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Assalamualaikum My name is Gibson. I was born in Colombia Bogota. Around the age of nine. I had many questions about the purpose of life who was my Creator. And that was my biggest I wanted to know about more about my Creator. So I started a journey

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at the age of nine from nine to 12.

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And that journey has taught me so much you know, gone through so many different cultures, religions, beliefs

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beautiful journey and then the journey that got me to then Islam.

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It the journey in Islam is even much more beautiful than the journey before.

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And that's why I'm here. excited to share with you guys. My story on the deen show. Oh, my convert to Islam right now

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this is the

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this is

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the danger. I salon. Nico, how're you doing? Good said I'm doing well under law. So people got to see a little bit here about you your beginnings. I mean, you come from a Colombian background. Yes. Yeah. And then you ended up here in Florida. Not too long ago or some time ago. Wow. I was born in Colombia. But I was raised here. I came. I came a long time ago. Yeah. So you were born in Colombia? And then raised here in Florida? Yes. All right. Where there's not too different from Colombia. And Florida is a hot over there there. Same thing, depending on the region in Colombia, but Bogota, specifically is nice and cool. They call it Spanish in Nevada, like the freezer.

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You share some interesting with me, you said the people of Colombia, the people who believe in God, obviously, they're religious, but they see that the church is corrupt. What's the statement? Yeah, so So my specifically my family and a lot of Colombians, but it's specifically my family.

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You know, the people that believe in God, they're always saying, Inshallah, in other words, oh, holla. They're always saying, they're always having God in mind, you know, wherever they go. And everything is always mentioning God, very God, mindful and driven. People. But with the church, you know, a lot of them, they go to the church, culturally, but they know, there is, you know, they feel like there's something, something's wrong. And they also, like my family specifically always taught me about the corruption of the church. Like, what the different historical corruptions that they have done, the things that they did to the indigenous people of our lands, and, and how that so like

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that understanding always,

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with that, I always knew that

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the like, God, the believing God was separate than believing in the church. You know, but there's some Christians and other places, specifically in the United States, where I see it's equal, you know, you have to the connection with God is with the church. You know, but in Colombia, it's a little bit different. And Colombia, specifically my family, but in Colombia, generally, yes, it's different where we don't really connect the belief, the belief of God with the church. Yeah, you know, we have a separately, you know, we could understand that the church is corrupt, but God still exist, where you see some Christians here,

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some Christian friends, where they they find out something about their church that is corrupt, and then they start believing in God completely. You know, so you will get back to that. But I want to start off with the beginning, you talked, you were mentioning that you started off at a fairly young age contemplating it, what? What kind of things are you contemplating at that age? Age, so about the nine years old?

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Like I always say, nine to 12. Like,

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I'll go back a little bit further. So at a young age, my parents always told me to pray, always taught me to be a good person and have good character.

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And then from there, when I got to, like the age of 910 11, I started asking questions, I want to know more about my Creator, who was my Creator, what are really my beliefs? So I mean, we're, we're Catholic, per se, like, my culture is mostly Catholic. So I was okay. What are those beliefs? What are what is Catholicism say, on paper now when my parents say or anything but on paper, so I started asking the pastor, I started asking him questions. And first, at first when I wasn't getting pushed away.

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That was that was, they will just push it away. Don't Don't Don't question anything, don't you know, just believe. And then the ones that did answer my question sincerely. I was like, these are not my beliefs. I like the Trinity never made sense to me. You're telling me that a god is a human. You know, it's like telling me to draw a square circle logically doesn't make sense if you understand the concept of God. at that young age, I didn't know it was more like a feeling in the heart of feeling deep inside like this doesn't seem right. But now understand that if you understand God the Creator, then the Creator cannot be

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As a human, he cannot be made out of. He cannot be in, in this universe in space, time or matter. So you had a memorize a statement, that's your parents who you are taught to stay away from smoking, drinking, having urine, even a Muslim at that time, you weren't practicing Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation of what Islam means, obviously, for the audience who just tuned in for his time and hearing these terms that we're using. And you were taught some a lot of these good moral teachings. But and then also, there was something else there that you were taught, what was that prayer or something that you were taught like to, to ask God for? What were those things? Yeah, so

