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Discussion on the history/origins of Valentines Day by Dr. Hakim Quick


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The deen show is a culture shift that is impacting men, particularly the deification of naturality and the shift from naturality to deification. The deification of naturality is a shift from the "arousal event" to "arousal of men" that occurred in January and February. The segment discusses the history of the Christmas season, including the birth of Christ, theiosal holiday, and "arousal of men". The segment also touches on the "open sexuality of the Valentine's holiday" where the man who was protecting young people with a Christian coating is killed, and "open sexuality of the Valentine's holiday" where the man who was protecting young people with a Christian coating is killed. The segment emphasizes the importance of showing love to God to avoid sin and the need for forgiveness, and discusses the negative impact of the "med strict" model on women and men.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. I'm your host. You're watching the deen show. And I have the author of How do they miss Dr. Hakim quick. And Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And after this show you'll never look at Valentine's Day. Again the same we got some facts, not fiction for you to give you the origins of valentimes and then let you at the end decide is this something that I should be celebrating that I should bring and incorporate into my life and what my children and my family? We're gonna let you be the judge after this exciting show about Valentine's Day here on the D show. Don't go nowhere.

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welcome back to the deen show and in the de show studio. Dr. Abdullah Hakim quick Salaam Alaikum.

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Peace be with you. How are you? I'm doing I'm very excited. You know what this is what we call it the destiny of the Creator of the heavens and earth? because let me tell you what was going on in my mind. You know, I was thinking like 100 Allah word got out that you're coming into town at DePaul University. You're giving a lecture. And but I'm traveling on the weekend but your lectures on the weekend. I'm like, you know what, and and the the brothers from Al Maghrib. I used to know the the former Amir there. So nobody reached out to me. Usually we used to collaborate and anybody will come out, you know, and we'll get him on the show. So it just I was like, You know what, I was a little

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sad. I said, Man, you know, he's going to be busy. And I'm going to be traveling. But then I get the call. Yusuf Isa gives me a call the the the brother who's the attorney who approached you and he said, I'm here with Shaykh Abdul Hakim quick. I said, the deen show, tell him we is he available? Let's do the show. Because we've worked together before, you know, and then we get on the phone, allow me to happen. And we're here again. hamdulillah.

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Amazing. So that was very interesting. So we, as I open the show, we talk we're talking about now this holiday, that's coming up Valentine's Day. And, you know, this is something that you know, is dominant now in the culture, you know, and so we want to educate the people somewhat of the roots, to talk about the roots, where this is coming from. And at the end, you know, let the people make a sound decision, you know, is this something really that I want to teach my children? Is this something that I want to propagate my family and a lot of Muslims, you know, today's you know, Valentine's hits, the women starting to some of the schools and if you notice is they start to wear

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to pinky jobs, the boys wearing the pink shirts, and you know, it's all innocent. But at the end, you know, Fatima gets pregnant, or john, you know, has a baby out of wedlock. And then what it's not so innocent anymore. So let's let's talk about Valentine's Day. This mailer of men, Rahim will be in a stain well, but it is important for us when we look at the issue of holiday myths, that we look at the whole picture. And from the beginning of time, people worshipped the creator in different ways to code and tells us in the chapter of the B certs, we'll look at both nafi equally omoton Rasulullah enable the law which tonybet toggled And verily, we have said to every nation, a

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messenger that they worship Allah and stay away from false gods. So amongst the people that were those who believed in one God, but there were also people who, who base their religion on natural things. So they base their religions on the movement of the sun, the stars, the heavenly bodies, also on the natural seasons. So whether it's summer season, fall, winter, spring,

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also on reproduction, so the mysteries of sexual activity and reproduction with a nature. So these nature groups spread throughout the world. And they came in contact with the teachings of Jesus easily Salaam, when some of his followers ended up in Greece and in Rome. And we know that these followers to a great extent were influenced by Paul, who had accepted his teachings but then started to change the message somewhat, sort of opening up the doors for other types of beliefs. Now, what comes out of this is that the Romans reacted

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against the believers in one God, and they began to torture them. So you'd see that not only the gladiators and the coliseums, but also Christians were being tortured, thrown to the lions and the hyenas and the dogs. And so somewhere along the line, somebody said, or did the old saying, if you can't beat them, join them. And so

