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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone out him the last

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hour, he was so happy woman. So last week at home did a lot of ramen we covered Lu Baba while the Allahu taala and her who is a woman that very few people seem to have known about, or at least, you know known her extent the extent to which she supported the prophets lie Selim and the way that the Sierra connects through the aunt of the oma and lo Baba or the Allahu taala. And her and I always loved that panel of people either start to name their children after some of these Sahaba and still hobbies that are not very well known, or they take deeper pride in Charlottetown in the names that are well known amongst the Sahaba and the female companions of the Prophet slice of them as well. So

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it was nice to see all the lubob has come out last week to talk about how the name meant so much to them now and inshallah tada we keep this alive in our tradition to name our children after the companions of the Prophet, slice alum and to set that standard that this is who you live up to. The next person that we're going to talk about is named Xena, or the Allahu taala and her but she's not the zenith that we typically speak about. This is Xena been to Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, Xena and Cobra The, the daughter of the prophets of Allah Hardy was some of the oldest daughter of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, wasallam and alija are the Allahu taala and her and you know, some hannula

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Her story is one that is laced with a lot of pain, and it offers a another unique dimension to some of the complications of becoming Muslim. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam first started his prophetic call. We talked about people that you know, had the complications of not having any tribal protection. We talked about people that had the complications of being heads of tribes, we talked about people that had the complications of some pre existing contracts and jelenia and the days of ignorance zenodo the law of Thailand her through her story, we see it an entirely different lens. So let's first talk about her and her age, the profit slice that I'm had her when she was when

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he was about 30 years old it his thoughts was to them. And he used to love her a lot and he used to praise her a lot as narrated in the books of SIOP. So he loved her Of course, being his eldest, and he also salon I sent him used to praise her characteristics or traits. She has a very unique personality as they all do, may Allah be pleased with them all. So he loves her intensely he praises her intensely, and she's the oldest in the house. She is the helper of her mother habito the Allahu taala on her. She is the mentor to her younger sisters that will play your uncle film and faulty mommy Alavi please read them all. So she's that she takes on that title of being the oldest child of

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and all that comes with that with her relationship with the Prophet it his lotta saddam and Khadija while the Lakota Anna, now she got married very young. And again, when you're talking about ages of people getting married back then, you know, a 10 year old at that time is not the same as a 10 year old today, a 15 year old at that time is not the same as a 15 year old today. And so it's very common to find people getting married at these very young ages. And so we learn about zenodo the Allahu Tatiana is that when the Prophet slicin received revelation, she she was a newlywed to us a vanilla beer, a glass of wine or beer. And

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you know, when the prophets lie some received revelation there was going to be a complication in her marriage. Now the only the only child of the or the only daughter of the Prophet sly son that was not married or engaged, you know, was falling out of the law Tada. I know because she comes afterwards, right she was she's born after all of this. But when we talk about nuclear boom, they were engaged to the two sons of Abu lahab and Abu lahab ordered his two sons to divorce Rocha and Uncle film to cause harm to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so you have Zaina below the law of Title Nine who was actually a newlywed who is with her husband when Islam comes and her husband was

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a good man. And not only that there was a family connection to this as well. So he is allows us if not more beer evening Abdullah is his father is a little bit of nodular is his mother is the famous Halla been toilet while the Allahu anhu the sister of our mother Khadija been traded on the LA hotel and the famous sister of Khadija who, in Medina after the death of a digital the alohar and Helen the Prophet slicin would hear her voice he would say aloha mahalo Ola Let it be holla because Halla was used to resemble for the General de la putana in her appearance in her in her presence and so when the prophets lie Selim would hear her when he would see her he

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Remember how the original de la hotel and so that's actually the mother of a blast ignoble beer. So, you know, Khadija has had these all the lohana is of course his maternal aunt in that sense, and Xena all the A lot of times is his cousin, which of course is very common at the time especially.

