Tafseer of Surah Al- Qasas #08 – Praying or preying on the vulnerable

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The speakers discuss the use of Islam as a way to overcome obstacles and achieve success, as some people may not see the light of the sun. They also talk about the use of Islam as a way to avoid obstacles and achieve success, as some people may not be able to see the light of the sun. The group is trying to get water to their flock at a Meridian, and they are protecting vulnerable individuals and protecting the vulnerable group. They end with a brief advertisement for a meal and a video about a man named Jesus.

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Well, I will

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feed me the hall fee. That was early

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on Dongho ala you came home in a mobile setting in

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Abu Dhabi learn him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim what I'm

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gonna call my Dianna Kala and be very DNA Diani. So as we said at the level Allium Subhanallah, the deal just gets so much more captivating, amazing, and I hope you are appreciating the beauty and the richness of the Quran. So responding to the sentiments of this very sincere, genuine well wisher, and honestly today, my brother and my sister, rarely can you find people that are sincere well wishes they are definitely there. But however, share the Mattoon Callie loon they are few in number they are few in number. Often when today people would give you something which superficially might have the flavor of your interests. It could be diluted or tainted with some ulterior or sinister

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agenda. May Allah grant us purity of intention and purity of motives. Amin yorubaland Amin. Okay, so yes, there is this cloud of uncertainty hanging and Musa alayhis salam has to leave in the cover of darkness, he needs to sneak out, discreetly, and probably many of us might have a recollection, either the sudden termination of a job or something went pear shaped in a union and relationship. And no longer was that family, your family now. Or you had to leave an institution or you had to leave a location or you had to leave. You were evicted by a landlord and where you had spent your years and those emotions can only be appreciated by the one who has experienced that it's the one

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who loses. His duvet that feels the cold the one who loses the duvet feels the cold. It's easy to for someone else to say who hasn't lost his debate as the proverb goes.

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So verse number 22, Allah subhanaw taala sketches that image, appreciate this. Sedna Musa is alone, but like I always say, and I've tweeted this year.

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If you have Allah with you, then you won't be lonely, though you might be alone. Yes, did you hear that my brother and my sister, if you have Allah with you, meaning you have not disobeyed your creator, you are obeying Allah your reliance is on Allah. You will not be lonely though you might be alone. There are many people out there that by circumstances are living alone, but they're not lonely. And there are other people who are living sinful lives and there are many people around them, but within their own hearts, they are lonely. You read and view and listen to the tales, the stories of celebrities, prominent affluent people, high fliers, who had everything going in their

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life. And there was a void there was a vacuum there was a sense of emptiness but what hang on you fill in the stadiums you fill in the theaters, you fill in the shows, you've got so many people behind you.

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Despite the numbers with you, there's a sense of loneliness that's, that's irrefutable. I have seen this year, it's a common thread that is found across all these people who are searching for Dean or searching to become you know, more reformed in their religion, meaning non Muslims coming into the Dean reverting to the dean, or Muslims who are unfortunately not practicing in the deen. Each one of them would would tell you 10 things but out of the 1010 one would definitely be I had fame, I had glory, I had wealth, I had popularity. But there was just the sense of emptiness, a sense of emptiness, read it, I see. And every one without exception speaks about this year. So that's my

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message. And I often say this an advocate this year, if you have Allah with you, you won't be lonely, though you might be alone. And if you don't have Allah with you, then even if you have multitudes of people around you, within your own life, you will be a lonely soul. So yes, even mo Salah is salatu salam heads out and of course he has the guidance and the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah said to Satan or Musa that when you were in the basket, actually

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you know what to rob ah, Allah it was well it was not happy. I knew that you would be nurtured in my care and you

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In my protection, Allah said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for in Nickleby at a uni now for in Nickleby. A union was a big behind there a big arena to whom you are in my case and in my protection. So let's see what happens now. Heading out to Medion not like phoning someone, listen, I'm coming to you. I'm going to put up at your place. Please help me what happened? I'll tell you later. And an argument with my family. You know what, we had a breakup at home and there's this marital feud. No, no, no heading out lonely. Allah directs him. And instinctively, the coordinates go in the direction towards Medina, because this is where Allah subhanho wa Taala had planned. When

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Allah plans it, it's just going to happen that way, my brother and my sister said, No Musa said now use of a Salam is a stone's throw from his dead in the well of Egypt and say now Yaqoob alayhi salam has no clue, no clue where his son is. And then when Allah decides the reunion of Father and Son, and is at a distance of eight days, or 10 days or even beyond, according to the different historical narrations set nyako is like in nila jidori Her use of Listen people I get the scent and the aroma and the fragrance of my son use of Lola and Tiffany doon provided you don't think I'm old and aged frail and senile, that I'm just uttering things, but I'm telling you, I can actually get the scent.