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an amalgamation between the nature based religions, and the belief in one God came about, so that what existed was a new religion, a new form of spirituality. And that combined, the basis of it was that these these three elements, the movement of the seasons, the heavenly bodies, and sexuality, and so the cults began to influence. And so we are going into February now, and coming out of January, coming out of the New Year's, and that was a big confusion for a lot of Muslims, because December 25, was not actually the birthday of Christ. He wasn't born on December. No, I mean, most theologians will agree he was born in the warm weather. Yeah, even in the Christian belief. The

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shepherds were had their flocks outside, they were paying their taxes, and the taxes were paid with ripened fruits. And these only come about in the warm seasons, the Islamic concept has Mary Mary and may Allah be pleased with her being told by the angels shake the date, palm tree, and the right dates will come down. That happens in the in the warm season. Now, you you are I when I introduced the show, I mean, when I introduce you, before you You came out, I said your your historian is that you study this in depth, right? I have a PhD, a masters and a PhD, from the University of Toronto. And also it was my it's my passion to study history and to look at the roots of words, and what

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influences us in the world today. So when you look at the season, now, people are talking about the birth of Christ. But actually the ceremony that is going on, is the Bacchanalia of the Greeks and the Saturnalia of the Romans. And this was a drunken orgy, and so many different strange things are happening. And this is the reason why people get confused and the Christmas season, because it's supposed to be the birthday of Christ, but there is more alcohol being drunk, more people being raped, more deaths on the highway than any other time of the year. So that's where you get those clashes between the two. Now, going into January,

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the solar calendar tells us that actually the new year is not January. And people say, Well, how can you say this, but let's count in Latin. September is September that seven, October like an octagon, eight sides, that's the eighth month of the year, November is nine. And December is the 10th month of the year, not the 12th month of the solar year. That's clear in the Latin, the 11th. month was January and the 12th month is February. So the beginning of the year for the people who who follow the seasons was in March. Okay, so January, was based on Janice, who is the two faced God. He's got one face of spirituality, and another face of materialism.

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And that's the hypocritical nature of the New Year's celebration. It's supposed to be a spiritual event. But actually, again, people are drinking alcohol and being involved in in a lot of riotous occasions. So so this is the confusion. Now going into February, into February now, there was a, there was a celebration done by the Romans called the lupercalia. And the lupercalia, was based upon their gods of Penn and Juno. And

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they also February is actually named after one of their gods as well. And so this is a time where you're coming out of the winter, and you're going toward the spring season. And so they used to have large gatherings of young people, and they would take the name of women

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put them in a large container, and the men would choose them and literally have a sexual relationship. So it was based upon this, you know, Cupid concept. The Greek word is arrows. This is modern day Valentine's. Yeah. So I want to tell you what were comes in. Yeah. The Greek word is Eros erotica.

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Okay, so erotica is basically sexuality. And so that that was the main issue on this occasion. And this is where you get Cupid's from and hearts and things like that, because this is actually the ceremony of, you know, open sexuality.

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What happened was they combine this with an individual named Valentine

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In the Roman times, in the third century of the Roman era, he was protecting young people. The Romans said no marriage because we want men to fight strong and in battle, so we're not going to let you get married. Valentine, you know, a religious priest, he disagreed with this. They put him in jail.

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He went against the state. Eventually they executed him. And on the day of his execution, he wrote a letter to two of the young people getting married. And he said, from your Valentine's, so that's where Valentine, he's St. Valentine's. So so so they took the concept of the open sexuality, put the name of a Christian priest on it. So it seems like a holy day. But actually, it's the open sexuality of the lupercalia. And that is the dangerous thing for Muslims and people of conscience to get involved in this because what happens is pornography erotica, this overcomes everything else. So it seems like it's innocent. It's like they say, a wolf in sheep's clothing. It seems like it's

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innocent because Valentine was protecting young people. But the reality is, it is an occasion where more people commit fornication and adultery, where rape happens, unwanted pregnancy, it is actually a dangerous time, we're gonna take a break. We're gonna continue on here with the Valentine's holiday that is right around the corner, and we want you to be educated. So we got an educated historian here to kind of give you the roots of it. And we're gonna be asking some more questions here on a diesel. So don't go nowhere. You think these things are gonna bring you happiness? You know why you keep going back to the club, and you keep going back to these desires.

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Because you never find satisfaction.

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It's gonna end up causing you if it hasn't already a lot of pain.

