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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 15 – Surah Maryam & Taha Summary

June 20, 2016

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likeness synonymous with a lot like Santa Monica Salaam. I felt like you know, one thing I really enjoy about this, the series is that I'm seeing the same names, you know, every single day when we started hamdulillah starting off, so that means it has it, you know, you guys are, are being consistent. So my last parameter except for you guys. Alright, so let's go ahead and start this one. Now we have the lowest lotto synonymous with the law. And only he will be here woman winner, hopefully the connection stay strong and sharp mozzarella. So we are in the second half of circle caf.

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And we are also going to move into sort of medium and sort of Baja. So the 16th just is actually where we get this, this transition point in Shell lazzaretto. And obviously two of the most actually three of the most famous tools and certainly caffeine sort of medium and then sort of Baja

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one thing to really focus on is the miracles of a loss of Hannah Montana, the way that Allah subhana wa tada works miracles in our lives when we're paying attention and when we're not paying attention. And so last week, we sort of, you know, started we left off on the story of a hut that already has Salaam and Musan Islam going to see him because most is not recognizing that there was someone more knowledgeable than him on the face of the earth. Now obviously it's important to point something out. Mossad is Salam is from oil, Azmi milagrosa. He's from the greatest of the messengers of Allah. So Alhamdulilah his talent is not as great as most is none but Allah subhanaw taala simply in some

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areas, gave him some superiority. And so this was a lesson for most it is and I'm obviously in a lesson for the oma by extension.

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A Lost Planet Allah also mentions the story of Stefan once again. So we've we've seen this consistently over the last several quarters where the mention of shape on the story of shape bond comes in the middle of a surah but with a different element, a different aspect that really relates to the theme of that surah so in circle care have a last panel as Anna says about shavon about beliefs that we commanded people we commanded the angels to make salute to other money, his solemn

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facade the ILA beliefs Can I mean, Elgin neef Professor Karen Emery rhombic lost paradise his beliefs was from the jinn. And so that's why he he rebelled against the command of his Lord. So last panel to add a clarifying the nature of who shavon was, who at least was some of the scholars pointed out that the previous sort of sort of his slot was about Benny Sahil and Benny is slightly turned back on their profits due to their arrogance. So they knew that it was the truth. They knew that these profits came with divine revelation, but it was their arrogance and so lost the power on Saturday chose to highlight the arrogance of shape on in, in the in the story of Benny Aslan, he,

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you know, are in the suit of bending slowly just so that people can understand that that's the satanic element that for Benny a slot in the satanic component that they took was his arrogance, when it came to when it comes to certain care of Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, you Indeed Allah Nina call of Allahu Allah, that this message is an admonishment to those that say that God took a begotten son. So the idea here now is to clarify theology. So Allah subhanaw taala highlights here confusion, the idea that shavon would be a fallen angel. So instead of a loss of Hannah Montana says Can I mean a genie? That he was from amongst the jinn? So the story shows up once again in the

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middle of sort of calf, when as it relates to shape on and, of course, it goes into them the story of little coddling there's a powerful

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there's a powerful connection between sort of calf I'm sorry, between the two

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The people of the calf, the people of the cave, and the story of the codename a and yet George and George. So this actual actually this entire Joseph is going to be about connecting stories. Okay? When it comes to the sleepers of the Cave of hobble calf, this group of young people that retreated to a cave to avoid fitna to avoid persecution and to really preserve their religion, a loss of habitat eventually brought them out of that cave. And Allah subhanaw taala gave them glory as a result of their diligence. And as a result of their dedication to the religion, when it comes to yet George and George. Yeah, George and George wreaked havoc on the face of the earth. So they are on

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the other side of things, a loss of Hannah, which Allah set the record name, who walled them, okay, into into a situation and who placed a barrier over them to where they would be stuck for 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of years, right, and they will be stuck until the day of judgment. And when they come out, or rather with the news, auto resize them with the return of Jesus peace be upon him, when they come out. What you're going to see is that, yeah, juden Madrid will only goggan May, God will only come out for some time, and then they will be destroyed right away. So with the people of the cave, the sleepers of the cave, they temporarily had to retreat, in order to preserve their

