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Mina Shea banyuwangi Bismillah

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I said I want to come to LA he will Baraka will begin by praising Allah subhana wa tada for he is Worthy of all praise and we ask Allah azza wa jal to censor that and Salaam, upon the one whom he sent as a mercy to all of mankind. So at Hamdulillah, we're continuing on our journey of the descriptions of gender. And in our last lessons I had covered a number of aspects of them is the names of gender, we went over around 1520 names of gender. And we talked about some of the benefits from the various names. We also mentioned, the fact that gender exists right now, and that there is wisdom in this and that the the desire to come close, the desire to enter agenda becomes increased

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when we know that it is existing right now, it's not something that has not has yet to be created. It has been created in the past, and it co exists with us right now. And also mentioned the controversy regarding whether our father Adam alayhis, salaam was in that very Jenna, or did Eliza origin create a garden and it is called gender because gender means garden. And then he was in that initial it looks like the strongest opinion is that it was the very Jenna that we are desiring. And this is a optimism for us that that very gender, that Allah subhanho wa Taala placed our Father in there is hope that insha Allah, Allah will be going to be returning to our place of origin, and also

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mentioned a number of other opinions on this on this issue. Now we now come to the next, going in chronological order. The next topic that we'll discuss in today's shot loudhailer, we will discuss the topic of entering gender and the concept of when and how that's going to happen, and what we know about the descriptions of the very doors of gender. And the fact that gender has doors is mentioned very explicitly in the Koran, and are the most beautiful passages that a lot zoa jen mentioned is the last page of surah Zoomer and I ask all of you to read this Surah Surah Zoomer that mentions the, the the notion was co Kala Dena cafaro, Illa, Johanna mazuma, that those who rejected

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Allah subhana wa Tada, they will be gathered together and they were going to be forced to go to jahannam and Allah says, had they there, Joe ha foot he had ababwa. When they get to the doors of jahannam, the doors are going to be opened up. So notice here that the verse says, either Joe ha 40 hat when they get to it, the doors are opened. Now the very next passage Allah subhanho wa Taala says, was CFO levena, taco raba, Hamid, Al Jen, Nettie Zuma and the people who had taqwa of Allah, they too will be assured but they will be ushered to Jenna in groups of people had either Joe who have worked foot he had a boo boo ha, when they come to it, and then the doors are opened up. And

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there is a very key difference here that every commentator, you know, glosses or every commentator has a brief gloss on every commentator discusses and that is that when Allah mentions jahannam there is no wow a lot. So it just says that when they come to the doors, the doors are opened for ababwa then on when Allah mentions Jenna, there is when they come to the doors and then the doors are opened wofe with the head there's a wow over here. And the gatekeepers of Jenna will say Salaam when I they come peace be unto you libitum you have now flourished and this is now success. So enter into it to live and dwell there in forever. Now what is the difference between not having the wow and

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having the Wow. And it's so eloquent dear brothers and sisters, it's literally one letter, one letter. And from this one letter, you will find many dozens of paragraphs mentioned in the classical and the ancient books of the seer and even modern commentators they mentioned so many of the benefits that come from just this one extra edition of the wow

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And of what has been mentioned, is that there is one understanding that the wow here is an indication that when they come to the doors of Jenna, the doors will be flung open as a respect to them. So the wall here is for to cream, it's for a Chrome is for giving them a sense of honor that there's going to be delegations, there's going to be a fanfare, there's going to be a very pompous ceremony for them to be opening up the doors of gender. And that is indicated by the Wow. Whereas when the jahannam is being talked about, then it's like the doors are slamming open when they come, the doors are not being open to honor them, but rather to dishonor them. And so there's a terror

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associated, whereas with the agenda, there is a festival associated with the opening of the doors, there's that one letter difference here, some have interpreted in a slightly different manner, of course, all have interpreted it to mean that the people of gender are honored. But how does that well indicate honor, that's where there's a slight spectrum of opinion. And another group of scholars have said that the fact that it is in the past past passive tense, with the Wow, what 40 had a wobble, ha, it means that when they come to Jana, they will already find the doors having been open for them in preparation for them. Whereas when they get to jahannam, right, so there is a

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terror that they see the doors, you know, chained and shut. And as soon as they get there it is flung open, that will increase their terror, but when they see the doors of Jenna, so according to this second interpretation, that the doors have already been opened in anticipation of them, and to welcome them. So whichever interpretation is you take the point is that that, wow, that one letter indicates that that the doors of Jenna are being opened or have been opened to honor the people of Ghana, whereas the people of jahannam, the doors are going to be slammed open in order to terrify them. And so there's just this one simple difference of that, wow, indicating an honor that is being

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given to the people of gender, and the doors of genda will be opened up obviously, after the intercession of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I had mentioned this briefly, when we're talking about the topic of the day of judgment, go back a few episodes, sorry, a few, not just episodes, but a few series, if you do. Remember, this is a part of a much longer series. If you're only watching this one, by the way, I have to keep on plugging in that no, this isn't. This is actually a very long, multi part series, we did the size of the judgment. And then we did the concept of borders off. And then we did the actual day of judgment, and what's going to happen on

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the Day of Judgment. And then we finished up the description of Johanna. And now this is the final part of this five part series, which is the descriptions of gender so very, very long time ago, when we're talking about the descriptions of the of the Day of Judgment itself. I mentioned in a number of lectures, the concept of intercession shefa. And I mentioned there are different types of intercession. And I don't have we're not going to go over all of that again, but go back to that one. I'll just have to reiterate one section, which is that one of the types of chef out there are many, one of the types of chef out will be the chef of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to