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So when he marries Khadija, I'm sorry when he marries zenodo, the a lot of time on her, he gives her or rather Khadija about the Allahu tada and he gives to Zane up while the Allahu tada and had this special, beautiful necklace. And so the gift of Khadija to her daughter, Zainab, upon marrying a blossom novel of the year is this very special necklace behind which there is a beautiful story which we will get to inshallah to Ana shortly. And as this marriage, you know, is just starting up last was on a trade route when the prophets lie, some declared his Islam. And above the Ask was similar to the Prophet slice on them in that he was a merchant. And he used to go to a sham, he used

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to go to Syria, and he used to and he was known for his honesty and his truthfulness and the Prophet slice and I loved his character, because he had many of the traits that the Prophet slicin was beloved to the people for so blasted away when the Prophet slicin receives revelation, Xena, or the Allahu tada Anna is amongst the first to accept this now. Now the story of her Islam is not known to us, we don't know or we don't have an incident that actually traces when she actually embraced Islam officially, the way that we do with ideal the low tide on home, and some of the others that are around the Prophet slicin. Um, but she's considered amongst the first 10 to embrace Islam. You know,

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of course, through her father sallallahu wasallam. So, but the US comes back from a sham or from one of his journeys, and he, you know, he's hearing about the prophets lysosomes message, he's hearing about all of these things happening. And then he also gets the news that Xena below the low tide and how while he was away, already has accepted the religion of her father sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and also the religion of her mother Khadija, about the Allahu taala and her. Now the US is in an interesting situation. Okay.

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As we said, Abu lahab made his two sons divorce, the two daughters of the prophets lie Selim break off the engagement with the daughters of the prophets like Selim, I would ask is also getting pressure when he gets back to let go of Xena for the Allahu taala. And her because she has become Muslim. And I will ask is in a really is an interesting situation. He does not want his tribe, this is one of the diseases of tribalism, right? I mean, it's not all just arrogance, and we're gonna kill the person from the other tribe. It's also, you know, what are people going to say? So he does not want people to say that he accepted Islam just because of his wife. And at the same time, he

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loves his wife, so he doesn't want to get rid of her. Now, at this time, you know, the the marriage of a movement to a mushrik is not forbidden, right? I mean, so so this is still early on in the days of Islam and it is the it is the norm at that time, right that you're that you're seeing one person become Muslim before the other and things of that sort. And I would ask resists the pressure to divorce Zenith and the profits on the line some of them he actually appreciates that about a velocity shows some level of nobility.

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In not in not succumbing to the pressure to, to divorce Xena, below the Allahu tada Anna so he stays with Xena, or the a lot of time on her. And he also, you know, continues upon his way. Now he knew that the Prophet sly son was special, he has been around the Prophet slice and he's been around Khadija will be Allah Allah, he knows that these are special people he knows that the Prophet sly send them is a solid liquid, I mean, but what is causing him to resist is the fact that or the sayings of the people if he goes along with this, that he only did this that he forsake the religion of his father, for the sake of his wife, and he did not want to do that. And so he stayed upon his

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ways. zenodo the law of town and how was a believer she was a believing woman, she stayed upon the way of her father sallallahu wasallam and Khadija or the Allahu taala. And so, you actually have a situation here where zenodo the law Tatiana, gives birth, through a glass of natural beer at this time, so she has two children from him. Her first child is actually a Li not Allium NaVi pilot, but the ollie or not the idea of not have you thought about it a long time ago, but I need the son of a glass of Xena. But he died very early in the profit slice and was grieved by that. her second child is the famous omarama or the Lakota Anna and omarama, the granddaughter of the Prophet slice of

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them, you often find her in the narrations

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Just like you see at Husson would her saying the prophet SAW some holding her, carrying her loving her. This was his granddaughter that would grow up in his shade salallahu alayhi wasallam in Medina for some time. So these are the two children that they had together. And they lived in this awkward, peculiar situation. What helps us is that he's not the political type. He's He's not interested with any tribe. In the sense he's not expected to lead anything against the Prophet slice alum, nor does he really get involved in these affairs. He's really a merchant. He's a businessman, and he loves his family. And he loves his tribe. So he's just trying to balance all of these elements out, while

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the Prophet sallallahu wasallam continues forward. Now, of course, there's a defining moment where this is not going to hold up anymore. And that is when the hits zero comes, right. Where is zenodo, the Allahu taala is going to go when the prophets lie, some now leaves Mecca. It's one thing when you're caught in the situation where your father is the persecuted, and your husband is on the side of the persecutors in the sense that not that he approves of the persecution of those who lost my son, but that he is that he's insisting upon his ways. It's another thing when your father it his Salatu was Salam and your mother, who has passed away of course, your father is going to go to

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Medina now to make his law. So there's some, you know, some narrations about her wanting to do hit draw, or when the time comes to do higit. Obviously, there's resistance from the tribe of Namibia. There's their their children volunteer, you don't just go and leave your husband's and I will ask this is not ready to become Muslim. He does not want to make the his role with the prophets. I said of them. So Xena is put in a very tough situation does she go with her daughter along with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and leave her husband behind or does he stay in Mecca, and wait for something to happen. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave her permission to stay

