Muhammad Al Bizry – [SLA Story Night] Stories from Seerah Pt 1

Muhammad Al Bizry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its use of the word Islam and the importance of showing proper respect towards animals and people. They also touch on the success of Islam as a movement of peace and acceptance and the importance of avoiding getting caught up in a scam. The importance of learning from mistakes and being mindful of others' belongings is emphasized, as well as the use of negative language in stories. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a class called "the Son."
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Tonight's story night is entitled stories from the Sierra, and it's dedicated to the one who delivered the revelation taught mankind the meaning of their creation, and was a means of liberation and inspiration to the world and explicit nation. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and what better story to start with than the first revelation? When the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would seclude himself in a cave, just like we are now secluded in our own caves, dad probably has his man cave, Mama has his her man cave, okay, which is the whole house, probably. Allah bless our wives and our mothers. Just as we are a secluded and isolated, the prophet Ali Salam would isolate and

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secluded and stay by himself in the cave, the cave a lot, a lot. And why would the Prophet go to the cave of Herat, which is in the Jabba the mountain of nor

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it's mentioned, can I get the handle if he would go there, and our translation would say he would go there to

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worship, but the Hadith doesn't say it happened.

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Rather, it says does not doesn't say at your tablet, which is to worship, but rather it says at the 100 What's the difference? The tablet means to worship and as I say, meditate, and when we say meditate, wasn't like the meditation that we know people do today, or they see it and they do that. And Yogananda as Muslims, we don't do that stuff. We have salah, which is far greater and far better.

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But the Hadith says that the 100, and the word that the 100 comes from the Arabic word hence and hence, main sin,

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and hence the loveliness in the Quran the great sin. So what does it mean? The Prophet used to go and sin? No, no, it doesn't mean that he used to go to cleanse himself of sin. He used to go to wash away the effects of sin that were he was being affected by from the society. See, the Prophet Muhammad lived amongst the prefer, just like us, we live amongst the kuffar we live them a lot, we live amongst non Muslims in the West. So back then, the non Muslims, of course, they used to do various sins and evil deeds, like you know, worship idols, they used to drink alcohol. And just like in our societies, today, we see a lot of filth, maybe it's on TV, or when we're driving or in the

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shops. And so this is a very valuable lesson for us boys and girls, that just as the Prophet Muhammad would go to a cave and seclude himself, and pray in a way that he knew, to clean himself of, you know, whatever was happening in society. Likewise, we should do the same whenever we're affected by what's happening around us. We should seclude ourselves and worship Allah, seek knowledge, read beneficial books, do things that are beneficial with the family, to cleanse ourselves as well. From the fields of what's happening outside and in the society, especially today, with what's happening, we can use this as an opportunity to draw closer to Allah. Some people are

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crying because they can't go and do whatever they used to do. But we should rather take advantage of these moments, and to get closest to Allah azza wa jal as possible also as close as we can to our family.

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So what happened as soon as

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one one of the evenings so one of the evenings, the prophet Ali Salam was in the cave of Herat, and this was in the month of Ramadan. In the month of Ramadan, what ends up happening, the Prophet Mohammed receives a special visitor.

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And this visitor was none other than I'm sure you all know who you can yell at the screen, even though I can't hear you. This visitor was Jabril Ali Salam, and Gibreel Ali Salam came to him.

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And you can imagine the Prophet was in this mountain. He was in this cave. He's worshipping Allah in whatever way he knows. And all of a sudden, he receives a visitor and that's scary. Imagine the middle of the night you receive a visitor and I'm expecting someone you know, locks on your front door the other

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guy see who it is. Right? Everyone gets down. Alright.

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See who it is. You pick through the window, right? We don't want to answer the door these days. You know, 2030 years ago, someone knocks on the door. You got sliding up.

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Tabby from you know, the Habib's he makes the silent photon. Oh, you're doing you know, I was just in the neighborhood does you know walking around I thought oh, I'll come and see her come and see the kids. That's what happened 30 years ago now. Someone knocks on the door. We all scanned you know, did you invite someone did you invite someone get down and we chrome we say

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so, in the proper received the visitor

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And he was scared because he wasn't expecting anyone. And it was revealed Ali Salam imagine. And then on top of that he knew him by name matches some stranger comes up to you and says I need some of the names here from the students I can tell. Someone says I belong.

