Zakir Naik – Attributes of God in Hinduism according to Rig Veda

Zakir Naik
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Amongst the Vedas,

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the most sacred is the rigveda.

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It's mentioned degrade, or in number one, him number 164. month number 46. It comes up

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with Prabha. Dante is one, God is one. sages and saintly people call him by a variety of names.

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According to the Almighty God is one. But the learned people call him by a variety of names and there are no less than 33 different attributes

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given to Almighty God Enriquez book number to him number one alone, no less than 33.

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One amongst these attributes mentioned in Book number two, him number one was number three is Brahma.

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Brahma is called as the creator god.

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If I translate creator, into Arabic, it means colleague. We Muslims have got no objection. If someone says Almighty God is colleague

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or creator

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of Brahma, but if someone says Brahma is Almighty God, who has got four heads and each head is a crown he has got four hands we Muslims take strong objection but

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moreover, you are going against cetera cetera Punisher chapter number four was COVID-19 receive Natasha Fatima St. Of that God, there is no image

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there that tribute given to Almighty God in the grade, book number two hit number one was number three is Vishnu.

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Vishnu is called as the Sustainer God.

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If you translate sustainer into Arabic, it is somewhat similar to Rama. We Muslims I got no objection. If someone says Almighty God is Rob or sustainer, or Vishnu, but if someone sees Vishnu is Almighty God has got four hands. One of his right hands is the disk is the chakra the other left hand he has the conch he's traveling on a bird by the name of Garuda or floating on water on a bed of snakes we Muslims take strong objection to it. Moreover, you're going against ajibade chapter two was the material we save not activity masti of that God there is no prathima of that God there is no image

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it's all dimensioned integrated with number eight him number one was number one margin in the sunset. Do not worship anyone but one true God. Praise Him alone.

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It's mentioned in the grade book number six. him number 45. Mentor number 16.

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Yes, yeah, if musty praise only the one true God. He alone should be praised. And the Brahma sutra the fundamental treat of Hinduism is a cumbre hum, beauty a nasty, nasty King Chun Bhagwan aka doosra here. mahina here Raveena here, there's only one God not a second one. Not at all. Not at all, not in the least bit.

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If you read the Hindu scriptures, you should understand the concept of God Hinduism and understand Hinduism in the right perspective.

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