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back so that her family would not be separated. So she actually stays back in Mecca. So panela think about how painful that was for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who lost his wife Khadija will be alone who is now buried in Mecca, and now is leaving behind his eldest daughter in Tanzania but all the Allahu taala and in Mecca as well and having to make his law there's pain on the profit slice on site and obviously pain with zenodo de la hora and her not being able to be with the profit slice them and the community of the believers as they have made their hyjal to Medina. So this is an interesting component, right? Because like Lu Baba, like almost all the Allahu taala and who we

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spoke about last week. Zainab is one of those practicing women in Mecca. And this is an interesting situation if you think about how much he man how much faith you have to have to sustain yourself in Mecca after the hedge before the before the conquest of Mecca, right and to still be upon Islam and the way that these women were upon Islam, may Allah subhana wa tada be pleased with them all. So the prophets lysozyme makes us hits la zenodo, the Allahu taala and stays behind with her husband, eyebrows, and then better comes and unfortunately just like an Ibis, or the low tide and who will kill her luchador tilahun few kitale. Now they were there are some people on the side of the Meccans

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that were put out there, but they really don't have any interest in killing us. They're not there to fight us. They're just forced by their tribes, just like that. Here you have us going out on the day of better, some had a lot to fight his actual father in law, the prophets, Allah lahardee he was set up to fight against the side of his actual father in law. You can think about how heartbreaking This is for Xena below the a lot of time, my husband is going out to fight my father, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. And this is the these are the complications of these early days of Islam. So he goes out on the day of bed that not because he wants to, but because he's forced to. And you

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know, within a bustle the law and who we saw, we actually see the narrations about how he just he never he lifted his hand, right. He was not even he was waiting to be captured and taken by the profit slice on he was not going to kill anyone. We don't have those narrations, but it could be an assumption that we make about us as well, that he was not out there swinging his sword and trying to kill the Muslims, but was taken as a captive relatively early within the battle. So in the Battle of bethard, who captured him Abdullah bin Jubail not Zubaydah Abdullah even debate who is famous in the in the Battle of afoot for being the one who had who headed the group of archers that the Prophet

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slice I'm commanded to stand on the mountain of Roma. So if you ever go to

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visit a hood, and you see the mountain, the hill, where the archer stood on the love ninja obeyed is the famous leader for the launch.

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And of that group of people who of course, would pass away as a Shaheed on the day of however here in the day of better he was the one that would capture an ounce of neural beer. So here you have the Prophet slice alum looking towards, you know, his uncle looking in amongst the prisoners looking towards as well his son in law amongst the prisoners of battle and we know the exemplary treatment that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gave to those people so they're there and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says as you know, it'll

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treat your prisoners well.

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Xena are the alongside Lana is not like Lu Baba, amen. Father were in Mecca. When she gets the new she's gonna crack a pole, upside the head of the hub and take out a hula hub for the way that he acted Zane up or the lowdown on her is actually being blamed. She's dealing with the pain of separation. Now, her husband being a captive now of her father, it his slots was set up. And the people in Mecca are blaming her and saying all of this is because of your father, her in laws, the family of allowance are saying all of this is because of you and your father. So she has to prove her loyalties constantly here. So how do I mean this is a hard situation for her to be in? What does

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she do? She takes the most precious thing in the world to her, which was the necklace that had IJA or the Allahu taala and her gave to her on the night of her wedding. And she puts it in a bag and she sends it with Amon neurobiol, the brother of herbalist and she says take this to my father, and asked him to ransom my husband with this special special

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money or this special wealth that I'm sending towards him, says panela the profit slice alone is there. And obviously the prophets lie Selim was making all sorts of concessions to free the prisoners in the middle of it right? story after story after story of how the profit slice was making concessions to free the prisoners embedded. But while the profit slice on them is there, an hourglass is there, the profit slice I'm also is not showing favoritism to his family. So he's not going to show more leniency to his family because that would undermine it in salatu salam, His justice and the fairness that the Prophet slicin was preaching. So anything the Prophet slicin did

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for his family members, he did it for everybody else as well. So with us, he is there embedded and a bag comes to him and he's told that this is the ransom of us, from your daughter, Zane up and when he receives the bag, it is Salatu was Salam. You know, he assumes it could be money could be could be some gold or something of that sort. But he opens up that bag, and he pulls out that necklace. And the prophets lie some could not hold back his tears. He started to weep at his Salatu was Salam looking at that necklace, remembering Khadija all of the law of Tana right and I know we talked about this with fidelity ohana but you can never talk enough about a say the idea of the Allahu

