Can People of Opposite Gender be Friends

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the policy of "has it been proven that you are a enemy of the Prophet?" They emphasize the importance of covering the complete body for the job of the woman in co educational universities, as it is not allowed in certain countries. The speakers suggest educating oneself in a single sex University to maintain a better performance and avoid embarrassment, and the issue of double sex is discussed as it is not allowed in Western countries.
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This question is asked by

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Abdullah Omar

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from Afghanistan.

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I have recently got admission at the university. And as it's a core educational system, I have developed relationships and started talking with some of my female classmates through WhatsApp, and messenger

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even though we consider each other as brother and sister relationship, but I found that this led me astray from the straight path.

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Like I cannot pray at times right now and I cannot concentrate in my salah and many more things.

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Can you please tell me if it's permissible what I'm doing is right.

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And if it's not permissible, please give me an advice. How can I get myself out of this situation? It's not only me who is going through these situations, but there are many Muslims whose fate is same as mine.

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That isn't the question on the same topic asked by acid the Nadeem on the YouTube.

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Dan people of opposite gender befriends.

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The question posed by Abdullah Omar from Afghanistan is a very common question. And it's common today that people go to co educational schools, co educational universities. And it's very common that when they go there, they have friends of opposite sex as the question posed that can you have friends of the opposite gender, and they get involved and it leads them away from the teachings of Islam. As far as having friends of the opposite gender is concerned. What do you mean by the word friend, is important? If you're talking about acquaintances, having of opposite gender, no problem having acquaintances as long as you do not break any of the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. As

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long as you do not break any of the ruling of the Sharia. You can have acquaintances of opposite sex, and we come to it in Sharla shortly regarding saying that I consider them to be my sister and brother. You have to understand what do you mean by brother and sister? If we're talking about brother and sister and humanity, no problem we are talking about brother and sister in faith, no problem. But this brother and sister is not the same as brother and sister of blood. This is totally nonsense. You know, like we have in India. Girls tie the rocky to the boy. She is Meraki sister. There's no rocky sister in Islam.

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Sister in humanity, okay. Like I say, sister asked a good question. Sister in faith, no problem. But all these sisters of humanity and faith, you have to do full and total a job with them. Only with your blood sister. Where your parents are common with a parent or one parent, then the job is relaxed. Even with your cousin, you have to maintain your full job. The problem is that we see in the Western countries. It's very common that the intermingling of sexes and many of the Muslim countries This is becoming common in them two way of qualification in schools, we have quite educational universities. And there you have friends and you keep on chatting and you keep on

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speaking thing which are not required. If you speak with an opposite sex things which are required as an emergency, no problem, but you cannot do chatting like how you do with the same sex. Like a boy has a boyfriend No problem, you can chat you can laugh, you can joke, but you cannot do the same thing with an opposite sex with a nonmetal. It's not permitted in Islam. What we find and it's very clearly mentioned, as far as the job is concerned, before talking about the hijab, for the woman is up for the woman is given in the Quran, that Muslim should be properly covered under discuss that in my previous session, then also in my lectures, that complete body should be covered only part can be

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seen as the face and handler for the rest at cetera. But this is only the job of the cloth. The complete job. Besides the job of the cloth is the job of a lady walks that way a lady talks the way a lady thinks the way a lady sees before talking about the job of the female, the woman in the Quran. Allah talks about the job of the men in suit a new chapter number 24. Muslim attenti where Allah smart Allah says, say to the believing man, that he should know what his gift and God is modesty.

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That means whenever a male looks at a female, any breathing thought company in his mind, he should know if

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there was once a boy standing at a girl for a long time. Certainly Brother, what am I doing? It's not allowed in Islam. He told me that a prophet said the first glance is forgiven. The second is prohibited. I have not completed half my plans for the Prophet means

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When we said that the first glance is Forgiving, the second is prohibited, what it means that if you accidentally look at a woman do not look at her again to feast on a beauty, that does not mean you can look at a woman for 10 minutes without blinking and saying that I have not complete my glands.

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So, maintaining the hijab is very important. Therefore, it is not advisable for taking education in a co educational University.

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And if you have to take education, if there is no other option, then you have to maintain your hijab. When you're speaking with the opposite sex, you should lower your gaze you cannot stare at the woman will look into her eyes and talk in the western country. If you do not look into the eyes and speak it's also like an insult.

