is full of material blessings, like a car and a house, and children and family, and immaterial

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blessings, like like oxygen and proper temperatures and the proper balance of food and etc, and then spiritual blessings, like he man and he diet and Koran, and we can't count these, even if we were to look at just one, and we show gratitude, and that those blessings give us a sense of peace, those blessings give us a sense of stability, and how is it with a lot of blessings. So this brothers and sisters is the verse that tells us where and how to anchor ourselves when we find ourselves in arrived in a sense of anxiety, and in a sense that we find ourselves in stormy moments in a climate that where we find ourselves uprooted, picked up and tossed from east to west, and we are confused

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and we we are disrupted from the things that anchor us what how do we anchor wrestle spirit ourselves spiritually, when we can't physically we can't seem at least to physically anchor ourselves. it's indicative of a loud toddler, that even constantly, even when you start by remembering a lot of weeks

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Start not talking to you I'm talking with you. We start remembering allow Tyler first. First by remembering the name of allowing the blessings of Allah tada that's, that's why, you know to invoke sort of Baja we're not there yet but we're not till can be Amina kiya Moosa what's in your right hand Moosa Allah knows what it is it's a near mobile Otama he I saw yet my staff right into what God I lead on that thing I regret it's that's the NIT I lean on it well who should be huh I use it for this and that and, and carry my bag and etc for LP Hi I'm Melissa you want to walk my walk, you want to be part of the NBA take that near me that you rely on that you lean on that you're comfortable

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with. That's not showing up. Throw it away. You know, let your let only my remembrance, comfort you lean on that for a while. Because there's if you if you fall too in love with your neshama it will become the snake that you've never envisioned. Become the crutch that breaks your leg. So this is the true hustle of this. This verse one of the meetings I wanted to remind myself that all of you brothers, let's not become slaves of tongue Vicar. Let us use the tongue Vicar to remind ourselves that we are really supposed to be slaves of Allah tala and never forget Allah tala internally, that tongue Vicar is not enough. That's just that's just the key in the ignition. We got to ignite

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something deeper in ourselves so that we never forget Allah, such some of for some of us like myself, it's hard to continue the vicar after the Salah, but it should be part of the routine. That's the point. But take good tidings as I conclude take glad kiding tidings in the moments when you remember a lot. And in those moments you remember a lot ask a lot to allow you to never forget a lot. And that will be the next lesson. And then the next lesson we'll have

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a live Alex next live actually collects all the Kisha May Allah preserve you and protect you beautiful, beautiful reflections, my last contact reward you

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and somehow I just tied in so beautifully because he talks about the storm. You know Yusuf Ali's alarm in the storm. And chef Abdullah talked about gratitude and you know, increasing your perspective by paying attention to the things that are around you. And that will help put in perspective your trials. And I think just to bring it back and Charlotte hopefully to connect these two things. If the heart is settled, if everything you know, even if everything else is crazy, as crazy as the storm of use, if it is, if the heart is settled, then the heart can anchor a person and the only way to anchor the heart is whether they could have lost the remembrance of Allah. Kenny

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maximum play Heba to him, right, as a lot of talks about and sort of Rahim, a good word La ilaha illAllah. And remembering him Yaki, more or less said that they give to the heart is like oxygen, right? It is it is what water is to the fish, it's oxygen to the heart. So So kind of like you can't anchor your external unless you anchor your internal and you can't anchor the internal without the remembrance of Allah. And Zack l'affaire for giving us a lot to think about as to how to go deeper and lost pounds I reward you and reward you as well Sheikh Abdullah, so to remind everyone in Charlottetown and next week, be the 90 Tada

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we will on May 13, which will be the 20th day of Ramadan. From 3pm Eastern to 8pm Eastern shuts out it will have programming to get everyone ready for the last 10 nights and shout out to Allah and those that would wish to put in their donation in sha Allah that would be split across the tonight's you can click on our website The link is in the description Charlottetown will give you the option to break your donation up over tonight so please support all the wonderful work that's being done out there through different ways. May Allah bless you Shani I hope we get to see you again soon shall let's keep it

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mellow bless all of you that aren't even willing to lie who would have cancer