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David vs Goliath is a story that everyone knows and has heard of. But how many know what Islam and the Qur’an say about this story?


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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah so Allah,

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Allah, all praises due to the one Lord, our God who created all that exists, we thank him we praise Him, and upon Him we have reliance. And it is to him we only turn to for our true guidance. And we asked him to send his Peace, blessings and mercy on all of his prophets and messengers, starting from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, and Mohammed upon whom he prays until the very end of our days. And we asked him to send it are his peace, steadfastness, guidance and mercy upon us, and to save us on judgment day. And it is that day, which we call to him and him only, and seek His praise and his guidance. And we asked a lot panatela to help us in delivering this message

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to you all here in Cardiff, I, first of all, thank Cardiff University ISOC for inviting me.

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I know it's very cold out. But it's I guess you guys are used to it. For me, it's a little bit different. But inshallah Today's topic is going to be with regards to David and Goliath, the Muslim narrative. There's a disclaimer though, before I start, when we talk about the Muslim narrative, as Muslims, we do not believe there is such thing as a Judeo Christian narrative, and there's a Muslim narrative. In fact, in Islam, as Muslims, we believe there's only one narrative, and that is there was a prophet of God, whose name was David dode, in Arabic, and he existed, and he was a prophet and messenger that was sent guidance and revelation from him, from the creator to humanity. So

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therefore, as Muslims, we don't take a narrative, that Islam is a separation from the Judeo Christian narrative. Rather, it's a continuation. And the reason why God sent the final message to all of humanity, which Muslims believe to be the Koran, because the previous revelation was corrupted. This from the onset is the Muslim narrative. The Muslim narrative is that the previous revelation that God sent to humanity was corrupted. And therefore, God needed to send a revelation to humanity to number one, correct that which that which was corrupted, and to be everlasting and preserved, and to serve as that same message and guidance that he had sent previously. Therefore,

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when the final revelation was sent to humanity, it is not a separation from what's previously sent. Rather, it's a continuation of the same message that was sent from the time of Adam, all the way to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, john, David, Solomon, and hummocky. Steven. So this is the onset. This is the Muslim narrative. What we're going to do is discuss how David overcame some of the struggles that is known in the biblical story, and you will realize that it is not actually is that far off from the Muslim narrative to begin with in the first place. But before we actually get into who was David, a lot of people don't know, when actually David lived. Was he after Moses? Was he before Moses? What

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time period that this exactly happened? So we're going to discuss first and foremost, obviously, what was his time period, and first leave before we get into where he lived, and what was the background before the story, we have to understand that all of the prophets and messengers are connected. And as you know, Adam was our father. And that shared father was the first prophet and messenger. And similarly after that, there are 25 prophets and messengers mentioned by name in the Quran. But our Prophet peace be upon him has said that God has sent a prophet and messenger to all people, their number ranging up to 100,000 plus 100,000. Plus throughout human history sent to all

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people as God said, He will not hold a people responsible until they were sent a messenger wallmark una mangina, hatanaka rasuna, we will not be those who punish anyone until they receive the message through a messenger. So the ones that were mentioned in the Quran were some of the greatest in humanity and human history. And obviously, many, many of them also mentioned in the Christian tradition in the Jewish tradition, because again, we don't believe it to be a separation, we believe it to be continuation. And as you can see,

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the prophet peace be upon him. A David came from the lineage of Jacob came from the lineage of Jacob and Jacob, what was his other name? Can anyone tell me was another name of Jacob, Israel, or Israel, and he was called Israel because in the Hebrew language, Israel means one that overcomes, with the help of God, or one who possesses great power with the help of God. So we and his tribe and his people overcame

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The candidates later on, and therefore, they was known as Israel. And that is why his children became known as the children of Israel, those who overcame with the help of God, he had a son, by the name of Joseph uses an Arabic And we'll talk about him. His father was whom

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you don't have to look too far. Right, who was his father?

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Who was Jacob's father

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is like an open book test. His father was Isaac, or in Arabic is half who was Isaac's brother

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is married or Ishmael, and who was their father? Abraham, right. So this is where we are now. Okay, we're all now back in canon, canon. Where is that?

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modern day Lebanon, great, amazing, good, modern day Lebanon. This is where Jacob lived with the children of Israel. his grandfather's came from? Where was Abraham from?

