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Biology in the Quran

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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In the subject of biology,

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the Quran says in Surah ambia chapter number 21 was committed to a nominal mycologia in a human noon, we have made from water every living thing will not then believe. Imagine in the deserts of Arabia. The Quran says, We have made from water every living thing who could have believed in it? today after science advanced we have come to know that every living creature has got cells and the basic substance of cell cytoplasm, which contains what 80% water and today science tells us that every living creature contains about 50 90% water.

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Quran mentions renewal, chapter number 24 verse 45, we have created every living animal from water. The Quran says in Surah Furqan chapter number 25 verse number 54. We have created every human being from water.

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In the field of botany, previously we did not know that even the plants have got sexes, male and female. We have come to know about this recently, recently, 100 years back 200 years back 200 years back.

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The Quran says in Surah Taha chapter number 2153, it is Allah subhana wa Taala, who centers on water from the sky.

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And with it brings various pairs of plants,

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each separate from the other. That's a big word used is separate from the other, meaning male and female. The Arabic word used in the verse of the Quran is as watch, meaning spouses,

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sexes, male or female. So Quran says that every kind of plant

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has been made in two sexes, male and female.

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And really, science tells us that all the plants that have got male and female sexes, even the unisexual, a plant that distinct characteristic of male and female. The Quran says in Surah Roth chapter 13, verse number three, we have created every kind of fruit and pears, two and two, even the fruits are created in male and female.

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And today we know that the superior plants, the end stages the fruit before that stage is the flower which has got statement that overrules male and female and pollen comes and fertilizes and then we have the fruit having distinct characteristic of male and female, even the parthenocarpic fruits.

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Even they like banana, figs, certain types of pineapple, oranges, they have distinct characteristics. These are unfertilised fruits, flowers from unfertilized, the fruits obtain even their distinct characteristics of male and female.

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The Quran says

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in Surah, Yaseen

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chapter number 36

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was number 36.

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It is Allah subhanho wa Taala. Who has created every animal in pairs, and human being in pairs, and even things which you know, and don't know. Allah says, He has created everything in pairs. So besides human beings, animals lands, even things which we don't know. Today we know that things like electricity

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also have got positive and negative electrons and protons.

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And many things which we don't know. So Allah says, He has created everything in pairs.

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Then you we know other things we don't know.