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taala and how he's looking at that necklace. And he he's remembering for the jello the low tide and as he's looking at that necklace and the Prophet slicin is weeping and weeping. And the Sahaba don't know why the prophets lie Selim is weeping. So the Prophet sly Salaam says to them, Do you know what this is? They say no. And he says that this is the necklace that Khadija will de la Juana gave to Xena or the Allah on her on the night of her wedding and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after he cried for a while. He says in CIT two o'clock to see aloha producten la hora que la data sets a line salon if you if you will, then free her prisoner, ransom her prisoner. And also take the

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necklace back to her, give her back the necklace upon Allah. So if you, you know, obviously the rule here is that the ransom comes in, and then the prisoners go, but the profit slice I'm saying, you know, free him and if you will, you know, send back the necklace to her as well knowing what that necklace is and what the story is, and somehow a lot. The amazing thing here is that she only wanted her husband, she didn't ask for the necklace back but the profit slice of them from his heart and from his compassion from His love and His thought was to them, he sent the necklace back. So

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there was one condition though or not, you know, not necessarily a condition for his freedom. But there was something that comes about from that as well. Now, the prophets lie Selim, this time tells us that Allah subhanaw taala has ordered the separation of the believers from the mushrikeen in terms of the marital relationships and since you are not you know, since you have not become Muslim, that you have to be separated now. And so the prophets lie some asked for Xena but all the 11 had to be sent now back

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With him to Medina Bedford is actually you know, on the outskirts it's closer to Mecca than it is to Medina it's on it's on the way between the two in an older and older routes, but you know so we're not talking about like, oh, here's where this is actually in Medina right? It's closer towards Mecca than it actually is. or I'm sorry it's not closer to Mecca, Medina but it's between Mecca and Medina. Okay. It's actually closer to Medina, geographically, but the prophets lie Selim is asking now for Zane have a lot of time and had to come back to Medina with him. And, you know, when a blast goes back, he honors that request from the profit slice on this time is the law on how we'll go and

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will join the prophets lie Selim in Medina, and there was a skirmish of sorts that happened with the tribe of us. Some of the some of the historians say that this is actually where Xena had a miscarriage that she was pregnant and she had a miscarriage and the complications of that would stay with her for years. So somehow she comes to Medina Zeynep comes to Medina although the Allahu taala and her with her father was sort of lost license them and now she's separated from her husband who she loves very much. I mean, you think about the pain here and the dynamics and the way that these dynamics continue to shift regarding Xena or the love of Thailand, her and her husband are with us.

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So Zane up is there in Medina. And the beauty of this is as we said, well mama will grow up under the shade of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so her daughter grows up with the profit slice of them, Xena but all the a lot of time on her stays in Medina she's with her father and the profit slice on loves zenodo de la Juan how much she's a piece of javita with a lot of time as well. And Zainab refuses to remarry, not just for one or two years, she refuses to remarry for six years, okay, she's not gonna marry anyone other than Oblast. Even though she doesn't see her husband, she's holding out hope that one day her husband will become Muslim and he'll join the companions in

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Medina, in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam in our family will be reunited. So sometimes these things are forced in interesting ways. They don't happen in the, in the easier ways

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a few years after, so we started about six years later.

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The prophets lie Selim had heard of a caravan of the Mexicans that was traveling between Mecca and a sham. And of course, this was something that used to happen where the the battles with the caravans in regards to the caravans, because of all that was taken from the prophets lie Selim and this is not the time of Treaty, right? So there are back and forth and these things that happen when you intercept caravans at the time. So the prophets lie some hears about this caravan going from Mecca to a sham. And he sends a group of companions under they didn't have all the data on who to go and to, to go and to intercept that caravan. They go and they intercept that caravan and guess who's

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amongst them above us? So I'll be honest, who was taken as a prisoner and bedded and freed with the necklace of Khadija Leila on her. And then his wife was now in Medina, waiting for years for her husband to be brought back to her, I would ask is brought back to Medina once again as a prisoner. Okay. And his goods taken away from him. And obviously, the you know, the way that this would take place, the way that this would unfold was that there was a ransom process right. Now, Zainab wrote the law on her hears about oblast being amongst the group of prisoners, and you can imagine her emotions in this regard as well as the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. I will ask managers to, to get

