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There is mentioned in verse number 109 of jealousy, the jealousy of some of the disbelievers where Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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if they would, if they could, they would have turned you away from your faith out of jealousy, that you are worshiping your maker alone. No sticks and stones, no deities, no people, no strays, no nothing besides the one who made you, when they know that sometimes the people because of materialistic reasons, or whatever other reasons they may be, they actually turn away. They want you to turn away out of jealousy. So Allah says hacer them in India and foresee him. They knew that what the truth was, but after that, their jealousy made them try to drive you away from your faith. Allah says, Don't be driven away from your faith. Allah speaks about something very interesting at the end

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of that verse, he says, For was father had died at your local b&b. Forgive and embrace, forgive and embrace until Allah comes with his instruction.

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Because Allah is indeed all April and all capable. So the point I want to highlight here is forgiving and embracing.

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A lot of the times we are hopeless, and we actually haven't healed simply because we haven't forgiven. We haven't let go. So the burden is becoming bigger and bigger. So Allah is telling you for was foul. You know what, just excuse them. Just ignore it. Just forgive them and embrace keep the peace