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open up the doors of gender and to knock on the doors of gender and to ask permission for the doors of Jenna to be opened up. In one Hadith. He sets a lot while he was setting them. Well, I know well, man, young woman Manya claro Baba agenda, I will be the first who will knock on the doors of Jenna. And therefore, Jenna, it will be opened up when our Prophet sallallahu Sallam he will be the first of mankind anyway, he is going to be ahead of everybody anyway, and he shall be the very first to get to the doors of gender, and he will be the first to knock on the doors of gender. And as soon as Malik reported that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, RT Baba agenda to multi Amity. I

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shall come to the door of gender on the Day of Judgment for a Steph dehu and I'm going to say open up the door for your chordal housing men and the gatekeeper is going to say Who are you who is there for our call Mohammed Salah la vida, he will sell them and so he shall say Mohammed and we are in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so the housing agenda will say Beco mille to laughter Julio Haddad publica You are the one I have been commanded. I cannot and shall not open the door to anyone before you. And so this hadith tells us and it isn't a Muslim. This Hadith tells us that the doors of Jenna shall not open until our Prophet salallahu it he was selling intercede on behalf of all the mankind

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This is another intercession by the way. And again, a lot of our scholars even sometimes our scholars, they mix up all of these intersections into one and if you look at the various headings and I went over them in the previous you know when I told you about there are actually multiple categories of intersections and a Hadeeth are just put all together but in reality, there is

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intercession for all of mankind to begin the day of judgment, and then there is the intercession of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for specific people of his own. And then there is intercession for his entire oma and this is called a shadow roadmap or the Grand shefa. Anybody who says the Kadima, our prophets are some shall intercede for him. And then there's also an intercession that will be done specifically for the people of gender.

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Excuse me when they get to the doors of gender, and therefore this is this intersection right now, the very first person to get to the doors of gender, and to ask Allah subhanaw taala for permission and to be granted that permission and then to knock on the door, and then the door to be opened all of this multi step process, it will be for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And in one version of the Hadith, the doorkeeper says that I have never opened this door to anyone before you and nor shall I ever stand up to open except for you. So the doorkeeper is saying the angel that is in charge of the gates of Jenna, he is saying you are the name that name Yeah, Mohammed sallallahu.

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I sent him it is your name and of course nobody lies that that's someone that when the angel is asking who is there, nobody can lie at that stage. There is no lying anymore is gone. So there must be honesty and truth. And so when the angel hears that name, which shall unlock the doors of gender, it is the name of our prophets a lot wider he was setting them and beaker O'Meara to your name is what I have been commanded to open up the doors of Jenna, after hearing your name, so be Antonio rasulillah he is indeed our shaffir and Moshe He is the one who will intercede. We ask Allah azza wa jal to be amongst those whom are we he intereses for Scylla la vida he was Selim we were also told

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in another heavy that our Prophet system has the keys to gender Now, does this mean that there's something of physical key Some have said this but the other interpretation makes more sense that when our profit system is saying the heartbeat is in Timothy, that one methodical jannetty yo may even be Eddie that the mfah to hell Jenna is in my hands. What is meaning here is that I shall be allowed to open up the doors because in Arabic is allowed to even in English we say you know though I have the keys you know to something doesn't literally sometimes mean a key sometimes it means a literal key. And sometimes you will say I have the keys to such and such it means I have access to

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it. So it seems that Allah knows best that what is meant by the Hadith and certain activity when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that I have the the keys to Jenna shall be in my hand on that day. That's what the phrase says that methodical, genetti ba de Yama even on that day, there were 40 or the opening of the doors of gender. What this means is that our prophets, Allah, Allahu Allah, he was setting them shall be allowed to open up the doors with his name, not that there's a key around his neck or something, that there's not a physical key because there is no actual lock that needs to be done. But the angel will open up the door. And so our Prophet system is saying, I am the one that

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has the unlocking meaning Allah has blessed me with that privilege. Allah has given me that honor that when I say my name, then that name should open up the doors to gender and by the way, this issue of a symbolic key it is something that is mentioned in other Hadith as well for example, that the Hadith in Sahih Muslim and others that are prophets, Allah lahardee, who was Selim said miftah who genetti that the key to Jenna is La ilaha illAllah. So the Kalima is the key to gender. Now, we all understand what this means here right? And it is called the miftah agenda, the key to gender right, we all understand La ilaha illAllah is not a physical key, it is a symbolic that you only the

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one who says the kalama shall enter the gender, gender, nobody who denies the Kalima shall enter gender and so to say that the key to gender is not in the law, we understand that it is you know, understand the understood meaning it is something that symbolically when you say law, a law in the law and you mean it, then inshallah Daddy will enter agenda we also have the famous Hadith as well that one of the doors of Jenna is the phrase law, how old are what are who was in Billa that I do look, Allah bobbin avoidable agenda the Hadith is in by why they've been given that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that oh my god, do you want me to tell you one of the doors of Jenna Wilde

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said yes. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, la Hola, quwata illa Billah is one of the doors of gender. So again, this symbolism of key and door, it does not mean that the door is literally the holder who syllabi law, it means that when you say this phrase over and over again and you're consistent in your doors, that in shallow data, this phrase will open up the doors to gender. So the point here is that our profit system is saying I have the miftah agenda and that is his knocking and that is his name. So love it he was selling Now, obviously, when will this occur and go back to my lecture series about the dishes.