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to her in the middle of the night before so lots of budget, and Xena will be allowed Tyler and her says have you become Muslim? He says no, I'm a fugitive. And zenodo the Allahu taala and her

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she asked him to become Muslim. And he said, you know, and he's still not ready to become Muslim at that point. So what does zeyneb do? Xena, bro, the Allahu taala and her waits until Salafi fetcher. So imagine you're in the message of the prophets lie Selim. So lots of prejudice taking place. The Messenger of Allah alayhi salatu was Salam finishes fetchit and he turns around, the companions are there they just finished a lot of budget. And Zainab comes out, not telling the prophets lie salon and she shouts out that I have freed up last year and he's under my protection.

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So the profits lies I'm just prayed in the Meza Medina and Zeno is coming once again, to saying I have freed my husband. She's not calling him her husband, but I have freed up an awesome beer. And he's under my protection. The Prophet sly Salaam, he, he looks at the companions who are obviously in shock with the scene that just unfolded here. And the messenger of the last little license says, How does America mess America? Did you hear what I heard? And they said, Yes, Seattle Silla. We heard what you heard, right? We just we saw that

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Right, we heard what you heard and we saw what you saw. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, that will law he, he swore in the one and whose hand is the soul of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. He said, I had no idea about this before hearing, just like you heard. So the profits lies. I'm just saying, look, if you think that this was something, and of course, why would they question the profit slice on them, but he's assuring that he's saying, that's the first that I heard of it, just like you, right? Like, what just happened over here. And the profit slice I mentioned, you know, that the US was an honest man, he's not he was never really someone who showed enmity

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towards the Muslims or was not known for his nobility, but the Prophet slicin. Um, he says, Look, he says, If you accept what Zainab said, he said that I'll return his money back and I'll let him go. And I'll free her I'll free her prisoner, but the Prophet slicin was asking them as if he's taking sure and this was the habit of the prophets by sell them to show fairness right in consultation. So they said yellow suit a lot. We have fried The one who you have fried right? It's okay. We understand. Go ahead and free him. We fried the one that you have fried. So the profit slice on goes to zenodo the longtime. And he says, Yeah, Xena, we have fried the one that you have fried, and Zane

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have asked for his possessions to be given back to him and his possessions were given back to him. And he told Zane of the profit slice I'm told zenobia longtime that look, you know, and he knows the emotions that she has. This is the father of her children, but not her husband anymore. Right? So he says to He says to her, Listen, don't let him touch you in that way, because he's prohibited for you. As long as he's a Muslim. He's still not willing to embrace the snap. So zenodo the Allahu taala Anna,

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she agrees to that condition. And she tells her husband she wants again prompts her husband to embrace Islam, and to join his family and to join the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the community in El Medina. And when she does that,

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I will ask is afraid once again, he doesn't want people to say that now he became Muslim just because he was a captive so but also what does he do? He also says that look, I owe people in Mecca money and I don't want them to say that. He just resided in Medina and escaped to Medina without paying back our money. So this whole becoming Muslim thing was just a way for him to save himself from his debts. So I'm gonna ask returns to Mecca. Alright, Zeno has seen the Father of her children after all these years, and he returns to Mecca and he pays back all of the amount not all of the debts sound familiar the prophets lie Selim even as they were running him out, right the profit

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slice I'm in charge, and trusted ideal the Allahu taala and who to pay back all of the amount not all of the trust. Here. I will ask says I want to go back and I want to pay all of these trusts off so he returns all of the money back. And then he asked the people of Mecca says there anything left they said nothing is left. He said okay in that in that case, a shadow Allah, Allah,

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Allah becomes a Muslim, makes his way back to Medina escapes back to the Prophet slicin. On this time, finally coming to the Prophet slice I'm not as a prisoner, but as a son in law who is ready to embrace Islam and he tells the prophets lie Selim shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, or shadow Anika, rasulillah, I bear witness that there is no god but a lot and that you are the Messenger of Allah. And the Prophet say some of course was full of joy, right? You're talking about almost two decades of waiting for this moment for this man to come back into and to become Muslim. And to finally leave behind, you know, the the image or the illusion of these tribal alliances, that held

