Anji a Christian from Philippine accepts Islam

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What's the name sister? My name is Angie from Philippines. And I was Catholic there but I go to church and I didn't feel it and I'm not happy so I think what if and why I didn't become Islam, so I'm here now.

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But first I don't know where I've where I'm start and

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what I forgot to do so mashallah sister didn't give up before

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but she's the one who gave shahada mashallah she the new one. Sister Do you want to accept Islam? Yes. Do you believe that there's one God? Yes.

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Do you believe that Jesus is not God?

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Yes, you believe that Jesus is not good. Do you believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Yes. Of God.

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Is anyone forcing you to accept Islam? No. Are you doing it out of your own freewill?

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Are you doing Are you accepting Islam out of your own free will?

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On your own you're accepting settling and here I stand by my son's mashallah so no one is forcing you

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I live in an Arabic and to get DPT system. I've seen Arabic same thing.

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I shall do. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah and Muhammad Abdul Abdul rasuluh I bear witness.

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That there is no God, there is no God but Allah, but Allah and I bear witness and either witness that God bad prophet Muhammad, Muhammad, if if the messenger the messenger, I'm servant of Allah and sorry, masha Allah

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mashallah May Allah subhanaw taala androgenic the full dose and this to all your past sins have been forgiven and happy to Allah subhanaw taala that may help you to guide the others. MashAllah tears of joys,

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the tears of joy, and you have to thank Allah subhanaw taala to let you come to Oman, for working. You came here. You came here.

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You came here for dunya and Oman gave you

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you came to Oman for dunya and Oman gave you a camera

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and you pray to Allah subhanaw taala that may you help guide your family members and your relatives and your children.