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Scripture the Day of Judgment, this will occur after the believers cross over the entourage. Do you remember the Contra, I gave a whole lecture about contoura, that when the believers pass over that bridge, that, you know, finishes off with jahannam is underneath, and then they pass over the syrup and they get to the entourage. And the hunter will be the final place where everybody who is destined to enter Jannah, they have to resolve their internal disputes amongst themselves right, so that nobody who has any disease of the heart any, you know, pain, any suffering from another person shall be allowed to enter until that suffering is resolved, which means that good deeds will be

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transferred. But these are all righteous people, they're going to get into genda after, as we said that once you get to the stage, there's no going back. But still, there's some fine tuning some shaving off of good deeds panela to the very end, and that's why I keep on reminding our brothers and sisters that be very, very careful. A lot is afforda Rahim but mankind will not forgive, Allah shall forgive if you turn to him. But if you hurt somebody with your tongue, you steal somebody's money, you dishonor somebody, well, then that has to be resolved completely, and who's going to give up on that day they want everybody else's good deeds, so be careful of that. But when will this

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happen? After the contract, that the the the believers will go forward, the prophet system shall lead them and then he shall knock on the doors of gender, and of the blessings that we know of as well is that our own man shall be the very first oma to enter gender, we shall be ahead of the pack, out of all of the rumors There are over 100,000, almost 100,000 more than 100,000 prophets have been sent. And yet we shall be ahead of the pack, not because of me and you, but once again because of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because of the honor that Allah shall give to him that went a lot as sewage and honors him than those that are with him are also under you know, when you went

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to you know, the king wants to show you know, one of the the disciples or one of the the visitors and honor that the family is also honored because that's the whole point of it, that you're going to honor the person and the person whom he loves and whom is associated with, and so it is our blessing. We thank Allah subhana wa tada that he chose us to be of the of the Prophet sallallahu it he was seldom in honoring him, because we are His followers. We too shall get an upgrade approve early but only if we are real true followers. And what is that upgrade and privilege? How do you design a Muslim? Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No, he wrote a word Luna Yama, Yama,

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we are the last and the first on the Day of Judgment, meaning we are the last of the omus all the humans have come before us, but we shall be the first on the Day of Judgment. And then he said we're not no Oh, wait a minute hold agenda we shall be the first who is going to enter Jenna Bay, the unknown Auto keytab Republic, despite the fact that they have been given the book before us, and we have come after them. But they differed and a lot xojo guided us to the truth. So we are the last and yet we are the first on the Day of Judgment now. He wrote a willona Yama Yama and we shall be the first to enter agenda. So the owner of the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them is the first

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oma to enter Jannah no oma shall enter agenda until the owner of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has entered and his own man shall not enter until he has entered and so he shall knock on the door Salah law, why do you sell them the doors will be opened in his name. And then he shall be the very first person the first human being to enter Jenna is going to be our prophet SAW the law while he was setting them and the first oma will be his oma. So who do you think the next person is going to be? Obviously, it is a bucket of the Allahu taala and who and this is logical and common sense that it is self evident. Even if there was no Heidi we will be able to surmise and posit this, but

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there is an explicit Hadith in this regard reported in the sunon of Buddha would that the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom said and this is a beautiful Hadith. I love this idea that attorney Judy, for the VAD that gibreel came to me he held on to my hand for our Omni Baba agenda. He took me to the door of Jenna, that door that my oma is going to enter from so Abu Bakar said O Messenger of Allah, that How I wish I were with you when God took you to show you that door. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded in nikka abubaker a woman yet Hello, Jen. Let me know. Mati. Oh, aboubaker Isn't it enough that you shall be the first person to enter gender from my own

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subpanel Look, this headset is so beautiful, by the way, and I really love it. Why? So first and foremost, jabril came on a special mission. A lot of

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scented you buddy down not with why not with commandments of Highland how long not with legislation not with a news of some future event No, a loss because Julian does not go by himself woman at 10, zero 11am Arabic right? This is very explicit in the Quran gibreel cannot just decide to go and come as he pleases. Allah has to command you bleed for every movement that God does. And so a lot decided to gift the Prophet sallallahu I sent him a vision, what was that vision, God came to me to do what to show him the door of gender that my oma shall enter from and how they do that he held on to my hand Subhanallah with a sign of compassion and love, you know, you hold on to somebody's hand. And

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then you show him a blessing, right? Like again and again, I'm only giving these examples so that we understand because we are so we are so you know, impoverished intellectually that examples help. And of course to allow belongs the infinitely perfect example. But imagine a noble king who controls the entire Dominion of a lander country, he is pleased with a minister or a person or nobleman, and he holds on to this person's hand and he takes him and he's close look at this palace is yours. Look, this is yours. Imagine how that person is going to feel the happiness that will will come. And so to Allah belongs the most perfect example, our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah he was selling them was held

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by the hand of Allah angelic messenger, allows human messenger and allows angelic messenger, the two are the best of the best, the best Angel held on to the hand of the best human and Allah sent the best angel to take the hand of the best human and to show him as a gift as a blessing to show him this is real, this is true, and there is a special door demarcated for the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there are many doors of agendas we're gonna come to each other in a few minutes. And one of them is earmarked. One of them is special for our oma, it shall be the first door to be open, and it shall be the main door and it should be the door of the oma of the Prophet

