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The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the history of the Book and its implications for protecting against evil behavior. They stress the importance of the Holy Spirit and the need for pride and laughter in pursuing one's origins. They also touch on the negative impact of the new Islam policy on women and children, including false accusations and failure to follow rules. The importance of affirming one's Islam and setting goals for prayer is emphasized, as well as the need to check one's level of faith and find the right person to pray. Prayer at the right time is also discussed, and individuals can practice affirmations and stay on the regular schedule to increase faith.

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Verse number 159.

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So we were learning about the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, in particular, the false belief of the Christians concerning their ESRD sinner. What was that false belief that they claimed that he was the son of Allah? And Allah subhanaw taala rejects that he refuses that. And at the same time, the false assumptions of the Jews concerning the scientists and even they are negated What were their false assumptions that he was not a messenger rather, he was a liar, and that they claimed to have killed him. But what did Allah subhanaw taala say that they never killed him when Mecca Lu Yaquina, for sure for certain, they did not kill him, because the one who is in the way of

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Allah than what happens? Allah subhanaw taala protects him and defends him, Allah saves him from the tricks of shaitan from the tricks of people from their plots in order to harm him. So he started Cinna Allah rescued him how but rougher hula hoop la He Allah lifted him up to himself, and the people thought they had assassinated him, whereas in reality, the whole matter was made confusing to them.

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And then Allah says what Eman al Qaeda be, and there is none from the People of the Book, meaning every single Jew and every single Christian in law except law, you mean an OBE? Surely he will definitely believe in him in who in isa Alayhis Salam oblah mo de before his death meeting, every single Jew and every single Christian will eventually believe in your SRL escena before he dies, who dies. The scholars have interpreted this in two ways. First of all, before the death off Reese are in a sinner, because it resigned as salam was not given modes. Rather he was lifted up by Allah subhanaw taala. And that means that you will be sent back again. And this is something that we have

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been informed off by the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that off the signs of the Day of Judgment is that he started SLM will return and when he will return then what will happen? In this aisle, we see that eventually, every single Jewish person and every single Christian person will believe in him. Believe in Him. This means that right now they don't believe in him. Correct? If they're going to believe in Him, then this means that even though they claim to be Christian, they claim to be Jewish. They don't believe in him. Why? Because their belief in Him is not correct. If there's a person who believes about recites and um that He's the Son of God, then it says though he doesn't

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believe in reciting them because that is an incorrect thing about reciting this and and he's not the Son of God, Who is he, the Messenger of Allah. So every single Jewish man and woman every single Christian person will also believe in recited Salam before Eastern Islam will die. Meaning before death will come to recite the Sunnah, all the Jews and the Christians will have accepted Him will have believed in him. There is another interpretation of this verse which is the Kabbalah Moti he his death refers to the Jewish person and the Christian person, meaning every single person from among the People of the Book, when the angel of death comes to him. Then at that time, that

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individual he realizes the reality of recited sunnah. And he believes in the truth of realism, even though he rejected it before at his death bed, at the time of his death, he will come to believe in Him. Now, obviously, this is something that we don't see, because the person is in the whole murottal mode. He's Sakurada mode, he's in the banks of death. And we don't know what the angels are saying to him. We don't know what conversation is taking place. But tell me, if a person believes that that time on seeing the angel of death or because the Angel of Death has informed him? Is that belief going to help him? Is it going to help him not at all? This is just like our own. He also

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eventually believed in Musar escena eventually believe in Allah subhanaw taala. But when, when he saw death, correct when he saw death, he accepted, but that acceptance did not benefit him at all. So what's the point then? The point is that right now, they're so stubborn on their cover. Right now, they are so firm upon their false beliefs. But the reality is that when the angel of death will appear, when the truth will come to light, and they will surrender, then they will submit. This is just like many times what happens is that we are firm on our bad habits, right? People become very firm on their wrong ways. But then what happens when they're in

