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Can we Pray Eid Salaah at Home because Mosques are Closed due to COVID 19?

Zakir Naik


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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh My name is

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the Naval Academy from USA Mashallah, the question from USA. My question is, what do we have to do on a day to pray with people? Is that okay to pray at home with the families? Jazakallah similar question was asked on the Facebook merge together by Fahad from Kashmir India. Can we offer a prayer at home? If yes, then what are the conditions?

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Was there any other event held in history due to which each prayer performed at home?

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a similar question by

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Waleed but ashmead what is the ruling to offer each prayer if lockdown and restrictions continue?

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a similar question by Samia from Bangladesh. Can we offer a Salah at home in congregation due to Coronavirus? Regarding the question was it Salah ever offered at home before industry as a whole? Nope. As a whole majority of the people in the world offering at home No, it wasn't. But yes, there were occasions when some people did an analytical that the basic question is can we pay ithala at home and if we pay at home? How can we pay

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that is that is headed off one of the sabas and has been Malik may Allah be pleased with him that in basara he missed his prayers. So he goes home, he collects your family, he gets his servant, his slave and he asked him to lead the Salah. And in that fella, he prays to record it Salah everything normal with the tag bearer but does not read the quarterback. So based on this, all the focus unanimously agree that if anyone misses the each Salah he can very well play pray with his family at home or can play alone also all other things that have to be followed same, except the CUDA since CUDA is not for the CUDA of the gemasolar effort, but the CUDA of the eat fella is not a further so

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at that time based on this Hadeeth if you miss you can come home and you can pray have the tech barrage and then but the kotoba after Salah is not required. So yes it has happened in the past for people who have missed but as a whole because most of the mosque in the world are locked down. I don't know of any incidents in the world before that most of the Salah will not take place in the mosque the first time

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regarding the question that can we pray eat Salah because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

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COVID-19 if we do what should we do?

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So as far as this ruling is concerned it is unanimous there's no difference of opinion. Now, it is not the question of missing we cannot pray because the most lockdown maybe in some countries like in Malaysia they have agreed that mosques will be open but maximum 30 people in a mosque with taking care of physical distancing all that is there but 30 people that will not take care even a 1% of the population of Malaysia who would like to pray so but most of us cannot pray in the mosque. So can we pray at home yes you can create

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but when you pray at home, you have to pray same as it is normally played

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one of the family members agenda can can lead the salah

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and the only additional factor is that the additional Kabira after the third was haram The first thing in the first chakra there are additional six pack to total seven

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and then you read the story fattier then you go for good as normal, then go for so dude, after doing the second surgery to get up and you say aloud, and when you come up the additional five tech be the one level but plus five so it becomes six. So it is seven in the first chakra six in the second rocket or five addition in the first chakra and

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six additional sorry in the first chakra and five additional in the second. The This is the only difference as compared to normal to rocket and normally after the after the sell a seller there is no public ready for print yet but just a few days back.

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I called

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Muhammad Hassan at that point to me one of the most knowledgeable living Islamic scholar in the world. And I said that because of this pandemic situation. You know, the COVID-19 most of the mosques are close can we pray to we said yes we can pray to visit can if you have the mom can we have can we read the goodbye and he said yes moonkin no it's not a fourth. If you want and you have any mom who can give. You can even give up with the bad this is a fatwa given by shake mama doesn't

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normally put the bad

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Whether at home, but if you have someone who can give the coda he said it's possible if you want the blessing and the Cordova you can do that. If people want to hear the football of the mosque which are the loudspeaker after all, I can do that. But this option is also open upon the moment as an underdog Let me remind you one thing if you're being at home, do not neglect all the others who Napoli's

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that deliberately for praying at home you only pray at home do all the other sooner, it is sooner for the Muslims, that the moment Ramadan ends after the McGriff, Salah, the first offshore world, you start the era

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that we read immediately after the Mughal Salah, till you play

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the ithala. So continue with that. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah hum and radish lizard the short one three minute continue that doesn't mean if you're putting it on you continue the moment after McGinnis Allah keep on saying that as much as possible till you start the Salah number one, number two when I get up in the morning, have goosal so not have goosal have a breakfast the Prophet had breakfast to indicate that this is not a fasting day and you're fasting before you go first before the Prophet went for his to have dates. He's to have odd number of dates so you can update with the three with a five or number of dates before you read the Salah. See to do

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a good clothes the best clothes that you have doesn't have to be new if it new no problem. But whatever best clothes they have you wear the jeans if they can perfume themselves, so follow all the others so that and then go for not that if you're playing at home all the funerals are completely neglected. So this was a brief that how you can conduct the eat Salah at your home if you cannot go to the mosque.