The Spiritual Ladder – Undoing The Wrong Done To A Deceased

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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were bad. In English, they say life is so short, there isn't enough time to love. I don't know where people find time to hate. Sadly and unfortunately as humans, sometimes we enter into a fight or an argument or an altercation with a person. And before we can reconcile or patch up the relation, one out of the two passes on and the other lives with severe regret. Now the question is, if I've lost a person with whom I did not reconcile, is there any measure through which I can atone for this year? Is there any way through which I can apologize? So I came across a very profound quotation, which gives hope and

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hence I share it in the spirit of hope. So, the Hadith appears in both Bukhari and Muslim about the person in the previous Ummah, who committed the heinous crime of killing 100 people. And they after he met a pious man who told him in particular the cassava, for in a fee harness and Yabu, Donna law, Family Law, that go to a particular place and worship the almighty there, and he will accept your Toba and your forgiveness, the man obliged And off he went to this particular place. But as he was heading to that locality, it was the time for him to leave this world and he meets the angel of death and route to that place and his soul is removed, and he departs from this world. And the

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Hadith says that Allah forgave him great the mercy of Allah Almighty,

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Allah and who can forgive besides the Almighty. However, academically there is a question which the Shura and the commentators have Hadith Razia, and more particularly happy libnah hotjar Rahim Allah has addressed this in his commentary of Buhari fatale Bari, he says that what could you scalo Allah toe battle party? I know it'll take about them and yet I like to be very bad that Allah forgive this person. However the nature of his crime was such that humans were victims of his wrong so we have two types of offenses right for Coppola, you disobey Allah you did not perform your Salah you did not observe you're you're fasting, etc, etc. You did not discharge the car and then violation to

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humans. You're backbiting you're gossiping, you're slandering, etc. So the nature of this man's offense was that he had killed humans, they were victims to his crime. And the ruling is when it comes to a bad law. For in Africa Hey, Bill, happy that go to the person and apologize to him. And until and unless he does not forgive you, Allah will not forgive you. So how do we reconcile the pattern of this person against the crime of 100 people and all these victims were dead, so half Hydra mala answers, and Allah is a copy lotto battle card in the cafe who has me that when Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted his Toba, Allah sufficed on his behalf for his victims. When Allah

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accepted the repentance of this murderer, then Allah sufficed. And on this the scholars say that when you've heard someone, then try every possible means to atone and compensate for him, when I can see that there is a beside it or reduce the burden of malfeasance it but if for whatever reason, you cannot locate that person or his past on and you've exhausted every measure, then you continue making dua for him. Your Raja Minho, Kabuto but he based on this narration, we optimistic that Allah will forgive you. So the message is hope my brother, whether you have disobeyed Allah or you have offended someone, you've heard your parents and they've moved on. continue asking Allah for

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forgiveness. We are optimistic, Allah will forgive you. I mean, you're