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I belong. Or his Hawk, Sarah Fatima. Imagine someone calls you by name. You never even know this person used to get skin to sit down Mohammed Krupp read

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the prophet Muhammad. Imagine someone comes up to you a stranger and says, See this? Yeah, great. Read this. Okay, read this. It's about vaccinations rated. Look for all take it easy, right? You get scared? So Jubilee says to him when he came in the form of a man who's a strange man. I've never seen him before read and the Prophet Muhammad. What does he say? And this shows you how truthful Rasul Allah was, he says, My honor, because

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I'm not a reader. And the manner in Arabic, is to cancel all tenses, past tense, present tense and future tense. You know, you could say I didn't used to read, but now I read. No, ma'am. means all all times all tenses. I never was a reader. And I never will be a reader. Basically. That's what he's saying. I'll never have been a reader. And the B and man a big Potter. The bat here means it's useful toolkit for certainty, Jonnie. No doubt. I can't read it all. And you got the wrong guy. You know, sometimes people get arrested. What are you doing the police officers? You're under arrest? Are you broken? The lockdown rule? Okay, your your mask fell off. The elders are arresting you.

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You got the wrong guy. Who's my boss? Correct. My mask is yeah, I'm using my hand. So the Prophet is saying, Man, and because I have never been a reader, I'm still not a reader panel. And that shows you his truthfulness. No matter how Mr. Mystery how does that show you the Prophet was truthful by saying I'm not a reader.

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Imagine someone came up to you. And you're, you know, the Prophet was 40 years old at the time. 40. Today, someone can't read up 40 that's seen as an embarrassment. Right in in, you're gonna tell a total stranger that someone comes up to you and says, Here, read this and you can't read. You're gonna say get out of here, man. I'm gonna have to listen to you. But the prophet was so truthful that the first word, the first response, the first answer that came out was a truthful one. It's like, truthfulness was running through his veins that the first thing that came out was was honesty. SubhanAllah. And they usually when we're under pressure, the first thing that comes out is a lie.

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Did you do that?

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It was

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so bad. Sorry, under the bus. All right, we throw our siblings under the bus. Yeah, they did it. The first answer that comes out usually is a lie. Why? Because we don't want to get that ugly, which I'm sure you're not gonna get. You don't want to get in trouble from mom or dad or whoever is asking you. But the first answer that came out was a not a reader.

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syllabus, and I'm wondering what an amazing and of course, back then many people couldn't read at that age. It was normal. He must have a hacker How can the Prophet Muhammad not read? And then you know, a mom asking me telling me to read all the time I want to be like a soldier. I don't want to read the prophet Karina. Because the first word that Allah revealed to Rasul Allah was read Accra. And this shows you the miracle, the miracle, because how can the Prophet Muhammad come with this amazing Quran? And he couldn't read. Because if the prophet could read, people will say, Oh, the prophet copied from someone. He profited from some way. In today, someone produces the handle and

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assignment Mr. Caballo. Mr. sensibility, you know, you have to do an assignment and you handed in. Wow, this is awesome. Where did where did the student get this information from their property go to on Google, they can read the they copied it from somewhere. Well, if the prophet Muhammad could read people will say that they'll say he learned it from the Bible. He learned from the Torah. He got it from a from a monk he got it from the priest, he got it from somewhere, but because Mohammed Salah Salem couldn't read or write, that shows you that no doubt 100% The Quran is from Allah azza wa jal, not from Mohammed Salah Salem, the Prophet Muhammad didn't come up and make up his own Quran so from

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him, the Quran is the words of ALLAH says, My honor, because it so jubilees squeezes him really tight, really tight. And we're going to mention why in a moment. The Prophet Muhammad said, I felt like my soul was going to come in Majan that he was squeezed so tight, somehow I felt like it was, you know, he saw he was about to die. Allahu Akbar. And then he released him he let him go, then who says Accra? Second time?

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And the Prophet said, My God, I'm not reader. Again. He's truthfulness. Dooby Squeezy. My second time really tight Subhanallah let him go. He

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said I thought he was going to die. And then he said o'clock third time the Prophet says I'm not a reader. I can't read you got the wrong guy and that's when debris rally Scylla is he recited the first five eight from certain Allah and it also caught certain club. A club is gonna be killer the Holla Holla Khalid Solomon Allah Corrado book and a Quran. Allah Allah McCollum ilevel inside MLM Jana, those first five verses were given to the Prophet alayhi salam. This was when Allah is Rama and mercy descended upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu Salam, and on not just the Muslim ummah on planet earth one last time for the final revelation or another time to be inshallah what was what

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will be in sha Allah after 23 years, the last time Allah azza wa jal, whatever sin revelation down to the earth against upon this was the beginning. This was the beginning of prophethood. So the element said he became a prophet with those words, no be an extra when a crow was given to the Salah, that's it, you're a prophet Subhanallah he earned it. He earned it because of the noble honorable man who was truthful man he was.