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him back from the truth and held him back from his family. But now he's become Muslim. So what do you think the first thing he's going to ask for after he becomes Muslim is he says, jasola? Can I go back to Zane have no, do I get my wife back now? I mean, she has held herself Subhana Allah for, you know, six years, waiting for us to come back to her in some way. So the prophets lie Selim was was of course full of joy with this, he takes us to Xena and he says design of that, you know, he's come to me and he's asked if he can return to you. And some had a lot 20 years later, 20 years later the profit slice on reunites or 20 years from the moment of the profits license, you know, proclaiming

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Prophethood he reunites Xena but all the Allahu tada anna and i will ask him a little bit about the Aloha baton and and there's a difference of opinion if it was on the stronger one being it was Han his first in the cast. So the Prophet slicin I'm actually extended the validity once he became Muslim despite the lapse that had taken time. Then and Allah knows best that's a longer discussion. This is more Harlem in

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The seventh year after digital how long in the seventh year after heads on? So how a lot this is a lot you know these people's lives. were, you know, especially when you think about Sanibel de la and had the difficulties imagine how happy she is now this is the life that she was waiting for. Right? Even though her mother Khadija will be low and has gone. Now she finally has her husband, and she has her kids. And there they are. In the presence of her beloved one, her father and her Prophet, it has a lot to sit on. Her daughter, Oh, mama is in the shade of the prophets lie some of us was already a nobleman, a lot a lot of Thailand who now he's a Muslim, what could go wrong care Subhan

00:30:43--> 00:31:28

Allah, it was not even a full year except that Xena below the Allahu anhu would die. So waiting all of this time, all of this time, you know, you're talking about two decades of this turmoil. And finally, once they are united in this world of analysis, finally left behind Mecca, Xena, but a lot of time on her passes away. And the prophets lie Selim was devastated over the US was devastated the entire family of the messenger slice and it was devastated. Right. I mean, this is this came in, you know, in at a time that was that really struck the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in a very deep way, as well as I would ask, considering the circumstances of that time. So this is where we find now

00:31:29--> 00:32:13

that, you know, you find the narrations of us crying profusely, you find the narrations of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam crying profusely over what has taken place. You're seeing all of these these narrations of the people of the family of the prophets lie Selim, you know, devastated by what has taken place. And the profit size salon goes to a group of women at the head of them on Ayman Baraka of the Allahu taala and her who of course, we've spoken about early on and soda, Allah on her on selama are the Allahu taala and her and Alia or the Allah hotel. And so he goes to this group of women. And he says to them, he says to them to wash her body with water, and

00:32:13--> 00:32:20

with some some come forward and to wash her an odd number of times three or five or seven times.

00:32:21--> 00:33:00

And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, once you finished washing her body, let me know, allow me to come in to join her. So they took the body of Xena body a lot of time on her, they finished washing her body. And then they informed the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the prophets I some came in, and he, you know, obviously he's looking, he's crying, and he you know, he cried at least a lot of losing his daughter. This was the love of a father, for his daughter. And not only that, but the Prophet slicin took his eyes off, he took his waist strap, and he told them to shroud Zane about the lohana in his own way strap it is Salatu was Salam. So they shrouded Zane about a lot of time

00:33:00--> 00:33:42

and in the ethos of the profit, slice them in the waist wrapped with the profit slice of them. And then as Leah says, we then comb her hair and we put it into three braids, and put it behind her, and then proceeded with the funeral prayers. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he led the janazah of his daughter's a double the amount of time on how they're in Medina. In a book here, the prophets lie Selim went into the grave of Xena as he had gone into the grave of Khadija, or the law of town and her her mother, and received the body of Xena or the law of town on her and was comforting of us. You know, and of course, his granddaughter, Obama, who were devastated by the loss

00:33:42--> 00:34:22

of this, this wonderful woman, as well as the wife that he had been separated from for so many years. Oh, mama from her mother, who raised her, you know, without her husband for all of those years. And the prophets, I said, I'm bidding farewell to his daughter, his eldest daughter, and he his slots was set up and above us, you know, so Pamela would cry so profusely and he would he would console himself with lines of poetry, about his sadness, and how much he missed her and then Abdullah has dies only about a year after the after is able to be locked out on some kind of law. You see, the the love that these people have for one another, and the sacrifices that were made for

00:34:22--> 00:34:58

the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, especially on the part of Zeno, or the law of tanana, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to send his peace and blessings upon the messenger it is Salatu was Salam and his family. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to be pleased with them, and the sacrifices that were made. And we learned from this panel on the very unique ways that people had to make compromises sacrifices in regards to their families, their tribal alliances, all for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So she's one of the first and she is the first daughter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. seconal Hayden was cenomar eco Allah. He was going to Qatar