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What we find that even the Muslim when they go to Western country, they do not follow this hijab. When I visited Islamic organizations, Western country, I find that Muslim ladies and gents sisters and brothers, they are freely intermingling, they're freely talking, they may be wearing the hijab, they may be covered, the hair is covered, but that is a physical exam only of the cloth.

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They're laughing, they're joking. In some of the Western countries, I find a man and a woman sitting alone in a small room and chatting of Muslim woman during the hour to a non Muslim boy in a closed room. It's not allowed. Our beloved Prophet Musa Lawson said that if to na maroma alone in a room, the third person is a devotee.

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It's not allowed that you can be in a closed room a man and woman in some organization have gone and seen that the head of the organization had the lady secretary, how can you hold any secretary? Do you think all the Muslim men in the country are not capable? And they qualified? I cannot understand that. How can a practicing Muslim? Have a lady secretary? How can they maintain the job? If the secretary comes in the room in your room and no one else is there. It's not permitted. It is very common. unfortunate. They're preaching Islam is not practicing Islam. So if you break the hijab, there are high chances what the brother has asked a man will happen. Your focus will go away from

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education, you will start thinking other things as a brother sister for namesake. But then love affair starts and you deviate from the Sharia and you start doing an Islamic things. Therefore, best is to educate yourself in a single sex University. And though the survey done in UK, that the schools, which were single sex had better performance, and single sex universities, as compared to universities, which were coined.

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And that's the same thing in India. Also, if it's a single sex education, the performance is better because many a time in a co education, each sex is trying to impress the other sex. So if a teacher is teaching the boys trying to impress the girl in his class, rather than paying attention on the subject, this is very common. So single sex education is better. If there is no other option than affording higher education. If you have to go to a court education, CTA to maintain your hijab, I'm not talking only about University, the image to go in office places the hijab should be maintained. It is not that you're prohibited to speak with the opposite sex No. But when you speak, you have to

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be careful. There's a word revealed in the Quran in surah. Isaiah, chapter number 33, was number 32, which is addressed to the wife of the prophet to the Omaha momineen. It says that all wives of the Prophet be not too complacent in your wife, left in whose heart is a disease, he will have desires. Imagine the wives of the Prophet, they are called an Omaha to momineen. It is not permitted for any one else to marry the wives of the Prophet even after the Prophet has died. The Quran is revealing a verse what the wives of the Prophet be not too complacent in your voice, less in his heart is a disease, he may have some desires. Imagine the sahabas who are the highest level among the Muslim

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Ummah, the prophet said, the past generation for the Sabbath. There is no human meat today on the face of the earth, which is anywhere close to the Saba, there is no woman who is anywhere close to the mortal moment and yet Allah says to the modern woman, do not be complacent in your voice. Why?

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So that in whose heart in the disease can the Sabbath have a disease in the heart?

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You cannot think of it yet for safety. As a precaution, Allah He will disperse and today we find the woman in the offices in Muslim organization, the Muslim companies, they are talking to each other they are laughing leave aside complacent, they are joking. What they think only wearing the scarf the job is done.

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They're totally wrong.

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And unfortunately, this Western culture is even percolating into the Muslim countries. Nowadays we find Muslim countries also, Muslim men and women, they freely talk they freely mix. If you required if there's a requirement, you have to talk, then you can talk, but when you talk, don't look i into I lower your gaze. How many Muslims do you find today in the world, when they speak to an American lady, that the lower thing is very few in the western country hardly, you will be counted like a joker.

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But believe me, hamdulillah a strong Muslim will follow this. And if this is done, all these things will not happen. As the question was asked, my mind is devotee, I cannot offer Salah but natural

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and today we find the dressing also is not as per the Sharia, you have non Muslim lady is not dressing up properly when the Muslim lady they may be Muslim, they may not be dressing up properly, more of the body is exposed than covered. So all the things you have to maintain the job if you maintain the hijab, the men maintaining their hijab, that whenever they look at a woman, they should lower their gaze and see to it that they also not too friendly. Only talk when is required when there is a requirement, not unnecessary joking, etc can be done with the same sex but not with the opposite sex

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problems as a question