Saad Tasleem – Shaytan’s Strategy With Religious Muslims

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The sheer god has been deceiving Muslims, citing studies on the shield pawn and shia pawn. The shia pawn cannot attack them, and the she upon may use different strategies with the user depending on their level of knowledge. The use of religious practices in prayer and personal growth is crucial for personal security and avoiding mistakes. The danger of the "has been through" strategy for personal growth is emphasized, along with sharing information and reciting the Quran as a way to remind people of the danger of the "has been through" strategy for personal growth.
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Bismillah Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Juana le he was so happy he went on to a ceremony como rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Today's topic is the sheer power and strategy with religious Muslims. Now, and I know this may seem like a topic, which is

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maybe controversial, I don't think it's really that controversial. But this topic is actually based upon my seminar, deception, a study of the shield pawn, which is a comprehensive, and in depth study of the topic of the ship on

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what we know from the Koran and the sun, about the ship on the story of the ship on but more specifically or I should say, something that could maybe have even more of an effect on us is the strategies of the ship on and how the ship on May deceive us or deceive or mislead us. So, that is what this topic is based upon. So the topic of how the she have been deceived, or how the shavon or what strategy that she upon uses with religious Muslims. Now, first of all, we must address the elephant in the room. And that is this misconception that some people have that the chiffon will not mislead religious people or religious Muslims. Or put in another way, we can say that, once a person

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reaches a certain level of religiosity, once they become you know, they reach a certain level of piety, once they reach a certain level of their iba of worship, meaning they get to this special place, that the Shia pawn cannot attack them, the ship gun cannot mislead them, the Shia pawn will not try to deceive them. And that is absolutely false. There is no human being who the sheer barn does not try to mislead regardless of their level of knowledge, regardless of their piety, regardless of the the state of their Eman that she upon, doesn't give up. And he keeps working and he doesn't give up until until our life is in our body that she upon does not give up. And so some

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had a lot one of the one of the tricks of the ship on is to give people a false sense of security, meaning because I you know, I consider myself to be a practicing Muslim or because I'm a religious Muslim or whatever, however you want to title that category of people that you know what I'm safe from the chiffon and that is absolutely not the case. Email, Rahim Allah to Allah. It is narrated that even upon his deathbed, he was telling the ship on the war is not over. He would say no, but but not yet. Not yet, meaning, I know you're still trying to deceive me, and I will not let you win. So even on his deathbed, he was who he

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was right? To talk about knowledgeable Muslims talking about religious or pious Muslims. You know, and then there was email. So if someone like that Subhana Allah was, you know, vigilant, and that shows us his level of knowledge and his wisdom, that he understood that that no matter how high his knowledge God, it doesn't mean that is it that he is free or that the chiffon won't try to deceive him or attack him that she upon swore as a Lost Planet, Allah tells us in the Quran, when the obeah no Jemaine I will mislead all of them. And you've had a lot this is this, all of them means all of the children have Admiralty setup, which means Muslim, non Muslim, you know, old, middle aged, you

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know, people in their 20s regardless of your age, scholars, non scholars, ie moms, you know, doesn't matter, leaders followers, it doesn't matter. If you have, you know, a million followers online, it doesn't mean that the ship one won't try to deceive you. Or if you have 10 followers online or 10 online friends, it doesn't matter to the ship. And the only difference is that the ship pod may use different strategies with you, depending based upon who you are. And this is one of the things that we study in great detail in this seminar is how the chiffon uses our own weaknesses. And sometimes our strengths as well but how you will take them and take them into account and attack us. So based

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off of our own weaknesses, and we all have weaknesses, we all have flaws. We all have shortcomings. There's no one who is perfect. There's no human being who doesn't commit sins, we all commit sins, we all make mistakes, we all have shortcomings and so the she upon because he's you know he's so close to us the Prophet civilized tell them this. He's told us that in the shiratama yejide model inside Madrid dump the Shi upon flows through mankind like the flowing of blood, Danny how close how how

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intimate is that relationship of the blood that flows within our body, that is how close the ship on is to us. So the ship on very much understands us. And he knows us on the ship and has been learning and studying us. And he knows our weaknesses, and he knows our strengths as well. And so this he upon, you know, with that knowledge with that understanding of human beings, he uses that against us. So the only question that we need to ask is, what are our weaknesses? And how will the shield fund exploit those particular weaknesses. And so when we're talking about religious Muslims, and one of the things we do in this seminar is that we don't, we don't single out any one group and say, you

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know, we're only talking about this group. And I think this is a very big mistake. People make oftentimes, when they're talking about the sheer fun, they talk about, oh, you know, sinful Muslims, or people who don't practice Islam, or this type of Muslim or that type of Muslim, and we only speak about other people, right, this group and that group and so on, since this in this party in that part, you know, and we always exclude ourselves, right, we all hear the ship all the tricks and hear his tactics, and we don't put ourselves in that we don't put ourselves in the equation, as if somehow we are free from the influence of the sea upon and so, one of the main ways of fighting the