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sallallahu it he was setting them and why would Allah azza wa jal do this to honor our prophets Allah love it send them to excite him and then through him to excite us as well. Literally he is being taken to the door and shown this is the door Can you imagine? I mean, dear Muslims, this is the this is the whole point for us. Our hearts should be fluttering our hearts should be racing. And just like now we get to another benefit. We bucket a Cydia. He says Yato sutala How I wish I had also been with you and again this is his closest companion and so he expresses a natural and normal desire. You had a solo law. I wish I was there as well. I wish I could see the door of Jenna and

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obviously that is a good wish but what are the other one will not be taken by Jubilee up there because that's obviously that's for the prophets to do. Still, Abubakar has the right to wish and so to calm him down to give him the good tidings. What did our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say? He said yeah bucha isn't it good enough? Emma and Danny? Oh yeah, it's good. Yeah, what can I know this is good for you, but be be content, that you shall be the first person of my own to antigen after me. So here we have the blessing of Oba. So they are the Allahu taala and that he shall be the one who will enter the gender after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And we are also told

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now against the people will be entering after Obamacare. There'll be lots and lots of people entering and we're going to come back to this point. But again, just to to emphasize a beautiful point here that our prophets Allah laquanda he was seldom said after the believers have been saved from jahannam, they shall be stopped at the Fonterra between gender. And now we talked about this entourage, and they shall have their kasasa they shall have their issue settled between them until they have been cleansed. And until they have been gotten rid of all of these things, then they shall be allowed to enter agenda. And then I swear by the one who controls my soul, every single one of

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you shall know your place in general, even better than you know how to get back home to your place here in this dunya this hadith is I buy now this is a beautiful Hadith as well, because the question that people might have is that Jenna is going to be massive there's going to be palaces are going to be houses. How will I know when my house is? How will I know? I mean, we hope Allah makes us have those batches, right? Obviously, let's not be self confident and arrogant. We always should be humble, but still we are excited as well. We should hope inshallah for the best. So the question arises, how will I know where my house is? And our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, you know, when

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you come back to the city or town, right, you go into subconscious mode, like you know, I mean, we speak from our own experiences, right? Like when you're going back, you know from the market from your workplace, you just driving you know exactly where your houses is just subconscious in your nature, right? You don't even have to think twice you just turn right and left. And if you have to explain to somebody you can't even explain to us the third road and you don't even know how to explain it's now completely ingrained in you. Our Profit System said I swear he's a kid.

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Giving custom, I swear, every one of you will find your house in general even easier than the way you find your house in this world. When you're coming back to your house panela it's going to be ingrained your inner conscience will tell you, you know, because it is your final and permanent place. It's ingrained in you, Hamas, you know where it is. You don't need directions, you don't need a map. As soon as you walk in, you're just automatically everything you will know exactly how to get there. And you will find your place in Jenna, even easier than how you find your house in this world. And therefore the first person to androgen, the first oma to enter gender. And then out of

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that oma, the first human will be abubaker, Sudhir. And then we have various categories of people. Right, so now we're going to move on to the next issue. And that is that, who will enter Jenna, out of the womb of the Prophet sallallahu. I said, and what is the priority, which will be the, the seniority of, of entering, and we know a number of things. First and foremost, we have one group of people who shall enter Jenna birajdar, his been while either without any accounting, and without any punishment, so they are done already. It's finished, you know. So, again, to give an example of this wall, that we understand that there's an examination taking place, right, there are people sitting

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the exam, and some people may be in some universities, you know, if you score a certain grade, and you've done all the assignments, and you already have an A plus or whatnot, perhaps the teacher will say, examination is exempt. You don't need to take it the final exam, you are exempt from it, there shall be a small, small, small group of people whose good deeds are so well known and so well attested to that there will be no pay sub no examination, and they will then be ahead of the line, they're going to be ahead of the queue, because everybody else is in the exam, that ASAP is going on. And there's a group that have already marched on, right. And these are profits, as I mentioned,

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and again, I'm a little bit of overlap, by the way today, going back to our previous lectures, but again, it's necessary to talk about both of them at each of their separate places. And these are the 70,000 the famous editor of ricochet one reason that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there shall be 70,000 people who shall androgen biliary hisab they're not going to be waiting over there. And of course, Akasha famously said Yasuda Allah make dua that Allah makes me amongst them, and he said, You are amongst them. And then the other Sahabi stood up and the process and said, ricochet has preceded you, I can't open this door for everybody. Akasha has preceded you. We

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also learned in one Hadith that for every 1000, there'll be another 70 and another version of a Hadeeth. For every person, there'll be another 70,000. And of course, the seven and 770 and 700, are expressions in Arabic that are meant to indicate a quantity around that region. Like we have in English a dozen times I visited you a dozen times, I called you a dozen times, or we'll say I called you 100 times you don't we don't mean exactly. But around that, you know, so 70,000 means it's a quantity that we understand roughly how much that is. And our Profit System said for everyone. In one version, he said for everyone, there'll be another 70. And that's still relatively small. It's

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just like a few million out of billions and billions and billions of people from the time of the Profit System until the day of judgment, how many billions of people are Muslims are going to be we do not know. And from them, you know, a few small quantity, we ask Allah to be amongst them, even if they are small, we still Aspire right? That's the point. Even if the number is small, why can't you and I desire and hope? Why can't we make dua to Allah that Allah make me amongst those who will enter generator his habit, what I that we should always make do to be of those small group of people, even if we know they're small, but why can't we ask Allah? Why can't we desire and put our