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I, one thing I always ask God for, and to this day, is to God to make me righteous and pious, and to show me show me the truth, even if it goes against me. Okay, so this is something that anybody now just tuning in, they don't have to be Muslim or anything. And they, you know, they can start with that, you know, asking God directly, not a human being no one in creation, but to be righteous was the other one, your parents is pious? And to guide you to the truth, even if it be against yourself? Yes, yes. That Steve, do you think that prayer, that's what led you to submitting your will to the Creator to house the Earth is not? Yes, of course, because through my whole journey, so at the age

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of around 12, I decided, okay, I do not align with the beliefs of Catholicism, I would still go to church, and stuff, because again, it was people, they still believed in some type of God or anything, you know, there's a lot of atheists. And so I never appealed to that I never became atheists, or anything, I became more agnostic, where I don't believe what the Catholics are saying. But I still believe in one God, you know, and I still saw the example of Jesus peace be upon him and the other prophets is a great example. So I would follow their example. And also through the guidance of my parents and my family, I stayed away from alcohol from drinking from, from most

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things on the law like

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things I thank God for protecting me from all that for many years. And then, from there, like asked for that prayer, that was God protecting me and guiding me through all of that, through high school and

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through my college years and through through my life. And then I went through many religions, I went through first Catholicism, then, it was like a seven year process, Buddhism, Sikhism,

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some Hinduism, and I went back to Christianity, Judas Judaism, back to Christianity to the Protestants, the Orthodox Catholics learning the history, the beliefs, the culture of each religion, and then seeing kind of taking, taking the good and leaving the battle each one, but each one of them had some contradiction.

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But all of them had some good as well. So I always took the good and those were like the beliefs of drinking, not smoking, being good to your neighbor, this like those things I will take and keep. But other things of all this is God like God is an animal or he's a plant or you need do you need an intermediate to pray to your god or, or just other things that contradict that even historically, once I started studying when I got older, the historical like claims in the Bible and the historical claims and like, reality, like fact,

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they didn't line up either. So I was like, what would the Creator of the heavens and the earth space time matter? He wouldn't contradict only humanity would contradict themselves. why would why would the creator that is the creator of the cause and effect and everything between contradict himself, you know, so this is the logic that you're using. You're making this prayer, very important. Praying, to be righteous, pious, and for God to guide you through the truth even to be against yourself because so many people they recognize the truth comes to them they recognize it and make sense but then they deceive themselves. They cover it up. Yeah, right. And then they go founder

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desires a position status, and a forget about the truth, which should supersede all these things. Yeah. So you are someone who is sincerely looking for the truth. And now were you getting teased at one point? Because now you weren't someone who was drinking you weren't going to doing a lot of the things having a girlfriend? Were you even before Islam? Were you getting kind of bullied because of these things are teased because of these things. Yeah. So I always say like, I never felt American of for the Americans. And I never felt Colombian enough for like the Colombians. I always was always in this weird middle ground. And again, it's not that I would get teased maybe when I was really

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young. But I was always very firm like no that's not what I do. You know, and I always thought about logically like, what like oh, why don't you drink all because they bring it brings. You see the chaos it brings to society higher breaks families, how accidents, how it makes you blind. You know, a lot of people run to this. Usually people cause harm, physical harm for them to themselves, because they're trying to cover up for their mental and spiritual harm that they have deeper inside. So they rather cover it up with physical harm, cutting themselves drinking, doing drugs, instead of dealing with the real problem that is the mental or even spiritual diseases they have inside. You

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But they fix that then everything gets fixed. Yeah. You know. So how did that how did that go at that time? You're obviously you in Islam you have the clear guidance is telling you okay, this is allowed this is not what is haram, this is halal is permissible, this is not, you know, out of God's love, this is what he he and his mercy, we have the guidance, you know, from going from the smallest things, going to the bathroom, to running a country, running your family, everything is there in Islam. But it's beautiful that your parents still brought you up on many of these certain moral principles. And so when when Islam came was so much more so easier to go ahead and accept, because

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you already rejected like you said earlier, God being three in one, you know, human being and these manmade ideas about the Creator. And then NOT HERE COMES Islam, pure monotheism, the moral teachings are there was it just was it easy? Or you still had to take time to investigate? Because you wanted to be 100%? Sure, yeah. So

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accepting Islam was very simple. It's very easy, because it was is what felt natural. You know, it's what oh, this is what I believe. And I find other people that believe this, of course, I will, I was always someone very careful of what I believed. And I always wanted to go very detailed

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in whatever claim anybody made. So I just want to make sure but once I had those claims, and I checked it off, I was like, this is very simple. Each claim was like, very simple, very straightforward, you know, is the only religion that logically explains who your Creator is, you know, he's, he's a law, your Creator is the creator of space, time and matter.