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And he became a messenger later on with AOL.

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So with confidently so the prophet Ali Salam was given these words and he said, I felt as if those words were etched on my heart as if they were like carved in a on my heart Subhanallah you know, when there's stone and you carve something in it, or hopefully not at one of the tables at home or a sudden like you carve something with your pen, or a ruler or something sharp and it stays there, the promise that I feel as if those words that were etched on my heart that were carved on my heart, and also I ran out of that cave, you ran in, he was scared. He ran out. And he looked up, he said, I saw I saw that being I saw that being which was the blade and his true form. Now he was as an angel were

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called the Hottel folk. The hadith says Gibreel Ali Salam covered the whole horizon 600 wings, covering the whole horizon, you know, jumbo jet doesn't even cover the horizon. And the jumbo jets is huge, is huge. It's colossal, to realize Salone was so enormous, magnificent, glorious, that he covered the whole horizon River, the profit Look, all I could see was to beat Ali Salam.

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And then that's when they said, I am GB and you are Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah. Rasool Allah Subhanallah, Selim ran home, ran home, where does he go? Who does he call upon? He doesn't call his friends. Today, someone gets in trouble they call the police.

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Or, if it's the government, I'll call that HMI now, or they'll you know, they'll call the Habib's, bro, you gotta help me. This guy's attacking me. He wants me to read. I don't know what I'm reading Majan that the Prophet rushes home he rushes home to his wife Khadija Subhanallah and this once again shows you he's a true prophet. It shows you no doubt he's not a fake. Because he was really scared and he was shaking. And he said that Milan is a Maloney cover me up, he was trembling. Again, showing you his a tree is a true prophet is not a fake. And if you've ever been really scared in your life, you actually shake it. I've seen people who are actually terrified, they begin to shake

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Subhanallah and you can't fake that. And he rushed home to his wife SubhanAllah. You know, today some people they're embarrassed when they their wives call and then with the boys with their friends. I was go, excuse me fellas, and he goes to a corner. Maybe

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I'll get the milk. Alright, I'll get it. And then app is to come in. I'll be there in a second fellas. Are y'all are Habibi predictions, and he sees embarrassed because his friends are gonna hit? No. That's my wife. I love my wife. She's my family. You see, and sometimes kids, you know, getting dropped off as soon wife come give me a kiss or her mama. It's just kissing him while I love you. This is giving him all these nicknames are Habibie lb roaring.

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Please, mom, not now. We get embarrassed, but we shouldn't be embarrassed, shouldn't be embarrassed of, of your mom, you wouldn't be alive if you if you are forcing for mom and dad, of course. So the prophet Ali Sutton wasn't embarrassed to go home to his wife. She's, you know, his wife. She's his family. She supported him. And this teaches us as well. You know, the mothers they they're the ones that support their husbands. Yes, the husband at the moment in a very difficult for most husbands of course, in a very difficult situation. Many without work, you know, with locked down and this is when US husbands need our wives the most because we're going through a tough time. So this is when

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the husbands need the support of the war.

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lives, you know they're going through a very stressful time and money can really stress you out cause you a lot of anxiety if you don't have it so potlights very difficult, but he went to his wife Khadija and she gave him the support any cover me up I feel that I shaytaan is attacking me. The Prophet Muhammad thought this was a shade Bong. This was a Devil Gene or something

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I wanted Hadiya say if imagine someone came to you and said Ha, I think there's a shaitan attacking me outside my house

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is flying somewhere. You to really show me what do you take a photo? I take a photo we send it to all our all our friends on WhatsApp. We'll do Oh, vlog photos, take a selfie as well. Alright, if that happen, we'd ask these questions. But as soon as she heard from her husband, I think I'm being attacked from a shaitan What did Khadija tell him? She said, No, no, no, no, yeah, Mohammed, of course you didn't say our Salah because you didn't know yet. That is a prophet. She said Allah will never disgrace you, Allah will protect you.

