The Blessings of Generosity

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the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the name al Karim. And in fact this name of a light can be said that it was the first name that a lot informed us through the Koran. Because in the first revelation, you're caught up with Arabic Allah the sentiment,

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a crumb. So the first name that Allah subhana wa Taala chose to announce to us through the revelation of the Quran, was the name of a crumb, which is of course the superlative of Kadeem, Kadeem and a crumb and the notion of Khurram or Kareem in the Arabic language, it implies generosity with a foot when we say but speak of human beings generosity, with the generous spirit as well. Because you see, you can be generous outwardly, and inwardly, you're suffering. Why did I give? That's not kidding? The Kareem is the one who gives outward and inward that's the Kareem. This is the definition of in misco, one of the great aroma of Adam in our tradition in misco way said that

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Kareem in the Arabic language is the one who gives for good causes freely without having any tinge in his heart without feeling of pinching. Why did I do that? No, that Khurram has to be from the heart and from the hands, then you are called Kadeem and you give freely for that which is beneficial to mankind with your heart being generous as well. So when Allah is Al Karim, of course, when Allah azza wa jal describes himself with any name, the reality is beyond our understanding, but we understand the concept, Allah subhana wa Taala gives and there and he gives because his nature is the nature of giving. And he gives because he loves being generous. And Accra means no one can be

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more generous than Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah is Al Karim and Allah is an acronym and Allah describes God as being Kareem were in the hula colada schooling Kareem in the in ended that Alfie McKean and matar anthem me This is God. So Allah describes God as being the Karim messenger. And in another verse, the soudan Karim is a reference to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the prophets Assam is also Kadeem. So Allah is Al Karim and Jubilee is Karim and the Prophet system is Karim and then the Quran itself. Allah subhana wa tada says, When hola kita Boone Kareem it is a Karim book the Quran is a generous book meaning it is giving and giving and giving and you can keep

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on taking from the Quran. The Quran itself is a book that is getting there is no book that is more generous to us and gives us more than the Quran. And Allah subhana wa Taala loves Garam our Prophet says and said Hadith isn't the most of the record, how can in Allah Katie moon, your hibel Quran, Allah is Karim and he loves generosity. So when we are generous, Allah subhana wa Taala loves the one who is generous, even taymiyah said to are the characteristics that causes society to flourish to are the characteristics that are necessary for any human civilization. Karen and shujaa generosity and bravery. generosity helps society itself amongst itself and bravery helps society

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against others. So Callum is for internal because when you're generous right now we're going through a COVID crisis, right? There are people without jobs people without food, the last month we had the the winter in Dallas calm, it helps people that are in need, when a society is khadim it flourishes internally and when a society is brave, it can protect itself from external threats. So even taymiyah said to are the characteristics that require that are required for any society to succeed internally, it requires gum externally, it requires bravery. And both of these, he said are Islamic characteristics. So carrum is an attribute that is beloved to Allah subhana wa Tada. And our

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scholars mentioned that the Kareem that Kareem gains more when he gives his money than when he keeps his money. I repeat, the Karim gains more when he is generous versus when he keeps how so what does the Karim gain when he's generous?

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What does he gain? he gains the hearts of mankind. he gains the love of the people and the love of Allah. He gains the genuine respect and brotherhood of the people around him. And this is true for Muslim and non Muslim. Karen is so beautiful have a characteristic that it transcends even imagine the one who is Kareem and Kaffir is beloved to the people in this world, at least in this world, at least the one who is Kareem and doesn't have a religion is beloved to people. And that's why we erect medals, we give honors we meet, we make phrases for people who are khadeem in the world, that's the way we do it. In pre Islam, the most famous and beloved out of was how Tim a call. He had

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some authority. Why was he famous? What was he known for? Kalam, anybody could come and he would feed him houses him. His tent, they say was larger than any tent in Arabia, his animals would be sacrificed, you know, freely without count. So people loved him, his son, his ID even had him the famous Sahabi his son accepted Islam. The father died pre Islam, so had them I thought he was the famous out of who is known for carom. And one of the ways you know how great academies is by looking at the opposite. The Arab say, by looking at the opposite, you understand what we're talking about. The opposite of khuddam is stinginess, miserliness and Allah subhana wa Tada, curses stinginess, and

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Allah hates stinginess. alladhina yerba Haruna were more on a NASA will buckle. What mmm dakila was studying our Krishna Allah mentioned stinginess in very very negative language and literally links it to the fire of hell. He literally links being stingy to the fire of hell Subhan Allah, Mr. Mohammed said, Mr. Muhammad said the men, the believer cannot be stingy. The believer higher level than Muslim. The believer cannot be stingy. It is the nature of the believer to be generous, it is the nature of the believer to share and to help others if you want to get to the level that a man you cannot be withholding and stingy and so dear Muslims, let us be generous Let us love generosity

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let us give and it's not just money by the way cut I'm also implies giving that which for example, somebody doesn't have a car, you give them a ride in your car that is generosity, okay? Cut them is also time somebody might need your time cut them is also sharing your honor or something that chef ah for somebody that you know, you get involved in a good chef. And Allah says if you get involved in a good chef, you will get reward. So cut them isn't just money. It's something of the heart. You want to help people and you want to be generous and SubhanAllah. So much can be said again, always time is limited will lie amazing thing brothers and sisters amazing thing. The word come means

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generosity. But the Arabs used it to imply nobility, because you cannot be noble without being generous. The original meaning of Kareem is generous. But eventually the word come and Kareem actually implies now in the modern vernacular, it means you're a person of dignity and respect and nobility and the Quran therefore uses it in this aspect in a Croma comb and the law e at Qualcomm notice a chronicle here doesn't mean the most generous, economical means the most noble Why? Because you cannot be noble and respected and dignified. If you are stingy. To be Noble. You must be Kareem. So the term Karim actually is not just generous anymore, it actually means that you are noble and

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respected. And all of this we wind down because we are now coming to the month of Karam and a symptomatic said Karna Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a karamo nurse, he was a Jew nurse, what I should do my akun fishy Ramadan, that the Prophet says that was the most generous of people and the most giving of people and then he said, and he was the most accom in the month of Ramadan. We're not having the month of Ramadan, less than two weeks away. We want to be Kareem and Ramadan, we want to give and give and give this month of Ramadan. So much so on a symptomatic said it was as if his Quran was like the wind blowing. Everybody felt his gun on the wind coming from the desert,

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the whole city could feel his column, that column came especially in the month of Ramadan. So let us prepare ourselves into the spirit. This is the month of giving. demarcate charities look at where you want to give your money find causes hunt down people give people actual people because it's very good to give to causes and you know online charities but will law he the ultimate sadhaka. When you find somebody in your own localities that is worthy, go find people or refugees or whatnot that

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You can deliver food to that is the ultimate carom when you go and find somebody and you give that person that gives it this is the end just to hear from me that's the ultimate cut off buddy Yes Give to causes and charities as well start thinking how much am I going to give and it shall load I don't want to move on comes raise the bar now put a mind in your head, figure it out calculated put your bank accounts but when Romo Vaughn comes, raise that bar and you will give inshallah more than what you do and figure out where you're going to give and how you're going to show come and be generous to your friends and family and neighbor. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever

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believes in Allah and the Last Day let him show come to his guests and to his neighbors and to everybody showing current for you. Kareem Jara, well, you couldn't buy for believing in Allah and the Last Day means you will have come to everybody around you may Allah subhana wa Tada, makers amongst the kurama both in giving and also in nobility, and inshallah we'll continue later. zachman l'affaire cinematic was alive.

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