Quranic Connection #01 – The Day You Meet Allah

Suleiman Hani


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Imagine meeting on last panel Tada on the day of judgment and your deeds are accepted and you enter Jannah forever. May Allah grant us John. On the other hand, some people will meet along with their charity, their fasting, their prayers, their modesty, and their deeds will be rejected. Why? Because they were not sincere. May Allah grant us sincerely. Sincere intentions are a way of life before, during and after an act of worship. It changes your entire life and your afterlife. It magnifies your deed brings you more blessings and keeps you motivated when things get difficult. Why? Because you're doing so for the sake of Allah alone. Every reminder that comes your way. Let that reminder

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bring you closer to a sincere intention for the sake of Allah until the day that you die so that when you meet him you are rewarded for ever May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst the sincere Allah Madonna Mina McCullough Celine Hola, Mami.

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