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And this is a lesson once again, for the wives, but anyone who hears another Muslim or another person doubt themselves, I'm a failure. I'm not doing the right thing. And I'm the loser. Dumb. And that's when you got to step in. And say, Yeah, you know what, I think you're right. Let's say that. Let's say you have a good point. No, no. You have to lift them up, support them. She said not Allah will never displace you.

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Because you're a man who is honorable. You look after the orphans. You feed the poor and the needy. You connect the ties of kinship your account of your family, you're an honorable man and Allah azza wa jal will honor you. And so this shows your hadith is fifth understanding, even before Islam Subhan Allah look out she was an honorable woman and we ask Allah azza wa jal to make the women of this ummah honorable women and supportive women like Hadith radula, Anna, and of course, and the men to follow in the footsteps of the greatest messenger, Muhammad sallallaahu Salam. And little did he know that he was a prophet SubhanAllah. And that's when amazing things happen after that. So we're

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going to take a five minute break now in sha Allah, so if you want to refuel on some of the munchies that you've had, and then we'll reconnect, because the meeting will end shortly, and then we'll go up until 905 in the law, which is only 25 minutes away. So we'll end it now. And we'll reconnect in approximately three or four minutes and we'll start in five minutes Sharla at 845 in the lower Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Smilla wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, about continuing from the stories of the Sierra and the Sierra means the biography the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu sallam. And for your information the word Sierra can be used for anyone we can say, Sierra to work, the life of Abu Bakar, zero to 100 of the life of Alma Mater, but usually when we hear the words Hera usually it refers to Hamid sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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So continuing from the stories of the Sierra, the next short story is a little bit shorter than the previous one. Since we just finished from Adel abhart. Or mentioned we mentioned a story regarding sacrifice. So once the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a man who was about to sacrifice a shape, and he had laid it down on the ground, and he put his foot on its neck. And as he's doing that, the man was sharpening his knife.

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And it's looking down at the sheep as the sheep looked up, terrified. I was squirming. I was going crazy, right? Imagine that. Imagine is like, Wow, I can't wait to sacrifice you and slowly for dinner tonight. And what's for dinner? What's the dinner this shape? Baba, I'm hungry. Yeah, it's coming. Don't worry, look, I'm actually looking at you know what's going on. So the Prophet Muhammad when he saw that, that this man had put his his foot on its neck and he's sharpening, you know, the the knife, and the sheep looked on terrified. The Prophet Muhammad got upset. And he said, Do you want the sheep to die twice? The first it's going to die from heart failure. It's going to have a

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heart attack, thinking what's going on, and then the second is going to be real death. Subhanallah and he said, If you Ganesh if you're going to sacrifice of slaughtering animals, sharpen the knife, privately, elsewhere and then another prophet Muhammad actually taught us how to sacrifice an animal. The Prophet Muhammad has told us it's from

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The Sunnah, to sharpen your knife beforehand elsewhere and to use a sharp knife.

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And by using a sharp knife, it's actually merciful for the animal because using a blunt knife, it's going to cause it pain, while the sharp knife is actually after from once the two out of the four arteries are cut, the animal doesn't feel a thing. So the Prophet Muhammad is saying this is how we show mercy even to an animal, even to an animal that is that is never to be sacrificed upon and not to sacrifice an animal in front of its family or other animals, etc. SubhanAllah. So, this shows us the mercy and the compassion that the Prophet Muhammad showed, even to a sheep that was about to be sacrificed and slaughtered. Subhanallah Jana, in a few moments, there'll be no more sheep. There'll

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be no more sheep, but the Prophet Muhammad is teaching us how to even be towards shape. So if this was how the Prophet Muhammad was towards an animal, and not just that an animal that is going to be eaten, then imagine, imagine how we was towards people. And not just normal people imagine just like ordinary, not ordinary people, but Muslims, Muslims and imagine how he wants to build his own family. Why am I saying this? I wanted to highlight the importance of good character, not to your pets. Yes, that's true. You need to show manners and good character towards your pets and animals in general, but also to Phil and Muslims, but most importantly, our family because now I'm in lockdown.

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You're going to be in each other's faces. Get out of my room. I told you not to get in my room stop touching my stuff the night How many times have I told you oh my god, you ate my food and my last cupcake or who took a bite out of my you know, my Hello saucy drove, and we always were in each other's faces. Oh my god, you left a toothpaste open. And it's all over the you know the sink. And you left the water running or use up all the hot water or if that's possible anymore. Back in my time it was you know, my Big Brother Big Sister had a shower no more hot water.

