Is there doubt about Allah, the Maker of the heavens and the earth?

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of rain in the agricultural sector and the loss of people. They emphasize the importance of finding one's way to find one's way and practicing learning to be a Christian. The speaker also touches on the loss of people and the importance of water and fresh food. They stress the importance of practicing and learning to be guided and finding one's way to find one's way. The speaker also touches on the importance of learning and practicing to become a Christian and mentions a recent lecture on the "there's no way" movement.
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Have you sorted and if you want to know about Allah literally you know somebody asked you this question just gonna be sorted.

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A little bit challenging but just just think about a loss Palatine and he says the following and I love this area because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen

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and especially fruits and vegetables cooking and this is amazing and says the following quite well Olivia ends and Amina semi eema how much rain we had this year.

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This year was one of them. I think one of the worst season of rain if you fly and as you coming back to St. Louis, before he gets to the airport it is all flooded Subhanallah you wonder where is the dry area?

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I I think it's like 15 or 20 well I'm not sure about the number to be honest.

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We're levy Angela Muna sama EMA so every time you see rain think of this he sent down from the sky is called it ma water rain. Like what happens there's no flood not talking about flood here

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was done.

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Mr. articulacy because of the rain or vegetations came out things we want and things we don't want right? Now you see look at your grass what's happened this year? You need to cut the grass every week this year because of the rain right? And if you see the plants dying What do you normally do as well my gardener always say if you see them with dying do the following give them water most of the time they'll go back if not then give them some food. It's amazing and I applied this room has always worked Subhan Allah so Allah says he sent down the rain and said I'm going to semi eema sand shut now because maybe some of us equally shade we thought because of the rain brought forth the

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vegetations of everything. Now comes the details. Now think when you're in the kitchen, think of this idea for a whole Domino how they run

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out of all this green green class came out green plants not yet. But first I mean who have Iran, nuclear German who have been Muhtar Cuba, out of this green plants. Grains attached one to each other.

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What this reminds you

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exactly Allah says have the motor Arqiva like clouded

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What what? What?

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corn, wheat.

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Right. So all the grains, okay, I don't eat grains. I have gluten allergy.

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And a lot of you with this because you know how we argue and you know what we think and hopefully upon comes to us, okay, so have been water Arqiva. Okay, you don't need degrees, warming and

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palm trees.

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mean pollen from that from the sheath, of their palm tree. Pin one Danya.

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Like heaps are groups of dates very close to you, you can easily get it. But I don't like dates. I cannot eat dates, right?

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gwanwyn Danya to watch on that and there is gardens off.

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They were not mean an album now comes to everyone what they like one of them you're going to like this great.

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An album was a tune all of

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the anatomy and it was a little man, pomegranate.

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And also, but here, look at the next one. mush. tobyhanna hieromartyr. shabby. They look alike, but they don't look alike. What does that mean?

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How many of you eat olives here?

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Right? So when you go and buy all right, what do you see? Have you seen? I'm sure. So how many colors?

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At least at least Please forgive me. At least like five. Very dark, black, dark than light. Black men green, the dark green. And then they have different names. Right? So Allah says, All of Muta. shabbiha It looks like they're not alike. Why, you know, Muta shabby, but they're not alike. And then what he wants you need to look on low elastomeric. Look at it. What does it mean look at it. Of course I'm looking at it meaning look and think

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On whoo Illa tomorrow, tomorrow

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when these fruits grows, and becomes ripe. So when you when we buy it is already right when you're making the salad it's already ripe. On whoo last summer is a smarter way in a while you're alive because when this in this, this is daily life, you really don't have to study anything. This is every single day. Now some of us goes everyday to grocery shopping, because we have family we have to feed, right? Or we need to buy this thing and that. So when you go these days to the grocery shop, wherever you go, what is the choices?

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What are the colors?