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trust that Allah xojo might indeed bless us in that regard. So there shall be a small amount. We think 70,000 is a lot. But right now we have 1.7 billion Muslims right now, just in one generation. Imagine all before imagine all that are going to come until the day of judgment, how many there going to be so in reality, it might seem like a large, but when you look at the numbers, it actually becomes relatively small. So the next batch of we should say one of the first batches will be of those people who yet hold the whole lunar agenda to be ready, he said that they're going to enter agenda without having to go through the hisab because the hisab is taking place and the doors have

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opened up right. So the hisab is still there, and the people are already coming in because that's the whole point of entering gender without hisab and another group will also enter gender before others and that group is going to be the full color or or the poor. And in one version, the full color of the more hygiene and this Hadith, the famous Hadith in Timothy, it has mentioned a lot of times, and it is a hadith that is very profound that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the folk are all the poor people of my own more of the Muslims. Show me

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Jenna before the rich people before the other near by half a day, and half a day, he commented. So the law Why do you sell him is 500 years, half a day is 500 years and the version of sign Muslim, the heavy says the full color of the more hygiene shall enter gender before the rich by 14, honey and honey is a unit in time, which is a long period of time. So the point being that we are told that for a many, many, many lifetimes, 500 years and the emergence of Allah This is like 10 lifetimes almost of actual living, right? And Subhanallah This is something that really, we should think long and hard about. Now. Here's the point, dear brothers and sisters, we don't want to be

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poor, none of us wants to be poor. And we thank the law that we are living many of us are living comfortable lives, we thank a lot that we have a roof over our head, we think a lot that we have food to eat, or like we don't want to be poor, we ask Allah for the good of this world and the good of the next. But let's also be honest here, those who are struggling financially, those who are in turmoil, those who are, you know, going to sleep on an empty stomach, they cannot feed their families and whatnot, and they still live, dignified a man filled lives. Surely, they deserve something. And that is why they shall enter Jenna centuries, while the rich are still hisab taking

00:31:24--> 00:32:05

place, right? While the rich have to account for every single penny, there should be some reward, there should be some perks and benefit. And so for many centuries, tapana last centuries. And so ask yourself that. I mean, of course we want the easy, good life, but this good life we have it's only a few decades, so only a few decades. How long can we live and reality? I mean, don't look at 7080 years in reality, how long are you actually an adult and you're enjoying the richest 4050 years at max right? So 500 years of Baraka of that basically 10 lifetimes are being given to the full cut off that they shall be enjoying basking in the pleasures of gender swimming in the streams of gender,

00:32:05--> 00:32:44

eating and drinking and living in their palaces for centuries, while the rich have to account still for every single penny, and all that they have earned, and all that they have spent on. And so even though we don't want to live poor lives, if a lot of Georgian has tested somebody with that, they should take much consolation, much consolation that Allah will give them to a way that they will be more than happy. And they shall have the blessings and the perks. Now, by the way, ignore your comments on this, that there are two separate blessings, do not confuse them. There's the blessings of sequence of entering. And then there's the blessings of the level of agenda, the two are

00:32:44--> 00:33:23

separate. This does not mean that everybody who enters earlier will be higher than everybody who enters later, the two are separate. And each of them is a blessing in and of itself. So some people who enter from the first batches shall have the very highest places, and some will enter from the first batches, she'll have some of the lower places, and some who enter after them shall have the highest places higher than those who entered some of them who entered before, and some shall be in the lower places. So the two are independent blessings. So the point being, it is possible that a person who is struggling financially, we'll enter gender before but his other good deeds are

00:33:23--> 00:34:00

mediocre. And so they will be where they deserve. And a person who was extremely wealthy will have longer time to account for but because he was generous, and because he did this and that and because and because that eventually that when they do enter, they shall enter and they will go to a much, much higher place because of the piety through their wealth. So do not confuse the two, there is the sequence of entering and then there is the level of occupation. Each of those are separate blessings. And they do not necessarily they're not correlated. And there's an explanation of this from being a pastor of the Taliban, which is mentioned some of the books of Tafseer. And if not, you

00:34:00--> 00:34:38

mentioned this and by the way, as I said, as I have said many times one of the most comprehensive books written which I'm actually benefiting a lot from during these series is even a claim has a nice volume had the AWS flag which is basically description of gender. And in that book, he mentions this narration that we've been about for the long run that had been above said that there's going to be two Muslims friends basically, that they are together on their way to gender but one of them was rich and one of them was poor. And so the poor person will be allowed to enter and he shall stay there for as long as Allah wills waiting for the rich one meaning the rich one hasn't come until

00:34:38--> 00:35:00

finally when the rich one enters Jenna the poor person will say that Where have you been? I waited for you until I thought that you didn't get in right like he's lifetimes have gone and the rich person has not been inside so the poor person got worried what's going on until finally when they meet up the rich person will say that that you know basic What can I tell you that I was called to account for everything.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

And I was basically I'm trying paraphrasing, I was squeezed and rinsed, you know, so much so that even if a powerful camel were to do so it would basically collapse but, but I had to answer for everything that I had earned. And then after this, I was given leeway. And now I am inside Jenna. So if an Ibis explained that the reason why there's the delay, which we understand from other texts as well is that obviously the rich person has to account for all that they have earned, and for how they spent it. Whereas the poor person, there is less accounting because out of the five questions on the Day of Judgment, the two of them are related to wealth, how it was earned, and what it was

