Yasir Qadhi – The Humility of Knowledge Vs. The Arrogance of Ignorance

Yasir Qadhi
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When a human surely unforeseen

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in no more

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question 101 a pseudo you hola Gina. Taco la haka to Puerto Vallarta mucho Manila one to Muslim one. Yeah, even NASA Pura vida como la de la comida Siwon. Mr. Hayden wahala funding has

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been Huma de Janka. 01 is what led me to be here? Well are him in la de como la theva? Yeah, you Hello Gina.

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How are

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you use

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one of our

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many brothers and sisters in Islam. If we look at the two first revelations of the Quran, the first of them is a call. And the second of them is your desktop.

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We noticed that these two revelations set the tone for the entire message of the whole or on the first file suit. The first five verses of Call of students and adults, your crop is well bigger than

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your crop.

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I live in Santa Monica, the whole five verses are about one simple concept. have knowledge in

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Java have knowledge. And a lot is telling our profits of a lot more than that through the forearm, I shall teach you the ultimate knowledge. I shall teach you that which you did not know. I never commanded to contain them through knowledge, through recitation, through reading through writing, learn what Allah will teach you and learn as well what men will teach you from the knowledge Allah has allowed them to learn. So there are two types of knowledge, sacred knowledge and what we call secular knowledge or worldly knowledge. Both knowledge is come from a law, the first, the corrupt, this smell of big this is sacred knowledge, recite and read from a lot directly. And the second type

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of knowledge is the knowledge that dependent men teach other men. And this is the knowledge that that allies or justice, democrats that are not taught you man have to know what you did not know.

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A lot of times, man, what man did not know both knowledge is emanates from a law, the one is direct, and the other is indirect. The direct knowledge can never be wrong. The indirect knowledge man can sometimes make wrong presumptions and assumptions and science corrects itself. But both knowledge is are from a law. This is the theme of the first revelation. And the theme of the second revelation is

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what was the

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joke. It's all about action, action, action action. So the first revelation is all about you're in. And the second religion is all about Iman, and you're in an oven, or the two fundamental pillars of our religion, know, and then act upon that knowledge study and then teach others has the truth in your head, admit and mind and then have your body implement that truth. So we're in an angle always go hand in hand in an arena where

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you have to have the knowledge and you have to act on that knowledge but which comes first.

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It comes first, because you cannot have Island without your enemy. You cannot have actions without knowledge. And that is why mother Mohali in his Swahili has a chapter Barbuda in public only when I'm in the chapter of me before speaking and before acting, you have to have the room before you do anything. Because there is the fundamental is the foundation you don't become an engineer until you study engineering. You don't become a doctor until you study medicine. Similarly, the our religion as well you do not practice our religion speak of our religion become a scholar of the religion until you study the religion itself. And that is why my dear brothers and sisters knowledge and

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especially Islamic knowledge has been praised by Allah subhanho wa Taala in the utmost way, in the highest manner, unless there's a number on You're a very lovely Latina woman who wonders

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Allah has raised the ranks of those who believe and those who have knowledge amongst you have one has raised

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their ranks, the people who have a knowledge of law has raised their ranks. So in this world that people look up to them, the people respect them that people consider them to be the sources and authorities. And in the next world, the people of knowledge are raised up in gender as well. You're referring to Latina women or men come wondering who to reach out to jobs through knowledge. Allah subhana wa Jalla showed us the superiority of so many of his beloved creatures through knowledge, Allah azza wa jal demonstrated that Adam and Eve is Salam was superior to even the angels in their worship of Allah.

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When a wall wanted to show the angels the wisdom of creating Adam, Allah azzawajal is showing the angels the wisdom of creating Adam, Allah did not make Adam taller than the angels. He didn't make Adam bigger than the angels. He didn't make Adam fly like the angels. Quite the contrary. Most angels in fact, awful of them, are physically more powerful, that are more worshipping of Allah than us. They have characteristics we do not have. But in one sense, Allah has blessed Adam and the children of Adam, or as you say, the righteous children are either even over the angels, how do they want to demonstrate that? Why do the odds of a smart Nakula

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occur for God? I'm the only be a smarty How would I introduce our name, our new super Hannukah La La Medina.