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What was Abraham from? Babylon, thank you. He was from Babylon, from Iraq, modern day Iraq, and they migrated to the Holy Land, the Holy Land, and that is Jerusalem. And later on, they settled in the area of the holy land called the Levant or Sham, which is greater Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. This is where his great grandson, Jacob settled. So you have Abraham, you have his two sons, you have Ishmael, and you have Isaac, and you had the son of Isaac, being Jacob, and his name was Israel. And Israel had a bunch of children and his children lived in this massive land called cannon.

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Okay, they lived in there and prosperity until a famine hit. And when this famine hit, it was a not a one year two year three year famine. It was a seven year famine that made them leave cannon, which is greater Lebanon, where do they travel to? They moved to Egypt. They moved to Egypt, they found that there was a great king there called homeboys his name

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was the king in Egypt called

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they have certain things called pyramids.

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So no, are you sleeping Pharaoh? Okay, Egypt, so they went to Egypt because the pharaoh LED, and they had a massive kingdom. So they wanted to basically benefit from this kingship of Pharaoh. So they went to Egypt. When they arrived in Egypt, they settled there. They settled in the outskirts of Egypt, and his son grew up among his sons was one of them not named in English, Joseph. We call him as Yusuf Yusuf was the one of the favorite sons of Jacob, what happened to his brothers? What happened to his brothers? They became jealous, and they plotted against

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use it for Joseph right. And they threw him in a well and you know, the whole story after that, right? They threw him in a well, they pretended he died, and then they left him there. And they told to their father Jacob, he was eight. He got eight by a wolf. And this is his shirt that was filled with blood, the whole story. You guys heard of it? Okay. That's where they came from. That's how they ended up in Egypt. What does that have to do, David, we're coming. We're coming. Alright. So what happens to Joseph for uses, he's in a well, he's he cries out to God, that He is in a state of need. God saves him what through a caravan that passed by, it happened to be part of one of the

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ministers of Treasury and one of the ministers in general of the Federal, who saved him, took him in and made him a person that helped him in his kingdom. So he went from the lowest of the low by the will of God because God finds the best into being one of the helpers of the kingship of that area in Egypt. Eventually, what happens, Joseph?

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Joseph becomes the viscera of Pharaoh, the king of,

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of Egypt. Ultimately, you know, the whole story of what happened. After that what happened? Joseph passes away, Jacob passes away, his children become the leaders of the tribes of the children of Israel. Okay, and they settle in this area. What happens Pharaoh's story is not over. Pharaoh becomes fearful of their power, and he enslaves them. And this starts the period of enslavement of the Israelites and Jewish people. And this enslavement happens for over 100 years, under the slavery of Pharaoh, and what does he do? He has a dream one night, and this is not the same Pharaoh Pharaoh is a title like Caesar.

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Caesar is the title for which kingdom? Roman kingdom? What is the title of the

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Persian kingdom?

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What's the title? Caesars for Rome? Pharaoh is for Egypt. What's the title for Persia?

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What's it in Arabic? I'll give you

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Sha okay Shall I guess it's a shot in Persian and Arabic we call them kiss LA, kiss la Cicero's okay. So in any case, the pharaoh in the time, of roughly about 150 years after Jacob has a dream that his kingship will be destroyed, his kingship will be destroyed by someone that will he will raise from the children of Israel, there will be a warrior from the children of Israel that will end his his rule. And who is that? That is Moses, who gives deliverance from slavery through one of the who is one of the progeny of of the children of Israel, meaning he's one of the great great grandchildren of Jacob, and he saves the Israelites, or the children of Israel, from the oppression

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of Pharaoh. And, okay, so Moses saved them and he wants to deliver them to the promised land. God says to them, you know what, because you all believed in Moses, and you turn back from what you disbelieved in, God promised them the holy land itself, not just the land of Canaan, where they used to live, they say, we'll give you the entire holy land, all you have to do is enter. They said, No, you and your Lord go fight, we're gonna sit here and chill.