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happened at the center life camp that that'd be a camp. Remember that? The boys are Gosh.

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Hum the

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water. I don't know how that happened. You got a big thank you outside in the back. Yeah, Adam knows. I don't mush. I

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thought like the medical lawyer. You're a machine like he had a he had a cold shower in the middle of winter. Mashallah, that's why he got the feel of spider Owens. Allahu Akbar. And you too. You had a warm shower. That was a warm, lukewarm. Okay, cold. You had a cold shower, too. Why is the screen so dark? By the way?

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Can you turn on those lights there? I thought well, the hallway light.

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I'll just try and fix this.

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Let's see.

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Yeah, that's good. That's better.

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So what was my point? Yes.

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In lockdown, we're going to we're in each other's faces a lot, especially with a loved one. So if the prophet Muhammad was crying towards an animal on top of that animal that's about to be slaughtered imagine, okay, and you will probably want to slaughter your own siblings sometimes. And brothers and sisters now. We need to show even more compassion and mercy. And that leads me on to the second story. And that is, once again another incident with an animal and this was a bird is a bird once the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam and the Sahaba his companions, his friends. They were on a journey come closer was gather around gathering my children around

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the prophet Ali salaam was with the Sahaba with his close friends. And they were on a journey on an expedition they were traveling, you can imagine they had horses and camels, caravans and they were they were on this journey.

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Out of nowhere, I bird flies over to Rasul Allah.

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And rests Allah Allah where it's stopped, but arrested somewhere and a began to speak to the Prophet alayhi salam, yes, animals have their own language animals communicate, but we don't understand of course, except Soloman he understood he was the he was a human who I could understood the language of animals. Subhanallah and maybe one day we'll take his story, amazing story Soloman Ali Salam, and before Superman that was Sulaiman. Right They say Superman could fly and is made up Suleiman Ali salaam was the one who could fly and he flew for if used to fly for real, Allah gave him control of the winds and and would take him wherever he wanted. Anyway, the prophet Ali sustainable also given

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the miracle of understanding at times, the language of animals and he understood what the bird was saying. The Bird said to Rasul Allah, it said, Thank you, Israel for that nice icon of the bird. The bird said jasola, one of your companions has taken

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Can my two eggs or my two babies basically and I want them back. So what does Rasul Allah do? Imagine there's an army marching towards okay

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to an enemy to defend its country or its city imagine that an army is marching and an animal All right stops the commander what is the commander gonna do you probably take out his weapon and get rid of it or if he does understand, because Avila Kalani who you do want an egg here I'll give you two eggs the boys make this make this bird some some, you know, to Sunnyside eggs pronto right he won't stop the whole army is an important mission. Nevertheless, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam stops all the caravans, the horses, the camels, everyone. Stop and gather. Wow, come on.

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What's going on? What's so important? Did you receive a revelation from Allah? Who's another Surah this came down. You ate something about the future telling us about the job. The Bliss did he finally go back to Ghana or go to January belong? What's so important? You had to stop the whole expedition? Right? Did the enemy retreat? Which they probably did anyway.

00:26:24 --> 00:26:28

He said someone has taken the eggs of this bird.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:36

Well know who it is returning back. Hola. Hola. Hola. Can imagine this harbor looking around?

00:26:38 --> 00:26:39

Imagine that.

00:26:41 --> 00:26:53

Imagine the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam stops everyone and you are the person. Okay, you are the person who took the eggs of that bird Majnu with the person what would you do?

00:26:55 --> 00:26:59

You choke have a heart attack like that sheep.

00:27:00 --> 00:27:01

Your eyes are off.

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Right and you have a heart attack. Paola Annie, even as sooner life after sometimes so let the wall I stand up shake with him stands up and we make an announcement.

00:27:14 --> 00:27:39

Which student did 123 Yeah, who's going to show us honesty. We did this at the tarbiyah camp actually select camp so Paola, one of the boys that Korea that Korea he raised his hand I did Mr. busy during the toilet I did do during the bathroom. I did a lot I want honest boy seven year olds that career Zachary suborn May Allah bless him and his family. You know, when you do something wrong and you own up, I did it.