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when a wall wanted to demonstrate the superiority of Adam over the other creatures, our war taught Adam a knowledge that the angels did not have through knowledge, not through strength, not through power, not through flying in the air knowledge. And when the angels realized that Allah had given them knowledge that he had not given them, they said some Hannukah law invalid

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in the current Illuminati, so a lot of demonstrated that knowledge is far more precious, far more noble and sacred than any physical attribute. And a lot of xojo crazed Ibrahim it is

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that within the Catholic Church una de de hikurangi vida omen. These were the intellectual arguments when Ibrahim debated with his people that will be blessed by him and a lot so it just says that's what farhana has been a man that we taught this firm this knowledge to suit a man and allies origin praises the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam That one's a little Rottweiler, you can eat out but what hikma? Why I lemme tell them tell them what kind of lie they tell you how to swallow love, I have given you the book and the Wisdom and I have taught you what you did not use to know why never come into contact with them. And because of that, what kind of formal law the idea of a laws

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blessings on you are too numerous to grid to mention. So, the superiority of the process of a long island he was sending them is due primarily and of course many other factors primarily it is due to what why I lemma cannot tie them what kind of football Bugatti Kalima our launch hot shoe The aim of what you did not know. So we're in my dear brothers and sisters in knowledge and when we mean knowledge in the photonic sciences, when Allah says in and when the process of says in the primary reference is to the sacred knowledge, that's the primary reference and as for secular and worldly knowledge, this is secondary, the primary reference is the reference of Allah and His Messenger

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knowledge of Allah and His messenger. Why and how because this is the knowledge that brings about a fear of a lot of love of Allah, a following of the students of the Messenger of Allah, Allah subhana wa tada says, in the army, in the Oshawa military, by the rule of law, it is only the rodella who truly fear of loss of habitat in

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a minute.

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It is only the rule of law and the rule of law are those who are the inheritors of the sacred knowledge. No one can truly worship a lot until he knows who is alone. And he knows who is the messenger of a loss of a law abiding citizen and he knows the book of the law and he knows the way of the sooner the Messenger of Allah you cannot attain a high rank of worship without him. And that is why our Prophet is a little off by the USS have told us when Allah wants to bless somebody with something good. What does he give him money? Is that how a lot shows that he loves somebody gives him money, gives him long life gives him large cars and fancy houses or what have eaten some April

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honey, man you didn't love will be here.

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among you, for

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whom and for a lot once good for

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whomever Allah once good for, what does he do to this person, you have COVID-19 he gives him a film of the team and Philip here doesn't just mean the knowledge of it means the knowledge of all sacred sciences of the deen is knowledge of fit and to see it and Heidi and Sierra, this is the team, man unit the law will be higher on you from

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whomever Allah subhanho wa Taala wants good for he shall give him a fit an understanding of the religion. And so my dear brothers and sisters, it should be the goal of each and every one of us to one to attain as much knowledge as we possibly can. We should have a desire, we should have agreed, we should have a passion to want to know our Lord, to want to know the sooner of His Messenger, the longer it will send them to want to study the seal of the best human being whoever walked on the face of this earth. Every one of us should want to know this and to should strive to achieve it. And realize my dear brothers and sisters, that knowledge, knowledge connects you directly with the

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prophets of Allah, Allah He was sending our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said earlier not world, veteran ambia the scholars are the inheritors of the Umbria. And he explained, and that is because the prophets, let me walk you through what I did. When I came home, one referred from an after the other.