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It has entered a book of Hakata in the hoonah party Do you and your Lord Moses, go fight, we're not gonna fight the Canaanites. We're not gonna fight this, we're not gonna fight the the

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Philistines, we're not gonna fight the Egyptians and the Pharaoh, we're not gonna do any of that. So God says, if you don't obey the command, then you're gonna be lost and wander for 40 years in the desert, Moses dies, they all die, until Moses, his disciple, whose name was you shall have been known in Arabic and English, Joshua, Joshua, the student of Moses, also as a prophet, he became he becomes their leader, and they entered Jerusalem, and they established themselves in Palestine. So Joshua, then what does he do? He divides the land of Canaan and Jericho and the surrounding area, eventually, Joshua gaves different parts of the land to the different leaders of the tribes. Then

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the 12, the 12 tribes were scattered throughout Canada, and they share a common history, that they follow the law of Moses, this is the Hebrew tradition now. So the Jewish tradition is implemented, and the kingdom that is, that is set up at that time, only different tribes. So different tribes were split. They were not one Kingdom yet. What happened? They committed oppression, they

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committed sins, and they refuse to follow the law of Moses that was implemented. Joshua was about to die. And he tells them, I give you a challenge, do not commit oppression and don't commit sins, remain faithful to God, and never worship other gods. This is mentioned in the Bible, which is very interesting, and the Muslim narrative. If Moses worshipped one God, following his great grandfather, Jacob, who worship one God, who followed his father, Isaac, who worship one God, who followed his father Abraham, worship one God, and this was the message he sent to the children of Israel before he died. In his teaching his students Joshua was a student of Moses, telling his people worship one

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God and Joshua 24, verse 14 to 24, then why would God change all of human history after that, and say, worship my son, this is the Muslim narrative. So later on, when Joshua died, the tribes of Israel continued to fight amongst the powers that were around them, the Canaanites and the Philistines, but they could not drive them out of their land, and they were kept being attacked and infighting among them. So what do they do? They were surrounded by people who are not friendly to them. They had infighting. And they started to forget the promises they made to Joshua.

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And they started to worship some of the Canaanite Gods among them and start seeing these pagan gods. the Canaanites followed. So then even more corruption spread within them. So even in the Bible says God became angry with them, and allow them to be pillaged and raided from all around and the people cried out for help. They want to be saved. Save us, God from this oppression. We're being attacked from all sides. I want you to pay attention to this story.

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It's the same human story repeating over and over again. people commit oppression with their hands. God punishes them because of what their own hands sewed. So he says to them help, which they have to struggle and strive, in order to prove themselves again, and fulfill the promises they made to God. So what happened after that, there was a young boy, who grew up and became one of the head priests, warriors, judges, and also was a prophet, whose name was Samuel. He became dedicated as a priest, he settled some of their disputes as a judge, and he was a priest. And as they grew up, what they realized is Hold on a second, we are still divided, and this is what's causing our defeat. Again,

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pay attention to the story. We are still divided amongst the 12 different tribes of Israel, and that's part of what's causing our defeat. So in detail, what do they tell the highest priests and their prophet and this leader Samuel, give us a king that will unite us. So what does Samuel do, Samuel gives them a order to follow up with a king. And that King is who Saul.

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That was the king, Saul, or in Arabic, known as followed to be the first king of Israel that united all the 12 different tribes, as is also mentioned in the Bible, mentioned in the Bible, and he was accepted by all the tribal leaders, because of his courage and mental

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abilities. According to the Bible, in the Quran, it was not the same. It was not the same. In fact, in the Quran, it says the children of Israel rejected him because his lineage was not Noble. And they said, Who is this man? He doesn't have wealth, neither does he have power. So we're not going to take him as King. We're going to come to this. This is a separation from the story of the biblical narrative. We're going to come to that.

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Then there would be a war between the children of Israel and the note number of factions that existed at that time, among them the mid among them, the Philistines, and the Canaanites. They are the ones that are attacking now, the children of Israel, the Philistines, those are headed by a fierce warrior by the name of

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Goliath. Goliath is one of the fiercest warriors from the Philistines attacking the children of Israel, Samuel in his old age approach to the children of Israel, the king whose name is

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whose name is Saul, for people paying attention, good, excellent. So his name is Saul. There's a lot of names. So Samuel is the Prophet he appoints the king named Saul. And Saul is taking the children of Israel to fight the opposing army of Gerald or Goliath. Now we're here.