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Think you're happy? You're kidding yourself. Hitting is really

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what we are offering in Islam. What we have found in Islam for ourselves, is a means by which our hearts are at peace. They're at rest. They're not discontent. We are pleased with what we have.

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Back here on the D show with Dr. Shaikh Abdullah Hakim quick, we're talking about valentimes right around the corner. Tell us now Okay, so is there anything more to route here started off with something of promiscuity erotic, you know, let's it's not about getting together and marriage. The way the creator wants, it is just, you know, just just hook up, you know, freestyle, whatever goes. So they take this, this Christian man, his name is Valentine. Put his name on top of it and call it Valentine's. Right. So he is an innocent person. He is a religious person who's protecting young people and wanting them to get married according to the rules of the church. Yeah, but but but the

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ceremony that's underneath the current that's underneath is loose sexuality. And and this is where you see pictures of the Cupid. Because this is Cupid is Greek name is arrows. Yeah, that's erotica. And that is the reason why you will see in many of the movies. Today, erotica is an overriding concept. So the the movie stars are in space and they're fighting aliens. And someone falls in love. They're under the ocean fighting, you know, a beast under the ocean. someone falls in love. They're playing baseball or basketball. Somebody falls in love, every movie, they're falling in love. Why? erotica? So erotica is this concept coming out of the Greek culture that,

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you know, push the people towards loose, open sexual relationship. And this, of course, is very destructive to society. Not only is it going against, you know, the law of God. But secondly, it creates unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases. It is one of the big problems and plagues in the world today, when people do not organize their life, take responsibility for the sexuality, there's a lot of damage that actually comes along with it, especially for the women. And so therefore, we're saying to Muslims, don't play around with the devil. Don't play around with evil things and think that it is sport and play. Because what is happening is that young people are being

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fooled into focusing their life on their sexuality, as opposed to folks focusing their life, on the education on their physical fitness, and then grow into their sexuality. This is how societies develop themselves over the centuries. And of course, the last revelation, you know, of the court and brought us the beautiful example of the husband and the wife and the family, and how people can protect themselves and how sexuality can actually be a beautiful thing. It can be a halaal permissible thing and not something wild and uncontrolled

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Tell us now for the person who's just tuning in, you know, they got their friend and they said, Look, man, this this Valentine's Day, there's more to it. But you know what? It's in our public schools. It's all over the place. Look, Johnny just wants to tell Susie that she's cute. You know what I mean? Innocent? No kids are passing up. What's the big deal? Well, of course, again, this is the wolf in sheep's clothing wolf in sheep's clothing, meaning that it appears to be innocent on the outside. Yeah. And you know, if a person is if a boy is passing a comment to a girl, or vice versa, there's nothing wrong with that in the essence. The problem is, is that the socialization that the

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society itself teaches people how to take it a step further. And so when they watch the television programs or movies, then they will see how it goes a step further, even cartoons, the two ducks you know, and the cartoons even even duck, Donald Duck, I mean, everybody's falling in love. And so that's erotica. And so the dangerous thing is, it opens up the door, you know, to a bottomless pit. You know, it's a dangerous area because sexuality is a natural thing. And when we look at the Quran, it tells us while our Takada Xena, in Canada, he schatten Messiah as a biller,

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the court and the last Testament says, Do not come close to fornication and adultery is what God Almighty the creator said, that's what God said because it is an abomination. And it will destroy everything in the path. Now, other sins Do not kill, do not steal. Do not be jealous of your neighbor. You know, Allah says, Don't do it. Well, that talk to the knifes Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah don't kill innocent people, a lot didn't say don't commit adultery. He said, Don't come near adultery. Now what Islam is saying about sexuality is very important. Because the Creator of the heavens and the earth is revealing to people there are certain actions that you shouldn't do. You

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shouldn't kill, you shouldn't steal, you shouldn't be jealous of your neighbor. You shouldn't be you'll be involved in magic and take your interest and so forth and so on. But when it comes to adultery and fornication, Allah says, well, let's talk about a prisoner in the who can have a certain massage, Villa and certain israa. So it says, Don't come near fornication, don't come near adultery, because it is an abomination. And it will destroy everything in the past. So this is a dangerous Psalm thing. It's It doesn't say, Don't commit adultery, and said, Don't come near it. Now, why is there a difference between killing and adultery, because killing is not a natural thing.