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ship bond and this is something that we do discuss in the in the seminar is getting to know yourself and getting to understand yourself and understand where our own weaknesses lie. So, common strategies that the ship bond may use

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with religious Muslims is that number one, as I said, to give them a false sense of importance

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or a false sense of security, I should say, that because of their knowledge or because of their level in society, you know, someone is knowledgeable or someone is any mom or a scholar, and they have maybe you know, 1000s of followers or whatever it may be, they may feel secure. Look, all these people love me all these people like me, how can I say anything which is wrong? How can I do anything which is wrong, and this was and this is Britain is a brilliant tactic of the ship on because this was the ship bonds own downfall as well. He understands very much. He was at a very high level when it comes to his religiosity, with his piety. He worship the lowest pemilik to Allah

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and a lot of reason to a very high rank. Yet, what was his downfall his downfall was his refusal to accept the fact that he could be wrong. You refuse to accept it. Right? He said to the last panel tiada, about other malissa he said under Hiram minister, I'm better than him. Right? You created me from fire and you created him from Clay County, there's no comparison here. So sometimes, when a person reaches a level of knowledge, or a person, you know, reaches a level of worship, they begin to feel secure as if they cannot be misled. In some kind of life. We actually

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contemplated the Quran and the Sunnah, we will find that a person that the more religious that a Muslim gets, the more mindful, you know, ideally, the more mindful they should be of the attacks of the chaplain, the more insecure they should feel, in the in the idea that they are correct and everyone else is wrong. Right. And that is why if you look at our PSA, if you look at our prayer, what do we say in our every single prayer? You know, one of the requirements of our prayer is to recite Surah Fatiha, we should be reciting it in every single prayer, every single record. What do we say in software to have all of us we say, it didn't sit out and lose the pain we say, oh, Allah

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Guide us to the straight path. Okay, why do we say this? If you're so knowledgeable of your soul religious if you're so why are you asking for guidance already guided? Right? Well, the reason why we do that is because we know and we understand that we have to humble ourselves to understand that even though we may have knowledge, even though we may be religious, even though we may, you know, put ourselves in a certain category and feel secure, it doesn't mean that we don't need to be continually guided by a lot. It doesn't mean that we don't need to be continually helped by a lot. And that is why we say y'all cannot do what y'all can stay in you alone do I worship? And not only

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that, okay, so we can a person can say, Okay, I worship Allah, I'm a worshipper of a lion. I look I'm doing so well I pray my five daily prayers, and I do this, my son now I know and so on and so forth. But what about where does that where does who gives us the ability to worship Allah? It is a low gives us the ability to worship a lot. And that's one of the reasons why we say Yeah, kind of stay in you alone, do we seek help from we seek your help or Allah in worshiping you, so we are so so we are seeking a lot of help to be guided. That's why as I said, a believer never feels that they have they are they are infallible, that they cannot make mistakes that they cannot earn. They cannot

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commit sins, yet, on the other. So So what they're doing is they're constantly asking for less guidance.

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Mr. Cream, everyone in the sauce says this. The mom says it. The person in the first row says it the person in the last row says it. Right every single person says it Dino said often Mr. Clean, because we don't want to feel secure. And we continually that's why we don't want to rest when it comes to fighting against the chiffon because one of chiffons main strategies is to make us relax. I think that we have nothing to worry about. And that's why you know, this topic people say, you know, why do you teach a seminar on the chiffon? Right, right? Why is it a big deal? First of all, if you look at the Quran, and Sunnah you will realize it's a big deal, right? In the Quran, Allah has over and

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over and over and over again, told us about the ship on a line not only told us the story of the ship line, if Allah tells us a story in the Koran, it means this is a very important topic. That's why the Gambia, their stories are mentioned, and some of the most important profits, their stories are mentioned, because they are very important lessons in those stories for us. So not only that a lot tell us of what happens to the ship on and how he refuses to obey Allah subhanaw taala. And this is why we go over the story in the class, but also a lot tells us of the deception of the ship on a love reminds us that the ship plot is our enemy, and that we should take him as our enemy we should

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take we should have an active role in fighting against the ship and there should be no date my brothers and sisters, there should be no date on which we do not actively fight the ship on because that is what the ship One was that we stopped fighting against the ship. And so what happens when we become you know, we become complacent when it comes to the fear. But even the most religious Muslims, this can happen to them. And if it's not complacency, well, sometimes it can lead to it. What can happen is a person may develop a sense of arrogance. And so a common strategy we see the Shabbat trying against religious Muslims. his arrogance, right? Oh, you're so religious, the chiffon