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religion. But Allah Subhana Allah made a way out for the people of the cave. When it comes to goggan mega get George and George they will they were walled off because of the fitna that they caused on the face of the earth, and they will remain in a humiliating situation until the end of times. So you can see the glory that comes to the believers that have

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you know that a face persecution, and the humiliation that comes to the oppressors. And that comes to, you know, those that wreak havoc on the face of the earth, in the form of yet Georgian latitudes. So there's a connection that we have between us habitica half the people of the cave, and yet George and Matt George. There's also something very important here when you talk about the virtues of sweat that calf, Allah subhanaw taala has given many virtues to the surah of the virtues of certain calf the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that to recite al calf, from Friday to Friday is a light between the two Fridays, so you recite and calf on Friday and it shines as a light

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until the next Friday when you recite sort of the calf again. So it's the sooner to recite sorbitol calf on a weekly basis. So that's one of the virtues of it. We also see that the prophets I sort of mentioned that as a means of protection against lmsc hydrogen against the Antichrist. Now, there are many, many, many reasons for that, right? What is this sort of have to do with the end of times the most obvious one is the presence of yet jojen George Goggin, may God who were walled off, and Allah subhanho wa Taala at the hands of the codename caused this entire nation of

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people that wreaks havoc, to be walled off and to be humiliated. So there's an obvious connection there with reciting certain Taff but really the most powerful connection because the Prophet slicin um told us to memorize the first 10 verses of suited calf, and the last 10 verses of sorts of calf so some narration say the first time some narration saved the last time, so the first time and the last 10 of swords of calf, what is the connection between certain calf and the Antichrist and mercy hand the selected calf talks about a people that that retreated to the caves that retreated to a cave to preserve their religion. And so Allah Subhana, Allah is giving us the surah as a means of

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protection. Why because when the Antichrist comes in, we asked a loss of habitat to protect us from his fitna from his trials and tribulations when the Antichrist descends, the people will literally flee to the mountains to protect their religion to save their religion. So it's not just a miraculous guard against the fitting of the jet. But there are great lessons that are contained within silicon Caf to deal with the situation when the job comes. So it's to preserve your religion, the idea of preserving one's religion, it also central Caf also talks about how the planning of a loss of hundreds out of the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala is far is far beyond what we can see.

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Right that things might not be as they appear, and in the case of certain calf, truly nothing is as it appeared. And so panela what we find is that during the time of the job, the fitting of the job is one of illusions is one of making things appear that are not true. So the gel will be able to really, you know, wreak havoc on the eyes of the people the vision of the people by putting these illusions together. So surfing cast is a protection from an icy hydrogen and really one of the Ramadan goals that we should have is to memorize the first 10 verses and the last 10 verses or so to recap

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as a means of protecting ourselves, then we move into sort of medium. And sort of medium is one of the most beautiful palaces of the poor. And it's one that is full of hope that's full of that's full of glory, that that is very pleasant to the ears as the entire pull on. But it's, you know, if you talk to many people, they would say sort of money and as their favorite surah. It's a powerful, powerful surah. It's one of the early sources of the poor. And we know that it's early Mexico and it's early Mexico and because in the story of the migration to habitat, the migration to other senior, we find that Jafar or the Allahu taala and who recited sort of Maryam to an A joshy, to

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Osama, who was the Najafi of Abyssinia, the negus of Abyssinia as a means of of showing him where our religion stands on Jesus peace be upon him. So sort of medium is one of the early mechi sutras. It is one of the first sutras revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And it was used in the most eloquent way to call Najafi to Islam to call the ruler of Abyssinia to Islam. It's also a story that that you know focuses on the elements of the life of Mary and Jesus and zecharia and yahia and so on so forth, and he was solid, it focuses particularly on the struggle, so it does not give us much details into their lives. The reason being is that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah reveals

