Musleh Khan – Are You Trusting Allah Only With Your Tongue

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker describes the behavior of companions preparing for battle and being surrounded by fear and hate. They describe the behavior as "one airman will kill" and "one airman will kill" as powerful weapons. The speaker also mentions the importance of trusting Allah and his followers.
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There is a section in sudut earlier Imran

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where Allah subhanho wa Taala describes that when the companions were preparing for battle, they were surrounded. And it scared them.

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They felt scared, they were literally outnumbered in every possible way. So the initial reaction was what are we going to do? And Allah subhanho wa Taala taught them and the AYA actually says fuzzer Dahomey II manner we increase them in face, we increase them in E men, how Allah taught them and instilled within them to say, we'll call husband Allah, one airman will kill that they leave all of their affairs to Allah subhanho wa taala. And he is the ultimate guardian and protector. Can you imagine? Can you imagine that these companions are in battle.

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And their strongest ammunition is right here.

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The most powerful ammunition they have is their faith in Allah. You know what that translates to you and I? So this is number three.

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How much do you allocate and put your affairs in the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, it's an easy thing to say. It's an easy thing to say I trust Allah and Allah is in control. But when the moment becomes the moment and it becomes intense, and it becomes real, and you're surrounded by so much hate or propaganda, everything is around you. All the words are around you, friends around you. The whole world is around you.

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It's easy to say

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but you ask yourself, is it just my tongue the trust salah?

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Or is my heart also trusting him? subhanaw taala

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