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Right? Apple? Look at Apple, how many colors? How many sizes? Are they all apple? What a shabby, they are all Apple, but they're not. Neither they look the same, nor they taste the same. And that's why Allah with all these details, he finished this idea with what

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in the era Can I attend the academy? You may known in all this. This is Signs for those who believe. Or another way of looking at if you want to believe when you are in doubt, a failure, he should just look around you.

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Because we are so busy, unfortunately. And because we are busy, not in what brings me closer to Allah, if anything was what pushed me away from a las panatela. That's what I need to go back to the basics. Who had doubts, from the profits?

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From the prophets who had doubts.

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Exactly Who said that? Yes, say that, right. He knew there was something

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these days they called Mother Nature, they call it whatever they call it. So he knew there was something other than what he is seeing. So what did he do? It's also an

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What did he do? I feel that he shot Can I have my doubts? So what do I do? Right? With all the IV was called Abraham Maria de aza. He told his father as this is the only time in the Quran, Satan Abraham's father lane, as mentioned, as

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I said, earlier, you take like seated statues, and you worship them. Basically, it doesn't make sense. that difficult. aufnahmen earlier at the Oklahoma capybara movie, I just don't see you're on the right path. He doesn't know the right path. But he just doesn't know. He feels this is not the right path. You know, when you say, I know this is wrong, but I don't know what the right is the same way. This is how a lot of how Tyler This is like sorted and sorted.

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So he said, This is not right. I see that you're not doing the right thing. So what he did, why the model a linear model

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cannot Ebola mallacoota sama what you will do the akuna Minal

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de lado Rocco Kaaba night, in the night, right? He saw a star, something big up there. So it's not a small statue in front. He had his doubts. He looked up and says, that's it. Allah. Allah had rb, something bigger. So we know it's something and force something bigger than us. Everyone in this world knows there is something other than human beings

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running this world through our fourth superpower, Mother Nature, whatever the wherever the names of, but has to be bigger. So saving O'Brien was the same.

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This is it. When it disappeared, morning came in an image a raw Coca Cola, Coca Cola.

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When it went away, he says, No, I don't like things that disappear.

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Doesn't make sense. God disappeared. This is how he was thinking. I feel that he should. So when you have doubt, this is what we learned. When we have doubt. What do we do or not doubt hamdulillah maybe we don't have doubt when we are weak.

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When we are weak when we struggle with our Salah, when we struggle with our bra, when we struggle with our hijab and we started to obey Allah, what do we do?

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yoke around. That's exactly what I was teaching. And you so the stars is not working.

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Below model as Amara vasila he saw the moon. beautiful moon if you saw it, yesterday actually was amazing. She could see that the crescent soul clears Allah

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Then he said Hello, this is my lord bigger.

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Now when it disappeared,

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he said if I am not going to be guided, I am going to be on the wrong path. Then he saw the sun you all know the story. You all know the story what is the benefit of this story?

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What does this teaches me in my life? So he looked number one, what you learn from this story is you need to look this now, when you read about Satan Abraham, they say he was looking to be guided to a more guided

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he wanted to be guided he was not guided without looking without wanting and he failed. The first one didn't work. The second one didn't work, the armor the the one didn't work. And then when he saw the sunset, that is it. This is my Lord had a cover this is bigger. What is the problem now disappeared.

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When he disappeared, he knew there was something bigger, he said the do others some of us, most of us say we're just here for power, for power.

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See the name, the one who created this earth from nothing.

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I feel he shocked when I have doubts. In my even my belief and maybe you finding this not something very common, but it is becoming more common. Unfortunately, because of the fact that we are busy and away from a loss pantalla and shavonne comes to us and we are very far away in our daily life from where we should be. Meaning nothing around us. I always say this to myself. what's around you when you're driving to work, remind your follow if you're not talking as I'm saying but you are like going to work right? Do you see a sign say remember a lot?

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Do you see a sign says Did you get up for failure?