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the you know, the stories in accordance with the theme and the time in which he revealed it. So at this point in the prophetic career of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. He's really not encountering People of the Book. So knowing the fine intricate details of the life of Jesus peace be upon him, and the life of Zachary and his Salaam and the life of money MIT has set out. These are really really, you know, not not important at this point in his in his prophethood. He hit the lotto summit early Mecca. So the majority of the details about money and money his sermon about cerca de Salaam and about a sinus pneumonia here and so on and so on, so forth. They come in Medina when the

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prophet SAW some encounters the People of the Book and a more heavy level. So that's when I lost friends I revealed those details here a loss of habitat is really revealing the tawakkul of these people to trust that these people had in their Lord and the miracles that have lost parents that have worked in their lives. So it really continues with the same theme as sort of the calf. The planning of a loss of Hannah Montana is the highlighted theme in these people's lives. And it's really interesting and beautiful. The loss of Hannah Montana starts off Victoria hemmati Rob Vika avid devil zecharia that this is a mention of the mercy of your Lord to his servant executory and he

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has set up the crew document to Vika Abba Devo Zakaria, that this is a mention of the mercy of your Lord, to his servant, Zachary. It has set up Why didn't last some kind of which I have to say that this you know, this is a mention of the mercy of his Lord to his servants. Why did Allah subhanaw taala say, your Lord did karate or Rob beaker, that this is a mention of the mercy of your Lord to his servants that carry it set up? Because Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wants you to understand and appreciate whether you're the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, or whether you know, you're just the person that's reading the book on Amazon that's reading the Koran 1400 years later, that the same

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Lord that worked miracles in the lives of Zachary, ie his Salaam and Mario Monti has said, I mean, is it his setup and so on so forth, is your Lord as well, that's your job as well. Right? So it's not his job to his servant, his Lord to his servants, it's your Lord, to his servants. That is to show you that a loss of Hannah Montana is just as present in your life and is just as capable in your life of doing the things that he did for those profits and those great people that came before. So don't read the Koran as a great storybook and as something you know, as describing a Lord of the past, a love of the past, but recognize instead that this is your job as well. This is your Lord as

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well. And Allah subhana wa tada is just as capable of working those same miracles in your life as he as he was in the in the lives of Zachary on Islam. And Molly already has set up an ISA and he is Salaam and so on, so forth. So that's really the beautiful way that this that the sutra starts off to remind you that Allah subhanaw taala is planning in your favor. Also a major, a major gem. So Pamela, one of the most beautiful things that I took from the sutra and to be honest with you, I never really paid attention to this until this year into my own in my own readings from Pamela even though I've done Tafseer Subramaniam

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and it's just a reflection so please don't take this as a Tafseer. But really just a reflection because we're supposed to do to debate on the floor and we're supposed to reflect on the poll and and so

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To the care of Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioning a family that's losing a child. And that's perceived, obviously by that family as a curse and by Mossad, Islam as well as a curse that they're losing their child. Right? In surah, Maryam magium is being given a child, and she thinks that that's a curse. So somehow a lot, you look at the two opposite sides of the coin and sort of have a family is losing a child. And they would wonder if that's a curse, or if that's a punishment from a loss of Hannah Montana, and sort of magium She is receiving a child. And she's wondering if that's a punishment or a curse from Allah subhanaw taala. So it's amazing how one person's test is another

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person's blessing. Right? And how in both of these cases, Allah Subhana Allah was planning in the favor of these people, in accordance with their unique circumstances, and with the unique desired results from each of these people, as they go through their journey of life. So it's really a powerful connection. If you look at monogram it has to them and you look at the couple that loses their child, and sort of to the calf, a Lost Planet. Allah mentions to us as well the declaration of monotheism from a side hustler. So Mexico is a declaration Mexico and throughout the Meccans makin clan is a declaration of the monotheism of Allah subhanaw taala, the oneness of God, and a belief in