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Trouble, when they see that there is no way out, then they give up, then they surrender, then they want to change themselves. This is just like in the Quran we learn that Allah subhanaw taala told us to spend in his way to spend in his way and not wait until the death comes to one of us. Because then the person will say that a lot Biloela a hot attorney Illa urgent inquiry. Oh my Lord, why did you not give me respite for some more time for a sadaqa then I would give sadaqa welcome Minister Ali hain, and I would be of the righteous ones. But the fact is that claiming anything at that time is meaningless. Because if a person did not do something for his entire life, then how is he going

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to do it? After that? As soon as he's back in his comfort zone, he's going to go back to his usual ways. So we're Eman al Kitab, illallah, Umina, Nabil Coppola multi way Oh, mon ami, et and on the Day of Judgment, the worst thing is that on the Day of Judgment, yakun, where I lay him Shahida is already Salam himself will be a witness against them against to against the people of the book. Why? Because he witnessed their sins, he saw their crimes, and he conveyed the message to them very clearly. So he will witness against them, He will testify against them on the Day of Judgment, that era, these people did not believe in me the way they should have believed in me. And those who

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exaggerated his status after Him, those who exaggerated his status after Him, those who said that he is the Son of God, even those people, he will be a witness against them, that he will say, Oh Allah, I never commanded them to do this. This is just like, on the Day of Judgment, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam will be at the house, at the water reservoir from where he will at the house cosa from where he will give water to drink to the people of his Oma. And then some individuals will try to come in order to drink from there, but what will happen they will be prevented. They will be prevented from coming. So the prophets Allah Allah Allah some will say that leave them there from my Oma. But he

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will be told that you don't know what they invented in the deen after you. You don't know what all they invented in the deen after you. So because of that the prophets are a lot of sin will also not wish that they come near him. So this is a reality that any person who exaggerates the dean who leaves the correct Dean changes and alters it with whatever intention no matter how good his intention is, such a dean will not be accepted from him on the day of judgment. Instead, the Prophet of Allah will testify against him. Furby lumen Mina, Latina herder so these are the consequences in the hereafter. In this world also there are consequences. Allah says so because of the injustice of

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who have Alladhina hairdo of those people who became Jews meaning after Al Qaeda in particular, they yahood because of their injustice, which injustice, the list of crimes that have been mentioned so far in the previous verses, whether it was a transgression in the Sabbath, or it was or changing the words of ALLAH, whatever crimes they committed, Allah says Furby lol min min Alladhina Hadoop, because of their injustice, grid injustice, Allah rescued them, they worship the calf. And you might say that, well, it was only those people of that generation who worship the calf. Why did the generations later have to suffer the consequences? Because the thing is that they were proud of

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their ancestors. They were proud of their ancestors. They never felt guilty about what their ancestors did. Rather they spoke of their sins of their ancestors so proudly, this is just like we learned earlier, how proudly they said inner cottonelle mercy how are we killed recited And whereas in reality, they didn't kill him. But they proudly said that they killed him. So pride over sins, okay, being happy about sins, or confirming or supporting a sinful person makes the person equally accountable, equally responsible, meaning a person may not have committed a sin himself, but if he supports a sinful person, he supports him. Then in that case, he is equally responsible. So Allah

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says Furby Luma, Mina Latina who because of their injustice, what happened? How alumna I lay him. We forbid for them. We made impermissible for them. We prohibited for them. What did we prohibit for them by you Beth and good things floral off by yerba, some good things which were previously or Hamlet LA home, which were previously permissible for them. Later on. They were made forbidden for them. Why? Because of their injustice, why else and

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What you saw him and also because of their stopping on Sabina and Les from the way of Allah cathedra. much meaning because of their frequent stopping people from the way of Allah. Because of these two crimes, which do crimes there injustice, and they're stopping others from the way of Allah, what happened? Halal things good things were made haram upon them. Is that a big deal? Yes, it is. Has it ever happened with you, there's a certain food product that you eat regularly, or you've been eating all those years. And then one day your friend tells you, did you check the ingredients? Did you check the ingredients? There's this and this in it. So it is not halal. And so