00:35:39--> 00:36:24

spent on. We ask Allah for haffi and mafell. So the point being that the people who are poor shall enter Jenna, before the people who are rich and this is a blessing to them for the difficulties that they have undergone in this world. Another thing that we learn as well is that the doors of Jenna are vast, they are wide. And we know from the Quran or from the Sunnah, in particular, that the doors of gender are eight. Now the Koran mentions the doors of jahannam or 772. Above the doors of jahannam or seven ahaadeeth mentioned a number of ahaadeeth mentioned that the doors of Jen are eight Okay, so just to point to fact, we believe the doors of general eight but this is not found in

00:36:24--> 00:37:09

the Quran, it is found in the Hadith, and the Hadith mentions that there are a two where does it mention there are a number of ahaadeeth of them is the heightened cyber hottest Muslim sahalie been inside narrative that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Phil genetti femora. Nia to have werb, Jenna has eight doors, and there is one door that is called a rayyan. And none shall enter it except those who were continuously fasting, or rayyan is the name of one of the H doors, okay, now, the other names of the doors are not known to us. We know for some of them concepts, we know for some of them that the one who does this shall enter that door. But we do not have names.

00:37:09--> 00:37:52

The only in the authentic hadith, the only name that is mentioned is the name of rayyan and raian, the concept of rayyan or the name, it means the one who shall be allowed to drink until they have fulfilled their thirst quenching, right. So rayyan means that you will drink until you will never be thirsty, they're never going to be thirst from there. So this is the door of our young. So the Hadith is clear. There are eight doors of gender. Now, by the way, why are there eight doors of gender, and seven to Johanna, even though there are less people in gender than gender. So there are more people in jahannam and less in gender, and yet gender has more doors. Is that clear? The

00:37:52--> 00:38:33

question right? jahannam has far more people than gender. And for every one person in gender, there might be 900 1000 in jahannam, the majority of people will not want to thank a lot properly, and the living, selfish lifestyles, rejecting a lot of blessings on them. And so we believe that though nobody who we believe that anybody who does not pay attention to their spiritual needs anybody who does not care about discovering why they're here thinking about life, anybody who's basically living an animalistic lifestyle, that that person has really closed the doors on himself or herself to Allah's mercy, and anybody who's sincere. We also believe that those who are genuinely sincere and

00:38:33--> 00:39:14

they strive that inshallah tada that Allah xojo will bless them. So the point being that why are there more doors to agenda and the response is that a lot is indicating that his rahama overcomes his either, even though there are more people in jahannam, but Allah is more, and whoever wants it shall get it. And so the opportunities to come to gender are more, even though the majority people are ending up in gender, that's the fault of the people as for the paths and as for Allah rahima it is favoring gender. So it's easier to get to gender theoretically in the sense that Allah will forgive if you want to less forgiveness and Allah shall grant if you ask Allah subhana wa Taala but

00:39:14--> 00:39:55

the majority of mankind will not do that. So this hadith also mentioned there are eight doors of gender. Another Hadith assigned Muslim Urban rhodiola one said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that anybody who does that will do and he perfects the will do, he does it all the way and he does it three times the way that it's supposed to be done right? Anybody who does the will do and he does it perfectly. Then he testifies to Allah, Allah illallah wa who la sharika What should I do and then Mohammed Abu who were a pseudo allama Jaya limited to well being whoever says this, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said footie Allah who will genitive samanya all eight doors once again

00:39:55--> 00:40:00

eight as mentioned, all eight doors agenda shall be open for him and he can end

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

Which whichever door that he wants to now, once again the point here, and this is a very interesting idea that I just give a hope about the blessings of will do, why is we'll do such a big deal Why is we'll do link to so much blessings because the only person who cares about doing will do is the one who prays The only person otherwise you don't do. So the one who's constantly doing will do is the one who is constantly praying. And the one who constantly prays is obviously also fully aware of the other obligations and abstaining from the major sins. You see, the one who regularly prays proves that that person has a level of God consciousness, a level of taqwa and that's what Allah says, In

00:40:43--> 00:41:24

the salata, tenha and fascia, it will Moncure prayer, it acts as a barrier to indecency and to evil deeds so and what is the key to the prayer is the will do so it's all linked together. It's not just it's not that just doing the will do will cause you to walk into gender, it's that will do is an indication of piety. And when you do will do it automatically implies that you're going to be praying regularly and when you pray regularly, it implies that you're going to be doing all of the other good deeds and therefore our Profit System directly linked will do to opening up the doors of Jenna also in another Hadith inside behati beautiful Hadith as well, that our Prophet sallallahu

00:41:24--> 00:41:36

alayhi wa sallam said man and Falco zoji Nieman shaman JVC DLA to Allah that whoever now this by the way a lot of people miss miss interpret this hadith and they miss translate I've seen very

00:41:37--> 00:41:51

Miss understandings of this translation of this hadith some have translated this that whoever has two wives and they transit is oh Jane has two hours and that's a big mistake. That's not the meaning here. That xo Jane here means

00:41:52--> 00:42:03

either two categories of good deeds or good so sorry, forgot to translate the heading whoever gives charity to so Jane to choose OGE right?