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So a distance of more than 10 days and he gets the aroma of his son. And prior to that his son was was dropped into the weld, which was in close proximity, but but he did not get the smell of his son because at that time, the decree of destiny was separation. And when Allah had ordained the reunion, then a sham Mullah who re how you sofa Allah subhanaw taala allowed say either nyako balita salam to get the fragrance of his son use of not withstanding the distance. Okay, so first 23 Follow along. Wow. And let's just tie it up with the context of courses in OBE and Chef Abul Hassan Ali nadwi Rahim Allah Allahu Ramadan was the year we have it, while Amara dama Amma Dianna wa Giada Isla de

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Mina Nasir spoon. So Musa Ali salatu salam takes the name of Allah and he travels Gela Lane says it was approximately eight days. Allah alone knows how he survived. I didn't come across anything in any narrations that explain or give context or meaning. But as the ruling of the Quran, or as the advice of the scholars of the series, I became uma Bahama, who Allah, if Allah has left something vague and ambiguous, leave it to that you don't need to probe it. And you don't need to unpack that. If there was any discussion or reflection in it for our guidance, Allah subhanho wa Taala would have discussed it. So the Quran fast forwards to the point of arrival into meridian. Now what's the first

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site that needs Musa alayhis salam when he arrives in Meridian was Salah Musa Illa Madeon la

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wa Redfoo hudon he arrives in Meridian, and he doesn't know a soul there. nor is anyone in this place familiar with Musa alayhis salam for me yet we lay here filet Aina Joby. So where does he go? Who does the phone? Where does it take shelter? You know, sometimes a person won't listen, I'm in stranded I'm in a difficulty. I've got some financial constraints, can you just help me out? I'll sort you out. I'll talk to you later. I just need some help immediately. The Euro Musa what I can know a corner and Allah Allah you'll be who he had reliance and your opinion and trust that Allah subhanho wa Taala will make a way for him. Anyway, when he arrives there, one of the first sight

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that meets his eyes is a well, when Amma whare Dhamma. I met the and when he arrived at the water of Meridian, when Amma whare Dhamma mediana wa Jeddah Isla de matar Mennonites he has scored and he found a group of people that will give him water to their flock, they were given water to their flock, while we're Jedermann Tony Imamura attain it to do that, and he found besides the flock besides the men that were giving their flock water to woman to man, they were restraining themselves keeping their distance. They were standing aside aloof. So he's entered. He sees a well he sees a flock This is the first site you know you'd you talk of? You've moved into the city and I'm staying

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here for so many years but I won't forget my first moment. The day I came. I remember distinctly it was a Monday. It

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was early morning. It was a cloudy day. There was rain and thunder. It coincided with the death of this person. You have these nostalgic memories to that place. So he enters into Meridian in which Allah has decreed his his wedding and a stay here for him for a lengthy period of time but we'll discuss this year, but this is the first site of flock

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a group of people what they flock giving it water and he finds two women to do Danny, they are, you know, standing aside aloof and holding back their flock.

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What 10 Who were tentatively Irani and yesterday a nurse and they waiting, patiently holding on to their flock, that the shepherds can give water to their flock and then they will go forward. Or Musa Danica will be probably 100 Will Kareem was shafa. To Abdul Rahim. Sedna, Musa observed this year, that people are busy they and grace the moving back and forth giving it moving on. And he finds two young sisters woman, very modest, bashful, respectful, standing at the side, and in his heart was empathy and kindness. So this triggered an emotion of care for these woman. And there's so much we can discuss and we need to discuss and recently I spoke about this and I credit the credit this to

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the Almighty for putting the story in my heart and my mind.

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Appreciate the time in which say dinner, Musa is offering K kindness help and assistance to the vulnerable, the weak. And

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these young two sisters, he's doing it at a time when he needs more help than them.

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You are tired. There was a warrant of arrest against you. You had to flee from your native place. You haven't eaten for a days, you haven't had adequate shelter, you haven't rested properly. So you are more vulnerable than them. You need more help than them. And hence I say my brother and I appeal to you, my sister. Perhaps the help you are waiting for is actually waiting for you to help someone else who's more desperate than you. And that would be the catalyst for goodness to come in your life. I know you're waiting for someone to knock your door and give you good news coming up the near jewel Bashara. Abdullah who Lazzara will come in Abdi near gelato for you to level Bella, the Arabic

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poet says people get up in the morning hoping Oops, there's a beep on the phone. I just when somebody wants to give me a gift or acknowledge me or somebody's invited me, or I got a complimentary ticket or I got a free holiday. On the reverse. You get an alert to say you owe him money. Or you know what, there's bad news. There's been an accident, you're hoping for a pleasant discovery. And on the reverse. It is something nasty. I know you're hoping for a miracle and I'm also hoping you're dreaming and I'm fantasizing you optimistic and I'm in wishful thinking. But hang on, you're we get a message. Maybe it's time for us to reach out to someone who's more desperate,

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who's more vulnerable. And that would be the catalyst to attract good. So listen along. mousseline salaam observes these two women, they standing aside, not withstanding, in my analogy is simple. You alight? A long haul a 14 hour flight, at that time when you get off and remember, you're traveling in relative comfort, but it's just different time zones. It's, you know what? The cabin pressure, your mind is caught up, you need to get to your hotel settle in. Do you have the mind and the thought to help someone at the airport, who probably is trying to find his terminal or his gate? And I often say this Yeah, one of the acts of Ibadah that we can do at an airport is to take people help