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therefore, you can't have it anymore? Has that ever happened with you? Or you found out like a person like me? When I used to live in Pakistan Skittles, were Hello. Why? Because they are processed over there. They're made over there in that part of the world in Malaysia, Indonesia. So they are Hello. When I came here, everybody told me skills, home skills, Harlem, skilled haram. Why? Because they have certain ingredients, which are not halal. Alhamdulillah, recently, I checked, I didn't see anything that was wrong in it. So Hamdulillah, I could eat it again. But for so many years, I couldn't have scaffolds. Okay, and just those few years where you can't have something and

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you've tasted it before, you've enjoyed it before. Right? You feel so terrible, you feel so horrible. Even though it's just a candy, just a candy, and there are so many other options out there. But just to know that you can't have it anymore. It really brings about the feeling of deprivation in your heart, that when a person becomes sick, and the doctor says you can't have this, this, this, this, this, and you see the food before you but you can't have it. If you were perfectly fine. And then all of a sudden you developed sensitivity to a certain food product, or the doctor told you you're allergic to a certain food and you can't have that anymore. And so many things have

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those food products, so you can't have so many things anymore. And that, you know, makes you feel so deprived. It hurts you. It makes you feel so sad. My son is allergic to nuts and I keep telling him that inshallah when you will be a big boy, you will be able to have those everyday he asks me, I'm like can I have it now? Am I big enough? No. I say no inshallah make Dora hopefully inshallah you will be able to have it. So when you know that you can't have something, you feel bad, you do feel bad. So imagine. It's not because of an illness. It's not because of not being able to afford it's not because some other reason, but it's because Allah doesn't allow you anymore.

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Allah does not allow you anymore. That's why you can't eat it. It's a punishment for your sins that is much worse. So for beautiful women and Latina who hold on now I lay in play you bet in or Hila home will be sought the humans Aveda llega theater and because of their stopping people from the way of Allah, how did this stop people from the way of Allah by not letting them come on the way of Allah? By not letting them follow the religion of Allah by saying that this is only for us and not for you?

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It is only for us and not for you by not taking the deen of Allah to other people by not inviting people to the deen of Allah. Don't we do the same thing sometimes that we think our religion is only for us? This is why we don't inform other people about it. If they seem to be interested, we don't share with them. If they ask questions, we just be quiet. So in a way that stopping people from the way of Allah, this is indirect. And sometimes people directly stop people from the way of Allah who, by their words, by their actions, sometimes because of their arguments, their fights, the sins that they commit. And as a result, what happens is that people think that this religion is so horrible,

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that if the people of this religion are so evil, then this religion must be more evil. So as a result, people are stopped from the way of Allah. So because of the sin of theirs, what happened? They were deprived of worldly blessings. They were deprived of good things. And in this ayah is a big lesson for us. That sins have consequences, injustice, injustice against others injustice against the deen against the Messenger of Allah, not giving them the right not giving Allah subhanaw taala his right, this will result in consequences, what consequences that a person had certain blessings previously, and now they are gone. Now they are taken away from him. So when certain

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blessings are gone from our lives that disappear from our lives, then we must reflect on ourselves. That is it some sin that I have committed, you know, scholars they used to do

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critically analyze themselves so much. One of the scholars, he said that this test that I'm suffering from now is because of a sin that I committed 40 years ago

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40 years ago, I committed a sin. And now I see the result of that in my life.

