Zakir Naik – How can a Muslim Woman Mix with Non-Muslim Women for Dawah, If She is an Introvert

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being modest when speaking to someone on one to one basis. They also mention that many people have misunderstandings about Dawa, but it is true that it is not a coincidence. The speaker also discusses the importance of being modest when talking to someone on one to one basis, and how it is important for not being too modest to communicate with someone on one to one basis.
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After listening to your talks, I have come to know that Dawa is an important thing for a Muslim. But for a Muslim woman who is supposed to be modest and look after the house, etc. I feel it is quite a difficult task and to mix up with a non Muslim woman, etc. And also for an introvert person, can you suggest some steps how to do that? Sarah has a question that after you're in my talks just come from the lava it's important rather than welcome to City sister. Important Yes. But complicity means in the important category compensated category. Basic question is that for a lady How can she do Dawa interact with non Muslim especially if she has to be modest? So many people have the misconception

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that only if you're outward and outgoing Can you do that? Why it's not like that sister. There are many models woman martial and there are modern also Mashallah. And they're doing that was a Hamdulillah. But for a person who's introvert, how can she do Dawa sister many people have a misconception that mom is only giving talks. It's not that only giving talks now are various takes fine, you can talk on one to one basis. You can use sitting at home you can write letters you can send emails, but nature as far as Tao is concerned on an individual level, a male does to a male and a female to female.

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In most of the cases, there may be a situation where they may demand but natural wisdom harem. But if you're focused on all Islamic Sharia Villa hamdulillah sister, even sitting at home, you can drill down even if you're introvert fine, you may not have the habit of speaking. Or you may feel shy or you may not feel like I don't know if any person who was in a more worse situation than me. I understand that a sister. So when it comes to speaking on one to one business to stammer, if you ask what was your name, my name is Isaiah zakat that was me maybe more than a year and a Hamdulillah. Allah opened up the pathway, you know, after I passed my medical 12 years back when I got involved

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in the field of Dawa mashallah, if you serve, as I mentioned earlier in my earlier answer, that if you strive into jihad in the way of Allah subhanho, wa taala, Allah opens up the batteries, whatever you are,

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in most of the people that I mean 99 person don't want to read the hour, they can speak better than what I was when I started. That the best example is Allah says,

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Allah helps.

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Men can overcome, who Allah for six men can help them. Therefore let the believers put the trust in Allah subhanaw taala it is popularly known chapter three, verse 160, the sister you start, even if you think you don't feel like speaking, you don't feel like interacting your introvert yet start and inshallah Allah will help you. Besides that for a lady. That doesn't mean that if you're modest, you can't do that. So many people are misconception mandalas me sitting at home. The modest means modest, whether you're in or out, you follow the Islamic Sharia, you lower your gaze. In fact, a modest woman can do more Dawa. She can do better Dawa than a modest woman.

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Now that herself when she carried herself outside, in economic way that itself is Dawa. And when they convey the message, and they speak indirect Dawa and that just reminded me to the morning when we were thinking of selecting some trainers for Our Lady teachers in voice modulation, we had had are the best people in Bombay, they came up and we are interview everything, the talk went fine, my sister and myself. And basically ladies, when they when they asked that find, when we come to train, can we receive this? Is it fine? or whichever come is Do you know? So they asked if we didn't put any ideas to them. They were ladies. They're going to train our ladies. So that is our the way we

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speak the way my sister wearing a hijab. They said that OSHA welcome is fine, or what do you want them to put any criteria, they were trained as a professional, we don't mind the ladies.

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Whether they measure Malcolm X or not, as per our criteria, there's no problem. But imagine the way my sister spoke the way we presented ourselves, non Muslim professionals,

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trained by foreigners training other people how to speak. They asked him the question, why? Because they will be present. We didn't speak anything about Islam, only talking about professional thing, but that itself, the way we present is dava Hamdulillah.

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I mean, we didn't put any criteria that when you come to to wear the hijab, that's not a must. They were not Muslims. So hamdulillah Sr. It's not that by being modest to come to Dawa. In fact, by being modest, you can do better Dawa. You're in a better position. And there are situations you may say that I am a lady I sit at home I may not interact that much outside you can interact on the telephone, you can interact on the internet but natural with females is preferable. So in this resistor, you can you can send books, you can send video cassettes, you can send tapes, etc. You can convey the message with the Muslim friends and as the Muslim friend if you're a non Muslims, you ask

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a Muslim friend that Do you have a non Muslim requires any question on Islam no problem to the AP non Muslim friend to ask a Muslim friend that do

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They have non Muslim friends they have queries simple Allah will open up the pathways and once you start inshallah Allah help you but they have to make a beginning don't wait for tomorrow start immediately of them some questions

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