Be Mindful of Your Speech in Ramadhaan

Zakir Naik


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Dr. Zakir how do we admonish a person who does not guard his tongue was fasting in the month of Ramadan. guarding the tongue is very important, because many times most of the times that tongue can cause more damage to a person, then whether it be physical torture or whatever it is, you're not supposed to be careful of the time and our beloved prophet masala Sallam said, and there are various a hadith dealing with this topic. If you read the hadith of Madonna nabeshima point number five in the book of manners, how did number 26490 Abner Massoud mellow pleases Him, He says that By Allah, there is nothing more deserving than the extended control of the tongue. And a similar message is

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given in the next edition of Sunnah from nabeshima. On number five, in the book of manners, added number to 6491 we have a double worker, male op to Tim, he says holding his tongue, that this is a thing that has got me to this position. That means use careful of his tongue, that the reason he read this position and there are many verses in the Quran, where Allah says in Surah cough chapter number 50 was number 18. That Not a word that you say which is not written by a sentinel without noting it down? That means every word that you say is we did not manage it. Further mentioned in the Quran, in Surah Surah chapter number 17. Muslim 53 Allah says that say the believers that they

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should say things which are best and sit in many a time, he sews discord amongst the people, amongst human beings and fit into you is an avowed enemy. So Allah says, and guidances in the Quran, that will be careful when you use it. And a beloved prophet masala Samson is added. mentioned in say Buhari, one number it Hadith number 6484. With a beloved puffer masala Sam said that a Muslim

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to another Muslim, he should not harm him by stung, or his hands, that a Muslim is the person who does not harm the other Muslim by his hand or by Stan

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and a beloved partner. So listen for the sale. It's mentioned in say Buhari word number 800. Number 6474. Where our beloved Prophet said that anyone who can guarantee the safety, that the chastity of what is between the two jaw bones, talking about the tongue, and what is between the two legs, talking about private art, he will be guaranteed paradise. The person who can guarantee the chastity, the safety of the tongue and the private part, he will be guaranteed paradise, my beloved prophet peace be upon him for the set. It's mentioned it's a Buhari, one number it added number 6475. That he said that he who believes in Allah and the Last date, he should either speak what is

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good, or should keep quiet, that we when you open your tongue, pick what is good advice, keep quiet. And a prophet also said as I mentioned in several edits of a party, or number three, Book of fasting, added number 189 400 number 1904. That fasting is a shield. So fasting helps you to protect and helps you in self control. And a person should guard his tongue. That is the best form