Musleh Khan – How the Quran teaches us what to do #01 Be Lenient

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of acceptance and pride in actions and behavior is emphasized in small talk videos, as it is not just about what you say, but also about what you do. The military is focused on attitude and intentions rather than just wins, and the best way to achieve forgiveness is to internalize the message of the Koran. Leaders need to forgive others and let them go, and leaders must show their leadership and willingness to be kind and soft. The importance of protecting privacy and allowing others to come along is emphasized, as it is impossible to avoid mistakes.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Baron. So welcome to a brand new series titled, when Allah subhanho wa Taala, or when the poor and tells us what to do when the poor and tells us how to behave. So whatever you want to call it, this is what the series is all about. I'm not really sure exactly how long this is going to be, but what the series is about. So we're going to look at exactly what verses in the poor end, tell us how to behave, how to speak, how to act, how to respond, all of those qualities, that are absolutely essential, if you want to live in peace and harmony, and even in times where you have issues and

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struggles, how to cope with that, in a manner that Allah subhanho wa Taala is pleased with. So there's a couple of things that we always have to keep in mind when we talk about subjects like this, you know, for to some extent, it's a bit sensitive for some people why here's the first point that Allah subhanho wa Taala controls us the response to this phrase, from from a believers perspective, from an Islamic perspective, but also when you're a slave, and you commit yourself, you devote yourself to a creator is that we are very proud that Allah tells us what to do, because he's the Creator. And so He created us, he gave us a set of morals and ethics to follow. And we're more

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than happy to follow it. Otherwise, we've seen over and over from the time of Adam Ali Salim, perhaps until the day of judgment, when human beings take it upon themselves to decide what they think is best in life. And no matter what situation more or less, it's not going to be exactly what you hope for. In other words, there are going to be many times many moments in our lives where we'll make a certain decision, thinking it's the best way, thinking it's the best way to deal with that situation. But it turns out, it's not. Turns out, I followed whatever I thought was right, whatever I felt it should be. But if we stick to what the poor end and the messenger already slept with

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Ceylon teaches us we are always safe in the sense, it's always become the best response. And it's not just amongst Muslims amongst mankind, how people practice is one thing but how the Scriptures teach us is a totally separate thing. And so we want to discover that. So but the first point is, that there should be the sense of acceptance and pride that the one who designed and created us is telling us how to act and behave, and where we should be very humble, and very privileged. The fact that Allah guides us, not just creates us and leaves us to do whatever we want. But he also gives us a direction as well. Secondly, when we're talking about how we behave, we're talking very

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specifically about certain scenarios that are highlighted in the poor. And we're going to highlight those scenarios when we get to those verses. So today's verse in sha Allah, we're going to see immediately that in this particular verse, it's not just talking about what we have to say. So what you verbalize, but in the poor, and it's categorized, sometimes you're told what to say. And then sometimes you're not told what to say, but you're told how to act. And sometimes it's a little bit of both what to say and what to do. So we're going to see all of those patterns as we continue in journey through this. I pray Allah subhanho wa Taala puts Baraka in these short reminders that all

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of you that are listening out there, you're uplifted, you're inspired, but most important, you feel that you can always improve and you do improve, you do actually become a better human being, you become a more devoted Muslim. So all of those things is what we're aiming for in these short reminder. So let's begin right away with the very first aim. This is a great opportunity for those of you who wish to use these videos as reminders you can have your circles of sisters and brothers and other Muslims where you get together and you can share something to uplift everyone's spirits. It's also a good opportunity. If you're looking for a hotbed topic, a hot topic, then I hope and

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pray that inshallah This is helpful to you. So let's bring our attention to suit at allier. in Milan, the third chapter of the poor read it verse number 159 159. Here, this particular verse, let's give some context to it. After the Battle of hood happened, and keep in mind that the Battle of our herd is one of the most devastating experiences in our Islamic history. We're talking about a battle that not only did the Muslims go through a tremendous test where dozens of the companions and their lives had been lost. But there was an incident that took place and we all know what that incident is of our Prophet peace be upon him that tells certain amounts of certain companions to

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stay and be stationed at very specific places. And we all know what happened afterwards. Eventually, when they thought that