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And you're waiting for the guff now you're not gonna get it? All right. You wait. When you own up will lie. People will respect you. They'll love you. You might get in trouble. Yes, you might get in trouble boys. Don't say Oh, I did it and then slap on the bottom. But Mr. vizury said I won't get it. No, they just say you won't get in trouble you will get in trouble but not all the time. Sometimes your parents will let you off speak the truth and you'll be okay. We will make mistakes. Mistakes can be fixed. But you'll get in more trouble if you might remember that double trouble in trouble from Allah Subhan Allah doesn't like the lies and you'll get in trouble for Mama Baba

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whoever you want later on and people won't trust you know the story of the boy who cried wolf.

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We made our own story the boy who cried out there's a boy who said out to bet everything else out. A rubber the rubber is a rubber dropped on his toe Ouch. Water dropped on his on his toe. Ouch. And then when he really got hurt Ouch. No one listened. Probably he walked into oxygen.

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I balloon touched him, slap him with a balloon.

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He got really hurt. No one No one believed him. Subhanallah so being honest, this this companion So the Prophet said who took Majan hundreds of companions. One of the Sahaba said for idols. Subhanallah I did and we don't know who that generation doesn't say who the companion was. We didn't know who it was. That's right. That's not the point. You know, sometimes you do a good date. They don't have to be known.

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You know Allah mentioned in the Quran would have said Medina TSR A man came to one more Sally's Salam Hey man, you better get out of here for our and his army gonna come and kill you. He came in did something good. He wanted more Salah Salem but we don't know who it was.

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Sometimes people do good deeds. Right?

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They're doing they're feeding a poor person.

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Oh, you're poor here. Have some have something to drink.

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They'll have to have to show everyone look what I did everyone. Look Look at me on Instagram, social media, Facebook. I'm praying. Okay, I'm praying. Taking a photo is praying. Just because you do good

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They don't always have to tell people you did. Do for the sake of Allah, then no second people were doing it because Allah loves his good deeds. So you don't always have to be known. Make sure you put my name on their Facebook post. Now we do a good deed for the sake of Allah, sometimes clean your room, clean the kitchen, clean the house, because Allah loves those who are clean, because Allah loves the good dogs. You don't always have to tell mama Baba, you can just do it and you can surprise them.

00:30:29 --> 00:30:56

So this man, he stepped forward and he admitted his mistake and also was given back and that teaches you boys and girls that and we did a PDH lesson today with stage two and three about it. The believer is a believer of thinking positively. Sometimes we think negatively because we made a mistake. I made a mistake. I'm so dumb, ah, I'm a loser. No, no, we all make mistakes. So instead of saying, I made a mistake, you can say I can fix the mistake.

00:30:57 --> 00:31:36

You can fix the mistake. Mistakes can be fixed and we learn from our mistakes. So you know I made a mistake, but now I know not what to do. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said at BSA at Al Hassan atta, Temple, her, the prophet is teaching us follow up a bad deed with a good deed, you did something wrong. When we took something you shouldn't have returned back to a good deed. You said something you shouldn't have said a bad word, say good word. It'll wipe it out. So you said I made a mistake. But you know what I can fix the mistake. I can learn from that. And that's what this companion did, he returned the eggs back to the birds upon Allah. And that's another lesson we can

00:31:36 --> 00:32:15

learn before we go on to the last story. And that is not to take things that don't belong to us. This lesson is crucial happens a lot, especially among kids. And especially among siblings with toys and their belongings. They tell you took something from mine or not sharing it, we should also be mindful of other people's belongings just like you're just as you don't like people taking your stuff. Don't take other people's stuff, ask them, Can I play with that toy? Can I have a go? Can I borrow that ask. And then now ask you in sha Allah. And just because they might have taken something of yours and you didn't like it, that doesn't mean now you gotta take something of this. We said

00:32:15 --> 00:32:55

remember, do good. Because Allah loves those who do good not because people do good to me, or only treat them good, because they're good to me that but those people are not going to treat that person nice because they're not nice, then you do good to everyone. You do good to your siblings, your friends, even if they may not be good to you, because Allah loves the good dogs and sometimes being good to someone would make them in return be good back to you. They're not talking about bullies and people who are toxic. That's a separate issue. Okay, if someone's really giving you a hard time, you know, then you can speak to Mom, Dad, you can come to myself, you can come to one of the teachers,

00:32:55 --> 00:33:05

if it's happening, escalate, or otherwise, that's different. But we're just talking about things in general that don't happen all the time. And the final story

00:33:06 --> 00:33:13

is again, showing us how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was with others. One moment, I'm just going to brighten up this screen

00:33:16 --> 00:33:17

and his character.