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Everything you see everything you don't see, and you will only know of him. What he says about himself, nothing more, nothing less. You know what that concept, he's not bound by his creator, creation, he's not bound by space, time matter. That means anything that is, makes takes up space is made out of matter, or changes, or even half the time

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has a beginning or an end is not our Creator. So all of these claims of all these other religions energy, a ball of energy,

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human being a spaghetti monster in the middle of space, none of that makes sense. When you actually understand your you understand your Creator. And then Islam came with that. Islam came with the prophecies that all came true, historically, everything is correct. There's no contradictions. And third, also, it comes with what you're saying. It explains to you how to use the bathroom, to even how to run a country. And the best way, everything in between, you know, it is the best way of life, the most perfect way of life one is

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followed in a holistic, correct way. Yeah. What about Okay, so there was no entertaining the idea, like many people go to university, and they have this crisis of faith. You're also in university, and you see what goes on and philosophy person comes on. And he's giving his Dawa. Right? He's pushing people towards atheism, right, making mocking religion and everything. Yeah. So at any point in time, were you entertaining the idea of atheism?

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And how did you if you were, if anything came up? How did you battle and get away from that? Yes. So yeah, there's a lot of debates I've had with like many atheists in our study these beliefs and his philosophies. And

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again, like,

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when you look at the universe, and you see how perfect it is, you know, like, for us, it looks chaotic, you know, but when you really study, you go into this cosmology, look, you look into biology, you see how perfect everything is, and how everything is cause and effect. That's how the universe works. Our universe works with cause and effect. That means that with the universe expanding, and Allah teaches us that he, he began any, like, he made a process for to begin, meaning is still expanding, there's still, it's still going. And that's what we know in science, as well. And everything that God proves in the Quran, is it proven to be correct, even 14 years ago that we

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found out maybe, like, 50 years ago, but otherwise, like, how do we know there's a creator? Just look around you? Look, how did all of this come to existence? Without a creator? You know, so perfect. So online, the law of gravity is not different here than it is over there. It's all one. You know, it all comes from one source that is more powerful that we cannot comprehend. Because he's outside of our comprehension, because we only comprehend in space, time and matter in our universe. He's outside of all of that he's separate, but he's the creator of everything. He's, he's in control of everything, but he's separate from his creation, the creator of everything, but we cannot

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comprehend them a lot. That's where a lot of atheists go all because I cannot materially absorb, study him, then that's why he doesn't exist. You know, I could study everything and I could study all the universe. I can study everything.

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materially, but because I cannot comprehend or study Allah, then he must not exist. But all the signs are there. And Allah even makes it in the Quran. He doesn't say we could see him nobody he says go look for my signs. His signs are all over in cosmology in, in mathematics in, in the Quran itself and the claims and makes into his story in the history and, and the prophecies and everything, you know, it's all there. But you have to have a good heart to see it. You can just focus on your intellect, the heart just has to guide you because your heart is was connected to your soul to your to your soul and your soul is connected to to Allah and the greater being. So before

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you accepted to this way of life to Dean, you didn't come across, you know, this path of going towards atheism. This wasn't something that you entertained. I mean, I entertained I listened. Yeah, I will listen to everyone.

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You know, and I listened, but I was like, just doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense. You know, it just doesn't make sense. So you cross that out? Yeah, cross that off. Right. Okay. So then, and then you what, what common thing? Did you see? Because you mentioned you went through all the different religions, you wanted to make sure what kind I kind of did the same thing I went through, I opened up a world religions book and I really, I took an analytical scientific approach. And I myself, I wanted to see, okay, why is this religion? What about this one? Because it seems like shaytaan, you know,

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puts out all this confusion. And now it's like, you give up and you're like, man, all religions, they're all I don't want to follow like the common saying any organized religion. Yeah, right. I'm a good person. What does good mean? Right? Going to the nightclub and just like being good to your neighbor was still like drinking on the weekends, and then what get in a car accident, kill somebody, but you're a good person. So there's no clear guidelines. So what did you see in common amongst most of these manmade religions?

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I mean, most religions, everybody is trying to worship something, even if they know or not. Yeah, you know, everybody is even the atheists. Allah tells us that

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law Hula, hula law, meaning Allah is the only one worthy of worship.

