Balu, a Tamil Hindu Accepts Islam

Zakir Naik


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Can I take a call from this mic head on to my left? Is he a no non Muslim brother? Yeah, he's a non Muslim brother. His name is Bella and he wants to embrace Islam by Dr.

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sola tamela sola.

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Wanaka Korea Raven,

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Raven Allahu la VIERA area Himalayan

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non non surgical Dr. Gregory mahama gonna be

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here even into the interim Raven to the interim our Dr. Demian dome our Rhoda tardy man, Nan Nan will Amara Amara Sakura para la even tell it in English

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Mashallah, you have asked him that there's one God, Marcia wirthlin devotion Mashallah you agree that one god he believes prophet mama salatu salam is the messenger or even in Riyadh

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Yes, does he believe that Prophet Muhammad is the messenger?

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Even into their inroad, yet?

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Is anyone forcing him to accept Islam

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without even putting pressure on you?

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economic pressure many vijendra accept Islam

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Free Will so then the Rahmani

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Masha Allah says in Arabic and repeated inshallah

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I shall do I said, Oh, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Masha, Allah Allah, Muhammad and Muhammad in Abu Abu Zulu medicine Mashallah

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I bear witness

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led led has given the Shahada in Tamil in Tamil yes Marcia first time. No prob inshallah. Allah subhanho wa Taala. grantee Jana and inshallah pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may guide you and Marcia like Andrew Johnson, the next one. His name is Balu he wants to change his name by you. You can give the name Bilaal.