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What does the signs you see on your driving

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everything that does not remind you a lot it's all materialistic. Buy this and do that whatever and some of them are disobedient. So we are bombarded bombarded with all these things I need an antidote antidote I call it antidote is look around

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look around the more you look around and think whether it's in the kitchen I'm looking at a food whether it is in the sky, I'm looking at it and the most important thing is when doubts comes to me that's what we learn from Satan Ibrahim, your Allah guide me. Show me. I cannot get up for fudger y'all Allah help me. I am too lazy to do what I should do your Allah help me. I am too weak to stay away from this obedience. That's a huge problem. That's a huge problem. Right? Somebody just recently asked me.

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We're talking about non Muslim, and we're talking about follow. And she said it in a very casual way. So why do you have to pray? pray five times make it three. Literally, we were talking about hygiene, and then how much minimum sleep in the summer because of the night. So by the time you go to bed at about 11 by the time you finish Ayesha, and then if you want to get up for surgery, it's four o'clock. So she couldn't really comprehend this. And she says, Why five make it sleep?

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And she was very casual. What was the answer?

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I said how many times he today?

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She said fine. I said why don't you make it to

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small frequent meals?

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And I said why don't you make it to?

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No answer.

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No answer. Every year he says, This is what we need. We need to look at things that around us, around us and think of it to say even Abraham once he said I have turned my face to the one who originated same word. And if you look at Farber in the Quran, the word although the main focus is not from the names of Allah pantile. It's one of his characters at one of his things he does what he did, but it is usually put there when people want to introduce a war sample, the one who creates things from nothing, and no human beings is a fallible or can do the football.

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us human beings. So he said what just to watch that is it turned my face to Allah subhana wa Tada. The last one I want to share with you, whatever Allah will give us in time is in sorting

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and sorting the hell is the surah they called the fourth and yam the surah off the blessings Allah gave us and a lot take me and you 123

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For us, take your day and I'll take you through this I write, what do we need? Daily?

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I'm talking about food and drink.

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Number one, we need water. Right? Without water. We can't live. Right? I can live without food. I can live without vegetables, but without work. First thing he said, he sent down to you. Here, he said, water sessionable the convenience are all Boone ominto to see more

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And every time he brings something he did, he ended up with the character of the person who's going to look in this. You want to reflect you want to remember, when it rains? What do we do when it rains? I mean, we had plenty of rain. What did you do when it rains? If you're at home, you're worried about the gutters. If it's going to be blood.

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You're worried if somebody is driving if your son or your husband or somebody white? Right? I'm not saying this is how long this is not. What should I do? Number one?

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What are the ends that I mean?

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This is him who send this down? One, two.

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I cannot live without this. And if it is not, and you've been probably in places where there is droughts. What do they do? They turn to a lot of religion. They turn to us and send us rain. What? Because they know no one can send rain, except him. So Pan valdovinos. Zero is the one who sent down rain. Then he says, and I want to take you to this one. See how many of you like to travel on the sea or left to go to the beach? Go to California go to Florida to go wherever you go Mexico? What do you like to see in the beach? Especially if it's a private beach and you have a room? Looking at the beach? What is the scene that you will love to see?

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The water right? And then how about if you see a little bit of a small ship going there? And especially if it's ocean, and you see the ship? Right? One of the sahana comun Bohol This is it. This is in the head. He made the sea subservient to you. To me. What do we do in the sea? Number one? What do we eat? How many of you like see fresh seafood? seafood?

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Find what does the fish comes from? kulambu last month body fresh meat. Look at the description. When you cook fish you remember this last month or you know what jewelry we draw. We wear pearls and and coral.

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The woman who had the utensil buy sooner and he gets out of it.

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jewelry, you ornaments. You were right. And then and you see and full karma. Rafi and the word Yeah, right. The more I tried to figure out a good word to translate this Mullah. mawatha is when something goes through something and makes a way through.