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So little little sins that we commit injustice that we do, for example, the husband or the children, or our friends, or our siblings, or our parents, our grandparents, uncles, and aunts, this will have consequences, because what is not giving the other the right that they deserve? So because of this injustice, serious consequences in life, what are the hemo Riba? And also they suffer this because of another crime which crime they're consuming of Riba. They're taking riba they're taking interest, we'll call the new who and who, whereas they were forbidden from it. They were clearly forbidden from it. But yet, they took river. And obviously, if some people took River, that meant that other

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people were giving River, because if no one gives River, then who can receive it? So both are responsible those who take it, and those who give it? Because no one can take it until someone is willing to give it to him. So what are the human rebirth? They're consuming interest. Because of that what happened? Good things were taken away from them. Blessings were snatched from them, happiness was taken away from them because of their taking River. Why does the person take river so that he can be more happy, he can have more blessings. And the exact opposite happens when we deal with river? As if asking Allah to take blessings away from us.

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And are we not forbidden as well? We are forbidden from taking Ribba the Bani Israel were forbidden from taking Ribba. But what justification did they give that in the mulberry row mythical river, they said that Bayer is just like rubber, rubber. This is just like business, that you invest your money. And you gain a profit. So I'm giving a loan, and I'm gaining a profit over that. They gave an excuse was it accepted? It wasn't what the Mareeba what Cardinal who? And who were ugly him? And because of their consumption? They're eating? They're taking off? What? Um, well, the properties plural of man, the property of who a nasty of the people. They're taking the property of people how

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Bill Bertrille in false ways, in incorrect ways through wrong ways. What are the wrong ways of taking other people's property? What's the right way of taking somebody's wealth? First, let's look at the right way. What's the right way? What's the halfway

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okay. So for example, a person inherits, Okay, what else? What's the right way?

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Okay, good. So for example, a business transaction, you give them money, and you take what belongs to them, so it becomes yours. So business transaction, that's the correct way of taking somebody's property. What else that if they gift it to you, okay? Likewise, they lend it to you. It's in a manner with you. They've allowed you to use it, but eventually you do have to return it. So these are all permissible ways of taking other people's property. What's the wrong way?

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Okay, theft. What else?

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What else? Yes.

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charging interest, if a person has given 50 He deserves only 50 back if he takes 60 back that 10 On top is what interest it is taking somebody's wealth in the wrong way. How about bribe taking a bribe from someone in order to do something for them?

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How about inventing things in the religion and then charging people for the services?

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Like for example, I remember reading a fatwa in which a person had asked about their deceased parent that they did not use to pray Salah regularly. So what are the consequences? They said you have to pay the fine, okay? How much is the fine for every Salah it was a certain amount of rupees, okay? Multiply that by five, multiply that by how many ever years they were supposed to pray. So it came up to 1000s and 1000s of rupees, hundreds and 1000s rather which they had to pay. Why? As cola?

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Is there any basis for this in the religion? Not at all. There's no basis for this in the religion. So inventing things in the religion, charging people for it. Okay, for the fees, and people have no idea what they're doing what they're getting into. Yes.

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So borrowing something from someone and not giving it back. Alright, so what

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Ask the human Reba snatching something from someone robbing them, you know, one is to take secretly without letting them know. But the other is taking it by force loss. So we're ugly mo Reba, we'll put the new one who was a team and what a nasty Bill badly. All of these are great crimes, denial Katharina min home, and we have prepared for the disbelievers amongst them. Those who refuse to believe those who reject such people for them is either been a Lima a painful punishment. So such behavior, what does it bring about painful punishment in the hereafter, and in the dunya also, there are consequences. What are the consequences in the world blessings are taken away, consequences in

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the Hereafter, painful punishment lacking Eros, you Hoonah failure it will remain home. But some people are different. Some people are different. Who are they? Allah says they are a Rossi Hoonah they are those who are firmly grounded Rossi whom plural of Rossi. We did this word earlier in surah. Ali Imran Rasul is from Lhasa. What does it mean to be firmly grounded, like a nail that is firmly grounded that is firmly pinned Okay, into the wall so that when you will hang something on it, even if it's really heavy, it will not fall? Why? Because a large portion of it is inside the wall. Likewise, there's a building, okay, it's not just sitting on the ground, but rather a large

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portion of it is deep, the foundations they are hidden in the ground. Whereas if it's sitting on the earth on the ground that what will happen? It's not solid enough. It's not strong enough, it's weak. So a Rossi Hona those who are firmly grounded in what filler in me in the knowledge. What does it mean? Think about it, that there is a pot of mud that you have a pot of mud, and then you have a stick.

