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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Warburg so brothers and sisters will continue from verse number 111 and this is the second last session of our Tafseer of suta 10. So stay with me until the end guys in sha Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he tells us yo woman t kulu Neff soon to just do one FC what to what fell Quito Neff sim man amulet welcome la uvula moon, there will come a day that every individual will argue on behalf of themselves. So the actual argument that they have will be their case on the Day of Judgment, what to what felt cool enough similar amulet and everything and every person will pass

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away and leave this world along with what they used to do while home let us lemon and there will be no opportunity for them to transgress or cross limits with their Creator, while Botha below who methylone Claudia. Now Allah is going to give another example. So we've already seen about three separate examples, just at the end of this particular solar. So here comes the third one. Well, bateau Bella who method and Claudia candidate, Amina Tim motoman, in attack, alarm. So Joe says that I'll give you the example of a village or a community that used to be fully trustworthy and faithful to Allah, multiple Medina and they were content yet he had his bow held ohada there came to them

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provision, or ohada raha is the same word that was used for Adam and he and his wife, how were when they were in gender, and they were told what could wash horrible, go and eat and drink or rather than high sushi to a man, rather than means eat until you're full, you're so full and you're so satisfied. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, they eat all that all day and all night unfortunately. But in general, this is actually one of the descriptions of how people will eat and enjoy in Paradise is that they will have the opportunity to experience raha so eat until you are filled and you're satisfied. So this was once upon a time with a particular community. Now that

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Katya here could also be referring to or the village could also be referring to a city the city of Mecca, min Cooley McCann alesse, as you can eat to your full as wherever you wish for cafaro to be an early lead. But then something happened they disbelieved in just a few of those blessings from Allah. And room is just a couple of those blessings not even all the lesson for you and I even if you are, if you lose gratitude to even some of Allah's blessings is enough for Allah to punish an individual so look what Allah does. Alcohol Allah who Liebe so jewelry will hope Allah cause that the city of Mecca it had clothing of hunger and fear Libous here, some of the scholars of Tafseer

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listen to this said that every time the people of Mecca disobeyed the Prophet are they salat wa salam, a famine would happen? a drought would happen until they would obey him again. You know, there are stories like this of even in medini core em, you know, once there was a time when a lot of the Allah

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He was on the outskirts of Medina, and a companion came to him and said, Dr. Omar, we've been in a drought for so long, how long is this going to continue for? And the homeowner says, You know, I will pray to Allah. And so what aroma does is he takes off a cloak that he had on he puts it on the floor just on the outskirts the borders of Medina and he prays total cards. By the time he said a seller Marley Kumara Matala and he was going to finish up with the last selam it there was a thunderstorm in Medina. So that tells you that once you leave reach a certain level of piety, your doors I mean you see the results almost immediately. So for Kapha be an only left Kahala holy basil

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jaw. So when they disobeyed, then Allah wrapped Libous his clothing but it also means to wrap the city with hunger and fear. You know when COVID first started and lockdown started, what happened to all the grocery stores, everything was on what was emptied out people were you know in the state of panic and fear so Subhanallah we saw this verse come to life about five or six months ago, you know you're going to grocery store you buy looking for basic items, and they're all gone. I mean even happened to me I would go to just Walmart or some grocery store nearby, everything, all the basic stuff that we would buy all of it gone.

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I had to go to like 7011 to these variety stores these corner stores and buy some of the basic essentials there. So we saw this come to life, be mannequin wheel scenario and based on what they used to manufacture willapa digia home rasuluh main home for katha boohoo. malaita warham volley mon. Listen to what Alexis next and this is how the scholars made this connection that you know when you disobey the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. This is the result while caja rasulillah You know, they're came to them a messenger for katha boohoo. They lied against this messenger for the homeowner that so let's snatch them in his punishment wahoo volleyball whilst they were in the state

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of sin fair kulu mymail Rosa kumala. So eat with what Allah has blessed you with halat and pica, Hillel is that is that is good for you wash guru near amatola. Here I leave and be grateful for all for all the blessings that Allah gave you, including Tamiya who terrible don't if you claim that you are a people that worship Him. This next is very, very interesting. The next two verses in the Maha bromiley Komal may totowa demo LML sincere Allah has prohibited for you.

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carcasses blood swine, between zero to

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one or Hillary hydrilla, Hebei and meat that had had other than a last name mentioned over it at the time of slaughter. For many total zero birth and while it didn't fit in the local food or rocking So in a nutshell that if you did this by mistake, if you did this unintentional than Allah is always exceptionally Forgiving and Merciful. Listen to this verse, while at Taku, Lima tasi for elsina to Komal. Cathy bear has headed what has caught on this is sarcasm in the Quran. Allah says, Don't you say what your tongues are describing? You know, your tongues are saying,

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the lie that this is Hillel, when you know it was hard on and this is how long when you know, it was headed, you know where this conversation really comes up from, you ever meet somebody who is like a totally ultra liberalist. And they can come because you know, they may have a PhD in something. And so they come with these compelling arguments, they sit in front of you. And they can bring up these really bizarre skewed interpretations of what they think the core en is talking about what they think about certain aspects of their religion is talking about. So they'll say things like, you know, there's no verse in the Quran that says I have to pray five times a day, or I have to dress a

