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The history of the Hadith, a legal rule requiring individuals to take a bath on the day of Friday, is discussed in a series of segments. The importance of washing for bathing in Islam is emphasized, as it is required to avoid harm. The importance of maintaining good smell and avoiding touching one's body is also emphasized. The need for individuals to maintain a healthy smell and find a partner for a relationship is emphasized. The importance of dressing up as a Muslim person to avoid embarrassment and social media is also emphasized. The legality of reciting the Prophet's teachings in a sexual encounter is also discussed, along with the need for practice and evolution before going to bed to strengthen one's immune system.

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to lessons in the chapter we're studying is the chapter that deals with the hosel the obligatory or the total bath. And the Hadith we have before our hands is Hadith number 100. And Who among us will read inshallah, Brother Mohammed

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narrated by I will say either Hooray. May God be pleased with him, allows messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, taking a bath on Friday is a must for every adult.

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Okay, I think that the following Hadith is also connected to it. So I think it's relevant that we also read it rather than have it

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read by someone who will not really be pleased with them. Unless messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever performs a pollution on the day of Juma has done a good thing, and whoever takes up off takes taking a bath is better for him. Now, these Hadees seem to conflict with each other because the first Hadith tells us that it is a must, it's mandatory to take a bath on the day of Juma and the other hand, he tells us that if you take a bath, it's good. And if you perform ablution, it's also good, so it's better to take a bath, but evolution does the job. So what is the verdict on Fridays? obliga obligatory bath is it a must or not? If you look at the first Hadith, you

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will see that the Prophet says it is a must on every adult.

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And this include females, includes women. But the consensus of scholars that women are exempted from this Hadith, they're not included.

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So there are loopholes in this hadith that one could follow and say, Well, then, if they're exempted from this Hadith, why not males also to be exempted from this hadith? Why make it a must in the first place. And if we if you read the Hadith, the original Hadith, it it has a prolonged virgin, a longer version that says, The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that taking a total bath on the day of Friday is a must on every male adult and the sea whack and put in perfumes.

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So the consensus of scholars that using the sea walk, if you remember, the, the thing that we brush our teeth with, using this whack, and performing and putting perfume for the day of Juma is not obligatory, it's not a must. So the Prophet said, having a total bath, using the swac and putting perfume. So the scholars have two different opinions, the majority say it is not a must. It's preferable. And a big chunk of scholars, a lot of other scholars say no, it is a must to take the obligatory

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bath. Why is that? They say because this hadith says that we should do it. And there's another Hadith that states that Earth management I found, may Allah be pleased with him, came to the mosque, while Omar Maha pop, the second Caliph was delivering the speech, and he came late.

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So Omar did not address us man directly. He said, How come? Some people come late for Friday?

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It's not a good thing to do to make it a habit to come late on Fridays while the mom is giving the speech. So a man spoke out and he said well, a halifa

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Calico of the messenger sauce Alam excuse me, pardon me, but I did not realize it was Friday Prayer until I heard that at the end

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of the mosque, so I immediately performed the solution and came to the mosque. So Homer

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wrote the law who said, you perform the pollution and did not wash for us did not make kosher. You did not take obligatory

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bath, total bath. Don't you know that this is a must. So, scholars say,

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Omar, telling us man that he should have taken a total bath means that it's a must.

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law in another Hadith, sad NaVi waqqas May Allah be pleased with him, told his son to perform Walsall for Friday. So the sunset his sunset that I have performed also, after having intercourse with my wife, he said no, this is not enough, make another one for Friday. So the group of scholars that say that said that it's obligatory, they have evidence from the Hadith of the Prophet ashram, from the actions of Rama and from the actions of Saturn of your costs. Now those who say no is not obligatory. Say it because of the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam, when he said it's a must on every adult plus siac plus perfuming. And the later two is not a must. It's sooner is preferable.

