Ahmad Saleem – The Revolution of Imam Hussain (RA) 1

Ahmad Saleem
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It's an office Smilla Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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if we all can settle down people at the back if you can start coming towards the front we'll start inshallah we do have a very short window

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because of Russia attend we're probably going to delay the issue itself in 1015. But if if people can start coming in inshallah start in one minute

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long was it there was in the medina vino, how long was it there was no

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was bad

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I know that people are meeting after long time seems like they haven't met each other but insha Allah

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and the sister side and the brother side, brother I'm here if you can tell people to

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tell the people at the back if they can settle down please

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all right, this villa Romana Rahim Allah Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who have had rubbish Allah and he said, anyway, silly Amory, why no love the Tamil is any of coco de Robina citronellal Mania, Kareem.

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Ideally, we were supposed to start at 945 We've lost 15 minutes so let's see how much I can cover. And if need be, then we might do a part two of the series inshallah.

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The topic for today is a revolution of

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I promise you, this is an interesting story.

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Jimmy, the topic for today is the revolution of Imam Hussein. How many of you show of hands if you are here for the hotbar today?

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Okay, great. So you heard part one of this, those of you that missed it, you can go back and listen to part one of this series, which is the life of Hassan Rhodiola one which is the brother of Hussein or the Allah one, the hotbar is available on YouTube, you can go and listen to that you will get a glimpse of you know a continuation of that there although they're not connected, but it adds to the story and your understanding of the

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some of the kids are playing with the mic there. It adds to the interesting facts for you to be able to understand the revolution of Imam Hussain. Before we begin the revolution of Imam Hussain and the story about that we must have an understanding of the political climate that was taking place at the time.

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Many times we don't understand the intricacies of how the different Banu Hashim Bundle ID but no team Bucha

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been Omiya how all of these tribes were interconnected and they were working together.

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So there were three primary, four primary tribes that were focused on C yada, they were focused on trying to be leaders in some shape way or form somewhere. The first tribe was Bunnell Hashem, who was from Bedouin sham

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Abuja Hello. I mean, somebody on the positive side Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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Yes, he was

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Masha Allah.

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So who was for these tribes from the Muslims? Okay, so when

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when Hashem was Rasulullah Salallahu Salam

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o Marathi hola hola. And from which tribe?

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My new ID

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Abu Bakr Radi Allahu en by new time I smiled at the Allah one

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by now oh my Yeah, Abdullah Abu Abdullah was nine even

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Abdullah was mine and Emma we al Karachi. That's the end of his name. So he was from Bern Romania. The two tribes that were always trying to win the leadership where to which were they bundle Hashman

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but oh my Yeah, they're always trying to up the ante on the other one. Oh, we got this. We got those water, we got the food. Okay. Similarly, the reason why bundle Hashim were called bundle Hashim in the first place was why? Because they were the first ones that came up with the idea that when we are serving the Hajaj water, Nashi moolah, home Hubsan, let's add some, some form of bread. So it adds carbs to them, obviously in power, so the Hajaj when they're drinking water with some sweet bread in it, and mixed with water, they will be able to re Energize. So the grandfather of Rasulullah, Salem, Banu Hashim, it comes from this word that he was the first one the tribe that

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used to break the precepts of bread in the water for the judge.

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That was like it was such a smart move that they got named after it, but more importantly, they're like, look, Buddleja you got nothing on us. We are in our name known as the superior ones. So this was the political climate that was taking place

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to bring down

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the conflicts between these tribes Rasul Allah married or giveaway

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his daughter's to each one of these four tribes.

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Right? So he married from battle time he married from Bundle ID. He gets his daughter's two, but yeah, two of them. Right. So he himself wanted to make sure that these conflicts and these relationships are strong, because at the end of the day, all of them are a Karachi. They are the house of Quraysh. They are the house of the leaders, the kurush.

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So that's the first part, we must understand to understand why this entire scene and everything that happened around her sanity alone took place, if we don't have this political understanding that we are just reading events, but we don't know why the events are taking place. Okay, second.

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The second part is we must understand the concept of Khilafah. The concept of what? The Laffer, right? The concept of Khilafah in Islam is that we like if you drive around, soon, we're gonna be in election season, what are you gonna see, you're gonna see signposts red or blue. Oh, vote for this person, vote for this person vote for this person. People sometimes have to pay to get that ticket. They have to pay at least in Canada, you have to be like, $100,000 down to get the ticket. I don't know if it's the same here. But you have to pay to get your ticket in a party.

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You have to put down $100,000. And then if the party thinks you're worthy, only then they will give you a ticket. You must serve the party for so long. Finally, you get the ticket.

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But in Islam,

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the Khilafah system is complete opposite.

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Right? It's not democratic.

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Right, democracy is, by the way, the worst form of government anyways, but in Islam, it is what the people collectively think that this is the best leader for us. No doubt who who let's choose him.

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So at the time of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his death

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the whole process of the selection of Earth man Rhodiola who and that took place in sativa 20 CIDA.

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And they all selected and then the core group selected Abu Bakr and then the the public beta or the public oath of allegiance to place in mustard, the nebula and everybody came.

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Then after that was the remodel the Allahu Allah and then after that were the six people of Shura and from the six people of Shura it was man Radi Allahu Anwar collect selected, I'm gonna be Allah said, the state is growing too much. And I cannot do this without proper advice. And council. So he created the Council of Advisors, the sixth from the sixth came with manna, the Allah one and who I lead at the Allah one. So this was the process.

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And the fifth committee falso, which talked we talked about in the football. So that's the second concept but you must understand for the story for us to be able to have this understanding.

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Now I take you back to the events of Hassan Radi Allahu Han, and we have to start from there. So Hassan ready Allah who won, he fought he he signs the treaty and agrees there were four conditions on that treaty. One of the conditions was that I attend as well. I will step down from Khilafah Isla word on the promise that I'll refer to your corn or Isla Jinwoo

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