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They come now to the story of David and

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who was David, David was a warrior in

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the army of the children of Israel, he was under the command of Saul barut. And he was among the people that was being guided through the direction of Samuel L. Who was the Prophet before him. To understand this, they come now to prepare for their army to protect their livelihood, what they believe in, they're considered to be the true believers at that time. They are the ones who carry the message of God, and believe in the divine religion God sent to Earth. Remember, we believe there's only one religion on Earth. This is the Muslim narrative, there is no multiple religions. The only religion God sent to Earth is their religion to worship one God. And all of the prophets

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and messengers followed this religion. So they were the true believers at that time, what did God do you will see now, so first and foremost, David was mentioned over 16 times in the hole on and his story, in relationship to the story when it was revealed to the our prophet in his life is very important. How we have to understand how the Quran was revealed, the Quran was revealed not as a book single shot sent to them sent to the Prophet Mohammed, it was sent slowly, as the life events of the Prophet occurred. Revelation was sent in context to that life, but because it comes from an all knowing God and Creator, that revelation, even those for a specific time, it is completely

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universal, and completely applicable for any time who can do this. Only a God who knows all of time. A only a God who is timeless, does not live or exist within the creation, rather He is the Creator who knows all of history.

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So that is the reasoning behind the revelation of the Quran in the life of the Prophet. When did he first hear about the story of David is very important to how

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It played an effect in the life of our Prophet, learning from the story of David. Is that clear. So what happened in the life of the Prophet, he's now lived in Mecca for 10 years as a prophet. He had massive amounts of discrimination, torture against him, animosity, propaganda. Some of his followers were killed in front of him, and they're being tortured and punished. And they're mocking against them. They have a mocking and propaganda campaign against the Prophet Muhammad. So the first time he hears about the Prophet David is when he's now lost the two pillars of his support his wife Khadija and his uncle Abu Pilate. This is when God Allah sent to the Prophet the story of David for the

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first time. And what does he tell him? He said, he tells him for the first thing, and the first time he's hearing about David is to

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have patience. Why didn't you hear what happened with the children of Israel? Didn't you hear how they're being attacked from all different sides from multiple different nations? Didn't you hear how they were being slaughtered and massacred and killed?

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So it's the very first thing that the Prophet was told Mohammed was half patience, and Amelia Kowloon over what they say they speak about your evil, they say they spread propaganda. Islamophobia wasn't something in 2018. Right? Islamophobia has existed since the beginning of time.

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So it's a bear their words patiently Oh, Prophet, remember our servants David, who was a man of strength, and always turn to us. This is the first time the Prophet Mohammed heard about this in this moment of difficulty and adversity. Remember, David, so now what we're going to do is implement this example in our Prophet and remember, David, just like we were told.

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And the reason why the Prophet is given a revelation about the previous messengers is also very important to understand and the Muslim narrative. And that is because God said to the Prophet Mohammed, in each story we relate to you from the news of the messengers is that which we will make your heart firm. And there has come to you in this truth and an instruction and a reminder for the believers. And a reminder for, for them to take guidance from, for them to understand its applicability in their life, because human experience is something that constantly repeats itself. And God and His Divine Wisdom gave us this revelation to reflect and remember these stories, to find

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guidance within our own struggles.

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this was mentioned again, in the life of the prophet in the second year after he migrated. So the Prophet peace be upon him is now a prophet for 15 years, he was forced into exile. After living 13 years in Mecca. Two years later, the prophet peace be upon him was at was being attacked by the pagan mannequins. And they were trying to amass a war economy to attack and siege the Prophet peace, we want it. So the Prophet Mohammed had now migrated to a city known as Medina, which is roughly 400 kilometers away from Mecca. He went there to seek allegiance and peace, and to be able to spread the religion that he believed to be the truth, and from God and the revelation of the hold on

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peacefully. But the pagan Meccans obviously, would not allow that because it means pretty much they're allowing a state to exist within their state. So they try to amass a war economy to attack him. And the Prophet peace be upon him wanted to cut off this war economy and caravans that they would send. So he himself heard of the largest caravan that left Mecca to go to the Levant, to Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, in order to trade 1000 camels, they were bringing back 50,000 gold coins. And he went there himself to cut this caravan route off before it reaches Mecca. And they were used that wealth to attack him in Medina. So when he went there, he found that the care ran route had

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already reached, they were late by a few days, and now an army of 1000 came to attack the Prophet peace be upon him. And this was known to be the very first battle in Islam that the Prophet fought known as the Battle of better. Just before this battle, God revealed the verses that you heard in the beginning of this lecture, reminding the Prophet of the story of David versus Goliath

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in the context of him being attacked, three to one outnumbered and being seized and being a small number, and if they were to die, they will never be Muslims left after that. This is the context which the story of David and Goliath was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad is that they were outnumbered by a force that was coming at them from Mecca of 1000. And they were only 313. Out number three to one. And if they were to be killed, they would go on to Medina and destroy all the entire Medina and society Muslim society and there will be no more worship

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God, the pagan religion would spread.