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War was over. They descended from their stations. But it was actually an ambush. It was a trap that was set up by the machinery Kuhn. And they came, they attacked dozens of companions and their lives were lost. Now, when all was said and done, the dust has finally settled. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam is there, and he's injured pretty bad, he almost died in this battle. The companions are also sitting there. And I want you to just imagine for a moment that you're sitting in the same scenario, you know, their heads are down, they're upset, they're depressed, they're crying, and they're looking at these bodies that are that are laying literally all around them. And they don't

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know what to do. The Companions do feel as though they've let their leader down. You know, they told this, their leader told them stay in your stations. But for you know, several reasons that the scholars give us one of the most common reasons is that they didn't follow the instruction of the messenger The site was to them. That's not exactly accurate. And let me tell you why. The Companions already have devoted themselves all along while he was selling to him, they've gone through the Battle of better they've gone through this whole migration period. They know the value of their leader. But what happened is that in this particular scenario, it wasn't that they thought that the

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battle was over that they actually thought that they had won the battle. And that's the primary goal of every soldier when they're in battle is to win. But what they're getting here is actually a different lesson in attitude, which is you're not your goal to be in battle is not to just win, but Allah says was Sadie or Illa model filati, middle of become, rush towards the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's actually the priority of why these battles happen. seek Allah's mercy seek Allah's forgiveness. If you win, you win, if you don't win, it doesn't matter. Because what's most important to Allah is that you are in this process of seeking His pleasure and forgiveness because

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let's face it, if you die in that battle, the state that you want to be in is in a state where Allah will forgive you. So he alleges I'm gonna be like whom so I put you in that battle Did you win, so you didn't win? So you lost the battle you're gonna lose him to after now, it's not gonna work that way. It's about attitude. It's about intentions. And this is why the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam told us in a long Hadith narrated by Abu Dhabi, a loved one, that certain individuals will come on the Day of Judgment, hope, and they will claim that they've done certain acts of worship and righteousness for Allah. The half of the Koran will say to Allah, oh, Allah, I memorize the poor and

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for you, I struggled for you. And Allah will respond and say, apply their contempt. You lied. You didn't do it for me. Well, that can make a talented or earn but instead, you learned the poor and legal clause so that people can say hello, Connie on all his beautiful reciter. So in other words, you only did it just to show off your voice your talent, you didn't do it exactly for Allah. So despite that, when we memorize the poor and we want to beautify our voices, it's part of the process. What Allah is teaching us in this hadith is that's not the priority. And that same Hadith continues where a soldier comes in front of Allah, and they said, Yeah, Robbie, I fought in battle

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for you. I fought in battle and I struggled for you and I died in that battle. Allah subhanho wa Taala will then say, you know what, I can accept that you instead you fought through that battle? Do you call a horseshoe jaren you said that others will say no, he was a brave mighty soldier. So you did it for your reputation. You did it so that others could recognize Okay, you were up you were strong soldier you battled well, and this is what your legacy is. So Allah rejects that that's not his priority. What more what is most important is the intention so that you gain a less forgiveness and mercy. Now coming to this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala now tells us remember the setting, the

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scene is set. The Companions have their heads down, they're upset, they feel like they let themselves down but even more so they let their leader down. febby mal or my team mean Allah He Lin tell him well, Quinta Farben Khalid al, l'enfant boomin. Holic Farah, for whom was stockfeed 11 will share with him fill em for either xenta fatawa killer, no law in Allah you will Mottola killing so let's go through this a step by step and we're done. That'd be about I mean Allah febi mouth

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is for those of you who study Arabic, you know this particular sentence with the word fat and the letter bat and the letter mean with an lF habima literally what this is saying is that the best representation of Allah's mercy, that'd be Mel Rama T min Allah, so the best representation of Allah's mercy febi Mt. augmente mean Allah Lin tele home

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Lynn Taylor comes from the word lesbian. So here's how the Koran teaches us how to behave when people have upset you, and cause disappointment for you, what Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying is that at the end of the day, you should be kind and be soft and gentle with people Ling tell him lay in literally means to soften something. And this is why one of the doors that we can make is we ask a lot, oh, a lot, a lot more llegan lubaina or Allah soften our hearts. So the first way that the Quran teaches us how to behave in this scenario, where it's intense, it's disappointing that people around you, whether that be your team, whether that be your family, whether that be your colleagues,