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You put the stick on top of the mud, what will happen? It will fall, right? Okay? You push the stick into the soil into the mud. Okay, let's say an inch, what will happen, it will stand for a few moments and then eventually it will fall. You push it deeper and deeper and deeper than what will happen. It will stand straight it will not fall. This is what it means by rasa Hafi. When something is grounded in something.

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When does it happen? When there is a deep connection? When there's a deep connection when the two things are joined? Okay, when the stick is joined with the mud, how that there's a deep connection, it's within it.

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So Ross Hoonah fell ill who are they? Those whose knowledge is connected with them, those whose knowledge is connected with them understand, there is no disconnect between their alien and their lives between their alien and their actions between their alien and their words? No, they are grounded in that knowledge. So what does it mean then? That what they know they act on it?

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What they learn, Allah has commanded us to do it, they do it what they learned that Allah has forbidden us from it, they stay away from it. This is who is a rusty Hoonah filler in it doesn't just mean someone who knows a lot. Someone who has a lot of information, someone who has a lot of understanding. This is not the only meaning Yes, this is a meaning because with deeper understanding, you have better implementation. But that's not the only thing because a person can be a great scholar, very knowledgeable individual, but their actions could amount to zero. Who are awasi Hoonah filler Elmy firm in knowledge and firm in action. Firm in knowledge and firm in action.

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They know the commands and prohibitions. They're not ignorant first of all they know and they take them seriously. They observe them properly. So they're grounded in that knowledge there is no disconnect between their knowledge and their actions. So lacking it was Hoonah filler Amen home from among the People of the Book, those who are grounded in knowledge who take their Deen seriously. Well Mote me Nona and those who believe the believers meaning the Ahmed Mohamed Salah lot is that I'm primarily referring to the Companions, the Sahaba all of them, those from the People of the Book, who have eaten and who

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Do Amel and for among the Sahaba al mcmeen on all of them Allah says you may know that they believe in what be my own Zilla ileka in that which has been revealed to you winning they believe in the Quran on our own Xeomin publica. And they also believe in that which was revealed before you whether it's the thought or the NGO visible, whichever scripture that Allah has revealed, they believe in it.

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But it's not just about belief. Remember rasuna fear is not just knowledge, because you could say that belief is like knowledge, but not just knowledge. Well, multimedia solid action as well, which action? First and foremost, those who established the prayer, they're the ones who establish the salah Mookie mean por la morpheme. The evidence Okay, the proof of a person being firmly grounded in knowledge, having the correct understanding of the dean

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is what that this person will pray Salah properly

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that he takes the matter of Salah seriously Mookie Mina salah, and what does it mean by establishing the prayer, not just praying when you feel like it when it's easy, but praying regularly, not missing, not skipping?

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And praying at the right time not delaying, not procrastinating. Not doing Tada, but rather praying on time. Yes, we are human beings. There will be times when a person might slip in unintentionally, but it's not a habit.

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Establishing the Salah also means performing the salah properly that a person is not you know stealing in the prayer and what is the theft of the prayer that a person does not perform the can completely. He goes on to such a Subhan Allah subhanaw taala and gets up immediately. He doesn't even bother to pronounce the words clearly. He doesn't even become still in a position rather he just whizzes through the prayer in order to complete it. That's one form of the Salah. So while mochi mean of Salah, they established the prayer while mu tunas Zakka and they also give the Zakat the obligatory the mandatory charity what they have to spend from their wealth. They spend it well

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mcmeen una Villa he will Yeoman. And they believe in Allah and the Last Day. Hola, Iike those people Salut de him Edgerunner Alima. Soon, we shall give them a great reward.