00:33:32 --> 00:33:38

final story regarding the Prophet's character, and how he was with

00:33:39 --> 00:33:40

Al Hussein

00:33:42 --> 00:34:06

and the prophet Ali sorts dilemma to grandchildren, as I'm sure you know, and has anyone ever seen and Al Hussein had a bit of a problem. He had an issue with his speech who would start off sometimes, and a person who stutters, has a problem saying what's ever on their mind the like that so and Hussein rod, the landlord at times would stutter,

00:34:07 --> 00:34:41

as opposed to Al Hassan Al Hassan would actually speak very well. And there was a one time with Al Hussein. He was he came to the prophet Ali Salam and he wanted to say something and Rasul Allah is his grandfather. And you know, kids with the with the power or Mao data or judo, grandparents, right? They, they always want to speak and speak on whatever's happening to them, or whatever happened to them was going on in the day, and he began to stutter. And he sort of stuttering so bad that the people around the Prophet Ali's salaam began to do those.

00:34:42 --> 00:34:44

You know, those awkward glances you know?

00:34:48 --> 00:34:58

And it became very awkward, very awkward, and they were looking at the profile so to them to see what was the profit reaction

00:35:00 --> 00:35:27

Prophet alayhi salam was looking at him and he was smiling. He didn't make him feel awkward. Rasulullah didn't finish off the sentence. Okay, Allah Hurry up. This is what you want to say, tell me, the Prophet, Allah. Saddam was patient. And he was smiling. And he just kept looking at him. He didn't have to worry about others. Sometimes something awkward or weird happens or embarrassing happens to others. And what do we do we look around.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:31

We do

00:35:32 --> 00:35:41

know, we look and we don't make that person feel awkward or uncomfortable. That's what the profanity certainly didn't make him feel awkward or uncomfortable. And he's a kid. He's a kid.

00:35:42 --> 00:36:00

And so when he finally said what he wanted to say, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam continued to smile, and he said, to the Companions, the friends of Ursula, because I'm waiting to see what's the perfect NSA. He said, Laqad WA, and Amin Musa,

00:36:01 --> 00:36:42

he has taken this data, he has inherited it from his uncle meaning is because the profile is Switzerland is a profit his grandfather and the prophets are brothers he sang from his uncle Yanni. His great uncle Musa alayhis salam because most of Ali Salam had a similar style. Because when mo Salah Salem was a baby frown wanted to say is this child going to be the one who defeats me and beats me later on and ruins my kingdom? He bought a hot coal. And he puts something valuable and wanted to see is this a smart kid or not. And Allah made more salads and take the hot coal and put it in his mouth.

00:36:44 --> 00:37:22

Was probably that was almost fear, I'm not sure, but one of them will talk on that's how Mortalis Salam had at times like a knot, or it was difficult for him to say what he wanted to say. So look how the Prophet Allah Switzerland was with Al Hussein, and teaching us boys and girls that if someone has a problem, maybe stuttering could be another problem. Maybe in sport, whatever their issue is, we shouldn't use that to put them down. We should use it to raise them, we should lift them up, give them love, give them support. That's what he needed then. And that's what people who have issues need. If someone has a problem, maybe anger.

00:37:23 --> 00:38:03

Or maybe they have issues or they're moody or whatever, show them love, show them support and we can help them. Just like Sofia named Omar Poland or India, Sophia Lipno mottle rodilla Anna was a companion who had a problem with sleep it sleeping in it sleeps so much. They probably know someone like that. He'd sleep in and he would love sleep and it was just very hard to get up. And when they would go on journeys, they would go traveling on expeditions, or jihad or whatever. So phantom waterfall was holding them up as a problem. Waterfall means, you know, the one that is held up, you know, in a satellite to see all of a sudden the car doesn't work anymore. It stopped to tell us so

00:38:03 --> 00:38:09

Mark Powell is the one that stopped. It's like hello Cena is gone. I am locked in and locked down in sleep.