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So why not make the first one also, likewise, a preferable thing to do. And again, they have other evidences, such as

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even a bass may Allah be pleased with him, explains to us when someone of some of his companions came to him and said, even at bass is showering is taking the obligatory bath for Juma a must or it's recommended. preferable. He said, I'll tell you the story behind that. At the time of the Prophet that I saw Sam, all the companions used to work. Where did the companions used to work? Fadi

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and the market market? Mohammed

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seaports must have a

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Marcus or Medina what must Medina famous for

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trading Medina dates

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for farming farms. It was filled with farms. So most of the companions used to work in farming. So even our best explains, they used to work in farming from early in the morning. And they used to have only one garment. They didn't have, you know, a wardrobe full of suits and Armani's and Versace or whatever, they had only one garment that protected them and that, you know, covered their bodies. So, it usually it was made of wool. And wool is very tough, and it's very hot.

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Therefore, whenever they came to the mosque for Friday, a prayer and the old sat down, they started to smell and they, of course, you don't feel comfortable when everybody else is smelling, including yourself, you feel agitated. So they felt very bad about it. So the Prophet amber says, The Prophet came to them and said that it is a must on every adult to wash himself himself once a week and this was the origin of washing or taking the total bath for Juma. So, from this, my boss tells us that this means that if you are clean and you do not smell, then you don't have to take a bath. It's okay that you do not bathe for Juma for Friday and the other hadith of Samara. The Prophet tells us,

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whoever bathe this, this is great. But whoever performs a solution, this is acceptable. If you perform a lotion for Jamaica, this is acceptable, but it's greater that you take a total or obligatory bath. Now

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a thing that I would like to point out is, unfortunately there are some Muslims that smell

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and this is unacceptable. You should always maintain to have a good smell in your body. You know some of the brothers have

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odor, and some of the brothers, once you smell them, he says, Oh dear, this is too much, and they should do something about it. And Islam tells us you have to wash, you have to shower, you have to clean yourself. Now, it doesn't tell you go to the extent of buying deodorants and put perfumes and put makeup on not to that extent, but you have to maintain the minimal level possible, which is you must not harm others with your smell. And that is why in Islam, you're not allowed to enter the mosque if you have eaten

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audience or garlics, though it's something useful for your body. But imagine you see, and we see this among some of the brothers, you know them in prayer and Mother Teresa amount says, well, ball This is mean, in this order comes out and you see people who left and right for thing on the floor of the smell What the heck, this is unacceptable, acceptable profit sauce that tells us that the angels are annoyed with the things that annoy humans such as onions, garlic, and so on. So, a Muslim is always clean and smelling nice. He cannot call people to Islam, when you're smelly, or when you're dirty, and you can afford not to be now i'm not talking to a poor person that has nothing. He

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cannot buy soap. Soap he cannot buy deodorant he cannot buy perfumes. This guy needs charity. I cannot tell him Don't come to the mosque no coming to the mosque. It's unless it's Ella's house is Allah's place of worship. But if you can afford it, then this is unacceptable. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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once saw a man and the man was poorly dressed and His hair was untidy. So the Prophet asked him Salah Salem, Do you have money? Should Yes. He said, what kind of money said all kinds of profits, I have camels have cows, I have sheep. So the profits it's upon Allah, Allah azza wa jal, if he blesses someone, and gives him wealth, he would like to see it a parrot on his appearance.

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So the man went, and he put some oil on his head a bit, and he dressed nicely, he washed a perfume and came to the profit that is awesome. And the profit was satisfied with him. This does not mean that you go and spend 1000s and 1000s, on designers clothings, or on expensive watches. And no, this is not what a lot wants you to show off, he wants you to pay to be properly dressed, clean, and you don't smell and that is why the scholars say that it is not a must for you to take a total bath obligatory bath for Juma unless you smell if you smell that you have to take a bath. And you It's recommended highly recommended that you have a set of clothes specially designated to be worn in

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drama or an eight as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do we have a short break. So please stay tuned and we will be right back insha Allah

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point of view other specific or certain criteria to choose your spouse or a partner to marry or not to marry? Maybe that's the question, do we revise the quality or performance of our treatment between the family members as fathers or mothers? As they say? Usually, it's not what you say? It's how would you say it? Wouldn't you like to be a good storyteller for your kids? neurobiological speaking, child abuse and emotional trauma causes scars in the brain of the child. And this might be not easily hearing. What's the exact job description of a father? Is it closing payments and feeding or other important things? Well, I think the job description of the father is merely giving him

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loving care, self confidence, giving him a sense of security and chicken for the points of strength is to stress him. What about potty training and its planning? Oh, yeah, actually, it's a state. It's a condition. fatherhood is not a body or a person. It's a state, or your good or skillful designer for the policy and the long term plans of your life have huge kids. Join us every Wednesday for family issues.

