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Zohra Sarwari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of parents in their school system and how they tend to let older children of their generation know that they are not supportive of their parents. They also mention the need for parents to be more like those who are successful in their own ways. The speaker suggests that children should be trained in a different way to prepare for college and work in a different area.
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So when it comes, this is very true for law you live on air.

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Hello, yes, you live on air. Go ahead. Yes, we also are looking to our mission.

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I want to go back to what you said about parents. I work with mainly with them from like a society, a few divisions, and we meet a lot of youth. And some of the things that is a kind of trend, parents tend to care for the children of a younger age, for obvious reasons. But as they grow in your high school, early college student colleges or colleges, they tend to kind of let go, parents kind of become more like a result oriented, they tell them like, do this. And this what we expect from you kind of report to us at the end of the day or end of the week. And that's one of the complaints that we get a lot from us that other parents are not really a support system,

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criticize a body critical body that they always really have to report to can a supervisor versus an employee. So that's the kind of challenge the optimal that our youth as Muslims, we face because all of our friends obviously immigrated to this country. And they used to be making making ends meet. So they occupied and the expedition have to be like that. They don't have they don't have this mentality of thinking outside the box, if you will, they don't expect you to become entrepreneurs, or whatever they do, they should expect you to have a job and a handler for that, you know, and that's about as indigenous children can get more than into that and become eventually cemented that

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personality, and then head

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back to the good for the police force to become doctors and engineers have an unusual story for cadres. It's not a normal

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people to become business minded, creative people do things that are not abnormal.

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Interesting isn't normal. So you know, that kind of challenges me I'm sure you're being a parent, as an entrepreneur, or, you know, a student at the same time, I can maybe can shed some light on stuff and actually talk about special parenting. How well and when do we stop become a parent?

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I think my opinion is that we have we always need our parents, you know, so even when we become professionals with avoided, you know, we need a parent,

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children relationship at all times. So before we commonly

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hear your opinion about that,

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I think you have a right i think we are trained in so many ways to think like that to go to school, get a job, go to school, get a job. And that's not just Muslims, but that's 95% of the world is trained that way. And you have to see Subhanallah that's a result oriented world. But you got to also see if that's one way, who is really successful, is it our doctors, is it our lawyers, is it our engineers, are they barely making it as well, because we have a lot of committee as much as they make, but it's not like they're the most successful. And then you start to analyze who's truly successful. And you look at Oprah, and you look at all these people who are business owners, they're

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running their own businesses, their as their creativity, their, you know, their own minds that got them where they're at, instead of working for someone else. So there's a whole difference. So do I think we need more of that? Absolutely. I personally train, I go to the private Islamic schools and train on this matter, calling your million dollar mind to bring this awareness to our youth and as well as their parents, I also actually am going to start training in chautala, the same program in non Muslim schools, as far as private, Jewish, Christian, and Catholic schools, because of, you know, they love this topic. Because people don't do this. They don't train at these levels. And

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people are starting to realize we need this, we need this and we need to be more like that. But how do we get it and so there's very few trainers out there will actually train youth and young adults to actually get inspired to do this. Because most of us, you know, we turn 65 and that's it. It's like okay, what now, and no one wants to depend on their children, and no one wants to but they don't want to work the low end jobs either. So I'm like before we get to that age, let's start working on a different planets Shalane, let's start taking a different route. And I'm not telling him to quit their jobs overnight. I'm saying if you're working in each day of bills, then start on

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something on the side and hour in the evening. I mean, it's no sacrifice. If in a year from now or two years from now. You're independent of a job and shelter and you're succeeding on your own

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