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whether that be your classmates, the point is the people that you're counting on to support you. For some reason, they let you down, they weren't able to support you fully. So in this case, Allah says that you as the leader now remember us believers, this is a hard lesson for us. And we have to ensure that we do our best to internalize the message that'd be mailed to me and Allah LSB soft link tele home, then a lot tells it well couldn't have been a little calmer landfall. Follow me and how will it if you were somebody who was football, fun been fun been literally means somebody that's difficult that that's hard to deal with. So Allah is saying number two. So the first is Be gentle,

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be nice, be kind, we know you're upset as a leader, don't talk to those who follow your leadership, don't talk down to them don't have to teach your superior that you're not subject to mistake as well. Then Allah says, if you had shifted the other way, so let's say you allowed your anger to take its course, well couldn't have felt wonderful leave two things, or lessons. Number one, footbaww means that you're a difficult person to deal with. So this is not even saying anything. This is just that attitude and behavior, Allah is saying, you're going to just be an overall difficult person, nobody's going to want to be around you. Nobody's gonna be tolerate you. Nobody's going to be happy

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around you. Nobody's going to want your company. That's what fun is. But then number two, a lot either. soulless, panatela now says, and you also have a heart that's insensitive. You don't care what others feel. If somebody follows you beat them down to the ground even further insensitive. So what Allah is saying that you're the messenger or they sort of said that you are a representation, you are a representation of My Mercy. And the way to do that, and here's the the heart of this whole presentation is that all of us have some sense of leadership in our lives. We are all representatives of Islam. So the first lesson that the hora is telling us is when people around you

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upset or upset and you're the leader, you're the one in charge. The first thing is just be kind, relax, soften your personality so that you become approachable so that people can say, men despite that we've let him or her down upon a lot. They're still being kind. They're still being nice. They're still talking to us. Whatever couldn't have been honey, they'll calm l'enfant boomin Holic, so two things, if you were somebody that was just overall bitter. And then on top of that you had a heart that was insensitive, insensitive. Allah says l'enfant, the woman how like nobody would follow you. Now, here's the second, here's the next point. Some people are like, No, no, no, if I talk to

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them, and I really, you know, give my opinion and a really set the law down. They're not going to take it that way. What does the law say? Yes, they will. If Allah says to you, look, look. And here's the thing. This is how we as human beings, we're so limited. Allah is saying that if you act this way, this is how people are going to react to you. So don't do it. You don't now get to say, No, actually, that's not true. I can control my anger pretty well. Despite that, I'm the president. I'm the I'm the leader. I'm in charge. I'm the teacher, I'm what have you. I'm a parent. At the end of the day, I can still say what I want, and they'll get my message they'll understand. So forget

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this. Let's see you missed the whole point. Allah is saying, you do not know how others feel. You don't know how they're going to internalize what you're saying. You might try to come off, stern and firm, but with a good heart. But when they're listening to you, they're not hearing the good heart. They're not seeing and feeling the good heart in you all they're hearing is your words, saying stop it. Then this continues in a completely different direction than Allah subhana wa tada says, fair foreign home, pardon them. Awful means just let it go. And here's the thing for a lot of a lot of Muslims out there maybe some of you might be listening, I don't know. But a lot of Muslims out

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there. One mistake somebody makes that could be in your family.

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It could be in your community, they make one mistake or they do something to offend you. And it wasn't even intentional. You write them off just janazah prayer set out more they can, we will never talk again. You are not a true believer in the sight of Allah, if that's the way you deal with problems, especially with people. And I'm being very, very blunt about this. If you at the end of the day cannot learn to understand and tolerate that people will rub you the wrong way. They will say certain things to you that might come off as insensitive, insensitive or offensive, they might act a certain way. But if you don't have lejana, you don't have this soft personality in you that

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you could learn to forgive and forget. Or you don't have a personality that's that people can tolerate that you can tolerate from others. Then on top of that, your heart You can't let things go. Then Allah says nobody is going to appreciate the L'Enfant boom in Howley. So what's the first thing to do here? The person who who's got all of these qualities The first thing is fat foreign, forgive them, forgive people let it go, especially if it's not a big deal. You don't need to sit for counseling, you don't need to go and find direction. Just leave it alone was still feeling left home now the prophesy Selim is being told by Allah or by the way, although all these companions messed