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When the prophets died, all profits, this is the shadow of a law in every single legislation that Allah has revealed, the prophets Do not leave behind gold and silver. Anything that the prophets leave behind it is given to the foreign and the poor. And we don't even from the life of the process of when he passed away, his inheritance was not given to his daughter and his wife's, it was given to the fukada and Emma second, why? Because our Profit System clearly said that there is another Do not leave behind gold and silver, rather than leave behind in. So whoever takes it in has taken a massive fortune from an affordable housing waffle. Now, let me ask you, who amongst you would want

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to be listed in the inheritance and the will of let's say, Bill Gates,

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even if he gave you 1% to amongst you would not want that 1% will lie even if he gave 0.01% with 45 billion who would not want that tell me, every one of us would be eager and greedy, that if my name could be in his long will. But here we have somebody who is infinitely better than any other human being. And that is a sort of muscle.

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And you are being given an opportunity to inherit directly from him directly, even though we are living 14 and a half centuries, in a land far, far away from the land.

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And yet still, you and I have the opportunity to inherit directly directly from the solar muscle, the lava instead of his legacy, who could give up

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who could turn away and turn it back to this fortune. So whoever takes it are recessive and said has taken a good fortune from an unhealthy life and the scholars are the inheritors of the profits. And this also means my dear brothers and sisters, that with the going away of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam collectively, the rule of law take on the role of despising the oma of guiding the oma no one out there because that we don't believe in the pope finger. There's no one out of that we turn to every item is human, and every item makes mistakes, no doubt. But collectively, what in the world wide body of a dilemma have a statement or a position, then that position in reality, it is

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representative of this idea of a law of this race. Why for many reasons have them as this heavy under Obama was referred to a via the rule of law are the inheritors of the prophets, and what is the role of the prophets. The role of the prophets is to guide people to map to the worship of Allah to guide mankind judicially to guide mankind to the best way of living in this world so that they can achieve the most things of the next. There are no more profits living amongst us. Our profits over selling is no longer with us. A lot of surgeon has taken him in the community to be more in tune. So who will take on the legacy the role again, collectively

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There is no one person no way that we don't believe this, no one person, but collectively it is the rule of law.

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And once a great honor that is, and in one beautiful heading, our prophets of the law violate who ascended, even encouraged the seeking of knowledge just to go out and study to leave your house for the sake of knowledge. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in another manner, he cutter, the total engineer had Shahada have commonly been in the liberal denial, that the angels, the angels, they lower their wings upon the Father.

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And the father, it means the one who seeks knowledge, you leave your house for a headache, you go somewhere to listen to an Islamic lecture, you go only for the sake of knowledge, then know that as soon as you leave your house, an individual has lowered it swimming on you, what is the meaning of lowering and swinging so the presence of the angels is a presence of mercy and blessings. The mere fact that an angel is there, that means that Allah blessings is there, and also signifies protection, you know, the, the the bird, the mother bird, it will protect its newborn by covering it with this week. So the angel will protect the polygon by covering it with this week. So

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just the one who seeks knowledge, the angels will accompany him and our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said his path to gender is made easy. And one of my favorite Hadith about the blessings of knowledge is the idea

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that our crawfish Bob Marley, who was sedative said, from Luna in The

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Godfather, little comedy undecided kawaki, the superiority of the scholar over the worshipper dynam over the avid pause here, who is an Adam and Adam is somebody who has studied the sacred sciences, he knows the sciences of Islam to a good and respectable level, he can give it to us and how long and how long. This is the Hadith. Who is the alphabet, the alphabet is somebody who probably fasting every second third day, praying four or five hours of 200, every single night reading martial arts of Article of many observe the forearm. Now the admin should have a good and healthy worship of a lot, but because he's engrossed in books and study, he probably cannot pray five, six hours, every

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night. He's busy and studying, and therefore he's not going to be able to fast and do the things that the hobbit is doing.

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So the average Muslim might assume all the avid is much higher in rank, because after all, Mashallah five hours of fasting every second day, and the holiday was good, but our Profit System flipped it around in a manner that is boggling to the mind.

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In the formula, give me another bit, the superiority of the animal over the habit is the superiority of the full moon over all of the other stars in the sky.

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Think about that. Think about that. It's such a poetic, it's such a a succinct and profound analogy. When there is no moon in the sky. How many stars Can you see?