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In any human being who sees another person killed, is should be repulsed by that. It's an ugly, detestable thing. But sexuality, that's what our bodies are created for. And so a man is naturally attracted to a woman, a woman is attracted to a man. So that's why Allah said, Don't come near it. Because it's a it's something that we want to do. We are built to do that in order for the species, you know, to to maintain itself. So therefore, what Islam is saying is, yes, have sexuality but do it within the confines of marriage, do it in an organized fashion, where the man respects the woman where the other family is set up, you know, where he takes care of his children. That's the way it

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is the lupercalia the Valentine's erotica concept is uncontrolled and disciplined sexuality. And it starts with that little note set to Jane, or center. Zainab, that's how it starts off just to assist but then Pete Good job. Yeah. You know, I don't know if they have pinku fees, or you know, the big fold. So we don't know, whatever it is, no, we don't get involved at all. And people have consciousness Muslims, those who have consciously submitted to the one creator, just the same way as Jesus, Moses, because we follow that same tradition of worshiping God a little not as Croatian Muslims that was a Muslim is, we should understand is but you mentioned earlier, people are

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consciousness. People, they're not Muslim, yet we hopefully, they'll submit to the one God and do what God wants them to do on his terms, not their desires. People have consciousness. So understand this. Right? Exactly. And you'll find there are groups in Christianity, and Judaism and other religions that know about the history of the lupercalia. They know this. And they also are protecting themselves and their sexuality. There are Christian groups who give out a ring. They they pledged themselves, they put on a ring, and they say, we are pledging ourselves to be to have sex in marriage. We're not going to be involved in illegal sex until we get married. These are Christian

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groups, because this is the basis of all upstanding religions, you know, to protect the family to protect the sexuality and therefore you protect society. Today, we're gonna take a break and God willing, we'll be back with more here in the deen show.

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Not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am

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not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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Not afraid to

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put your dream home and you've got your dream car, but you're gonna get old and things gonna happen to you in your life and then what have you got, at the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us. It becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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It's killing of innocent human beings.

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human life is precious.

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There always be someone that'll be there to say something negative, but at the same time, there'll be someone there to say something positive. Also, just hold on to the wolf overlook everything in this universe, rely a need Allah for answers don't kill women don't kill children don't kill old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed talks

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about. The profits are solid, never ever start a war against anybody.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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Now, upon investigating the villages, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is a Muslim is those who surrender their self to God is a Muslim, those who submit to God, God's will that Islam was pure, it was just, you just pray to God, your Creator.

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Back here on a D show with Dr. Abdullah Hakim quick, giving you the roots of Valentine's Day, showing that it's not that innocent when it starts off that way, but then you see what transpires at the end? You know, so you mentioned just before we get into the next you mentioned adultery, so the person says, Look, I'm dating. I'm not like, dating anybody's wife, I wouldn't do adultery. But when we say when you talk about adultery, or any kind of fornication, yeah, basically, what we're talking about is not just the physical act of adultery, but but being alone. You know, with with the opposite sex. someone thinks adultery. Now that's like, when you when you cheat on your husband or

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wife. Yeah, I'm not married, though. I got a girlfriend. Yeah, Is that allowed?

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islamically. Again, it's a complete different concept than the loose society that people are living in. And actually, if you looked at America, before, 40 years, even 30 years, you will see that most people actually waited until they were in their late teens, 20s, before they even started to date, and before that, they wouldn't have any sexual relationships, until they were married. This is how this society actually was in the past. It's the basis of societies all over the world. And it's only recently when erotica now enters into Hollywood and literature and it starts to overtake everything, and and changing society. And then, you know, people start, you know, taking off their clothes.

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Originally, when people used to swim, they had long clothings. If you look at people in the early 20th century, a woman would have a bathing suit that covered most of her body. I can remember when I was young, growing up in America in Boston, and I watched a movie called I Love Lucy. Yes. And in that program, Lucy and her husband, according to the rules of television at that time, they could not sleep in the same bed. So therefore, when nighttime came loose, he would go to her bed and her husband would go to his bed. Now look what's on television. Now, it's like x x x in a normal movie, is it just advancement like advancement in technology or decline of moral society, it is actually

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declined. And what it is leading to is a society that has no limits, that where modesty is gone, and where respect for the family is gone. And this is very destructive and dangerous to the whole society. And we are seeing the rise of sexually transmitted diseases. Having herpes is almost a common thing in some parts of North America. I'm shocked to see how many people actually are carrying sexually transmitted diseases. If you look at the amount of abortions and and so called unwanted pregnancies, this this is a sad case and turn