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Meaning that when I when I look at that, I think I think about it in the aspect that

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our Creator is telling us something, you know, he says, as wisdom in all his creation and everything, he says, wisdom, meaning, humanity will always need to worship something,

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you know, and he's the only one worthy of worship because he is our Creator. Yes. But meaning all these other religions, they're worshiping something that's not the creator. Oh, you know, so. So the similarity I saw was the Arabic is trying to worship something. And then yes, some came with, you know, like, yes, worshiping, I mean, you know, feeding the poor, doing good to others. Buddhism, like the meditation, you know, like, like, being relaxed and calm, being balanced.

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You know, some of these things, some of these concepts are in Islam, but in a balanced way, some of these religions go to extremes. And there's a lot of similarities. There's all the good things from all the other religions are in Islam. And then what Islam, what the main thing is that it has all the truth.

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In it, everything in Islam is the truth.

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And it also is the only one that is worshiping the true Creator. The other ones are trying to worship the creation in different ways. That's what I saw also, creation worship, the same thing you see when you get to know the pure monotheism to Tawheed. And now you can go ahead and use that as a litmus test, you can go ahead as a measuring stick to see like, you know, where these manmade religions are always going to end up going some way in direction to worship the creation instead of the Creator. And that's the beautiful thing about Islam are the size worshiping the Creator, not the creation. Alright, so let's go back to a little bit so you're on your journey, young age, on these

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moral teachings. So you didn't go down? You know, I didn't want it to clarify some things was that Salah atheists will question me will be like, What do you mean, I'm atheist? I don't worship anything. No, but you do. You either worship money,

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atheism, liberalism, or yourself. You know, like, usually you worship something, either if that's enemy or money or yourself or liberalism or philosophy, you're worshiping that is a form of worship, perhaps 100% Honest athlete, a soccer player,

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someone if you if you follow them in their life, and the person who's atheist, like you said, because in our fitrah, and our innate disposition to worship something, so the atheists will go around in his life and have all these events happen to him, and then he'll base it on. Well, how did this happen to you but not your friend? You got this position this job it's Oh, it's my good luck, my good fortune. Then they'll have in his closet have his good luck shirt. Due to superstition. Yeah. And then if you go back and you link and you go even deeper, you'll see that there's even a God, a God and I think it was named

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For the god of fortune for tuna, right? So it's the whole life is about good luck. Bad luck. So they even have the missing when you go to certain elevators, the number 13. Right? Because yeah, so there's always something they're always Oh, you're worshiping something. But the greatest thing at the end, you're worshiping your desires. Yeah, I mean, it does dictate your life. So anyways, back to this. What about the, the idea, because obviously, coming from the Christian background, the idea, and this is not ever to like disparage on anybody's religion or anything. But these are just important points that we try to highlight. So other people can see if they have things related to

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your story at the same time, because many people do scratch their head when they come to these things. So the next thing is you discuss the Trinity. And that didn't make sense, God being three in one, the idea that God is one along where the worship that may say, What about the crucifixion? What about God dying for your sins, Jesus died for your sins that play any role in your life? Was that something that? Yeah, so the way like, at one point I like is when I heard when I started studying more of Islam, the way I kind of, again, I did not believe in the Trinity, because the the first one the Father, we don't know maybe like maybe that that could be the creator. You know, that could be

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Allah what they're talking about. But the other two, they're part of the creation, they take up space, and they made of the, you know, space, time or matter. The Holy Spirit is Spirit is spiritual realm, you know, spiritual realm, mental realm, physical realm, anything that takes up space, time, or matter. In those three realms is not a lot. So I eliminated it doesn't make sense. This is part of His creation, meaning, the way I thought about it was like the father, and again, I could be incorrect about this, but the father is, could be a lot. You know, our Creator. The son is His creation, like,

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like the prophets, because they were closer to him. And then the Holy Spirit is the one who's bringing the message the way I see it is Angel Jabril. You know, he's the angel bro is the one who brings the message. But that doesn't mean that they're that they're all God, their individual creation of Allah. You know, that's the way I always thought was their second question. The crucifixion but going back to what you're saying, don't lose your place. But when because that's what we would say the father heart and heaven you say the Lord who are in heaven, father now taken into a literal sense, but understanding this metaphorically, yeah, cares for you, who loves you the

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most the one who is maintaining you, you know, all those attributes of the Creator, but to take God as a literal funnel, but they've done like a man old man in the sky with a beard, you know what I mean? To give any kind of like, these physical resemblance lenses, you know, like, people do, and then they formed these concepts in their head, but at least commit to the * god, there's nothing comparable to that Almighty, anything you can conjure up in your mind. That's not God this in your imagination. So go, let's go back what we were saying the crucifixion. Jesus died for your sins. So again,

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it contradicts itself even in the in the in the Bible. God.