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Salam Alaikum

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and welcome back. Just before the break, we were talking about Rasul Allah Juma and if it's obligatory or recommended. And the question to you Mustafa is, what was the verdict, the final verdict that is

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recommended and preferred until later. That is correct. The authentic and correct most correct verdict is that it is recommended. And this is the choice of Evan Tamia. May Allah have mercy on his soul. He said that it's recommended unless a person smells and if he has an older than he, it's a must, that he performs

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also obligatory bath. The following Hadith is read by nor

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similar manner him, narrated by Ali, may Allah be pleased with him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to teach us the Quran, except when he was in a state of sexual impurity.

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Okay, the Hadith was narrated by Ali the prophet SAW, Selim used to teach us the Quran except when he was in the state of sexual impurity, unless he was Juniper. And we discussed this issue before. So I don't think we have to go through it again. But just as as a reminder, now, there's a difference between touching the Holy Quran. And besides seeing it,

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we said that the consensus of scholars the four schools of thought in Islam, the school of Abu hanifa, Malik, Shafi and Alhambra, high school, they all agree that it is forbidden to touch the Holy Quran.

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There is no difference among them in this issue. And we said that reciting the Quran, there is a difference between a person who has a sexual impurity due due to intercourse and a menstruating woman. Now, in the case of sexual impurity, Geneva, it is far easier to get rid of this state than it is with a woman in her monthly period, because this woman may take seven days, eight days to get pure. And in the case of a woman that has given birth to a child, she would probably take 2030, maybe 40 days until she's pure, so by us coming to her and telling her, you must not recite the Quran, that would be too much asking too much, because one should always be connected to Allah azza

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wa jal, in the case of this journal, in the case of this person with sexual impurity, he would not last more than four or five hours because prayer is coming. So he has to perform Watson and pray. So if we tell him stop these two, three or five hours without reciting the Quran, that would not be asking too much of him. So the authentic inshallah and the correct verdict is that they should not read the Quran just to be on the safe side, the one that has sexual impurity. Except, if you recall, Fadi. Yeah, well, if he is going to recite before he goes to bed, okay, and we justify this by saying that the supplication that one says before going to bed is not considered to be reciting the

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Quran, though he is reciting it could say, although Allah had the last three chapters of the Quran, but he's doing this because he is doing it as a form of supplication before going to sleep. So this is

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agreed upon, and it's okay for a person to do that. Now, the Hadith Valley tells us that the Prophet used to teach us the Quran. The only thing that would prevent him from teaching us the Quran is being on the state of sexual impurity. And this is acceptable and we said that one should avoid this.

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I think that this is all that we have. Regarding this hadith we spoke earlier about not miss using the Quran by hanging it in your our necks or putting it under a pillow or putting it in our cars as a protector and this is not acceptable or permitted in

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The Quran in Islam, because this is insulting the Quran, Quran has been revealed to the Prophet Allah wa salam has been a given to us so that we can read it, and do and apply what's in it, the instructions that are embedded in it, not to hang it on walls, or to hang it in a necklace, or to put it in a car or in a flight gate or whatever, fad, you had something to ask Now, of course, so if someone recites the Quran, in a state of when he's impure, during daytime, and at night, as you commit to this, and if he does or not, it's a rule of thumb, always put it in your mind, whenever we say that this is forbidden or not permissible, or haram. This means that whoever does this has

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committed a sin.

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Now, sins vary, there are major sins, and there are minor sins, what still, there are sins. And whenever we say it's obligatory, mandatory wajib followed, you have to you must, then this means that if you do not do it, then you have committed a sin.