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billions, millions. There are plenty of robots excellent. And the benefits, they are stars in the end of the day, the process of call them stars literally. So the album has a high position modulates particle a great, he's not walking on this earth. He's definitely up there. Great guy. But how much light to all of these billions give you?

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What benefits? Is that started to you? Other than you admire it from far away? How do you benefit? Nothing? Absolutely nothing. All of the billions of stars put together cannot give you even the smallest amount of light.

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Come one full moon. And what happens to all those stars?

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You can see that

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you cannot see them The sky is completely blocked. The brightness of the moon eclipses, billions of stars. And how much light does that moon give you? Now we live in cities here and many of us don't really know all of these simple facts that our ancestors would know. I will tell you I have been in the desert in Arabia on a completely full moon night without any electricity for hundreds of miles. I have seen myself. The moon is so bright that in the middle of the night and I have seen this myself, you will see your own shadow on the ground.

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You will see your own shadow because of the moon. One on him changes the world. One on him can cause a nation to rise up. One harden can change the course of history.

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That is good for him. He's a star, but how is he going to benefit you? What is he going to do today?

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benefit the community? How will they bring about a change? That is a lasting legacy for other people for himself martial law, we're not an almost off the road. I'm criticizing for himself. He's a star. But what has he done for the rest? Somebody came to him and said, should I go and study? Or should I go and study in my house? What should I do work? Or should I go and worship in my house, my mama said, if you go watch your video house, you benefited yourself. If you study it in, you've benefited your family or society or people go and study. This is the reality of Islamic.

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And knowledge is far more important than Super supererogatory, or nothing acts of worship, because it is what builds character is what causes people to be guided to the right path. And your intervene is what really truly impacts a person. And of course, he should come with and of course, that's a separate topic altogether. But this will go and emphasize the importance of writing. And the final point what I mentioned in the first half of the book is that in the whole on the whole column, our process of a wall filing was seldom has been commanded by a law to ask an increase in only one thing. And only one thing the job that a law has told our processor to say to either all of us know

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we'll be sitting in

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German what will follow up is in the name

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this is what we should be disease for greedy for. You shouldn't be greedy in a halal manner and I should be greedy for him. So much so that we even ask Allah subhanho wa Taala regularly walk around visit and he may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us of those who have that trillion dollar convertible profile and I'll be wonderful anyway, y'all come see him. addicted Hakeem apollomon. This mount was

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one of them in first out guru in Nepal.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. In Washington, I had a solid a lady that married what am Newland, what am I had? What I do, but you brothers and sisters,

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two simple points before we conclude. The first of them is that in his of levels, in the midst of diligence, and every person who has struggled with him, and has risen high in the room will tell you one simple fact. The more you know, the more you realize what you don't know.

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The more you rise in the room, the more you know how much of a giant you are.

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This is a fact that every island will tell you.

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The more you study, the more humble you become about the things you have not studied. And therefore what this translates into, is that knowledge actually brings about humility, and acceptance and tolerance. And ignorance leads to arrogance and fanaticism.

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I repeat because I want this point to settle into the minds of every one of us here. The more knowledge a person gains, the more humble and the more open minded and the more tolerant of other positions within Islam that a person becomes. And the more ignorant a person is that the more arrogant and the more cutting off and then we're insensitive that the person becomes. And this is something a lot he I swear to you I can testify to and every person was in a room can testify to 20 years ago I began my own study full time in Islam. More than 20 years it has been 110 years fully in Medina in the University of Medina. And I can tell you myself, that when you begin your studies when

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I began my studies, the world is really black and white, everything is clear cut. This is how long that's it End of story. This is Ella that's it End of story. This is this this is that you have the entire dichotomy is binary system. But the more you grow in knowledge, the more you mature, the more you realize the diversity within the room. The more you realize, you know what I might have held a filthy position, but the other groups position actually has good sense to it. I might not necessarily agree or maybe even I will change my mind. How many are the positions? I am

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myself, I've changed from the last 25 years when they first began giving hope and teaching and preaching, how many of my own positions, I have maturity and realize, you know what, my chef might have said something with all respect to him. That was his opinion. And I no longer accept that 20 years ago, now that I have researched. And I have found that knowledge has made me more tolerant, not intolerance. When you find the person who is intolerant of any diversity, that will lie, you know, this person has a jargon and I say, this person is a German, the Sahaba had differences in the different add on an add on, did they boycott one another, to dig around smearing one another? Did

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they go around?

