Zakir Naik – Basic Requirements of I’tikaf

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker explains that certain rules are in the book of Attica, which provides basic requirements for graduates of high school. The rules include not leaving the mosque unless it is a need, not going to a funeral unless it is a personal emergency, not going to a social event unless it is a need, and not going to a place unless it is a need. The speaker emphasizes that these rules are not general and should not be taken lightly.
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Regarding the condition of the person who's performing at golf is he or she allowed to leave the confines of the mosque. Normally while doing it the calf, a person should not leave the mosque. If you leave the mosque, he breaks the principle of at the calf, and the calf is invalidated. But in case of emergency, if there is a need, then you can leave. For example, if a person wants to go for Call of nature, he wants to go to leave himself. Or if he wants to do do, or Google, or whoever bought himself or if there is no one who can get food for him in the mosque, and if he has to go to eat, you're allowed to go to get food.

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So unless it's a basic necessity, it's a need. As is mentioned in sable, Heidi, volume number three, in the book of Attica, added number to zero to 900, I Sherman Lupita. She saved the profit while we get the calf never entered the house unless it was for a need.

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So if it's necessary is allowed, otherwise, under normal circumstances, you should not leave the mask. And if you have to leave for a basic necessity, you have to come back fast as soon as possible. But nowadays, Alhamdulillah minima, so most of the mosque, they have a tutorial attached to the mosque, they have a bathroom attached to it. And Voodoo is inside the muscle, the less requirement to go out of the mosque. And furthermore, the wife of the Prophet, holiday Sham Hello, Peter, she said it's mentioned in sooner that without warning number two, in the book of fasting, number 2467.

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that a person who does ethic if it is the sooner effect the calf that he should not visit a patient or attend a funeral or embrace the wife or have relationship with the wife

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and should not leave the mosque unless for basic necessity. You have come to know that while doing it the calf

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it is not asuna

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it's not allowed the digit visit a person over that URL they've all got for family needs or for earning money or for a funeral. Except for a basic need. You should not leave the mosque. Okay, that seems to be quite clear in terms of the basic requirements of etiquette

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