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the hereafter. So in this lesson of Isa Aeneas, in this mention of Jesus peace be upon him, it's a certainly his salon declaring the oneness of God from the cradle even as he was just born. So it's the con it sort of falls in line with Michael as he certainly his salon himself as well is admitting to the oneness of God and reaffirming the oneness of God even as he was still in the cradle early his center I lost parents Allah then mentioned to us the you know, some of the profits that he's favored, and some of the reasons why he favored those profits. So Allah mentions to us what could further kitabi Ibrahim in no canister do can there be losses make mentioned in the Book of Abraham,

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Abraham it his son in law who can also defend nebbia he was a man of truth and nonprofits is oddity me he when he called out to his father? Yeah, of a T beam attack would do man is matter when I you obviously know what I have in the cache? Are you worshiping that which doesn't hear you that which doesn't see you in that which does you know, good. You know, this idea here some how to love that. You know, why would you worship gods that cannot avail you in any way whatsoever? Why are you worshiping the idols? So Ibrahim is calling his father and saying Why are you worshiping these idols? The prophets lie Selim is calling the people of Mecca and saying Why are you worshiping these

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idols? They don't do you any good. The gist of Ibrahim is Dara as well. Yeah, but he in need a half a Mr. cerca de Nino manufacture Cornelius a Pawnee, what do you oh my father, I'm afraid that you'll be punished by the Most Merciful and so you will be together with the shape on you will be a friend of the shape on and accompanying him in his punishment. The reason why that's so powerful is that it demonstrates the compassion of Ibrahim alayhis salaam for his people, just like the prophets lie. Some had a compassion for his people. The prophets lie some was not degrading or belittling with his words towards the people of Mecca. On the contrary, the prophets lysozyme showed love and he showed

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respect and he showed compassion as he spoke to them and showed that this is for your own good that I care about you. And that's why I'm calling you with this message just like our father Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam called his father and son leave these idols they're not going to do you any good whatsoever. Now, just like Ibrahim Ali Islam was rejected by his father and threatened the Prophet sly son was rejected by his people and threatened and Ibrahim alayhis salaam responded with grace and the prophets lie some responded with grace. So Ibrahim is Salaam Salaam when it gets stuck rolek cannot be in Nemo cannot be happy. He loved his father and he said peace beyond to you. I will seek

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forgiveness from my Lord for you. And Allah subhana wa tada is receptive of my supplications receptive of my of my invocations. So the Prophet slicin I'm also when when arrays came at him when the people of maca came at the profit slice on with threats, and they came at him with persecution. The messenger sallallahu wasallam responded with grace. Just like Ebola. He my son responded with grace. And what is the loss of hundreds Adam mentioned as a result of that. Ibrahim was given what happened Allahu Brahim IE Islam was gifted with his children, right, that would bear nations. So somehow Allah his nation rejected him but Ibrahima Islam gave birth to nations he gave birth to the

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two great nations, right? So brought him it Islam was gifted with with two nations, as he was rejected from his own nation. Likewise, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was rejected by the people of Mecca, he would be given

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The people of Medina and then also the people of Makkah would come back to believe in Him as well. And it's a lot of Islam as well as much of the world and of course having the greatest Omani his office of the largest following

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and he his thought was set up. So when you respond with grace to persecution, Allah Subhana Allah gives you something better and that's also a theme and sort of the the calf. That when you you know, the last kind of metallic gives you something better when you when you respond the way that Allah subhanaw taala commands you to respond in times of test and trial. Then we see musante his setup in there who can unlawfulness on what can I was stolen? nebbia when are they nobleman? Jana BitTorrent Imani or kornilov nanhu, Nigeria de la Santa I mentioned is more sorry, his setup, who was chosen and purified by a loss of habitat and he was called a tour at Mount Sinai just like the Prophet