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Now preferable things

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we say, it's preferred that you do this, it's recommended that you do this, if you do them, you're rewarded. But if you don't, you're not

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punished for that. This would not be considered a sin, because it's preferable, it's not obligatory. And on the other hand, the not recommended things and macro. If you do them, there isn't a sin

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on you, but if you abandon doing them, if you do not do them, Allah will reward you for that. And then there's the last and final thing which is in between, which is

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MOBA, what is bias permissible?

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So everything in this life has five names, or five is divided into five categories. It's either obligatory

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on one side, or forbidden.

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Or it's either recommended and preferable or not recommended or not preferable. And the fifth one, which is permissible, whether you do it or not, is up to you. Must I drink this glass of water? Once says it's recommendable? No, it's not. One says no, it's not recommendable. No, it's not again. So what is it? It's permissible. If I drink it, it's okay. If I don't, it's okay. When does it become obligatory for me to drink this glass of water. If I am going to die out of thirst.

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And I don't want to drink this water, I'm going to die. It's obligatory for me to drink it when it's forbidden for me to drink it if I am. Fasting, or if there is no jassa. If there's filth, then it's hard. I know it's hard on for me to drink it or if it's poisonous. So you always have to label everything, whether it has these five categories, forbidden, obligatory, preferred, not preferred, and permissible. So we come back to

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your question. Your question was, I forgot. When you recite the Quran during daytime and not at night. You told us we're supposed to stay away from it. Yes. If we do, it's not the same. Yes, that because during the daytime or nighttime, it is forbidden for you to recite the Quran when you are in the state of sexual impurity unless it is part of the application. So whether the timing doesn't matter. It was it has no significance, whether it's day or night, the state you're in

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is what matters here.

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I think we should go on to the following hydrated number 103.

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Narrated by Abu Saeed Al coudray. May Allah be pleased with him. Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if one of you has sexual intercourse with his wife, and wishes to repeat, he must perform evolution between them. And Hakeem added evolution makes one more active for repeating the sexual act. Now, this hadith talks about performing a collusion between intercourses if a person performs intercourse, and wants to repeat this process again, then it's recommended that he performs evolution

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Before doing that, and the prophet SAW Selim justified this by saying it makes him fresh, more active. The following Hadith Hadith number 104 narrated by our Isha may Allah be pleased with her whenever Allah's Messenger salado. So let's take a host took a meaning a bath after sexual intercourse, he would begin by washing his hands, then pour water with his right hand on his left hand and wash his sexual organs. He would then perform evolution, then take some water and run his wet fingers through the roots of his hair. Then you would pour three handfuls of water in his head, then pour water over the rest of his body, and subsequently wash his feet agreed upon and the work

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and the wording is Muslims. And Bukhari and Muslim reported from maimunah May Allah be pleased with her Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam poured water over his private parts and wash them with his left hand. He then stuck his hand against the earth. And other integration, he wrote, he rubbed his left hand with the surface soil. And in the end of it this narration, then I brought him a tower, but he returned it and began wiping off the water, with his hand agreed upon. Now, to go through this Hadeeth I think we need some more time and we're just about to finish this program. Therefore, I'll delayed to next time we meet in Sharla. And I'll conclude this program by elaborating a little

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bit on a solution after sexual intercourse. Now, I should tell us that the prophet SAW Selim has advised those who want to repeat the process of going back to intercourse again, to wash to perform evolution, is it a must? No, it's not a must. But evolution itself reduces the heat intention in a person and it refreshes him again. And it we are ordered to perform a revolution in various places, such as before going to bed. It is the sooner that a Muslim performs ablution before going to bed. And why is that? Because the minute he does this, Allah azza wa jal would have an angel protecting him and make praying for this man. So what whenever he wakes up in the middle of the night, whenever

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he wakes up because of his sleep, on the state of bahara, and he formed a delusion, the minute he wakes up and makes Vicar and asks Allah for anything, Allah will grant me this thing. So the catch is that we all should perform ablution before going to bed. So if we die, we die on a sheet of bahara of purity. And if we wake up, we call Allah azzawajal or Allah grant us a good wife grant this wealth grant as health, then Allah will answer our call. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. And until we meet next time for Manila was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.