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Thank you doctor like for your lucid explanation of Islam concept of God. My simple question is, you're talking about racial brotherhood, linguistic brotherhood, blood brotherhood and so on. And they are the disturbers of the concept of universal brotherhood. But you have not talked on the concept of Kafeel,

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I think which is one of the most important disturbers of universal brotherhood in the world.

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Can I remember what I can answer in a better way? Yes. Professor Nagel from the r&d College.

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The professor asked a question that I have spoken about various concept of explained the concept of weathered and spoken that the concept of brotherhood based on relationship on race, on caste and creed, etc. They cause disturbance. I haven't spoken on the concept of coffee.

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Whether coffee is an Arabic word,

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which comes from the root what cough, which means to conceal,

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to conceal, to hide, also means to reject.

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And in context, in Islamic context, it means that any person who conceals or rejects the truth of Islam, anyone reject the truth of Islam is called as a prophet. Anyone who rejects the truth of Islam that there is one God and Allah subhanaw taala. And all that is spoke, he's offered any brotherhood, besides the Brotherhood of universities out of faith, and the Islamic brotherhood, if it falls in other brotherhood based on anything, they can be 100 types of brotherhood that are based on particular region, whether it be India whether it be Pakistan, whether it be America, all these other brotherhood

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that is not in the purview of the bezel, the faith believe in concept of one god disturbs the university without including if you say that the Cafritz the Brotherhood of prophets. Do the disobey the disturb? What is the meaning of coffee? Anyone rejects the truth of Islam? There are some non Muslims who asked me questions and request now is that one of the causes is it that Why do the Muslims abusers the calling cafe

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and people say that they get hurt. I said, See, calf is the Arabic word, which means a person who rejects the truth of Islam. It's an Arabic word.

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For a person who reject the truth of Islam. In English after translate, he becomes a non Muslim. So person is a non Muslim who reject the truth of Islam. He is called as a coffee is just a translation of the English word non Muslim. So if you say that don't call a non Muslim, a coffee, how can I do that? So if a person says Why do you call me coffee, don't call me a coffee so I can tell that you accept Islam as stockpiling a coffee. It's only an Arabic word for non Muslim