My Hindu Friend Believes that Islam and Hinduism are both True Religions

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Will he go to Paradise?


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion between Islam and Hinduism, and how one Muslim brother sent a message to his friend to be true religion. The speaker also talks about the origin of the word "meditation" in the Bible and how it is not a fundamental belief. The speaker concludes that one cannot go to general The answer is no, and the speaker gives an example of a false teaching message that is not fundamental.
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The next question from I'm sorry, from India.

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My Hindu friend considers both Islam and Hinduism to be true religions. Will he go to Paradise?

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The question posed by the brother was, that Hindu friend considers Islam and Hinduism both to be true religion will go to Paradise.

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Allah subhanaw taala is very clear cut. He clearly gives the message in Surah ebron chapter number three was COVID-19 in Edina in the lesson, the only reason acceptable in the sight of Allah Islam if submitting all to Allah Spano, tala, Allah says in the Quran in surah embrun chapter number three was number 85. That if anyone desires any other reason besides Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and he will be among the losers in that era. So as far as religion, Allah subhanaw taala sent only one religion for humankind. During the passage of time, when he sent a revolution he sent a messenger the revelation got corrupted people disobeyed the messenger Allah send a new revelation

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Allah send a new messenger. Again, people deviated Allah sent a new message. There were 124,000 messages sent on the face of the earth. Allah says in the Quran in surah, Chapter 13 was the most hated luckily as Nikita in every age, has a different revelation. There are many revelations by name for mentioned the Quran, Torah subu injil, and the Quran. Torah is the revelation that was given to Moses peace be upon him zaporizhzhia His revelation give it to David peace be upon him.

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In gelida, the revelation given to Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. And Quran is the last and final revelation given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. What we realized that religion is only one, even though the scriptures have changed, there are remnants of tawheed and about coming up with masala salam, what I do, I talk about the similarity between Islam and Hinduism, Islam and Christianity when I talk about similarity doesn't mean that Hinduism is totally right. I'm telling that if you believe the Vedas to be the Word of God, I believe the Quran to be the Word of God let us agree to follow what is common. So when we do a comparative study, based on the verse of the

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Quran or surah branch, chapter three verse number 64 receive Tallulah Kalimantan Sawa in binary Amina Come come to come in terms as far as I knew, which is the first term a line up with a law law, that devotion and button law. Yeah, we come to know that all the religions, the scripture evidently talks about the oneness of Allah or monotheism talks about the coming of Houma, Salah salon. So I tell them that if you believe in the Word of God, why don't you believe in one chord? Why don't you worship Him alone? Why do you make use of that God? Why don't you believe in the last and final messenger? So telling you partly believe in some teachings of Hinduism because it matches with

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Islam, no problem at all. But to say I completely believe in Hinduism, I can give a longer lecture on different symbols in Hinduism and Islam. But that's not my purpose. So anyone who says I believe both in Hinduism and Islam completely, it can't be possible. He believes that Allah subhanaw taala is almighty God and he believes in the false teaching of Christianity, that Jesus is God. Even if you believe Allah has gone on with it, believe Jesus Christ peace be upon him with Almighty God in his shirt. You have to worship Allah and Allah alone, the moment you worship with Allah, someone has said Jesus gave us a bit and I believe ROM is God, I believe Krishna has validation.

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So you have to believe in Allah alone and no one else and worship Him alone and donors. So someone says I believe in Hinduism and Islam Can I go to general The answer is no. You have to believe in Islam only and believe those parts of Hinduism which match with the Quran and Hadith No problem, but which is against Quran and says you cannot follow up if you follow that you cannot go to Paradise. Hope that answers the question.