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Like, how do you even think about this? It was just very simple. It was, well,

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I know this is not God. Second, I know the church is corrupt. So I already came with a mindset of like, whatever they're telling me I could be wrong. You know, it's again, more like following the heart, you know? So from the beginning, I really felt like this is not right. Why does one man have to die for all our sins? And how does this one man dying?

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lead others, like how many Christians would tell me not all, but some that

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if a man rapes, if he kills, if he does anything wrong, but he still believes in Jesus as a savior, then he's okay. Then what's the point of this life was a point of test it just, there's so many contradictions. And then God Himself says that, like, we don't know, in Islam, that no matter will burn in the sense of another, you know, so just from the beginning, didn't make sense. But once I started learning Islam, and I didn't see any contradictions, and then again, there was some things that maybe I didn't fully know, but I knew they were wrong. Like they weren't the correct like, there was something wrong about it was incorrect. Maybe I kept I started away from it. I didn't

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believe in it, but I didn't know how to speak up against it. Until I got to Islam and I heard and I was, oh, this makes sense. You know, like those many things that I kind of held inside of me, I really told anyone I didn't believe this or anything, I just kind of had it inside. But and then once

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once I got to Islam, and then everything was just clear everything like oh, Jesus didn't allow your for your sins because Jesus

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no one needs to die for for for the

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for like the sake of others, you know, and then also even in the Bible, there's there's there's a point where Jesus comes back I believe, is the same as a a 40

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too, I could be wrong, Isaiah 4242. But I could be wrong is when the in the New Testament, Jesus comes, comes back to his disciples, and He tells them, they're all scared, you know? And then he asked them, Why are you scared? And he said, all because we heard

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that you die. You know, we heard that you that we heard meaning there's another proof of the disciples weren't there because they say they hurt.

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And then he said, No, I'm,

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I'm, I believe he says, like, I'm skin and bones, touch me, you know, like, he, they feel them. And then there are all my master, they hug him, like my teacher, my master, they hug him. And then that's where Jesus goes and tells him that he's leaving, he's leaving, he's leaving, and that he will be back one day. And then he tells him that there'll be someone that comes after him, that and you'll know him, that they'll they'll come after Him to guide. And you know him by the because he will be the only one to glorify His name, like Muslims were the only ones that glorify Jesus name, not as God, but as a mighty prophet as the Messiah.

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And he says, you know, him and his followers by the fruit of the trees,

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you know, so this is the prediction now that Jesus Peace be upon is talking about he's foretelling the future of another prophet coming. Yes. And who was His Prophet? Muhammad? Prophet Muhammad? Yes. Not as a God or son of God, just as a messenger? Yes. Yeah. And he came with the Quran. Hmm. So what was it that went finally, in the last few minutes that we have? What was it that did it for you that you finally were like, That's it, this is the truth, I need to accept it. I'm not going to be making up my own religion by just you know, saying I believe in God, I'm a good person. You know, you went through the atheism, you rejected that. What your parents who are upon? You know, at that time, you

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went above and beyond came to Islam? What was it that finally had you take a shower, that you confirm that the Quran is indeed, the verbatim Word of God Almighty? And this way of life is the way of life that God wants me to be upon? Yes. So what got me to the end? So from 2015, about a new law was my, like, my career, you know, are to go to prayer, or to go to Jama. And I had a lot of Muslim friends that had amazing characters, they're always there for me, I guess what, at the end, but I had this mindset of like, Oh, we're doing all this even before you took your shahada before? You were already like, going to Joomla here? And yes, yeah. And then the reason why I didn't convert

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then, or revert then was because I was in the mindset, like, oh, I want to help everyone, all humanity. So I don't want to be tied down to one religion.