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They understood that look, along those lines. This is my opinion. You have your opinion. Mr. Michel, fair, he said, my position, I think it is true. And I think my opponents position at first is wrong, but I concede the possibility that his opinion might be right. And my opinion might be wrong. This is what you call filk Yes, of course, I have my opinion. And another scholar might have an opinion, but as long as it is within the scholarly permissibility and that's really the big question was the hood but cannot answer what is the scholarly permissibility what is the spectrum and this requires a bit more knowledge and a longer lecture, but the point being the acceptable differences within

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mainstream Islam we need to learn to tolerate that intolerance and fanaticism can be fatal can be lethal beautiful headings and sooner without memorize the country brothers and sisters memorize it, because we'll need a little bit of variation can be a very dangerous thing. When you think you know, and you don't know, that could be potentially lethal and fatal. Haddington psychotherapy, there were a group of people went Sahaba. They went on an expedition there were no rules amongst them just regular Sahaba they didn't have and a person had a gash of open wound in his head because of the battle and coming up all the way to Medina. He has a night dream and wakes up and he has to have a

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novel. He has a signature novel, there is an open wound in his head. And the he said, What do I do if I go into water, my mood is going to fester is going to get worse. And the other people said, well, genevois janatha I'm sorry, how long is how long?

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confer shall be that's all exact right there. clear cut. You have to take digenova you have to jump into the water. The guy had no idea. So he jumped into the water. He did the hosel. And what's gonna happen is wound hasn't healed. So it festered, and it ended up killing him. It ended up killing him.

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When our prophet SAW love, it was sedative herb, he became enraged. And you know, our processor really got angry. And he actually was very harsh on those people. He said, until Google untenable law, they killed him. May Allah curse beyond them.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:15

Their ignorance, their fanaticism killed him.

00:28:18 --> 00:28:32

Then he said, why didn't they ask if they didn't know, in the machine is rarely the cure for ignorance is to ask the person who asked first, victory in control.

00:28:34 --> 00:29:12

This is a simple idea that demonstrates a little bit of knowledge is when these two fanaticism, they thought was the surely as clear cut gentleman's job. And that's the whole point you don't have to understand the Sharia is meant to be a mercy for the community of mercy for mankind and mercy for all of Islam, a mercy for the world. And anytime you have a position that will lead to the community breaking up, that will be an unresolved form of backward effect, well, then we're walking this cannot be the idea of a law, even though there's mentioned this very explicitly in their books, and I will walk in and others that anytime you think of federal law, you hear a federal law that is

00:29:12 --> 00:29:52

either not Rama, that is switching on and not unified, then this cannot be a fight for from the Sharia. Common sense, the goal of the Sharia is to be merciful and not to be harmful. And the second point that I know time is up here. The second point that I had for the conclusion point for this whole book is that no doubt, no doubt. Ideally, every community should have a few people of knowledge that have gone and studied professionally. 510 1520 years. Ideally, this is the best solution that and if you don't have them, you should encourage your own children to go You should have positions you should have scholarships, just like you want your kids to go to Harvard, Yale and

00:29:52 --> 00:30:00

Princeton. You want them to become engineers and doctors, every few families should also think about my kid is going to go to Medina Islamic school

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

Malaysia, wherever it is going to go and study it in. So this should be a part of the discourse as well, because we need now to have a roadmap that have been born and raised in America who speak English as their mother tongue, who can understand the culture and dynamics of our community. This is the only solution to the flourishing of Islam in North America. Yes, we respect your own Ummah, wherever they come from, and voila, in the 60s 70s 80s 90s, we needed to bring our Lula from other lands, it was a necessity. But now Mashallah to Baraka look around us, how many are our young men and women, how many are now going and choosing their careers, some of those young men and women,