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So this is the foreshadowing events of the mention of David and Goliath. Number one, the difficulty that the children of Israel faced against tyranny and oppression is similar to the difficulty that the Prophet Mohammed face against the tearing oppression of the pagan methods, and the victory that is promised by God based on what that even though you're a small number, they would overcome a large army by the will of God. It's not about the numbers. It's about your faith and your sincerity, and your belief in the promise of God. Though massive fourth strength of faith can overcome all this is the foreshadowing in the life of the Prophet Muhammad, when the story of David and Goliath was

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revealed, right before the Battle of Vedder. So what was the story? You heard it already? Now we're gonna go over it. The story was, remember old Prophet, God said in the Quran. Consider that when the leaders of the children of Israel who came after Moses, when they said to one of their profits, which prophet

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Samuel good, amazing blog, you guys are very smart. So Samuel, remember Samuel, they went to him said, Give us the king. And we shall fight in God's cause Who will you we you are not under his banner, even though we were 12 different tribes fighting with ourselves and fighting as

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basically sheep for these large empires to come and attack us. So give us one king, we can unite under his banner.

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So what did he do? He said, But would it be that if you were commanded to fight, you will then turn back? Maybe you'll turn around, maybe you're not going to listen? Maybe that's not a good idea. Remember what you did to Moses? Remember what you did? To those who came after? Remember how the brothers cheated? Joseph, are you going to turn back? They said, how could we turn back and not fight in the in God's cause when we and our children have been driven out of our homeland?

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So this is the absolute last straw we can we have to fight? How can we not fight? Yet God says when they were commanded to fight all but few turned away. Don't talk big. Don't say we're gonna take care of everything. God says Be sincere. And he says God is full of knowledge of those who do wrong.

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Or those who run So what happened? their profits set to them fine. God has appointed ollut, which in English is Sol, Sol, okay to be your king. Why? Because this is revelation from God. He was a prophet. He appointed this man. So take him because this is God's command. What are they said? They rejected this is the first thing before even the fight, they rejected the king, which is different from the biblical narrative. They rejected the king say, How can he be a king over us? When he when we have a greater right to rule, and he does not even have great wealth? Basically, he does not have status and he doesn't have money, why should we follow? He doesn't have a kingdom. He's not one of

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our leaders, they were expecting that the king would be from one of the 12 kings of the children of Israel. Remember, every tribe had a lead ruler. So it was they would say obviously, one of the rulers would be from one of the rulers of the 12 tribes, but rather God said, No, it will be a righteous man. And it will be one who has knowledge and wisdom. And this is what he said. The prophet Samuel said, God has chosen him over you and has given him number one knowledge. And he has given him great strength.

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so God is all knowing and all powerful, then their Prophet said to them, okay, if you don't if you're not convinced, God will send you a sign because you haven't been convinced. You weren't convinced with Moses, you weren't convinced with use if you Joseph, you weren't convinced with many of the prophets and messengers, God will send you a sign to show you that God commands his kingship to be implemented. And the sign will be that you will find again, the Ark of the Covenant. Why? Because in this war, they lost the ark. And they felt that because they lost the art, that is why they kept losing, they attach their loss to something material. God says sign you think you're

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losing because you think you lost the Ark of the Covenant, which is the ark that was given to Moses, if you if you if you're not aware, this was an ark that was given to Moses, which symbolized in it the tablets that God sent to Moses in Revelation, so they believe this, this Ark had power. And God granted them victory as long as they had the ark. So God said, Fine. One of the signs that this king is going to be the one that leads you to victory is he will bring the ark so he brought the ark to them. And there will be tranquility, and from your Lord and the relics that remained that we said the tablets for Moses and and Harun Aaron and they will be carried by the end

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So this will be the most clear sign that the King Saul will eventually grant you all victory. This is a sign for those of you who believe, then what happened? So okay, fine. Saul ollut. Now has everything repaired, they all agreed he's the king, they sent out the forces, they all came now, and God wants you to test them. God does not need a large force in order to overcome anyone. so in this situation, God actually wanted to

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test and try these people. Are they truly those who believe in the promise of God? Or are they those who simply want victory for the material gain of being kings. So this king told them that God will test you and He will test you with a river, they walked a long distance, until, until they reach this river. And he said to them, anyone who drinks from it will not be part of my army, sorry.