00:42:04--> 00:42:41

Eliza Joe will allow the doors of gender to call out to Him. Oh, Abdullah, come here. This is good. And then the head goes on. We're gonna come there. Now. What does it mean whoever gives charity to choose OGE to xo Jane, it doesn't mean to two wives It doesn't mean those who have two arms are automatically entering gender that's not what the head at all implies, right? What the Hadith implies is one of two things number one some have interpreted Oh Jane here to mean because the so the the duality is used for the plural in Arabic is very common. So So Jane can mean one did hum and then another did one did not. And then another dinner, the point being whoever continues to give

00:42:41--> 00:43:20

charity one after the other you can say successively that could be one translation. Another translation, I was oh Jane here would be whoever does two deeds of charity in two separate fields. So for example, sponsoring the orphan and then building the masjid, right. And the point once again, the duality is to indicate plurality. So whatever does different projects with his wife, whoever, you know, bills, the hospital, whoever feeds the hungry, and then sponsors the orphan and then gives to the masjid. So that's what so Jane here means is that you are, I am both by the way, so there's no contradiction between these two. Either you keep on giving, or you give to different causes.

00:43:20--> 00:44:02

That's the point here. So whoever is generous in this manner, a lot xojo will ask the doors of genda to call out to Him or Abdullah or servant of Allah, you have done good. And then the prophets have said, Whoever was from the people of Salah shall be called from the door of Salah. So there is a door of Salah right? There is a door that those who especially were punctual in their prayers regularly prayed that they shall enter from that door, and whoever was from the people of jihad shall go through the door of jihad, and whoever was from the people that charity shall go from the people of charity, and whoever was from the door of fasting shall go from the door of rayyan. So

00:44:02--> 00:44:35

these are four doors mentioned there are four more we do not know the rest of them, but the assumption is that there will be doors for specific good deeds. So inshallah We hope that this is a door for the people of knowledge and those that are teaching and preaching now there's there's over the Koran, we hope inshallah, but it's not something explicit there. But we hope that these are other doors, that there are various good deeds that will be done that are especially pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so there's a special door earmarked for those that are doing those types of deeds. So the prophets has mentioned this Hadeeth

00:44:36--> 00:44:56

aboubaker. So the rhodiola one was sitting there, and I worker said that all messenger of Allah, whichever door a person is called, is great. There's no harm whichever door you're in gentlemen Alhamdulillah but is there any one that shall be called from all eight doors?

00:44:57--> 00:44:59

Our prophets Allah law while he was selling

00:45:00--> 00:45:37

said yes, indeed. And I'm optimistic Oh Bucher that you shall be one of them. So behind Allah Subhana Allah What an amazing Hadith? Well, I this hadith once again, is just silence as you, I mean, obviously, of the benefits of this Hadith, the most obvious benefit is that whichever good deed that, that people have different good deeds, right, and not everybody can do everything, you know, at the same level. And for some people, fasting is what they like to do. And that's their main good deed. And for others, charity is their main good deed. And for others it is this and for others it is that and so whichever is the good deed, that is the most easiest and precious to you do it as

00:45:37--> 00:46:15

much as you can make it your main habit. Why? Because Jen shall be given based upon that good deed that you are especially fond of that you do the most, there are eight different categories. And perhaps you might not be the best in one of them. But as long as you pass in one, and so the opportunities are there, as long as you really do good and one of them in shallow Tada, one of the doors will call you. And so will Bukka said, whichever door calls you you're in, no problem and hamdulillah. But there will be people that two doors will be calling their name, and you can choose between them. And three doors and four doors and five doors and eight doors. All eight doors will be

00:46:15--> 00:46:50

calling your name isn't all of them, whichever one you want. And it will work at a studio and this is what I really find amazing panela you see, most of us when we hear this Heidi to like, I wonder which door I can do I wonder which door is my easiest one. But see, that's me and you. As soon as a bucket. Here's the last one look at where his mind goes. I mean, this is just another level as we say in English, right? This is just a whole different level. Me and you were just like, if I just get in crawling to the very last door, I'll be happy and you know, yes, we will be happy I agree. But see, I will also do is I will look at so there. He is not asking what's the lowest? He's not

00:46:50--> 00:47:31

asking where's the very last person? He is aiming to be number one. And that's why he is abubaker are the low Thailand. He says you have a school of law? Can somebody be called by all eight simultaneously? Look at where his mind goes, look at his his framework of thinking, right? And this is what our religion teaches us you have to aim high aim for the very top, you go for the very highest. And you know that that's very difficult to get. But if you don't even aim to get there, how will you possibly get there? If you don't even look at that? How will you possibly get there? And so I will look at a study wants to be that person. And the Prophet system told him Yes, indeed. And you

00:47:31--> 00:48:01

know, if he hadn't asked this question, we would forever be wondering that will a person be called from multiple doors or not. But he did ask that question. And we thank our workers for the for the Aloha and for asking that question. Because he asked it we know the answer. And now the answer is yes, indeed, there will be people call from multiple doors. And then our Profit System said I'm optimistic or worker, you will be one who is called by all eight doors and that is the status and the macom. of worker also the Theologian and so there will be people that

00:48:02--> 00:48:45

will be called from these multiple doors. Now we have another mention of these eight doors and a group that is going to be called by them. And this is a hadith in the Muslim Ummah with a very interesting Heidi from respectively Abdullah, that he said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever loses three children before the age of puberty, and he is patient at this will find all eight doors of Jenna open and he can enter whichever one he wishes. Now, once again, by the way, the reason I'm pointing this heading that was for the H doors, I'm now proving to you through all of these headings I mentioned to five headings at least, that mentioned the H doors of gender.

