Corruption and Wrongdoings are a must to run a Successful Business.How can a Muslim do Business

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The next question is from Satya always

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from Gujarat, India.

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I am 23 years old hamdulillah and currently I am handling my father's business. In today's fast paced world,

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corruption and wrongdoing have become necessities to run a successful business as a Muslim, how can I practice my faith

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as well as handle my business without compromising in my team?

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It's a very important question.

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As by Brenda said, always,

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and he said that today you cannot run a successful business without doing malpractice without corruption without lying.

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I do agree with you partly but not completely.

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I do agree that there are many businesses if you do malpractice, if you do corruption, if you tell life will make a bit of profit, but I don't agree with it completely.

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There are occasions Mashallah that if you're honest, if you're truthful, you will have a better client edge. In the long run, it will benefit you in business it will give you more profit. But I do agree with you that by corruption by cheating many people make a lot of profit. But for a Muslim, Allah says in the Quran in surah mulk chapter number 67 verse number two, unless the collateral model hatha, Allah has created that and life to test which of his good deeds, this life that we're leading, is a test for the hereafter

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and alleged testing you how do you lead your life and Allah says in the Quran, that if you seek this dunya Allah will give you the dunya but will not give you but if you seek for that Hara ll give you Accra, Antonia.

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So, as a Muslim, you should not involve in any activity which is haram. You cannot do corruption, you cannot tell lies, you cannot fabricate. I'm aware that in many businesses, if you lie, you get a better profit. If you cheat, you get a better profit. If you fabricate, but as I told you, this is not the case always. In the long run, if you're honest, you benefit more, if you're honest, the clients keep on trusting you better

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irrespective whether it benefits you in this world or not as a Muslim.

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If you follow the teachings of the Quran being honest, do not cheat in the weights, do not cheat in the measurement, do not lie, be truthful. If you do this inshallah you will benefit in that era, and Allah will even give you benefit in this world.

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And that's the reason we find that many of Mashallah Muslims, who are very strict to Quran and Sunnah, they may not be very well qualified in the business acumen, but because they follow Quran and Sunnah you find that the business flourishes a lot.

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And irrespective whether you benefit here or not, so if you're handling a father's business

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and if you really care for your father, first thing you have to do is think about that it will benefit you and your father and your SRA and after benefiting inshallah it living benefit you. And I always say and I give these examples to the Muslims, that if you're doing a business that make Allah subhanaw taala partner in business, what you should do, you should say that whatever profit I make, I will spend part of this profit in charity.

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You start with small Why don't you start with okay 10% of my profit, I will give in the way of Allah subhanaw taala maybe if you make a profit every month of $10,000

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once you start giving 10% you give $1,000 every month in charity, inshallah your profit will increase to 20,000.

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Then what do you do, okay in Keizer child to 15% so when you will getting 10,000 you had only 10,000 The moment you started giving $1,000 10% profit, your profit increase to

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20,500 20,000 giving 10% 2000 18,000 is with you. Now instead of 10,000 you have 18,000 with you now moment is easy 20,000 you start getting 15% profit. Now from 20,000. You're giving $3,000 in charity now if Allah subhanaw taala yet 70,000 is with you 11 keys a Prophet would make $30,000 the moment Allah keeps on increasing whether Lyme disease or not, you keep on increasing the share of Allah subhanaw taala the sharing charity and inshallah the balance remaining with you will be a bigger amount than the previous balance. The more percentage of profit you've given the way of Allah subhanaw taala your percentage reduces, but your total amount increases

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and I can

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to witness the best example is myself Alhamdulillah in my earliest stages of Dawa, my parents and my brother supported me completely 100% I didn't have to think about my living. But the moment I started doing my own business as to just spend maybe a couple of days in a month, a few hours a week, because I'm a full time guy I dedicated a life full time physical last minute Allah and the burqa that Allah gave me in business. Initially I started giving 35% of my profit in the way of Allah Spano, tala, then I started at 51% and I kept on increasing the moment I kept on increasing my profit, the percentage of profit to Allah subhanaw taala I will not tell you what limit I went

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Mashallah I started earning millions of dollars yet and sometimes million dollar even in a month hamdulillah so Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so the bigger percentage of give to Allah subhanaw taala your percentage becomes more but the money remaining from it is Masha.

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So I request you that when you're handling your father's business, see to do not break any rule of the Quran or the Sunnah. Be very honest, inshallah, Allah will give you burqa in the hereafter as well as dunya