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Al-Insan 1-31 Tafsir 23-31

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In nanana, zelner alagille, an atom Zilla? Indeed it is we who have sent down to you or Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the Quran, how have we sent it down to you, then Xena progressively gradually, meaning we have divided it into parts instead of revealing all of it at once. And this is a special quality that is specific to the Quran mean only Quran was revealed like this gradually one part after the other.

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And why is it sort of the Quran was revealed in this way. In certificado, i a 32 return kinetically must have beta V, for other in order to strengthen your heart by it often out of data.

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In total, israa i 106, we learn record and photo canavalia Takara horrorland, nasionale maakten, when is the neighborhood and zillah.

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So it was easier for the profits on a lot of them to take. And it was easy for him to pass on as well. Because imagine if the entire Quran was revealed at once, it would be difficult for him to absorb it, it would be difficult for people to take it.

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So it was and gradually because of this reason, and also so that it would strengthen his heart because it was revealed according to the need of the situation. And we see that the people of Makkah, they used to object, we don't call on record alladhina cafaro Lola noziroh, legal Khurana Joomla, tanwar. Haida, how come the Quran has not been revealed to him in just one go. So Allah says, it is like this, why in order to strengthen your heart, and

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it was necessary for the profits of about a seminar to gain that strength from the Quran, that every time he was in a situation guidance came from a loss of primal data. And when a person receives support, or in this way, then he's able to better understand.

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Think about it. Those ions which you studied, which were relevant to you, at the moment when you were studying them?

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Do you remember them very well, very well.

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But those ions, which were not as relevant to you, at a time, when you were studying them as relevant, then what happens? You tend to forget them,

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you don't tend to understand them as well.

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So in order for the profits that allowed them to pass on the Quran, he had to take it in really well. And this is why, according to the situation, Allah subhanaw taala will reveal.

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We learn Yeah, you have a soul Bulma onzie de la Cava, he was supposed to convey everything and you can only convey forward when you've taken it in well,

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and to convey what is it that a person needs? First, barely hochma Arabic, so be patient for the decision of your Lord, the patient for the home of your Lord, which hokum is this?

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The command to convey the command to deliver so be patient over it. Meaning, don't give up too quickly. Don't be hasty. Be patient over this command, Allah has commanded you and you have to have more

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than her can can also be understood as the other commands that have been given. So be patient over them, meaning, observe them properly.

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and hook them over here can also be understood as the decision of your Lord to pass in your favor of victory for you, and defeat for your enemy. So be patient for that time. Meaning yes, these people are opposing you. They're denying you they have enmity towards you. Be patient for the command of your Lord,

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whatever to Thurman home, and do not obey. do not obey men home from these people from who, from those who disbelieve, don't obey a human, a sinful one, aka fura or an ungrateful.

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Don't listen to these people, especially those who are sinful, and those were ungrateful.

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Now we see over here, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given a huge responsibility to convey the Quran.

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And this is something that we should also take upon ourselves, because we learned that abroad are who those who do a lot of different types of good deeds, and you foreigner, when every now that is not something mandatory, however, you make it mandatory on yourself as a woman, you could say it's not my responsibility to convey this message forward. But however, as a person of the Muslim woman, you are required to pass on the knowledge you have learned, because a person will be questioned about his when he learned it, what did you do with it? Did he applied or not? Did he pass it on or not?

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So, if a person takes on this responsibility, which he must in whatever capacity he can, what do we learn from this ayah sub it is necessary. Without suffer a person cannot can be. He cannot convey why.

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Because sometimes you have to bear the opposition of other people. You have to bear hardships along the way because of all the destitute. You might wonder what I'm supposed to be studying the Quran things should get easy for me

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But they're only getting difficult. A person might think like this. But Allah subhanaw taala sends hardships a person's way, why? He's testing him. Because the more severe he will do, the more reward he will have.

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Similarly, when a person is fulfilling this responsibility, this commitment, many times the difficulty means that before he was very popular, and now he's not as popular before, people didn't say anything to him, and now everybody's speaking against him. Before people acknowledged his efforts, and now people don't even acknowledge his efforts. Before people were perfectly fine with him, all of a sudden people are becoming envious of him. People who are your friends before, now they're not your friends anymore.

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So at this time, what does a person need? What does he need? Southern. So therefore, first, when they hooked me up with the patient for the command of your Lord.

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And if you look at the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he faced every kind of opposition, from hazards of delivering obey what was his problem, as it is in itself. Similarly, the arrogance, the tyranny, the oppression of so many other people, their opposition for no genuine reason, every kind of suffering he faced in the way of Allah, hunger, fear, loss of lives, loss of wealth, every kind of difficulty hardship he faced. There were people who attacked him. Why in order to kill him, there were people who attacked him in order to dishonor him.