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Because that might limit the limit me to help out everyone else, you know, and then but once I started learning more about Islam, and then one of the dramas someone, the Imam said, specifically, he said, In To summarize, he pretty much said, don't be a blind follower, the community, but also don't be a monk, you know, be in the community, be patient. And if you want, if you want to better the community, to be part of it, and the community will benefit you, like society as a whole. So with that said, I was like, I don't know, something that clicked, you know. And then there's also other situations in life where life was, it was getting harder, once you get older, the life gets

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harder, sometimes, I don't know if I would have stayed been the same. If I would have continued not being a religion, not having that, that that community, you know, that support system, that the Islam like, Islam is beautiful, because of the Oneness of Allah. All the things that probably around me so salaam teaches his character, his compassion and his honesty, he's just as humble and firm. He was what everyone is even his enemy, you know.

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And then also just the OMA, it comes with the community that comes with a support system. He like, I can't imagine, like, being where I am without the community. You know, so I feel like that was like a point where I realized also, I need support. And then I could also help them in many ways. And I would have not gotten the I might not be in the right path if I continue just being on my own. You know, and it was like, it was it was from the ego also, like, oh, I don't need to be part of a religion. I don't need to, you know, but once I was like, no, like, let me submit. Let me let me really submit and yes, I'm praying I'm this but also part of being Muslim. Is your belief, your

00:29:32--> 00:29:55

intentions and your actions, meaning your actions also with your community? Yes, you know, they have rights upon you and your family and everyone has rights upon you. So it's fulfilling all those things. That's when I finally like accept it. So let's finish off with the amazing news that at the end of all this your mother and father, they also came to Islam. My son, my mother did the law

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

and my father is right there you know, Inshallah,

00:30:00--> 00:30:28

Very soon my my father will be he's he's, he loves Islam and he talks about it to all his friends. What's his name? Roberto. Roberto, keep us from your ego. I'd like to have you next on the show, as we're talking here. Inshallah you take shahada and we'll have your father telling his story. That'd be amazing, huh? Get your father to watch your father Senora Roberto, Roberto Senora Roberto except Islam

00:30:29--> 00:30:38

to the Creator, not the creation that specifically Yes, and believing in one god cray cray endo criando and audios

00:30:40--> 00:30:40


00:30:41--> 00:31:20

submitting to one one guy to one guy alone worshipping the Creator creator alone and not his creation or underlay salaam into our own Dios. Your underlay solamente el Dios the tau in Osaka ASEAN Yeah, so finish off so you said your father was right there oh he's like right there to like accept Islam like again he's he's always talking about it with his friends he's always quoting Prophet Prophet Muhammad so salaam he's coming to the masjid and he says is right there you know it's some travels a lot or anything so he's he's I'm excited already. I feel he's right there. Yeah, just you could be watching right now I get excited when people is very simple. You already believe

00:31:20--> 00:31:46

in one and only one guy who believe in the profits that God Almighty sent that Jesus was a messenger Abraham No, Mohammed just the last and final messenger, then you repeat after us has had to end La ilaha illallah wa shadow Anna, Mohammed and of the Horus Zulu. There's nothing worthy of worship as in your innate nature See, except the one who created you the one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger. And then you would automatically include Jesus, Abraham. No. And with that said,

00:31:47--> 00:32:02

Well, how's your relationship with Jesus? Now? What do you view him as like many people think that not all they hate Jesus or their union laws? What is your relationship with Jesus now? No, I mean, like, even before Islam, like, I remember I would ask myself, because I always upheld.

00:32:04--> 00:32:14

Jesus has. I didn't again, I didn't know who my God was, I knew there was one God. And I did have like a feeling like oh, this this is if

00:32:15--> 00:32:16

this is a prophet,

00:32:17--> 00:32:54

then, like, if there is prophets, then this would be one because of his character and everything already. He said, Yes. So I would always ask in different situations, like what would Jesus do in this moment? And a lot of Christians did that still. And to this day, I still asked like, oh, what would Jesus or Muhammad Salah more, or any of the prophets do in these moments because they're the best example for humanity. And Jesus is one of those mighty prophets. We're out of time. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Thank you very much, very exciting story. I hope inshallah this motivates you inspires you, and take this prayer that his parents taught him, you can go ahead

00:32:54--> 00:33:33

and run with that. You're asking God Almighty to make you righteous, pious and to guide you to the truth even if it be against yourself. So this is the truth is the way of life of Jesus. The way of life of Jesus, not the worship of Jesus or anything in creation. Pray to the One God, pray to your Creator. Ask for guidance. And if you'd like a free copy of the Quran, go ahead and get it for free at the deen And if you still have any questions, call us at 1-800-662-4752 and we'll see you next time here to the show. Subscribe if you haven't already. Until then Peace be with you as salam aleikum, if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking

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