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So when you see if you ever been in a you know, I'm sure you everybody has been in a ship or a boat. And what does the boat do? moves moves, it moves. mawashi Rafi

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and when you look at that, Who did that? fly?

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In a lot there is doubt

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is alive there is doubt. Why do we have doubt because we don't do this. How many times you've been lucky in the rain. As I said just a few minutes ago. Right? And we thought this way. Let's anonyme the DA

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and the DA and supplication at time of rain is granted. So for yourself or your children for the map or anyone how many times you've been on a ship. And what do you do on the ship? alarmed I'm so worried I'm gonna get seasickness. I don't like traveling in the ship. I'm going to go to sleep. That's ordinary people. If you want to be guided every part every moment, every wherever lock with you is an opportunity to be guided to be garland. And just before I want to share with you some of the things I say now the one above

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and he says the following

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a very nice scene. He says the best act of worship and I'm going to ask you

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on one

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What do you think he said, save now beloved nobis cousin for us what he thought was the one I just shared with you Hebrew. He was the most knowledgeable of the hub.

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The best act of worship and it's a Palawan Allah made me read this today because we don't look at it this way.

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That's how you learn your deen.

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The best way that I was looking at this as

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if my child or your child, or my brother, or my sister or my relative wants to go and study? Or is my answer, how much they will pay? Who will hire you? Yeah, he died alone and law forgive us.

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If my if my, if my son, or my relative or somebody I know wants to go to be a professional, I'm not going to mention the names of the profession. Everybody will say your goal. And then you will learn a data of other like that. He said the best act of worship. I was thinking night Salah, I was thinking fasting in this long days. I was thinking, giving charity what I was reading. And then he says, Why? See how what he's teaching us? And he said, learning the deep learning the gene Well, he made it a character of the heart. And he says once they learned

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this, once they learned well, then they learned

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the wisdom.

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For them my father who when they learned well learned about Allah.

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And when they learned about Allah amilo they acted.

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Did you get the point? I learned in general, I learned about the G lucky No, I just shared with you a couple of irons, right? And we learn about a lot because this is this is just a sample, right? But to hamdulillah now we learned about Allah, how's your sada will be bamboo.

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When I The more I learned and even some people will move very quickly. Some people will move slower but you will move. No way you will not move the evening. Once you learn, you start acting slowly, gradually, but you will act Amadou whenever ma amidu are awful. This is a very nice Arabic coin. Once they learn. They don't a lot very well.

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Once they learn, they learn the deen. Then they learned they practiced what they learned. And this is what I say to myself before anyone else. Everything you learn, even if it is this little doesn't matter. Practice it. Practice it. For example, take from today if you didn't get anything, when you chop for salad, when you put a fruit for you as a snack on the summary, look at it

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and think about the Creator. So he said once they learn, then they practice. Once they practice, they know a lot very well. Once they know a lot very well they will be guided effing lakisha

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to get the answer. This is the answer. I feel he should could follow this module. Once I learned about our last panel, not talking about you become a hockey. You become a scholar, may Allah make us all but I'm talking about the simple things we need to learn the basics. We need to love the things we learned from our parents. And we took it as a habit. We took it as a habit. Most of our father is a habit. And how the law we are praying. It's a habit. We need to move it for

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everyone who ever learned well, and he knows he learned well and learned Allah, He will be here next was follow him very easily, very easily in Ramadan. And I always bring Ramadan because it's so close number one. And then we all are different in Ramadan willingly I

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almost every Muslim I know. Literally. It's amazing, right? One, what is the difference in Ramadan than other?

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You know the value of Ramadan? When I asked I asked so many people this year, who people I know. Are you going to be fasting? You should see the faces when I asked this question.

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I'd like

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what do you think of me?

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This this is this is the reaction I got. So my question was and this of course, people would give to me so I can say this. And I said so why don't you pray?

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And I know they don't and they do not argue about

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and I said why don't you pray?

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No answer.

