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Mufti Menk
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Al Hamdulillah Hilary had Annalisa Omar

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Hola Hola.

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Wash How do hola Ilaha illa Allah hula hula Cherie Keller who are shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu rasuluh Maria de la, la la Who among you who follow her do

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a ma do Fattah Kula Ebert Allah. What Doku Yeoman to Jonah's? He will Allah Hiva to afar condone FC Maka Sabbath. Welcome la yoga moon,

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my brothers, my sisters.

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The fact that we are here in the house of Allah Almighty is a sign that we have been chosen by Allah Almighty.

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chosen to be from among his worshipers May Allah accept it from us.

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it is only through the guidance of Allah that one is guided.

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If Allah wills guidance for any of his servants, none can miss guide that servant.

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And if Allah has not willed that, then no matter what happens, one will not be guided therefore continue to seek from Allah on a daily basis that He guides you and I to the straight path, a DNS slim up on Mustafi team we repeat the DUA so many times and we have to repeat it in prayer. In every unit of prayer it is said guide us to the straight path we ask Allah to accept that dua from us and truly guide us to the straight path my brothers my sisters, yes. And effort is required by us within the capacity given to us by Allah Almighty. But the acceptance is granted by none other than Allah. The fact that you are here today you made an effort, thank Allah. Ask Allah as acceptance, cleanse

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your heart, make an effort to be here for the next Salah make an effort to connect yourself to the houses of Allah, Allah would have chosen you may Allah subhanahu wa taala choose all of us to do good work and to do good things and to worship Him alone. And May He protect us from harm from evil from association of partners with him. And may Allah Almighty protect us from being cast into hellfire.

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So my brothers, my sisters, how do I know I'm chosen by Allah. The reality is, if I continue to seek that from Allah, and I continue to try to achieve that, by the will of Allah I would be from among those chosen by him to worship Him. Allah doesn't need any one of us. Allah makes it clear that if you are to turn away, Allah will replace you and die with others who will not be so ungrateful. And Allah Almighty says it very clearly in more than one place in the Quran. In fact, in one place, Allah Almighty subhanho wa Taala he makes mention of it in a beautiful way. And he says, what? That one language stability will come and come from Allah.

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Allah Khan, if you are going to turn away, we will replace you with others and they will not be like you in transgression in disobedience, in ingratitude and so on. But they would be those who worship Allah. This verse shows us that Allah does not have a shortage of worshipers, Allah doesn't even need them. Allah is great, and the great test with or without those worshiping Him,

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it is us who need to worship Allah. It is us who need to gain closeness to Allah. So make an effort to come to the houses of Allah, when Medina Jah, goofin, Lana,

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Lana, those who strive in our path in our way, those who strive to come close to us, those who make an effort to do the right thing, those who make an effort to get closer to Allah, Allah says we will guide those to the path to the correct path Subhan Allah and the paths here referring to the one straight path that has so many avenues because to gain closeness to Allah, there are so many different acts of worship, but all of them would be only and solely for the sake of Allah. You and I know to render an act of worship to anyone or anything besides Allah is unacceptable. So if you were to do an act of worship that is correct and valid, and you are to do it only for the sake of Allah,

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then you're heading in the right direction. To be a person chosen by Allah you need to make it your business to increase

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To your knowledge, and you need to make an effort to learn more and more about the revelation that was sent to you and I,

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about the revelation that was sent to mankind at large and Jing chi and you need to make an effort to learn about the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you need to make an effort to get closer to those with knowledge in order to learn from them, the goodness that they would be teaching, you need to make an effort to register to learn from a source that is reputable, a source that is authentic, in order that you gain closeness to Allah bot, if you are not bothered about coming to the houses of Allah, if you are not bothered about your knowledge and increasing it, if you're not bothered about making an effort to read the Quran on a daily basis, if you're not

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bothered about doing the right thing, and abstaining from prohibition, and seeking the forgiveness of Allah, how then can you call yourself a chosen person, you're not even worried. You're not even bothered. Many of us unfortunately get caught in the material world to the degree that we give it preference over Allah. That is when we're going to stray. To earn a livelihood is good, mashallah, in fact, it is your duty as a human being, but to give a preference over Allah, such that you start to do things that are displeasing to Allah is what is unacceptable. So when you go out to earn, say, Bismillah, in the name of Allah, when you go out to earn, be compassionate of others, when you go

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out to buy and sell, think about the others and be compassionate and understanding tolerant towards them, speak to them with respect, do them a good deal, don't rip them off, etc. When you are going to work, don't steal from the time of those who have employed you. All, this is a sign of a believer, if you want to take heed, you're a chosen one because you are bothered, you're bothered about what you are bothered about the pleasure of Allah and the day you're going to meet with Allah. If you're bothered about the day you're going to meet with Allah, and every day you do deeds that you know will help you the day that you meet with Allah, then you're a chosen one by the will of

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Allah. But if you don't ever think of the life after death, and you don't ever think about being a better person, and you don't bother about how you talk about how you work about how you deal about your knowledge about your acts of worship, then how can you call yourself one who is chosen by Allah then do not blame Allah and say, Oh Allah, you wrote for me Miss guidance. So how would I have been guided La hawla wala Quwata illa Allah.

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Allah gave us the energy, the capacity to do certain things He expects us to call out to him to grant us acceptance Allahu Allah fitna Lima to hit bow a TATA O Allah grant us acceptance to do that which pleases you and which you love. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us that goodness, so my beloved brothers, my sisters, remember? Yes, it is very important for us to work towards the pleasure of Allah. And when we work towards it and walk towards it. Allah will open the doors Allah does not let down one who is sincerely searching for the truth, who is sincerely searching to please Allah, Allah will not let you down, he will never let you down. We need that sincerity. And in the

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process, be humble. Because Allah does not guide the one who is arrogant and proud. Allah does not guide he or she who belittles others, Allah does not guide he or she who does not care about the rest of the creatures of Allah Rubble is that he will Jalil, my brothers, my sisters, we need to realize in this world that is extremely temporary, very temporary. It lasts a few days, if anything, and they are valueless days, the only thing that actually has tremendous value is when Allah has accepted you and chosen you to worship him. When Allah puts it in your heart to come to the house of Allah, thank him when Allah puts it in your heart to donate your money to a good cause, thank him

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because otherwise there are people whose money is wasted on that which is futile. Haram displeasing to Allah or just a waste of time.

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So that's an acceptance from Allah. When Allah has given you wealth, ask yourself how much of this am I going to give to build my hereafter to gain closeness to Allah if you are bothered about it and you look for a good cause all the time, and you give to the best possible cause you're chosen by Allah because you are making an effort to gain closeness to Allah. So Allah Almighty guides you that's why the Hadith Bootsy says woman attorney him she attained to Hawala along Hadith where Allah explains how whoever tries to come closer to Allah, Allah comes closer to them in a bigger and quicker way. That's Allah. So my brothers, my sisters, today's message, make an effort to come

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closer to Allah make an effort to come to the masjid make an effort to come early. Make an effort to learn the Quran to read it on a daily basis. Make an effort to expand your knowledge make an effort to humble yourself. Make an effort to quit sin. Make an effort to repent to Allah on a daily basis make an effort to prepare for the day you're going to meet with Allah and Allah Almighty will open your doors if you come close to Allah, Allah will come even closer to you

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BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran sunnah to Anna fine your ear can be Murphy him I mean it will Hekmati

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was talking Allah honey welcome Melissa every Muslim in festival following number one

Jumuah from Edmonton Islamic Centre

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