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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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Vina Mohammed Allah Allah who savage nine, we come to the third juice of the Quran, Allah begins with saying that the messengers that Allah has they've got many different levels. And we're not supposed to use one messenger and say he's better than another one. So the old messengers are from Allah and Allah has given us made some better than others, but we're not supposed to degrade any or say any better than others. Why?

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And and what is it teaching us this teaches that even if you've got people amongst yourself, as scholars, or other people don't use that as a reason of who's closer to Allah, Allah azzawajal. You know, we'll decide that on the Day of Judgment, now I could see is a very important idea that comes straightaway in the beginning of Anima 255. And that tells us again, it's an AI of protection, and it's supposed to be used in many different circumstances. Here, it appears in the middle of one, there's all of these, there's this conflict of David and Goliath, we just finished. And the next thing is that there's Ibrahim alayhis salam, and he has that challenge with the king. And the king

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tells him that, you know, do you not believe that I am the Lord and he says, Look, my lord brings the sun from the east to the west, and bring it from the west to the east. And when he's not able to do that, then you know, he lets he lets go now, as you could see is there because he wants us to seek protection abroad time from the devil, whether you're nighttime, whether you're daytime, from the jinns, from enemies, and so on, you read this ayah and you will protect it from that. Now, a lot then moves on and number 261, towards our financial situation, and tells us one of the first things before he even tells us how to make transactions, he says sada and he says giving in the pathway of

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Allah, if you think about it, most of what we've got the the, the the cream of it is this other car, everything else that we've got, once we did, it's somebody else's, it's not even ours. And the certificate that we've given, and we've invested, that's, that's ours. In the end, what he tells us that you give sadaqa, don't use your tongue against those people, you just gave the other hand belittle them, this is number 263. And then Allah says, Look, what you need to understand is some people give little sacado get loads of it in the end, and some people will give loads of it, but it'll just be washed away, just like some sand or some soil on a stone on a clean stone, it just

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gets washed away. This is an EIN number 265 a beautiful example. Allah gives. He then tells us that to be careful of again, what we consume on this earth, and the progress of this earth because through that shaytan will be able to take us away if you eat Harlem, if you take in Harlem shaytan has his ways. And if you look in number 268, you will see that the shaitaan will try and tell us that Look, you've got poverty coming up don't spend you under shaytan tells us that you should go towards towards obscenity. So Allah says look, stay away from all of that and do what is Allah says to give give into silica time can give sadaqa again and again sockeyes mentioned in 271273, even to

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those people who don't look like they want from you. And then Allah says to us that look spending day or night in secrecy in the open this is this is what's going to get you a lot of reward in the next life as I to seven, four to seven, five a lot. And to seven, six to seven, seven a lot was about Riba and about usury and for us to stay away from that because it says that if you stone stay away from usury interest Riba then you are calling a wall with Allah This is iron number 278279. And if you think about the Muslim Omar this time a lot of the Muslims are in this and because of that we're in the situation we're in a lot and reminds us about transactions and about dealings that we

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make this is our number two A to the longest I have the Quran is about us making it a transaction and writing everything down in a contract because it makes it easier for people then to retract what they actually said. And the whole pseudo pseudo Baccarat will finish with us again, you know, Alice talked about social life, a bad domestic life is talked about aqeedah is talked about beliefs is talking about how we should connect with Allah. And in the end, he says that, look, you're only going to be burdened with what you can do. Now you can live long enough son in law saw her in the last verse of Surah Baqarah Allah trying to say to, to us a look, do what you can do, but try not

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try and do your best of what you're able to do. Now, it comes now we come to Surah Allah Emraan the next suitor now this surah first of Australia begins with a whole thing about about Allah and aqidah about alannah beliefs about Allah and Allah warns us that don't go into the verses and try and understand the

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parts of the Quran or even whatever, in the Hadith that are devious, there are certain things Allah made ambiguous, they have got two different meanings. Allah says stay away from that, you know, you should just say I believe in this, let you know, just just just leave it go into those things that are clear cut. And if we did this, the oma would be together. If we did this and stayed with the clear things that were mobile we're together and why Allah mentioned that is because this surah is going to tell us how the Christians started to split with one another over some of the the beliefs that they had, and with the Jews, they had certain, you know, problems in the past. Anyhow, I left

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the news on to say that look what your focus should be more is on our man and our actions. And if you want to do actions, you've got to remember stay away from trying to have the horrible Shahar having love of the attachment of this world if you can stay away from this, you can go to the Acura so number 14 of Surah Al Imran Allah says, you know, Missa have women have children of trying to hold gold and silver. I've tried to get you know, those times it was horses today it's cars, trying to get land and trying to get property. These are the things that take will distract you from the Acura. The next I tells us that look, I'm going to tell you something that is greater and come

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towards Allah. How by making dua to Allah Subhana Allah Allah we believe in Please forgive us and save us from the from the punishment of the Fire. Now, Allah azza wa jal then talks about, again, comparison to the people of the past what made these people go away from the religion what's going to keep us towards Allah azza wa jal is, the more you try and say that this dunya and this world and my own beliefs is sometimes people get into emotion that if they want to if they lead a certain life, that's not really according to the beliefs of religion, they start to make the beliefs according to that life, and they try to make things up. So one of the things Allah says about the

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some of the Jewish people in the past he says the 924 is walk around feeding him macaroni after they made certain things up and that's what led them astray. So let's have a look come towards me because coming towards me means that you recognize me as magical as the one who has the sovereignty of all of this whatever is owned here, this is number 26. Allah says look, whatever hidden Yeah, you got nothing to hide from me. I number 29 put into full math is to do the come out to do whatever you have, I will note in the end so come clean to me and coming clean to me one of the greatest ways number 31 is you come by following Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and you follow his Sunnah I will

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love you and I will forgive you. This is the basic basic part of that verse. And I a 32 says, After your law of Rasul, just obey Allah and obey His Messenger. Now then he goes on to tell us that look, getting close to me, sometimes you're going to be tested in very different ways. So one of them is Zachary Allah Salam who never got his dry accepted. But he says, Marie, I'm getting head hair dry accepted. And then he tends to align the end and he gets a son, Yahoo, he wanted another example, you will, you know, from the whole thing of the birth of Christianity allows a vigil goes into that. So a Salah Salaam, how he came his mother, who was in the chamber, she was a pure, pure individual.

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And as a lesson on some of these miracles, I mentioned in a number 49 of surah, Allah and Milan, where he makes the the clay, a bird come to life, and when he makes the dead come back to life, why he's saying that because he Salazar is going to play a major role in this oma because he's going to come back to this to this. Now, that is not explicitly mentioned here. But these but if you look in at number 55, a lot was about how he lifted him to the to the heavens, and it wasn't a case where he actually you know, passed away. He then turns around to the Christians and says in and number 64. Yeah, Anil kita. And to the Jewish people as well, oh, People of the Book come to a clear agreement,

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that we only going to worship Allah as one, we're not going to sound partners with him. And none of us are going to take certain scholars that start to make rules and laws that are above the laws of Allah azza wa jal, because that's the reason why they went astray. And a lot of them tells us that the closest people to the Abrahamic faith are those people who will follow the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, design number 68. Then he talks about a particular you know, once once we are on the truth, we're going to get enemies that will go against us. So one of the things they did is some Jewish people, they came into the faith early in the morning just to leave in the evening, and

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they wanted to weaken the faith of the believers. This is number 73. What I want to say to you is that the same thing is happening today, brothers, where we've got you know, certain things in this religion that are trying to pull us certain people are bringing things in this religion, only to pull us away from this religion. So we've got to be careful of that. The Jews will end with us with a large region telling us about conference

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Eman and it will tell us to stick to Eman and reject COVID and reject disbelief because the Lana and the curse of Allah will come on those people who reject this message anyway deserve no hate, or Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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and have enough peace