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up, and they left their stations, I want to you messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to ask Allah to forgive them. Who does their leaders do that? true leadership does that. What Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that the true quality in a leader is that you will have mercy for those who are behind you. You take one for the team, you take one for the family, if you get blamed you take it and say, You know what, May Allah forgive you guys, you know what, let's just forget about it. Let's put it behind us. Let's move on. That's what a true leader is. And so if you don't have these qualities, and you don't act this way, especially with family and relatives, and in laws, all of

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these individuals will have helped over you, then you're not a true believer in the sight of Allah, you're missing an enormous part of the discipline and focus that the heart and the body should have in the sight of a lot less paying attention to this stuff. So let's say in fact for me was self 11 was share with Phil oh by the way or messenger sal Allahu Allah was some of the same companions that disappointed you go to them as well and ask them okay, weird. How should we move forward from this terrible, terrible tragedy? Can you imagine the prophecy seven doing that? This is just it's just a remarkable Can you imagine he saying no, to the same companions? that literally they were told,

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stand here, don't move until I come back. And they still ended up moving for whatever reason. And now the prophecy stems being told by Allah. Oh, by the way, ask those same companions. Guys. How do we move forward from here 70 plus companions are killed in this battle. A lot of it has to do with you guys didn't listen to me. But that's fine. Let's put that behind us. May Allah forgive you guys, forgive me. So how do we move forward? Well, what's that? What's Plan B. Now how do we get out of the situation? This is where the followers now feel the companions now feel he hasn't given up on us. Man, this is a true leader. You see tenderness and kindness, mercy for the people who are under

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your leadership. That is a true quality that preserves and protects leadership. You always have a voice, when you're kind and merciful to those who follow you. And parents, this is for us as well. We are leaders in our homes. We're in charge of protecting and providing and being merciful to our children. And so when they mess up, yeah, sure, you'll have those moments where you're upset, you're angry, you're frustrated. But alesse saying don't lose your cool because you are a representation of My Mercy. And at the end of the day, when you are a leader and you are merciful, and you're willing to put mistakes of those who follow you put that all behind, and forgive and forget. Then you as a

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leader, people love and appreciate you 100 times more. There'll be like, Man, that leader. That leader was amazing. They're so caught I messed up so much in front of him in front of her. Every time they asked me to count the sales for the end of the I always kept making mistakes. My first year was a disaster. I thought it was going to get fired. But instead he promoted me to be a manager. Instead, she promoted me that now I'm a supervisor. That's what true leadership is. You can put aside the mistakes and keep moving forward. So Allah subhanho wa Taala Alicia Widdecombe, Phil amfa is Arizona fatawa killer the law in the law you wouldn't want to walk eating when you finally

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heard from everybody. And now it's time to make a decision.

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So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is being referenced to Biola directly. Now that you've listened to everybody on hamdulillah Now move forward, make a decision have tawakkol in Allah because Allah loves those who have telecoil in him. That's all I wanted to share with you guys today. So the first to summarize the first area today 159 in sulit, Elliott and Ron, all leaders, we love this verse, it's all about leadership qualities of being lenient to being kind. That's the first step. Then secondly, make sure that you're a person people can tolerate people want to be around. So so let's prioritize everyone around me to be in alignment who couldn't have been finale, the polyblend for

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boomin howling Don't be if somebody was Fatah and somebody who was a hurry, they'll call there'll be some money that people just can't tolerate even your presence without saying a word, but at the same time, have a heart that's peaceful, that sensitive that you can actually like appreciate. And then Allah and then the egg continues and says that as a leader forgive pardot put things behind let it go. Especially if and I mean look at the situation of Prophet peace be upon him is in the Prophet it subtle assignment is in a situation where lives were lost. And he's being told to do this. Why? Because it's a direct representation of Allah's mercy. So he's got to do it. So now with that being

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said, that a continuous right there and center Fatah what Colorado law in the law hibel Mottola killing so this is where we conclude that at the end of the day when to listen you seek guidance you talk to people then have trusted alum make a decision have trust in Him, Allah loves those who trust him. So with that being said, guys, I hope that this was helpful that this could inspire you, encourage you and make you feel good about yourself. So with that being said, Man, Allah subhanaw taala always continue to teach us the blessings and the knowledge of the Quran. And the sin of our messenger already slept was sent out Okay guys, so that's it for now. Stay tuned tomorrow in sha

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Allah for episode number two. I really really encourage all of you as a family to watch this and shut laterra Take care guys just like aloha item was set out more legal what I had to love you a lot of cats.

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