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Observe what is happening in society. And this could be avoided by going back to the prophetic model. And that is where sexuality is enjoyed within the confines of marriage. And the the energy of the youth is put towards building towards sports, recreation. And when it comes time for sexuality, it is done within the confines of marriage. Tell us now say we're almost out of time for the person that is just been warped their mind has been warped with MTV, with football with, you know, all the different daytime, nighttime drama, so and that's all it promotes. So now, but they're listening to us, and they've been contemplating what is the purpose of life? How can we direct them to see the

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bigger scheme of things to get them to really focus on? Why am I here in this life? Who created me? What does he want from me, give us that kind of advice before we leave. So we give them something to to to reflect over? Well, my advice for young people today is to travel, to leave the cities go into natural settings, hiking, swimming in the natural world, when you go into a lot of creation, then you will see the beautiful relationship that nature has all of its parts, the animals and the trees and the fish and the natural way of life. That is the way human beings originally created, we are supposed to be fitting into the natural environment. And we are actually made as halifa. So that we

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are the representative of God, we are the protector of nature. So by going into the natural world, we see beautiful relationships. When when we go into the cyberspace and the false created world. That is where the devil's erotica takes over. And it destroys our thinking, and puts us into a dangerous way of life. So we have one minute less. So is there hope now for that person that has done? You mentioned that illegal This is something with God that it's a major felony, right? Can you classify it like that major law break? So the person who's broken this law with God? Is there still hope for them? They did everything according to their desires, but now they want to submit to the

00:27:10--> 00:27:49

one creator, they want to do what God wants them to do? Is there hope for that person also, who says, You know what, you know what, I got a mountain full of sins. What's what what can I do now I've just I've taken it too far. The beauty of the last message is that Allah azzawajal tells us in the La Jolla, Uber gymea, Allah forgives all sins. So there is no sin that is too great in this life, for the Creator, to forgive. We have to be sincere, no matter what it is that we did turn to Allah made the intention, and try to change our lifestyle. Nobody is perfect, everybody commit sins, but the best of the sinners are those who repent. That is what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon

00:27:49--> 00:28:31

him, said so there is always hope for us in this beautiful last way of life, but we have to be sincere, and really turn to the Creator. And really try to find alternative lifestyle that we can live as moral beings, modest beings, but still enjoy modern life, and be happy and enjoy all the beauty of society that we have today. Thank you very much. Once again for being with us here on today's show. inshallah, we can be together more of God Almighty Jesus life. And there you have it Valentine's Day explain to you you've been exposed to the roots of it, what it really means when you're celebrating Valentine's Day, you might think it's something innocent, but look where it stems

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from, where it comes from. And you tell yourself and you ask yourself, who should I be working to please? My desires? is it all about just satisfying my lower lusts and desires or satisfying the one who created me the one create tour? You know what, I'm going to die? And I'm going to have to answer for everything I didn't dislike Judgment Day. So now if I just been jumping around from man and woman, just satisfying my lower lesson desires and not caring for the one who created me and the laws that he sent down to all the messages of God, including Jesus, Moses, Abraham, the last fundamental problem, peace be upon them. They all came with the law of God. They all called us to

00:29:10--> 00:29:19

worship none but God, the supreme being the one create tour, another set of a partner next time and to obey the laws that God Almighty has set for us to obey. And

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men and women come together inside a marriage. So don't sell yourself out. Don't cop out. And the guy buys you a nice Valentine's Day chocolate candy and tells you all them sweet nothings. And next thing you know, you give yourself to them in the wrong way. And now you're guilt

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struck for the rest of your life. You stained yourself. You've disrespected yourself dishonored yourself.

00:29:48--> 00:30:00

Don't let it happen. And you know what, even if it did happen, you made a sin. Turn back to the creator who's the most loving and ask him for forgiveness. He alone is the one who forgives all sins and strive your best to stay

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away from everything that displeases God, because our whole mission is life is to work to please our Creator, before we meet our Creator, and you have to express yourself. express your love to God to the one creator by

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your actions. That's right your actions because Talk is cheap. So continue to tune in here to the D show every week where we have another exciting show waiting for you. We'll see you next time. Peace be with you.