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slicin was called up in the north at the mountain of light, and Musashi his Salaam was given how long it is set up to support him, and the Prophet slicin was given Sahaba like how don't I need his Salaam to support him? So Musa Islam had his his brother to support him and to be by his side, the Prophet slicin had a Rebecca the Prophet sly Sam had it, the prophet sly somehow Khadija and so on so forth, may Allah be pleased with them all. So the messenger slice and I'm also was given people to depend upon just like morsani salaam was given how long to depend upon. And then with goodfield kitabi is Marian make mentioned in the book of his Marina it is the Prophet Ishmael, in Nemo, can

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Assad the color windy? Where can I buy Sudan, Libya, he was truthful to his promise with a loss of Hannah Montana and he was a messenger and a prophet. And he used to account yet what level was Salatu he used he used to command his his family, with prayer and with charity and so on so forth. And he stuck to his small group of people. So this might be not nice to them, you know, faced a very difficult upbringing, very difficult childhood, and he was settled in this desert of Mecca, where he, where he simply did as he was commanded, right he he dealt with the small group of people that he had with him, and he was truthful to his promise with a loss of Hannah Montana. So when Allah

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subhana wa tada

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you know, put them in that difficult situation. He fulfilled the promise that he made and many of the scholars they mentioned here that what this is talking about, is that this Marina de Salaam, told his father, that when he carries out the slaughter that you will find me to be from the patient. And one without him I Islam actually proceeded forward to carry out that slaughter to carry out the sacrifice of the son is married and he is allowed to remain truthful to his promise he remains silent and he remained patient as he said he would. So he held firm to his promises that he made and he used to command this small group of people with prayer and fasting and charity. And

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through him Allah Subhana Allah bestowed upon the world, Mohammed Salah Lahore any new Sunnah. So the idea here is that the initial message to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to focus and that are actually erotical according to focus on the small group of people to focus on your family and inshallah to Allah, you know, more will come. So it's mega Islam was was comfortable. And he was at peace with the small following that he had, because he knows that it's not about the quantity of you have followers, but rather it's the quality of the followers that you do have. And that would be the same case with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and of course worth could fit kitabi

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Idris in the mechanics of the economy or offer nanomechanics any Allah mentions in reciting his Salaam Enoch, who was raised to a highest station, and at the end of the day, having a high station with a loss of Hannah Montana is all that matters, right? That's all that matters. If you are elevated in the sight of God, then you are truly elevated. And if you are belittled in the sight of God, then you are truly humiliated. So last time I mentioned these prophets and he mentioned some lessons for the prophets license to hold on to. And Allah says, ooh, la, la, La Nina Anima, la, la human Anna been. These are the ones who gain the favor of Allah. These are the ones who gain the

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favor of Allah subhana wa Jalla, from the descendants of Adam, and he is around from those who were carried on the ark of Noah nurhaliza, his Salah, from the children of Abraham, and so on, so forth. These are the favorite ones of a loss of Hannah Montana. What makes them such a favorite group of people either toothless allow him to Rahmani Haru. So Jaden Wolbachia, the signs of greatness in these people is that if you recite upon them, the verses of the Most Merciful, they fall in prostration, and they and they start you know, and they start to cry. So some of the some of the scholars who mentioned that they are favored because they're both externally humbled themselves to

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the message and they internally humbled themselves to the message, their external humility, their whole door is there falling in prostration. Their internal humility is what leads them to tears and crying there who sure is what leads them to crime.