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until you pass by, and before you pass, you drink from it with just a scoop. When you drink from a school, then you will be part of my army. But if you drink without more than that, then you're not going to be part of my army, the number that they said existed was 80,000. The number that passed the test was 4000.

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So 76,000, and the army failed the test, they were too, they were too thirsty, and they failed the test of pollute Saul and crossing the river. That's what happened first. The other saw the other group that faced another test was within when they was within the army, when they faced the army of Goliath, when they face the, the Philistines, and they see them coming. And they're this huge, giant force, and they're about to approach them. The second test came, and that is, will you stand firm, in the moment of need. So the second test, another group failed, they said, We have no strength Today, we're gonna lose. We're only 4000. And we're facing this giant army, and against Goliath and

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his warriors. So what I would say those who said this, get out of my army, I don't need you.

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If you're going to be weak in our time of need, you're going to make us lose.

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So the scholars of Islam say, out of 4313 remain

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the exact number that the Prophet Mohammed faced in the Battle of bedroom, this 313 out of 80,000, because of their truth, and their genuineness and sincerity, and their belief in the promise of God was the army of Saul, against Goliath. And they were what I call the true 300. Right? So what the 300 this was the real 300, the 300 versus this massive army of Goliath. So when they come out what happens? God says about them. But those who truly believed at the promise of God, they said, how often a small force has defeated a large army with God's permission. God is with those who are steadfast and patient. When they met Goliath and his warriors, they said, what was the first thing

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they do? They made a prayer.

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They tied their faith to God. And they raised their hands and they prayed, saying, Our Lord, pour patients on us, don't just give us patients, poor patients on us, make us stand firm and helpless against these disbelieving people. So with God's permission, they defeated them how the very first thing that usually happens is the strongest warrior comes out to fight the strongest warrior of the other army. And who was the strongest warrior of the Philistines, Goliath, and who was the strongest warrior and the

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army of the children of Israel. It was not David.

00:33:50--> 00:34:26

It was not David. David happened to be a warrior among them, but he had the conviction to face them. And when you had the conviction to face him followed, allow him to fight. And he ended up killing him. And there's a difference of opinion of how we killed them, whether it was Iraq or sling or whatever, in any case, doesn't matter. He killed him. Because of the sword he comes in with the rock. None of that matters of the story. Otherwise being a really good movie, right? The point being is David killed Goliath. Goliath was not the size of a house, as mentioned in some biblical narrative, or he was he was just a giant man. He was a really big man was fierce. And he was so

00:34:26--> 00:35:00

fierce that it caused people to not want to face him. Okay, about how big he was, how tall he was. None of that is 100% confirmed, and the Islamic tradition because it doesn't matter. All right. In any case, David kills this skill, this strong warrior known as Goliath, and when he does that, he is given rank and status in the eyes of the children of Israel. They see that he faced the war the strongest of warriors, but in reality, this entire force was were those who are known as

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

The ones who have been cleansed and tested in their faith, therefore God gave them victory. They believed in the promise, they were faithful, and therefore that is the reason they were given victory. And if God did not God describes in the story among the lessons, that if God did not drive some back by means of others, what does that mean? If God did not test you, by other people, corruption would spread throughout the earth.

00:35:24--> 00:36:05

You remain nice and uncomfortable, and what you live in, and you're not tested by the means of other people, corruption will spread, everyone will just, you know, lay back by their Mercedes and beamers. Right. And when you're not tested, you forget the blessings of God and His promise. So what does God do, he tests you when you forget. So that you remember, and God is Able to do all things. These are the revelations, then he says to Muhammad, peace be upon him, that God, which we recite that God sent to you that we recite to you when truth, and truly you are one of the messengers who can relate to this story that was corrupted from the previous revelation, we favorite some of these

00:36:05--> 00:36:35

messengers above others, God spoke to some of them, he raised others in rank. And among them we gave Jesus the son of married are clear signs and strengthen him with the Holy Spirit. And God says, If God willed their successors would not have fought each other after they had been bought clear signs. But they disagreed, some believed in some disbelief, and if God has willed, they will not have fought each other. But God does what he wants. This is the story of the

