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Listen to Qur’an is indeed something really beautiful to listen to. However, is it okay to listen to Qur’an in the background while driving or doing house chores?

Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda answers.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of listening to the Quran and the framework for respectful behavior when driving. They explain that while they may be distracted by their phone, they are okay with people listening to the audio while they are driving. They also mention their own experience of being a child and their difficulty in recommending people to play while driving.
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Is it okay to listen to the Quran for pleasure? For example, when driving when doing house chores, cleaning, etc?

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Somebody might be puzzled by the question, because they might say that, okay, if you're driving and doing just chores around the house, if you're not listening to the poor, and then what else are we supposed to be listening to? Okay, maybe listening to some lectures or something like that. But that becomes a little bit difficult to do because you're trying to follow someone's train of thought, then what else? If we're not supposed to listen to her on what do you want us to listen to music? So somebody might be kind of puzzled by that question. Well, let me explain the question stems from a very real place. There's a verse of the Quran that says without putting a helper on first me Allah

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who were UncIe, to Allah, Allah. Allah says that when the Koran is recited when the Quran is read, then listen very, very carefully, and be quiet so that you may receive the mercy of God. Okay, so that's the verse. So that creates the framework for the fact that when the Koran is read, you're supposed to pay attention and be respectful towards it. But if I'm driving, while I'm driving, of course, I might get a little distracted here or there. I might have to answer my phone or whatever. You're not supposed to talk on your phone while you're driving. But you get my point. All right, you might have I have kids, right. So my kid from the back might be like, Oh, boy, but what about this?

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What about that, and now all of a sudden, I'm talking to my kid, but the problem is so playing, I might be doing chores around the house, and then all sudden, somebody texts me and I pick up my phone, I'm texting them back, but the arm is still playing. So yes, ideally, you try to sit down and have some quality time with the Koran. I know some might agree with this, but this is just my very humble answer. In this regard. I feel that if somebody is really trying to build a relationship with the Quran, and they really enjoy spending time with the Quran, I personally am okay in recommending people to play while they're driving their car, to play it in their home while they're doing chores

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or just you know, at home with their kids or whatever the case may be. I am personally okay with that. And I understand it's not ideal, but then you make some 510 15 minutes of ideal time with the Quran. But I'm personally okay with somebody playing the four on in the background so to speak. I personally would benefited tremendously from that as a child, and that's why when I sat down to start memorizing the Quran, I realized a couple of Jews of the Quran I already knew them and I didn't recognize that I knew them just because they were played in my home so often during the years I was growing up, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people of the Koran. Located on salaam

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