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The next is franchises for holophone embedding in one form or bar or salon, whatever. So what that then came after them a group of people that stopped praying on time. So they stopped externally submitting themselves, what about Russia what and internally instead of for sure, instead of humility to Allah, they followed their desires. So the loss of both external and internal,

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an internal submission. So this is, you know, this sort of shows you the difference the contrast between those who are favored by a loss of Hannah Montana, and those who, who turned away from the blessing and the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala and then you move on to sort of Baja right sudo baja is a very powerful surah because of the lessons that it contains to the person who is actually in the capacity of della. So as soon as baja you know, first it says mountains and nearly killed an elite Ashkar let us get attending my yaksha that you know, this call and was not sent to cause distress or to cause anxiety, or to cause or to cause failure to result in failure. This quote, was

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sent to internally empower you, and to also bring you success and victory. Right, it's a reminder for people have humility for people who humble themselves to their Lord. And in Surah Taha, which is also early metaphor and the reason why we know it's early Mexico and are of the reasons we know is because this is the soda that caused the honorable hopper of the Allahu anhu, to accept this now, the very famous story of our model the law of town, and when going to his sister's house, and, and reading sort of Baja, and becoming, you know, being humbled by the surah and coming to Islam. So we know that it's a mechi surah, an early mechi surah. And sort of Baja focuses on the story of Musa

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alayhis salaam, but it's a very intimate message to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, because it focuses on the story of Musa alayhis salam, and his journey in particular. So it doesn't give a you know, emphasis to the reaction of Pharaoh, or the reaction of Benny Islam, as much as the journey of musante Islam himself the journey of Moses himself. And that is something that's very powerful to the Prophet slice, I'm very intimate to the Prophet slice of them. Because like the story of use of it, his Salaam, it's sort of, you know, it's sort of the story of overcoming, you know, great trials and hardships, and somehow it mentions the favors of a Lost Planet, Allah upon Musa alayhis salam in

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many different ways. And if you realize all of these sources that we've just covered, most of the Islam is mentioned. Right most as mentioned, one aspect of Messiah some is mentioned almost every surah that we've covered in the last five or six years. In fact, most it is Salam is mentioned an aspect of the story of Mossad is set up here in sort of Baja, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions, Mossad is set on being protected from their own and his army, when for their own, you know, gave the decree to kill out all you know, to kill all of the baby boys that were born to Benny Swahili that year. A Lost Planet Allah mentions the love that he put in the hearts of people to Musa alayhis

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salam. Allah mentions the way that he took care of him and his upbringing. Last time mentions the way that he returned him to his mother during infancy last time that I mentioned the way that he saved him after he accidentally killed the Coptic man. So after he saved musasa from being killed after most ISIS accidentally killed the Coptic man, last panatela mentions that most are Islam on his way back from meridian being given Prophethood Allah mentions the honor of Musa alayhis salaam and speaking to a lot directly, right. You know what when Mossad Islam is given as being given that NEMA of speaking to a loss pans out directly, Now check this out. This is very cool, sort of Monica

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molars pants I mentioned when are the nonhuman Jana Turin, amen. We'll cut it off now that we call him from Mount Sinai and we brought him close to us, sort of Baja gives the details of that closeness. Right. And so Pamela, it's really interesting because in sort of Paul had the story of Musa Islam is quite chronological. We're allows mentioning his various favors upon him. But what's out of place is that the first favor that Allah mentions to Musa alayhis salam is one Allah called musante salam and spoke to him directly and the details of that. Why, right? Why Why not? You know, why does it start with that and then go to what are called the manor alayka marvelous and Oprah and

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We bestowed our favor upon you once again. And when I lost friends I mentioned again that the story of the mother and Moose Is on his journey in life. Why does Allah mentioned that first because that is the greatest favor of Allah upon him, being given the honor of being Kadeem Allah, the One who was spoken to directly by Allah subhanaw taala being brought close to a loss of data and spoken to directly that is a greater favor from a lot upon you than saving your life span a lot. That's the greatest favor that a lot of

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bestowed upon Moses Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions that near my first that favor first before he mentioned all of the other favors, and of course the first Ayat of the Quran to the Prophet slicin I'm Epcot Bismillah be keleti hallak read in the name of your Lord who creates a lust pinetown mentioning the favor of the favor of knowledge. So this conversation this bringing moose is I'm close to him somehow notamment speaking to him, is the first favor that needs to be mentioned by Allah subhanaw taala and then the rest of sort of Baja gives us this journey of Masaya Salah as Pamela you can just see the difference. So for example, and sort of the nausea and

