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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not saying out loud during prayer, as it is considered a false statement. They also mention the need for everyone to follow their own religion and not say out loud in the loud press. The speaker encourages viewers to donate towards the series of face IQ videos.
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Is it better to say, mean out loud or silently when in the jamaa congregational prayer.

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This is something which the folk Aha, the 40, mom's the mother heaven, the scholars have different over classically and even in contemporary times.

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And that's based upon the Hadees that are generated on the issue of whether they are abrogated or not. And both actions have been narrated from the companion. So it's a genuine difference of opinion. And whatever opinion that you follow it with respect to your own method, or your scholar or your teacher, or me, it is acceptable, anyone who you're taking a religion from that is

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that has the qualification and is teaching you, it is permissible to follow their opinion on this as it is with the entirety of, okay, Phil is flexible in that matter. And it goes by your ability, my personal opinion is that I follow that, which is that the I mean, should be said out loud, in the loud press obviously, don't want anyone anything I mean, in the lower house, can cause an absolute riot. So in the market of Russia, and the budget prayer, I do believe that is, the sooner they are headed through the process of them that established that very, very clearly, the progress lies. And I'm also said that whoever Armenia corresponds with that I mean, of the Imam, and I mean of the

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angels, then their sins are forgiven. This is something which is heard the nations that talk about the reverberations of the masjid, when the amin was said, are authentic and correct and non abrogated in sha Allah. So I do believe it is as soon as you say, I mean out loud, but not madly, not Yeah. And yeah, then trying to make a statement trying to say, or I'm going to try and make the rafters shake myself. No, it's a low hum. That was referred to by the companions, the only way it feels like the ground is shaken. And that's because a lot of people saying at the same time, and that's important, you don't say it by yourself, you wait for the email to start, and you do it with

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them. And you don't make a

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mean? Or, I mean, these are two not correct ways. The word is, I mean, it has to be balanced in the word as well. And one other thing, which is very important, if you are in a Masjid, where it's clear, for example, those which for the Hanafi school of thought, which are the strictest in this issue of not saying I mean out loud in the loud press, then you shouldn't either Okay, to say I mean is a sinner, but to keep the unity of the Muslims in any time in any place is an obligation. And it will be absurd for a person in a Hanafi mosque for example, where they're all silent and you Yanni Jacques de la, give it I mean, only because you know, you're the hero, and everybody looked at me

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and I'm so boring, the sooner, right, you're not following no sooner there, okay, you may think you are. But if everyone is following an opinion, which is a lead into a prayer, which looks like and feels like in a certain way, and you're bringing attention to yourself disturbing everyone, this is not following the sooner This is ignorance. And I'm very, very clear about that. And I know people will say how can you say that when did prophesize and didn't know everyone was doing it? They were educated they understood that they followed the opinion that's fine. These folks not saying they know an educated they're following a different opinion and a valid one. And you shouldn't be

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causing, you know, just up Turn the cart for the sake of it. So hope that makes sense. And the last content knows best. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what somewhere over here, there, whatever whatnot, is beautiful. This, this series of videos face IQ, and we need your support. And that's by watching it by sharing it and then by donating towards us. We can continue to make more videos that deal with more of your issues. Does that Kamala Harris philarmonic Rahmatullah.

Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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