Riyadul Haqq – Materialistic Greed & Rivalry A Tafsir Of Surat l Takathur

Shaytans insinuations and whispers of fear of poverty have driven man to relentlessly pursue the amassing and accumulation of wealth and glory. This has created a sense of selfishness and ingratitude in man resulting in aspirations for what others possess. Ones entire life becomes a life of greed and rivalry all with the intention of displaying ones worth and value and with the intent of becoming superior.The commentary of this Surah condemns this attitude and calls for the realization of the truth of existence. We are reminded not to be distracted by greed and rivalry in worldly material which will eventually destroy and envelop a person until death but rather appreciate the many favors we already possess.

The Messenger of Allah outlines the true definition of a rich person in the following ḥadith

Wealth is not the wealth of possession & material. Wealth is the wealth of the richness of the heart

From this commentary, we also learn the many ways of becoming content and eliminating distress. We also learn the permissibly of competing with one another in matters of religion.

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