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will tell this person, you're an Imam, you're a scholar. Oh, look, you pray all your prayers, you get a family, you're a half of the Quran, you're half of the of the Koran, look at you look at you look at you, how can you do anything which is wrong? And so now even if a person makes a mistake, they become arrogant. They double down on that mistake. They say no, no, no, I'm actually right. How can I make a mistake when I am? You know, they think to themselves when I reached this high level, right? When I have so many people, for example, that loved me and look up to me, how can I make a mistake? And that arrogance of have a once again, that was the downfall of the ship on? And yes,

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people who don't have knowledge can become arrogant in their ignorance that can happen. But we're talking about religious Muslims, sometimes their knowledge can make them arrogant, because they feel they have reached a certain level cost, they cannot make any mistakes they cannot earn. And the reality is we can all we all make mistakes. And we all are. The only difference is that the danger of a religious Muslim, especially someone who has a high position in society, a scholar, or someone like that, or the leader of a community, whatever it may be. The difference is that when a scholar becomes misguided, and they become arrogant, right, then they can mislead other people as well. A

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non religious Muslim, a layman, if they commit a sin, you know, how many people are they affecting? Maybe the people around them? Maybe you know, 510 people, 20 people, their family, like how far can that influence go? But someone who is looked up to in society, in the community, if they do something wrong? And then they double down on that? And they say, No, no, no, no, I'm actually right. How many people will follow them in that mistake, and the shippon knows this, and he understands and that's why our scholars would say that the danger of not fighting the ship on can sometimes be far worse from a, from a knowledgeable person from a religious person. Because the

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there's so much damage that can that can come about. So these are these are some of the strategies that the chiffon uses against religious Muslims. But as I said, it's a very important topic to unto to learn about. And we also had a lot, that's one of the things I mentioned in the seminar. But but but the issue is that, you know, the, the, that a person, you know, the strategies that the share pod employs, it is very important to understand how nuanced they can be. There's not just one strategy with everyone, right? And we all, every single one of us, every single one of you listening to me right now, know that the Shere Khan is using a specific strategy with you in a specific way.

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I'll say that, again, that she upon is using a specific strategy with you or specific strategies in specific ways based off of who you are. And likewise with me as well, he was employing all of us, right, all of us. So it is really important for us to really have knowledge of the sea upon and that's what this is one of those seminars that I really liked to teach because it also serves as a reminder for me, and this is one of those topics as with other things,

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topics, I believe a person needs constant reminders of I mean, think about it, think about this one point. We all say, ooh, Billahi min, Ash shaytani r rajim. We all say it. But how many of us truly understand why we say it? How many of us truly understand the danger, that we're asking a lot to protect us from? The minutiae by the regime, we say, I seek refuge in a lot, meaning a lot protect me. From the Shabbat. We say that right? Every time we recite the Quran, we're supposed to say that, right? You're supposed to be languishing on it, we've been saying it some of us since we were children, how many of us have really taken the ship on seriously, not serious as Oh, we need to be

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scared of the ship on. That's not that's not that's not what this seminar is about. That's why I don't really talk about you know, gin, and you know, this those types of issues or whatever, that's a separate issue. We're talking about the danger of the ship bond to our email, to our tech war, to our spirituality to our relationship with Allah, Allah to Allah. And so that is why I believe this topics and when that's why I personally, I love teaching it as well, because it, it serves the reminder, you know, some of my students who have taken the seminar in person, some of them who have taken it, two, three times, and I was initially I was surprised. I was like, why would you take the

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seven are over and over again, like, you've already taken it. And you know, when you're attending, you know, the seminars, when they happen in person. We're talking about two days, right, two and a half days, the whole weekend is taken up, you're sitting from morning, to the evening. And it's like you took it once you you sacrifice your whole weekend, like, why would you spend a whole nother weekend. And and, and oftentimes, it's not in the same city, like they travel to another cities of Panama, right? They live in one city, they'll travel like, you know, they'll drive for five hours, or they'll take a flight. And I know brothers and sisters who, you know, taking a flight to come to

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another city to retake the seminar. And initially, I was like, why would you do that? And then some of my students, they told they told him, they said, you know, we just need this reminder. We need we want to sit down in here and have these discussions again, because it strengthens our Eman. And so that that point that that really clicked for me. And I realized that as soon as I thought about I said, yes, it does the same for me as well. And that's what people say, Don't you get tired of teaching the seminar over and over again? And I? The answer is no. I don't get tired. it's it's it's a reminder for me first and foremost, and if I'm speaking and it doesn't serve as a reminder for me,

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first and foremost, then at least for myself, I'm failing, right? So May Allah protect me And may Allah protect all of you as well. We'll know Harlem

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