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I want you to notice one thing over here. It's a little grammatical. But it's interesting. It's an interesting point. I want you to notice it. Look at the words of loss Hone me in on. Mookie mean, more tune me in on what are these words?

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Floral, right? The well known at the end it indicates floral.

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And we know that the sine of Florida is well known. And it's also yeah known.

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But by default, it's always well known. Unless there's a reason for it to be unknown. Okay, the word will always be moved me know. Unless there is a reason for it to be moved meaning meaning there's something before the word Momineen that causes the wild unknown to be changed into Yeah, noon. Okay, you're with me, right? You understand what I'm talking about right? Okay. Now and also remember one rule that whenever there's a well well meaning end here why would the Fatah on it this is called half out

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then what happens is that the words which are being connected through the well how far off they will always have the same grammatical state meaning of the first one has well known at the end. Okay, and then there's a word then the second word will also have a well known at the end and the third will also have a well known all of them will have a well known whereas if there's yet unknown and they're connected by well then all the words will have Yeah, no.

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Okay, but what do we see over here? Hola Hola. Follow me main home while me no no Rossi home me no. Okay. You mean want to be mountains either? elago mountains elimina Publika WA, but then instead of multi moon it turns into mouquet mean and then back to Walmart tune Walmart me know known. So why is this Elmo came in and not Elmo Ki Moon. Scholars are given different interpretations, okay. But the one that seems to be more sound most accurate is that there is no grammatical reason there is no real reason for it to be unknown. It is monsoon yanwen means monsoon. Why? forterra leam for honor, that it says though a word is being highlighted it's being

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Made to Stick out the most not for grammatical reason, but for some other reason. And what is that reason? Why is this slifka? Why is this characteristic being highlighted? Because salah is what will depict the person's level of Eman the level of realism that he has. This is it the sun is the main thing. Eman is hidden. The cat is not mandatory in every individual Everyone claims to be believer everyone can say that it's very easy to say yeah I have a lot of Eman this Ramadan My mind is like this. You know every time I go to the masjid my Eman goes so high. But the point is that when you go to the masjid Are you even praying? You say that Ramadan my Eman is really high but how often are we

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praying? It is Salah. It is Salah, that is the key. That will increase your faith that will show the level of your faith. This is why if ever you want to check yourself where do I stand? What's the level of my Eman? Then check your Salah. You want to check yourself what's the level of my Taqwa? Check your Salah. You want to see how much you love Allah check your Salah. You want to see how much this world is distracting you? Check your Salah. You want to see what is more important to you? Your homework or your Salah? Check that what do you do first? Your sunnah will tell you that will tell you the level of your faith that will tell you the level of your Eman while mochi Mina salata

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establishing the prayer, so those who have established a prayer, their case is different. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in this one verse, a different kinds of people, different kinds of people that they have Eman and they also have action. And this comes with

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let's listen to the recitation

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well in Lynn kita

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Meenan formula no G way oh no Deanna tinea Kuno howling Shahid phobia

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Mina levena Do

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a bad

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thing what was the man Sebelius he can see your well we need more Reba one

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more killing him

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What are

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you feeling?

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Early only lacking

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maybe more more more men all men Oh no.

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Waldman team in

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tune has

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So what do we see in these verses, the justice of Allah Subhana Allah, that how

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majority of the people from the People of the Book, who have committed various crimes, who have deserved the punishment of Allah, it doesn't mean that every single person is like that. There are also some people who act on what they know, who respect the law that Allah has given them. And the sign of that is that they observe the prayer properly. So for such people, there is a great reward.

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And we have to check ourselves also, there are many people who came to be believers. Right? Many people who claim to be Muslim, but we have to check ourselves that do I say, I believe yet I oppose. Do I say I listen, yet I disobey? Do I say I love Allah and His Messenger, yet I don't do what will bring me closer to Allah and His messenger. Rather I'm doing those things that will distance me from them. So we have to look at our actions. Because depending on the actions, or the consequences,

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good actions, agenda olema disobedience opposition, are there been a lever?

