Why all most all Non Muslims do not followed their scriptures which clearly say that God is One

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AI: Summary © A customer, Giovanni, questions why most non-Mahdi Muslims do not follow theirherewithings, as seen in the Scriptures. The agent explains that most of them do not read scriptures and encourage followers to be like Jesus, as Jesus is the one who leads the world. The agent also discusses the importance of acceptance of Islam and embracing it, as non-Mahdi Muslims will eventually have to start offering alcohol and wear the Hospital for their spiritual health.
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The next question Assalamualaikum I'm Giovanni from Jammu and Kashmir India. Why do most or almost all non Muslims don't follow their scriptures? The Scriptures clearly say that God is one without a second. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as the Messenger of Allah. Please explain

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many of the followers

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of the major world religions, for example, Hinduism, Christianity, unfortunately, they do not read their scriptures. That is the reason they do not know what is mentioned the scriptures regarding monotheism, regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And besides this, the pundits, they prevent their followers from reading the scriptures. They do not encourage their followers reading the scriptures. That's the reason the followers they are not aware of what the Scriptures say regarding monotheism, regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It is very important the Hindus, the Christians, that they read their scriptures, and after they read the Scripture, they shall

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realize that the scriptures clearly mentioned regarding monotheism, many people, they fear that if they accept Islam, if they become a Muslim, they will have to leave their lifestyle, they will have to stop having alcohol, they will have to stop having poke, they will have to start offering Salah, the woman have to wear the hijab. So all these things they find a difficult. That's the reason many of them, they do not accept Islam, but a person the moment he realizes that Islam it is the correct religion, he should embrace Islam. And the practice will come slowly and gradually. But the most important thing is tawheed. That is the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. So non Muslim if he

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realizes that Islam is the correct religion, he should accept it immediately, without delay