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Isn't it to

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every kind of hardship he faced in the way of Allah. But what do we learn here for spell arithmetic, he was patient, he was patient, and when a person is patient, then his reward is great. Because Allah will test you, regardless, he will test you regardless. So you have to be patient.

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And then the next thing that is mentioned over here is that one out there are men who matthewman aka fula. Don't listen to them. Because they are acting, they're sinful, and they're ungrateful.

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So you don't listen to them. They tell you to stop. You don't listen to them. Because sometimes it will happen. People will tell you, why are you making it so difficult on yourself? Take it easy. Take a break. Don't do this. Allah has not made life difficult for you. Why are you making it difficult for yourself? People will say things like this.

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But think about it. What drives you to do what you're doing is gratitude. And those people, they have everything. They could do so much work, but it's out of ingratitude. They're not doing what they should be doing.

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So don't listen to them.

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We learned that he said to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once said, we have seen no other man of Arabia, who has brought so great a calamity to a nation as you have done.

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You have outraged our gods and religion and tax our forefathers and Wiseman with impiety and error and created strife amongst us, our forefathers, we considered them to be so respectable and you say that they are not biased and they were astray. So you have created strife amongst us, you have left no stone unturned to estrange their relations with us, meaning we have such bad relations with you amongst ourselves because of you. If you are doing all of this with a view to getting wealth, we will join together to give you greater riches than any coercion has ever possessed.

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If ambition moves you, we will make you our chief. If you desire kingship, we will readily offer you that but to stop what you're doing. Just stop what you're doing.

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What does Allah say? Learn to thirimanne home, demon. Without before, don't listen to such people. As human Okafor, don't listen to them, don't obey them, rather keep doing your work.

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So it shows that when a person is in this way, he will face many temptations evil people will tempt him. People will make him feel guilty. And he will wonder really isn't worth it. What I'm doing.

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People will make you feel guilty about what you're doing. Look at how Earth was set to the Prophet sallallahu. We have not seen any other man Arabia, who has brought distress to our nation, then you

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as if you say that you are the worst of us, making him feel guilty. The prophets of Allah said he was so careful. He never hit a woman. He never hit a child a slave. He would never do that. He was so careful.

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And imagine what kind of words or advice

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that you have brought so much disaster to us.

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So people will make you feel guilty sometimes, but don't listen to them. Because you're doing this for the sake of Allah. You keep doing what you're doing.

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What good is part of Baker bukata was Lila and mentioned the name of your Lord in morning and an evening. mentioned the name of your Lord during prayer, outside of prayer when because in mourning

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Also asleep. What is becoming early morning so it refers to

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the morning and asleep is what? Late afternoon evening, the end part of the day, the time between ourselves and Margaret. So it refers to the evening book rotten, we're asleep that morning I've got an also evening. So I mentioned the name of your Lord especially at those times. Why?

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Because for patients, a person needs strength and where does he get that strength from?

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The legal of Allah, Allah basically lay in Nakuru, that is where you get your strength from.

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A woman a lady first Judah who and during the night prostrate to him, was a bear who and exalt Him Leyland Tomita along part of the night

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during the night prostrate to him

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and also was a bear who Leyland talena and do his this beer for a long part of the night bolita some new cutters thought well, what a stormy length of something terrain, long tall high.

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Now lane and Polina What does it mean long night? What it means over here is this be Hannah Whelan, meaning this be for long periods of time when in the night. So in the night also prostrate to him. And secondly, in particular in the night, what should you do? What should you do the spear because this is very, very important for a diary to have a strong connection with Allah

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and in order to have a strong connection with Allah what is necessary

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are different different forms of Riba the the speed,

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similarly, such the making there are to Allah. And we have learned earlier in sort of Muslim India, you will Muslim will come in later in how much or when cosmin who kalida was either a lady or a telco. So, first Judah who was a bit who Laden.

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Now, over here, what Guzman of bakeable cotton was Lila woman, and lately this has been understood in another way as well that first of all, they could, so Morning, Good evening, God in the nightosphere and in particular essentially so Dora and others have said that this refers to solar. So book cottonwood reader, book color refers to I just want to assign refers to the hood in our solar and Mena lane. It refers to McRib and Rochelle Sala and Sabir who Leyland Davila. This refers to the tahajjud prayer

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and in sort of Israel is 79 also we learned woman and Lady for the head jB nanofiller

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Takara bukoba Carmen

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in her Ola buena La Jolla indeed these people they love the immediate they love dunya

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those who oppose you, those who tell you don't strive in the way of Allah leave it Why are you taking it hard on yourself? Why do they say this? It's because they love dunya they love Arjuna they love that which comes quickly and goes away quickly. So, for example, a person does something like a charitable work or he goes and work somewhere and he demands some kind of return or he demands some kind of appreciation at least thank me I want a thank you note.