00:38:10 --> 00:38:19

So what are the sahaba? Do imagine there's a person who loves to sleep. You probably know someone maybe in your family, they're teased. Sleeping, wake up, wake up

00:38:21 --> 00:38:37

the mat. Hello, this is your bedtime story. If you know someone who loves to sleep, we actually put them down sometimes through our Gosh, sleeping again or get up lazy bones bed head. We give them all the names that we can think of. Yeah, Caslen.

00:38:38 --> 00:39:24

Sahaba said you love to sleep fine. We're going to use you to our benefit. You're going to we're going to use you you're going to help us. They said you sleep take your time happy me take your time. When you wake up, and you wake up, it's probably more time. And this is normal now and locked down. Sleeping at 2am wake up at 2pm when you wake up, when you wake up, you look around and gather anything that we've left behind. So all the Sahaba they've left and this one Sahabi is Oh, Mr. vizury left his phone. Oh, okay. Oh, you know, Bob, you know, left his Lego piece and he'll grab the things that they have left behind because you know, big group traveling, they leave things behind

00:39:24 --> 00:40:00

what happened happened, the SLA wouldn't go on excursions. Okay, you know, Bilello Muhammad, Ibrahim, they've left you know, or a straw or a hand no accident happens. We forget what their friends are having fun on the excursion we leave things on the bus, we leave things there. But if there's a person that's left behind, they grab everything. And they take it you know, and then they get back to life. Look, I've got everything goes here. I've got this belong to you. I hear you go to one of them. I saw Subhanallah he was used. He was used by the Sahaba to help help us out see how they can

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

companions were with each other, they saw a problem that didn't put him down. That's all we do. Unfortunately, we see someone who's got a problem and we tease them know, think how can I use their problem? Like their disadvantage for our advantage? How can I use that problem for our solution? How can I use that thing which is bad and make it good? And this is how the profile so Absalom was with Al Hussein. He said he has inherited this he's taken this from Musa Ali Salam showing us that if you find another person you know who has an issue you know, don't use it to put them down further in but rather use it to raise them the Sharla hope you enjoyed. Story night this historian on number three

00:40:46 --> 00:41:14

stories from the Sierra. And there actually is actually a lot of stories that I had and of course we can't get through them all. Even if we wanted to. But I'm thinking next Thursday we do we continue with stories from the Sierra maybe we will take three or four more and then the week after that, we'll see if we if we can continue with or something else. But please send us your suggestions and this Sunday is starting out with shift was seen.

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Except the books and right and the like, right. Oh, yeah. Slightly.

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Slight was actually SLA

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actually isolate today, believe it or not. That's why

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I had to meet a handyman. Do some work to fix the windows. Or to fix the windows as you know.

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Brooke, are you a handyman come to camp? No.

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Mission? Yes, it's due tomorrow. Yes.

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competition. The competition is due tomorrow, by the way. So we have three competence, three competitions. There's this thing,

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which you can do any artwork, any cooking lesson, anything to do with science or art or engineering or mathematics? Perhaps you want to do science experiments. You want to build something? Maybe. And then there's the sport competition. You can show yourself doing a skill, something cool. Not balancing books. Something to do with sport fitness. Maybe like a backyard blend as long as it's safe and you have your

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blind shot. You know, basketball blind shot, basketball shot blindfolded. And the third competition is a writing competition. You can write about anything you wish. And it's due tomorrow six six o'clock.

00:43:33 --> 00:43:40

So high school have class tomorrow till two and then I believe 330 is a live PE session.

00:43:42 --> 00:43:43

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and then six o'clock. So you have you have all day tomorrow primary to come up with something. You can do all three competitions or you can just do one. Whatever is comfortable for you.

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Alright guys, I think I think I've given you enough free rein on on these devices. Mr. Nava do one quick question. You should do a class mosaico talk

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happens anyway.

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Boring. This is

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a class we all talk what the difference happens.

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But it doesn't you guys are amazing. Subhanallah you know, I've cycled

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I've bought in schools. For years. I've taught in many schools actually. Public and private. And I

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The best unit I will lie I'm not just saying this because

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SLA is something that I own and I run and I'm teaching at the moment, but the students SLA are the best units I've ever taught. And that's maybe because of a number of reasons. But

00:45:17 --> 00:45:25

I think, you know, apart from the topic from a lot of homeschooling, the homeschooling and then the therapy that you're getting from your parents is fantastic.

00:45:27 --> 00:45:33

Job and hamdulillah we're blessed to have you guys and and that's also because of the low numbers and that when you did that

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so it doesn't get out of control like it's planning to know. So and

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