00:36:37--> 00:37:17

army of David, excuse me, the army of the children of Israel, and the warrior, David that fought Goliath. David was amongst the army. So David was given power after this, Saul appointed him as the next king, David became the king of the Israelites, and that is the first Kingdom known as the first kingdom of Israel. And that happened in Palestine. And after that, as you all know, he conquered Jerusalem, he took it as the capital of that kingdom. And he ruled roughly 33 years in the biblical text, and his son, who was named Solomon, became the king after him. And Solomon was also a prophet in the Bible, and was also a prophet in the Muslim

00:37:18--> 00:37:49

narrative. And this is the story of David, David and Goliath, a strong warrior who believed in the promise of God, and faith in Him, and therefore God gave him victory, even though there were a small number, overcoming a large army in force. Now, some of the things that the Muslims learned from this and this narrative is fighting against oppression, is something that is written on those who believe, to stand against oppression is part of our faith, to live in your house. And to be a monk is not,

00:37:50--> 00:38:16

is not in fact, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said that it is better for you to mix with the people and to correct they're wrong, even if they harm you in some way, then for you to be by yourself isolated in the mountains. So injustice will not last is what we ultimately learn from this. true faith will be tested just because a person believes in the ultimate message that God sent, regardless of

00:38:17--> 00:38:19

the profit that it came with.

00:38:20--> 00:38:59

God will test them in faith. Those who are truthful, will be granted God's favor grace, promise and forgiveness. The other lesson that we learned is those who are few will overcome those who are many, it's not about numbers, God can do anything that can destroy armies with just by saying be, but he tests the believers based on their faith. So even when they see that there is a large or larger army against them that they have true faith. Fourthly, prayer is just as powerful as taking the means. As you saw before they even went out to fight. They went and prayed to God saying, God, you're the one who grants us grief grants us victory, so poor on his patience. And the Arabic is very interesting,

00:38:59--> 00:39:29

been a phrase Eileen sabula, God pour on us, meaning if you take a bucket and you do this, that's called pouring. That's what they asked for. They didn't say God, give us patience, they pour on us, make us be firm as possible. And let us overcome all odds. This is the prayer that they would make. Preparation consists of prayer alongside power, you're not going to pray all day in the house and expect victory to come. Right You have to actually work for it. And this is among the stories that the Muslims learn from the narrator's God will victory to the genuine, sincere and truthful alone,

00:39:30--> 00:40:00

alone. But God may use a wicked person to bring about some good in order for people to realize that God is Able to do all things. This is the story of David and Goliath and reality. This ties us back to what I said in the very first part of this lecture. Islam is not a separation of the narrative from the biblical or the Judeo Christian narrative at all. We believe that Islam is the one religion that was sent to all of the prophets and messengers

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Islam teaches that God delivered the same message throughout history to these different prophets and messengers. And it was the message of submission to the Divine Will of God. submission to the Divine Will of God means literally in Arabic, Islam. It means submission to the Divine Will of God literally. So therefore, this word simply means submitting to what God sent to humanity. And that is one religion, one faith to believe in one God, and believe in all of the prophets and messengers that came before them. The followers of the earlier prophets after them did not accurately pass on the content of that message and corrupted it. And some of them sold it, as we call them in Muslims

00:40:42--> 00:41:21

photoshopping, right. Somebody wants something easy done. So what are they asked? they asked the nicest looking guy who's wearing Italian suit, hey, what do you think? Is it okay for me to do this? And you say, it's all good. Go for it. Right? So this also exists in our time, people who will sell the faith God has given them in order to, first of all policy price, fame, status, stature, right. So what was needed after that? Muslims believe that the Bible that was sent to Jesus was corrupted. Muslims believe that the Torah that was said before that, to Moses was corrupted, therefore God had to send Jesus. And when the Bible was corrupted as well, God sent Muhammad as the final messenger

00:41:21--> 00:42:01

with the promise that there will be no more corruption, that the final revelation will be preserved, universal, timeless, and for all age, until the day of judgment, and this is the test for humanity for them to accept that guidance. So this necessitates that faith has to have been preserved from the time of Adam, peace be upon him, number one, so that they don't make a claim against God. So you didn't send us a revelation, You created us, and then you kind of let us go. Right? So God said, No, we sent messengers to bring you glad tidings and to warn you about the consequences of your actions, so that mankind will not have an argument against God. After we sent these messengers. God is

00:42:01--> 00:42:21

exalted Almighty and all wise to know the truth. Imagine if you would just let go on Earth. We're just talking about in the car. I mean, right hand Imagine if you had like $60 billion. All right, you got your $64 million jet. Right? You went to every you know, destination, you possibly can. You spent a million dollars every single place you went to, then you have leftover, another $40 billion.