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people. Sometimes you would find old people and I say this in gratitude to the Almighty. I have in my humble ability only as a motivation to others. I'm saying this here, help elderly people. The person is lost. He broke away from his group. He doesn't understand which terminal which gate, which flight he is not literate enough. He cannot tie up his boarding pass correctly. Help the man don't tell him just walk here. Take the escalator, take the elevator hop onto a train. It will take you to the next terminal. Walk the man to his gait and this is a great act of everybody. This is a great act of Rebadow but how many of us would have the time and the energy to do that? When we alight a

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flight? No because we're so tired. We need the bathroom. We need a washroom we need a bed we're Musa alayhis salatu salam empathy is just indescribable.

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So what were gentlemen Dhoni him Oh Murata UNITA do Carla, Mahatma bukhoma Carla Malhotra bukhoma What's the matter with you?

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Two sisters like why alone you're standing waiting patiently to see the element of kindness. And I often say and again Allah puts this thought in my mind, today we prey on the vulnerable p r e, why, if only we can convert that E into A and we start praying for the vulnerable it will change the world completely different. Yes, we see two young sisters there, we exploit it, we exploit it and unfortunately this has happened and it's so important. I mean, if you're traveling at airports you would observe it's so important I myself have ever observed these type of encounters you know and that is why it is important to protect your female and the woman folk just stand in a loop

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immediately somebody would come and make some advancement and back off man, what are you up to?

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So sadly, today we live in a world where it is p r e, why prey on the vulnerable? If only we can convert that E into A and we start playing for the vulnerable then you're the planet will be a different place. Look at Musa well this was a newbie in the making. Mahatma bakoma are sisters. What is the matter? Carlita Alana speak who said you cannot assist help empower Islam gives you guidelines Islam gives you rulings Islam gives you context, but within the parameters and within the boundaries by all means help the poor and the vulnerable help the weak and the destitute help those who need your support.

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That is why in Islam, there is the ruling of the male Muharram and the scholars say that if that male Muharram himself poses a threat, then he would not suffice as the ruling of a Muslim. So a male Muharram is there to protect to safeguard the honor the dignity of that sister of the daughter of that wife of that mum of that sister. But if he himself unfortunately, is guilty of you know what, last fall advancements and he himself poses a threat, then he is no Muharram because he's offering no protection. In fact, there is fear from him. May Allah guide and protect one and all marketable kkOma What is the matter? Oh, two sisters Carlota. They both replied, learners see, we cannot give

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our flock water hotter until you stare or read till the shepherd's return. So it doesn't mention the biannual Quran due to modesty. If we're going to get into the crowd, then we're going to be rubbing shoulders with the men that are there. And of course, our modest nature, our best full composition just wouldn't allow for that. And it's almost like the sense that Satan or Musa was going to ask the next question. While you're all those that are here I've been represented by the men folk and the male members of the family to come and do this audio stars. I mean, taking the flock coming in giving it its its its audience, it's not easy and simple. A woman has been referred to in the

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Hadith, and Joshua and just out of a Allahu Anhu used to sing along when the camels were moving. And so the woman were mounted on and then like, you know, people whistle at the dogs or people have a certain lyric towards the horse, or whatever the animal is. And so and just out of the Allahu Anhu started singing something along, and this would, you know, stimulate the camels and they started moving with a swift pace. And that being said, Allahu alayhi wa sallam said riff come build cover, he'll riff comm will cover real oh and Joshua gradual, slowly take it easy. You know what we have precious cargo on this camera here. This is glass, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam reference woman

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to be glass. Why? Because of the fragile nature. This is how he elevated, honored, respected and dignified them. And then you have the audacity to accuse Islam of misogyny and call the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. A misogynist hogwash. And I'm not even targeting the non Muslim who blurts what he wants to I'm saying to you, my Muslim Sister, don't be a victim of this indoctrination. And don't be a victim of this propaganda. Look at DEED with a clear lenses and understand what Allah has laid out for you is wholesome is meaningful is rich, you are unique in your own way. While tetraman No my football Allah who behaved Baba Comala above and let not the males aspire to be like females and let

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not the females aspire to be like males. Literally journey in asleep on me MCDA Cebu we're in Nyssa in Cebu McKesson, for the men, they will be rewarded for the good that they do for the woman they will be compensated for the merit that they achieve. What's Allah hummin firstly, and collectively all of us ask Allah for his boon blessing and favor pilota learners to use there are the world

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Boehner che Han kabhi we cannot go in that crowd. There are many of them, and we cannot rub shoulders with them. And as for our dad, he is really old and elderly and senior, so he cannot come out. We leave it on that note, we have a diet hungry, say dinner Musala. His Salatu was Salam who hasn't slept for eight days conservatively that is the shortest duration explained between the two cities hasn't had a you know, an adequate meal or any rest. And this is what he observes the desperation of two vulnerable sisters. Let's wait and see what unfolds. May Allah bless us to learn from the rich lessons of the Quran Amenia Bill Alameen