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I want an acknowledgement email. I want a letter of acknowledgement or something like that. Why is it so because a person loves Elijah dunia comes quickly. reward of this dunya comes quickly.

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Where the rune our home Yeomans tequila, and they leave behind them a grave day a very heavy day.

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We're over here also gives meaning of a man they leave behind meaning they completely ignore or they leave before them which is coming from before them. They have left it meaning they don't prepare for it. They're not concerned for it. They're not working towards it. Yeomans tequila, the day of judgment, Allah describes it as sucky. What does appeal mean? heavy. How is it heavy?

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How is it heavy?

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It will be very heavy on the people, because people will be recompensed on that day for what they have done.

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So in the heart will let you have buena La Jolla Arjuna were the una hora, homeodomain, tequila. And notice how it has been said in the day. They are like this. What does it mean? You should not be like this. They want to near your goal your target should not be they leave after you should not leave a

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national Kanaka home. We have created them. If you think about it. Allah is the one who has created us. And still a person could say something like I don't have time. I don't have time for the I don't have time for the deen. I don't have time to pray.

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For example, you call someone to listen to a lecture you call someone to a class. You call someone to that meal and they say no, I'm too busy. And you tell them you try to convince them. You should come to this

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Come for that reason make time out from here make time out from there, but they make one excuse after the other versus national holiday. Isn't it amazing? Allah is the one who has created the people.

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And they don't have time for him.

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Allah has given us everything we have. And yet we can say, I don't have time. I cannot do this. I cannot make time for such and such. If Allah has created you, Allah has given you everything you have.

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Then you must take time out for him. You must take time out for his Deen, you must take time out to do something to please Him.

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nanoha, Laconia home, wash a sa home and strengthen their forums. As acid is from the root letters, Hamza seen Ra. And a seed is from the same root as well who is a seed a prisoner, as it is basically to bind a prisoner. And we see that prisoners they're bound together, they're tied up, they're shackled up. And acid is used for Hulk for form shaped body. Why?

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Because if you look at the human body, if you look at the form of the human being, how is it it's all

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tied together, it's all connected together. How if for example, your limbs, your joints, they're all joined together, then the nervous system that's in the body, then so many systems organs that allows a pattern is based on the body, all of them are connected together jointly that they're functioning together.

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So why should they not assume we have strengthened their joints, we have strengthened their bodies, their farms, their frames, we have made them very firm.

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I mean, it takes a lot for a joint to break, it takes a lot for a muscle to break, it takes a lot for a limb to break. It's not that, you know like vegetables, you just snap them very easily, they'll come into two pieces in your hands. Similarly a piece of wood, you could do that. But a human body you can't just go click and break the bone. No way. It's not as simple

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as Oh, Allah has made their bodies very firm with either Sheena and when we will. But then 11 w de la, we can change their likenesses with complete alteration. But then I'm selling I'm selling is a Florida muscle and muscle over here gives a meaning of their appearance.

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So we can change them, the dealer completely how that ally is the one who has created our bodies. He is the one who has made our bodies firm. so that we are able to move, stretch, walk, carry things do so many things with our bodies.

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And Allah is the one who still has control over our bodies, meaning if he wants, he can completely change our forms how

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that sometimes it happens for no apparent reason. All of a sudden, a person's hand starts hurting a person's limbs, they start hurting, or a person develops some disease so that their muscles they're not strong anymore, they don't function properly anymore. And also as a person ages, how the body deteriorates how the abilities they weaken, how the body that was so firm, and compacted together. Now it begins to deteriorate disintegrate, that the joints they loosen up. Which is why they say that when a person becomes older, the worst thing that could happen to them is a bone injury. Why? Because if your bone breaks, then that's it.

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So why either * Nava della Sala junta de la what's the point of saying this over here? That Allah is the one who has given us everything in the first place. That How can we ever say we have no timeframe,

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we cannot do what he wants us to do.

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This is the result of in gratitude that is mentioned over here. That if a person does not use his abilities, property, meaning he's not grateful, then because of his in gratitude, Allah can take these blessings away. This blessing of life, this blessing of a healthy body. If you don't use it for the deen, if you don't use it for Allah, it can be taken away from you any moment.

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And the fact is that eventually we're going to go anyway. Eventually our bodies will weaken anyway.

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How good if they weaken in the way of Allah?

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How excellent

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that if our time if our energies are spent in the way of Allah

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in the head heated killer, indeed this is a reminder, this is a reminder, the soul these verses dimension of all of these blessings. This is a reminder so that a person becomes grateful. He uses the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has given him properly from insha Allah in Arabi Sevilla, so he who wills may take to his Lord

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Whoever wants whoever wants he can take away to his Lord, meaning he can adopt away in order to please his Lord in order to make his Lord happy. And obviously this way is not according to his own wishes but rather according to Allah soprano todos wishes what he likes, because in her Dana who Seville the Seville also lots of panatela has directed to us. This is when we made to our ad in a Serato Mr. P. So whoever wants you can adopt that way and attain the pleasure of Allah.