00:42:22--> 00:42:38

What would happen, you get bored. You say, I don't have anything to do anymore, you will actually get depressed. And that's exactly what we see today. And you kill some people have killed themselves even when Robin Williams died. One of the most powerful things that I've ever heard is, who played Ace Ventura?

00:42:39--> 00:42:53

Jim Carrey, Thank you, Jim Carrey, who was this close friend, he made a very powerful statement. And he said, You can never understand that money will never buy you happiness, until you realize that someone has killed themselves over.

00:42:55--> 00:43:32

A Millionaire billionaire, have the best of homes. But when it does not bring you purpose, this is what happens. This is what happens. And in reality, this is the reason God sent faith to you to humanity, for them to know the truth, and that there's consequence, and there is a hereafter to come more than the life that you're living in, and the esoteric and temporal life that we live in. And God mentioned this, a number of verses in the Koran, that there's a there's a direct connection to be had with the Creator. And that is to understanding the revelation that he sent. And that is why he preserved this faith otherwise, all of these stories that came before just stories, and all of

00:43:32--> 00:44:02

the prophets and messengers that came before were philosophers, there is no reason for you to believe in anything, if you can prove that your faith has been preserved. And that is why the Muslims follow the Koran, which they believe to be the unlit, unchanged revelation from God, the Creator, literally This is the word of God. And therefore it has been preserved in Birmingham. Right, Birmingham has the university has found in their archive which they've had, but they found it now right? To be the oldest

00:44:04--> 00:44:33

collection or manuscript of the Quran, which dates from the time of the Prophet Muhammad until now, and you're welcome to see it, it is unchanged from that time till now. And that is what God promised that if this came from other than God, it would have much contradiction in it. And he tells people, if you find this other from God, you will find a lot of fallacy in it. Rather, we will send this revelation, the whole on to be the final revelation to humanity, and we will be its protector.

00:44:34--> 00:44:45

And this is what we end with that God sent the revelation to humanity. prophets were commissioned to send it in to explain its application, and then scholars were responsible to transfer it to the rest of humanity.

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

And with that, this ends our lecture of the story of David and Goliath in the Muslim narrative. Again, we don't believe in Muslim narrative. We believe there's one narrative, and we respect the Judeo Christian tradition and that is why

00:45:00--> 00:45:28

is one of our pillars in belief to respect the, the Torah and the Bible, as our Prophet said that the Torah and the Bible, we respect it as books that were revealed that therefore Muslims cannot, you know, treat it improperly, but we believe that it was corrupted, and God sent the final revelation of God. So I'll give you some books for you to, you know, reflect over and also to, you know, benefit from First of all, is the Quran itself. And one of the best translations is by Professor ma acepted. Heading

00:45:29--> 00:46:01

which is a who's a soloist Professor did an amazing job in translating the meanings of the Quran. The second book that I recommend for all of you as in the footsteps of the Prophet, which explains the life of the Prophet Mohammed, who he was, where did he live, and why he was the final messenger. And the last book I recommend for y'all just came out 2018 it's a really good book. It's a nice survey, meaning you're not going to get too many details. But the end of every section gives you a bibliography of further works. You can you can read about from Western academics regarding

00:46:02--> 00:46:40

figures both mentioned in the Bible and the Quran. And the books name is the Bible and the Quran, biblical figures in the Islamic tradition by john Keltner. And Eunice Mirza, and it's a very nice book in terms of the survey of all of the prophets and messengers that are shared between Judeo Christian Muslim narratives. And with that is the story of David, we ask God to accept from all of us, we ask God to allow us to have the strength of David overcoming Goliath in our own lives and the hardships that we face and the Muslims and all people who suffer in the world, within Cardiff, within Wales and within the United Kingdom, to overcome the difficulties that we face, and to grant

00:46:40--> 00:46:51

us the patience and forbearance of David and the children of Israel. And may He allow us to follow truth whenever we see it, and may He allow us to reject falsehood wherever we see it. Amy, thank you so much.