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they need to be encouraged by the community, they need to be promised scholarships by the community, they need to be promised jobs when they come back, just like engineers and doctors know they have a job waiting for them. So too, you sponsor a young, bright, intelligent man to go and memorize the Quran study, to study it, say when you come back, our community will hire you as a school teacher as the as the ship. This is how Islamic dynamics is going to change. And only when we began to talk in this manner, what our young men and women are aspiring to do, to to benefit in, just like they're aspiring to become engineers and doctors once upon a time, our best and brightest men and women want

00:31:18 --> 00:31:57

to study Islam these days. Unfortunately, our best and brightest minds are not going to studies. They're going to study other sciences, not how long? How long. But still, what does the government need? Now? I asked you bluntly, look around you. Do you think we need more engineers in America? Do you think we need more doctors, more accountants more lawyers? Or do you think we need people who can bring respect to this religion, people that are young boys and girls, our sons or daughters look up to with respect and admiration people can be positive role models, we want our children telling us this ghost hunter only listen to lectures, go to the masjid, I want to listen to that. This is

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what we need. We need the excitement and enthusiasm. We need Islam to become a part of this civilization and culture. And the only way to do it is to form people who are a part of this civilization and culture to become roadmap and then come to LA, we can now do that we have the means we have the quantity we have the finances, the one thing we don't have is the mindset is the only thing we don't have, and inshallah that can be changed by these types of lectures and speeches. So the second point is that I wanted to put into your mind, the need and the necessity of having brunella genuine, bona fide qualified people. And if you don't have them, then send them produce

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them make them facilitate. This is the let me say this as explicit as possible. Islam will never flourish in any society, until that society has its own rules.

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You cannot continue to import rules. You cannot outsource or dogma, you have to help local indigenous homegrown rula Then and only then will these people lead the future of Islam in this lab. And every one of you understands this deep because what what is common sense. And I do not say this to disrespect those that have gone before I've said it again, we needed to bring a good amount in the 70s and 80s and 90s we didn't have the opportunity, but now we do we think a lot and with encoders as well after a lot for bringing those with them up we needed them but now the next generation must come for how long will the torch continue to be outsourced to other lands it must

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pass on over here and for that to pass on we need to understand the importance of a person of knowledge and a scholar and an audience who is a part of the society that he or she lives in on will not suddenly have a student in lab redesign economy He will make you know nothing we have only sent prophets who speak the language of their people. This is the requirement the code civilization the culture has to be a part of the DA is curriculum the data is DNA then and only then will respond genuinely flourish the way that we want it to be May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those who listen to this phone and follow it in the best of manners Oklahoma in a very fundamental along with

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our data directly had no visibility into what a hammer de la lucha whether the Dana de la liga, whatever even English debater whether I seen on yield is such a wonderful dinner.

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Man one of the legendary

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in the Congo for him among the eyes that mean among the eyes,

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which are the miracle fetal media. We are Aziz ricotta law in China

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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi​ implores upon us to break free from the bounds and territories of ignorance, arrogance and divisions while enamouring the humility of knowledge through tolerance and acceptance.

Acquiring knowledge should never imply that one would begin to despise, curse, and belittle our fellow Muslims. Rather it would only cement the fact that we have indeed very little knowledge as it is evident that one would not exhibit fanaticism if he had been blessed with beneficial knowledge.

The more one acquaints himself with sound knowledge, the more humble and tolerant of other people and opinions one becomes. As a corollary of this, the more ignorant and arrogant a  person is, intolerance and divisiveness are his marked characteristics. 

Our Shariah is ample proof for proving the humility of knowledge. When the Qur’an and Sunnah was sent down in the midst of a group of ignorant and arrogant people, it moulded them into a generation of humble worshippers that tolerated differences and respected their fellow compatriots as opposed to being ignorant and arrogant.

Listen intently in order that we may also imbibe and inculcate the positive traits of our forefathers.


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