00:48:45--> 00:49:26

And that's the whole point here. But we learned another thing from this Hadeeth as well. And that is that the the one of the categories of those who will enter the agenda are those who have suffered tragedies and calamities, and they were patient at those calamities, and it is possible that patients alone will put you in front of the line and allow all of the eight doors because remember these eight doors are sila and siyam and Jihad and whatnot but there are people they might not have the Jihad than the solid and the SEO to that level. They don't have it but they have one thing and that one thing will push them all the way to the front of the line and they will have all eight

00:49:26--> 00:50:00

doors calling their name and what is that we can call it tragedy. We can call it pain and suffering that is a very difficult type. And this is best illustrated in losing the child because you know as the saying goes that there is no pain that is more difficult than that of losing a child there's no pain that is more difficult than that's, you know those who have gone undergone it they have undergone it those the rest of us we only can express our sympathies and magdoff for them we will not we don't know that pain except that those that have gone through it. And by the way, so again, point here I've said this in other lectures, I need to apply

00:50:00--> 00:50:29

You're going to a bit of a tangent here, you know, the Hadeeth. Sam says two or three or whatnot, we need to understand your Muslims, that mortality rates were unbelievably high back in the past. In fact, there was a survey done by some historians, historians of science, well known research paper done, I think, a decade ago, where they calculated very meticulously for medieval Europe, like 1500 euros, this is Europe 1500, they calculated that

00:50:31--> 00:51:19

a quarter of children, a quarter of children died in the first year of life, and almost 50% of children died before the age of puberty, okay. And we have to understand, like, we live in a very, very privileged world where the death of a child is very rare. And we thank Allah for that. In fact, in America, it's less than point 5% mortality rate point 5%, right. Whereas it used to be 25%. And basically 25% of children would die in the first year, and 50% of children for whatever reason, did not live to the age of puberty, this is in Europe, by the way, in seventh century, Arabia would have been even more than this. And of course, that's because of many reasons. I mean, plagues and disease

00:51:19--> 00:51:51

and pestilence and, you know, wars whatnot, we have, we have one of the one of the hallmarks of modernity is that we have Allah has blessed us to raise the bar of medicine, even in developing countries, generally speaking, mortality rates are exponentially lower than they used to be right, that they are extremely miniscule, compared to even what 100 years ago was. And so when our profit system is saying two or three, we need to understand that pretty much everybody loves to travel back to them. And that's why By the way, children,

00:51:53--> 00:52:27

the average number of children again, this, this research researcher calculated for Europe was around six to eight children, right, that was 1500, by the way, six to eight children. And still, the growth rate was very, very small, because the mortality rate was so Hi. So people had a lot more children. And it was understood that children would die, a very common thing to die. And so to lose 123 children, that's why I had these mentioned, whoever loses to whoever mentioned loses three, because, you know, you want to raise the bar a little bit for the people there. Otherwise, everybody pretty much is losing one child that's like this, this is to give. So we need the reason I'm saying

00:52:27--> 00:53:12

this, why am I being this little bit of a morbid, why? Because in our times, to lose one child, to be honest, it is true to say it is more traumatic, potentially, even though we shouldn't compare grievances. But society wise, it is more traumatic than somebody losing two, or maybe even three children 1000 years ago in those societies, the rarity of it is more in our times, then to lose two or three children, statistically speaking, fewer couples lose one child and our times, then would lose three children back then. And the reason I say this is that the the whole purpose of going into this tangent is merely to reassure those couples who might have lost a child Allah has tested them

00:53:12--> 00:53:51

that don't be disheartened when you read numbers like when two children die when three children die, because insha Allah, Allah, Allah is Rahim, Allah is recommend a lot as much as ever Merciful. These numbers were meant for a time and place where they made sense in Shaolin. Our times we can extrapolate from it that any couple that loses a child in their patient, inshallah, tada, all eight doors of Jenna will be calling them also, we can inshallah as well extrapolate the concept and that is that the child has mentioned to you to literature tragedy, okay. Sometimes there are tragedies that are different than losing a child right tragedies of you know, maybe a war that is extremely

00:53:51--> 00:54:34

traumatic, something happens. So, in sha Allah, the point is that look, always be optimistic, always read in positives, insha Allah, anybody who has suffered a severe tragedy that strikes to the core, and this patient at that, right, that's the point here, that, that in UFOs, sobre, una Xuan behind it is that you want to be solid. So we read from all of these genres of Hadith that insha Allah, Allah, anybody who is extremely patient, that person will ensure a lota Allah be of those upon whom all eight doors of Jenna or inviting and so inshallah with this we come to the conclusion of today's we're going to continue from where we left off, there's still some more things to discuss about the

00:54:34--> 00:55:00

doors of gender. But today we talked about the fact that the people who enter agenda will be entering in different batches, different timeframes, right, and that certain people will be privileged over others, and of those that are privileged will be the poor people. And of course, our own is privileged over all other omens and then we talked about the doors of gender and their quantity and the fact that each one is associated with a good deed and that multiple people can be called by most

00:55:00--> 00:55:13

To build doors, we still have to talk about the sizes of those doors and other aspects how wide they are. That will be a shallow topic continuation in our next lecture. Until then Chuck below here on Santa Monica barakato