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certain way. Or I have to wear the hijab or I have to act this way or that way. It's not explicit, and the Prophet are they slept with them and his whole sonet, all of that there's talentino scholars differ. If that's not necessarily from a line, they'll come up with certain, like compelling arguments, and you'd be sitting there and you're like, that's interesting. Oh, wow, that makes a lot of sense. You know, what alesse saying about the individuals that say that your tongue is saying a lot, but it's based on nothing. It's not based on anything from the teachings of basic jurisprudence or principles found in the Quran and Sunnah. There's no essence to it. It's just an empty fluff

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conversations. So your tongue can run on you can make all of these intelligent arguments, but it's based on absolutely nothing. So that's what this verse is talking about. Really, really powerful verse, because they're even Muslims that do this, Muslims that do this with one another, you know, and they do this so that they could validate their own interpretations, their own intentions, what they are doing or not doing. And then you know, the opposite is also true. Because when you think about people who make these kinds of arguments, that they're taking something that has hallette and making it out on but the reverse is also true. You have these overzealous Muslims that will make

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that which is how long into something that's highlighted, so they become overzealous and everything they they literally become like a heroin police. That's what this verse is reaching out and it is capturing for us to reflect on the tester why the law has kept them and all of this is happening because you're making up lies against Allah subhanho wa Taala in a Latina efter una de la Hill Kathy Bella, you flee home, listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, the ones who make up lies against Allah, you will never find any form of success. metta ideal, you might find some relief material and honey, you might find just some, you know, success. You might you might establish a following

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online, your Facebook page might grow because you're making all of these compelling arguments about Islam so that you know, you might see some fruits of it, but look what Allah says, what a hammer that when le panela you know, these are verses that catch you off guard. You know, on the one hand, you're all just you know, you're boasting about what you think world is and what you think.

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Law is what you think religion is, etc, etc, based on nothing just based on your own intellect. Because again, you've come from a place where you feel as though now that you've reached a certain you know, status a certain level with in terms of intelligence and now Okay, you reinterpret the poor and you don't know how to read a single verse. You don't know how to translate any of the verses because you don't speak any Arabic. You've never actually sat in a classroom, studying the religion, you've never actually gone anywhere and academically trained in at least the basic sciences of the religion. And so as a result of lessons, even though you might sound intelligent,

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you'll have Metatron Padilla, you know, you'll you'll enjoy that for a little bit. But there's a painful, painful punishment that awaits so panela this is one of those verses in the core and that really puts puts us in our place. last verse wirelend Latina head or a second last verse, while the Latina head will help Romina malko sosna la camisa COVID an S for those had to help run their hair do is the original word for the hood the jutes right had that means somebody that is seeking the truth wire the Latina had to help calm them up a Cessna, they had prohibited what we had relayed called Cessna from certain stories I like min club that came before well volume now what I can can

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when Fuso me over the moon

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they have

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not wronged anyone but rather we have not wronged them but they have wronged themselves. In the title guys, I wrote that we were going up to 118 it's actually 119 so I'll correct that in a minute. So we're just going to verse number 119 that would be a good place to stop inshallah from the inaudible Kelly lady in our amilo suit. So then it did your master s for those who committed ugly deeds beija hella Johanna doesn't mean No, I didn't know I just did it but I didn't know Johanna also means that you had no control over your emotions. Right you just you did something and you just oh my god, I'm just I'm ignorant. It's not only that, but it's just like I don't care I just did it

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because I felt like doing it that's all Jay Hale as well. So metabolize however they repented. membury de mal membury de they're like after what they have done.

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And they they repaired themselves. They improved. They fix the problem. They actually did something else. They change something about themselves for the better. In autoboca member ID Hello, her photo Rahim. Indeed, after all of that Allah is exceptionally forgiving and always merciful. This is where we're going to stop guys. In terms of our live q&a, keep the questions coming. What I'm trying to do is I'm try to gather as many questions as I can. So that once we're answering them once we're waiting for all of you to type in your questions. In the meantime, I can answer what I have in front of me, just so that we're not doing this waiting for somebody. Okay, can somebody please ask a

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question? No, we don't want that. We don't be able to maximize the time. So I'll be online, maybe tomorrow for an extra 15 or 20 minutes. I have a few quite a few questions that a lot of that some of you have sent to me that are really interesting. So I'll start to respond to those in Chatelet tomorrow. But just keep the questions coming. I wanted to be alive where we're just knocking at one question after another after another inshallah and hopefully that that can be fruitful, fruitful for all of us be vanilla hytera. Tomorrow is also the last session of the Tafseer of this beautiful beautiful surah and I will also share with you our next series B is Neela hytera Mela so God bless

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you all on this beautiful blessing day of The Omen jumar does that come on level Hydra was said Mr. Lee come to lucky robotica to