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So the choice is ours. It's up to us in a heartbeat Akira kermanshah de la de Sabina Rama says woman Tisha una and you cannot even will insha Allah except if Allah wills

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you cannot even have the desire to adopt a way in order to please Allah. unless Allah wills for you to have that desire.

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You cannot have a trophy, to do something to please Allah, unless Allah wants that for you. So unless and until Allah wills, your will, it doesn't make a difference. So the question is, who does Allah want good for them?

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The person who wants it for himself. Whoever wants a diet, Allah gives him that he died. What matters Sharona Illa Anisha Allah and in the law cannot even hakima allies Parliament Hakeem. He knows his creatures really well. He knows what is the goal? What is the desire of every person and he's lucky. He knows when to give that they'll fill in the lock and our demon hakima

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utilizado Manisha Rama T. He admits whomever He wills into his mercy will law any mean or done a home rather than aneema but the wrongdoers he has prepared for them a painful punishment.

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Allah admits whoever he wills into his mercy, what is his mercy refer to mercy of guidance, he Daya tofield then forgiveness and then finally, Jana because what is the last stage agenda and de rahmati

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so Allah admits into his Rama whoever he wishes, you the Hello Manisha Oh, feel rahmati

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and on the other hand, does it mean those who do Zalman themselves, the ungrateful ones, those who waste their lives away? Who don't use the opportunities Allah gives them or their home rather than

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min demon.

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Vika bukata

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Lina wamena.

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Polina in,

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eat and kill.

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I remember the first time I started this. I was amazed

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that this is

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and we get lost in dystonia.

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Though you think about it, people, especially young people, you know, they're told or study this and study that and do this and do that, that you can get this and you can make that I mean dunia is really, really made attractive.

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But what is the Nia It's nothing.

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The real attraction isn't worth in Ghana.

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Because look at the comfort look at the enjoyment. Look at the reward look at the happiness and the bees in general.

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You can't find this underneath at all.

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Every Friday morning, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite this inside

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the surah. So it's such a beautiful reminder.

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The thing is that, yeah, we know about Jenna. However, we don't think too much about it. Like, for example, the profit sort of artisan would read this sort of every Friday morning. And he would recite so much of the Quran, which continuously reminds you of what gender is continuously remind you of what the Hereafter is. So this is what will remove the love of the near from our hearts.

00:25:36--> 00:26:14

You see, in the hill, there you have Buddha ardila, this is a real problem, the heart is still full of what level of dunya. And as long as that love is there, a person cannot work for the hell. He knows Yes, in principle, you're supposed to strive for the accurate but when the time comes, when the test comes, then he falls over there. Why? Because in such situations, whatever is in the heart is what comes out. Whatever is in the heart, that is how you act. So because the love of dunya is still there, this is why a person will strive for dunya. When the love of dunya is replaced by the love of Allah, only then a person can strive for aka

00:26:15--> 00:26:58

to the heart has to change. And the heart will change when a person is filled with the feelings of gratitude. It might shakeela or even lack of gratitude is what will make a person change from inside. Sometimes you're doing something when you're in the way of a lawyer or even working hard a lot, right? So on your part, you're doing it, you need it. In the same time if somebody starts opposite to you, that means that you need more support. Right? So server upon server, and while you're doing that, sometimes they really make you shaky, that may be wrong. And at that time, if you're visiting record, you ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah Surely, I just expanded on this

00:26:58--> 00:27:05

weekend some of very close one out put me in the same situation and to the very close, calm, I was going to say,

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I think you should not contribute any more. And then she said, I said, No, sir, I know it's my job. I'm a student. And I take it that I'm supposed to do it. She said okay, if you study then I listened in like she was Mashallah debating with me that I know that in these circumstances, what should be your job? And suddenly I was determined, I know what I'm doing but for a moment, the way she was debating with me She made me think okay, this is another job to do. I'm doing I'm giving it all up beside this thing. I'm doing all those jobs, but still if there is some problem it means something is wrong. Like he died very next day. This is a forms your heart No, whatever you're doing, you are

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with solid liquid. As mentioned Saturday, as mentioned, this B has mentioned because as long as a person is doing that, you know, he's on the right track, it keeps fixing his thinking, all the doubts are removed, all the doubts are dispelled only then a person can think right otherwise the difficulties in life or the other people and it really can affect your thinking.

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We listen to the recitation again.

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Good afternoon.

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So panicle law movie handicap.