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And I said who said

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Ramadan and fasting in Ramadan is before holla

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And if it is show me

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Why Why did I bring this? Because what do we still know the value? No, no, learn the value from Oban. We all come here. This was back jammed back people post in the in the church walked right in the night 10pm

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Come here 10pm Not tonight for Asia if you see 10 people handling that. Why is that because we know the value of a mobile it's from our bond. I cannot I comfort around my point. We are lucky just the value of every act of I gather.

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Once I learned once I learned and I learned the simple one I will be guided and this this doubt that tripod put in me my laziness my lack of a bada an act of worship to Allah who pushed me this way bring it back by learning and learn from our own you just listen to lectures read books, but start with the simple ones. So he says the best act of worship is learning about Allah pantalla the sign and I'm going to quickly end up with this Hello so about five minutes sign you know Allah is what

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what is the sign that you know a lost punter?

00:26:27--> 00:26:30

What's the sign that you know a loss penalty?

00:26:31--> 00:26:31

I think

00:26:33--> 00:26:35

you feel in your heart, okay.

00:26:38--> 00:26:50

Now what is the sign shows up signs is things shows up signs that shows up that I know Allah. Or I say she knows on law, or he knows Allah.

00:26:52--> 00:26:53

I'm sorry.

00:26:54--> 00:27:03

Do the rebar that do the acts of worship? Yes or no? And because unfortunately, sometimes the act of Warships became habit.

00:27:04--> 00:27:09

It has to reflect. Yeah, that's just what it is. So what is the sign?

00:27:10--> 00:27:16

I'm sorry, time of calamity, you know your relationship with Allah. That's so true.

00:27:17--> 00:27:20

And after that, I'll add in time of easels,

00:27:21--> 00:27:51

both time of calamity, what's your immediate response? and time of ease? Allah gives you everything. What's your response? That's one but what is the sign on people and person, the slogan, they have the or formula is not the fear, or from a law. Literally, I have seen I have seen it with my own eyes. people, when they are reading or on their face changes.

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The face doesn't matter which was I don't know what they are reading, the face changes. And when they like they know what I why your face changes. And it's in a very casual answer. It's the words of Allah.

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Hey, but Allah. So the more I know about a loss, pal, Tyler, the more it reflects, but it doesn't reflect only externally, the way I pray, or the way I dress. Or the even the way I speak is my relationship with Allah. It's actually part of my relationship with Allah as a person. And then that's reflect on the My relationship with everybody else. The haber the or the or from the last time. I remember one time I was watching. Yeah, it was a lecture and then at the end of the lecture, it was amazing lecture was about a loss.

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And then the speaker stood up and the audience clapped for him.

00:28:51--> 00:28:53

You should see his face

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and he said it in a beautiful way and he says it doesn't differ at all

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that you clap to a human being after all what I said

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and you could see the audience that's the haber you get my point is not to feel what about Jana nor and I'm going to be going to all fire I'm going to be punished to the grave. That's that's a different but it's that's all the more I know His Majesty is what I shared with you and I shared with you clips, because of the time I couldn't cover everything I wanted to cover. But the more you go and look at the Quran, and mainly if you want to fly he shall leave it is look at his creation as a last resort. An amazing statement after he talked about the creation of Earth, heavens and earth and the mountains and he sent down Ray and brought the beautiful vegetation and he says the hump of

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this is the creation of Allah. Only mother Haleakala Dena moon

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Show me the others that you are calling What did they create?

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And of the story

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no answer what did they create the people that we disobey Allah for the people that we put them before our last panel with so I feel yeah he should Charlbury somehow like you will have the answer is absolutely no your Allah if there is doubt remove it. If it comes to my heart and yours heart remove it helped me to apply the steps that will remove the doubt. Look around you. This is how it is. Look around you in every creation and you read his words. read his words, the more you know about him we cannot but love of Allah

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Subhana Subhana kalong more recently the sad

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stuff we will cover to follow the same number, whether it was Harvey testament, does that move on