00:30:38--> 00:31:15

you know, we're, we call it a voltage so far the mistake that you make when you memorize the product, and there are some mistakes that you make because of the similarities of ions, right? So Hal attack de Formosa attack it for water, do you say well attacker had either water or had attacker had even more so just compare it sort of lots of sort of the nausea act and sort of Baja Attack, attack it for more so if I'm a pilot, and he him Khufu in an astronaut and the RT come in here, we call us in our agito and Inari, Huda so on so forth, it's the long conversation, or the long story of mosiah Islam, seeing

00:31:16--> 00:31:44

the light in the desert and going to it and going to the sacred valley of Tula and then receiving that message from a loss of Hannah Montana, and what it meant to him, right, and the growth of most Iceland through that journey and sort of the nausea and a lot of loss of Hannah Montana, focuses on the reaction of Fidel because that's the theme of the surah. So they're attacking, how do you feel Moosa has the story of Moses come to you, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala focuses on

00:31:45--> 00:32:23

you know, on Moses and going to the ground, and for their own, you know, responding in the way that he responded and the arrogance of for their own right, where for their own is, you know, starts to pace and he starts to get nervous and fair and starts to call out to the people, you know, and I will come and Ariela I'm your Lord the most high and so on so forth, because that's the theme of the surah. So this theme and sort of Baja is that is the growth of the profits by selling it's the it's the personal journey of most ideas, which is, which is central to this sort of, and matters so much to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam now just like in Subhana, Allah and sort of money and

00:32:23--> 00:33:05

where loss pantalla goes from LA he can Latina and Allahu Allah human and that being that those are the people that are lost, Pancho chose from the the prophets and those who favorite a lot to those that followed a Lost Planet Allah mentions at the end of sort of Baja woman out order and victory for in their little Marisa from Wonka that whoever turns away from my remembrance, he will have a miserable constricting life. So most Iceland have a life of goodness a life of of honor, right even though he went through a difficult journey. The one who turns away from a loss of Hannah Montana will have Marie satin Wonka will have a constricted life A suffocating life when actual yo p Amati.

00:33:05--> 00:33:30

Ama and we will raise him on the Day of Resurrection blind and he will call up and say Rob De Lima Hassan Tony Amma Oh my Lord, why have you made me blind? Come to Barcelona and I used to be able to see Los Angeles as a tough guy to defend a Sita just like that. Our science came to you and you forgot them. What can that he can do Mattoon, sir. And so today you are forgotten. Today you are forsaken.

00:33:31--> 00:34:11

Pamela. This is a powerful, powerful image. Now connect this to the story of Masha Islam. And think about this connection, Musa alayhis salaam was forsaken by men and musante salam was in in the Nile River all by himself as a baby and Masai Salaam, was seemingly abandoned, but a lot never forgot him and the last pentatonic plan in his favor throughout his journey. In this situation, this is a person that was diluted by the ease that they had in this world. And on the Day of Judgment, they are forsaken by a loss of Hannah Montana attack can I add to that fantasy to have because when the signs of a law came to you, you forgot them. And so today you will be forgotten. We ask a loss

00:34:11--> 00:34:47

penalty never to make us amongst those who are forgotten or forsaken We ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us in our lives and in our you know to that which is good for us and our dunya and our afternoon we asked the last contractor forgive us when we question his decree, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us firm with the Quran and with the Salah as he made those profits and those great people before us for long I mean Zack law Hayden to you all, I appreciate you guys tuning in. Please do and share the video with your with your friends and family. Continue to hold strong and tune in and shuffle Atlanta. I appreciate the consistency somehow. Like I said, Every time I log on, I

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noticed the first people to say Salaam are the same people every single day. So I appreciate your consistency. A lot a long week almost Santa Monica council