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Say something good to the person standing next to you.

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

And if you have something to share with the whole class, you may raise your hand

00:34:50--> 00:34:51

all right.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

This Ramadan, make this one of your daily goals that check your Salah. Okay, three things

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

About your Salah, first of all, are you praying your Salah at the right time? As early as possible at the earliest time possible. Secondly, Jack, are you performing your sunnah?

00:35:14--> 00:35:43

And thirdly, how much Knuffle Are you praying? Whether it is that we are clear Malay or it is the two Nephal in the morning, the mid morning Doha or some people call it issue up whatever we you can call it either one of those two terms. But check your Salah this month of Ramadan every day ask yourself my fault. Am I praying on time with her? Sure. So now how about so Nope. Did I pray today? Nothing. Did I even pray any knuffel today?

00:35:44--> 00:36:01

Because Ramadan is the month of the Quran. Right? And when do you recite the Quran? In salah. That is when you are supposed to recite the Quran. So if we're not praying as much, then how much are we reciting? And if we're not reciting enough, then how are we celebrating the month of Ramadan?

00:36:02--> 00:36:16

There's a checklist that I made for myself and also for another class that I'm teaching. If you want I'll share it with you. And in that there are all these questions are written about salah about Quran every single day you have to check yourself that how much of this did I do?

00:36:18--> 00:37:01

Inshallah, I'll share it with all of you. I just wanted to share a point that we were discussing right now and we were just saying that Salah is one of the key like if the worship that you do that is has to be consistent. You know, you can pay zakat, once in a year you can give Setka once a week or once a month, you know, but really what defines a believer is their Salam like Are they praying five times a day every day? You know, it's this is the true test is your Salah. Yes, very true. The true test is Salah, because we have to read it so often. Only a person who is maintaining his level of faith increasing his level of faith constantly can enjoy salah and the one who's not working on

00:37:01--> 00:37:46

his Eman. What will happen eventually Salah will become boring, it will become like a chore. Salam Alaikum. Recently, we did a course a book with the stars, which the title of the book is something like the traps of shaytan how shaitan uses different different ways to trap us. And one of the things she said during the course was that all of us have 360 joints in our body. And every morning when we wake up sadaqa is due on each joint. And it's very hard for us to do 360 Different good deeds. So the one way that all of us can pay this saga is by bringing the two novel of the HA

00:37:47--> 00:37:50

and to knuffel up to her it really doesn't take that long.

00:37:51--> 00:38:27

It really doesn't. And make it a habit when you wake up in the morning these days because obviously you do sleep after fajr after some time. First of all, don't sleep immediately after further spend some time doing some dhikr making some door or reciting some Quran even if it's just for half an hour, and then go to sleep and then when you wake up and the sun has risen completely. Make sure that you perform to Neville Salah at least two if not four. And imagine it's like you've given Sadako for your entire body for every single joint of your body. This is the reward how many of us can afford to give this Metallica how many joints Do you have? By the way in your body? Not muscles,

00:38:27--> 00:38:47

joints, how many joints? Okay, whatever but many. Think about it in your hand only. How many joints Do you have? In your spine? Your leg, your arm, your neck, so many joints for every single one of them. It's as though you have given sadaqa

00:38:49--> 00:39:25

Silla Malika, I was thinking to share hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam I read it in Book of Al Barza you know that person when he entered the grave? The angel they asked him they want to question him the grave question they want to question him And subhanAllah Allah show him like the sun is setting and he said to the angel, wait, I need to pray hitting his in dunya and they tell him Subhanallah because he got the salad he went to Gardena grave also Salah if we got our salad. Then you shall we will go to the in Accra Shala who is the Salat will help us

00:39:26--> 00:39:28

to Sakina Hayden for the reminder

00:39:31--> 00:39:38

Subhana Subhanak hola homophobia Hamdi Kenisha de la ilaha illa Anta. Let's have a look at one or two we like a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh