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I'm Dr. Das, a medical practitioner.

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We came here

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for having us on universal brotherhood.

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We did not come here for about dick on Islam,

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I would request you to tell us

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about Brotherhood in this world. Now this is universal brotherhood. I would like to know whether there are brothers in other parts of the universe. We have brothers in India. So we talk of you Indian brotherhood, and how Brotherhood in this country has affected the history of this country during last 100 years.

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The mother asked a very good question, a very relevant question. He said that, you know, he has come in to hear about universal brotherhood. And what I spoke is about the Brotherhood of the world only. And are we brothers in other parts of the universe?

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Whether the doctor or hamdulillah.

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And if you heard my talk, if you paid attention to it better, I said, that we believe in Almighty God, who is the Lord of the words that bill Allah mean, a lot of the words means Lord of the Universe, besides this word.

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If you're Mansur

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Ecto, bottom Africa some name?

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I reply to them, and then I come to your question, and most welcome I'm here. I will reply to everyone in Sharla. First, as a reply to the elderly gentleman, he has asked a question. It's my pleasure reply. He said, talk about brotherhood. That's the Brotherhood. And universal brotherhood means not only bred out of this world, but of the words of the whole universe. And according to the Glorious Quran, in Surah Surah chapter number 42 was number 29. It says that Allah subhana wa Taala has created the heavens and the earth, and has put creatures between them. That means the Quran says that there are living creatures besides this world. There are living creatures besides this world.

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Science hasn't reached that far, to prove that there is life besides this earth, you know, scientists, they're sending rockets, and satellites and spaceships to try and prove their life on Mars, etc. It's not established, they say there are high chances. But the Quran says there is live besides result, and I believe in it. So universal brotherhood doesn't only means by God in this world, it means better out even in the other worlds, as you rightly said, even better out in India, even better in India, throughout the world, and for this breakout to prevail. If you heard my talk, I don't repeat the full talk again, that there should be a moral conduct, that no human being should

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kill any other human being. He should not rob he should give charity, he should love his neighbors. He should not backbite

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he should see to it, that when he sleeps with a full stomach, even his neighbors is sad. Well, he should see to it that he does not have at all alcohol prevents the Brotherhood to prevail in the world. He should not backbite he should not send anyone. All these things promote universal brotherhood, not only in India, not only in the world, in the full universe may be possible that you did not pay attention to some portions of my talk. My talk Alhamdulillah was focused on the topic. And it did cover India, America, full world as well as the universe. And this can only take place and all the religions, if you believe in the concept that the creator of all the human beings, of

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all the creatures, whether in India or whether in America with outside this world is one Almighty God and all the religions basically speak in belief of man God, which I discussed in detail for more details about concept of God. I've given this talk concept of God major religion, it speaks more about the concept of God in other religions like Sikhism, and Parsis, man cetera, and these in detail. If a person wants to have more knowledge on how it can prevail, you can avail of Microsoft concept of one major religion. It's available for sale outside in the file.