Abdul Wahab Saleem – Embracing Quran #08 – The Day of Judgement Will Come All of a Sudden

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the actions of Islam's founder, Allah Subhanaw taala, during the recent death of Judith and his use of the blowing of a horn to tell people they will argue and dispute. The transcript also describes a scene where a woman promises to bring before them the Day of Jed, and a scene from the Bible where a woman promises to bring before them the Day of Jed. The segment also touches on upcoming events, including a call to refinancing Elana member Athena and a woman named Meetstown, and a call to a woman named Meetstown and another woman named Meetstown.
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100 allow salatu salam ala Rasulillah Welcome back to embracing Quran and we carry on with the deceit of Surah Yaseen Allah subhanaw taala says, We are all known as a metalhead and why do we include them saw the dean? And they're saying, When is this promise going to come in quantum sadati in if you oh people who are telling us of the Wrath of Allah, of the Promise of Allah, of the fact that Allah subhanaw taala can punish us for our negligence.

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When is it going to come if you happen to be truthful, bring it on. Ma young Verona, LLC hittin Wahida. Allah subhanaw taala takes up the response before Allah is speaking on the tongue of the people. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala says we're either feeling at home when it is said to them as if somebody else is speaking over here. But now because their challenge is so powerful. Their challenge is so full of arrogance, Allah takes up the response and Allah says, they're not going they're not waiting around for anything. All they're awaiting is one scream, because that's all it's going to take. There is one blowing the trumpet that will take every arrogance of theirs

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and shatter it apart. And that's called the Neff Ha, of a feather. That's called the blowing into the trumpet in which everything comes to an end. To who who or whom you can see moon, when this shout or scream occurs, it will completely cease them entirely in our entirety will homeo Hulsey Moon at that point, they will be arguing and disputing with one another, but Allah subhanaw taala will seize them all with one screen, that's all. That's all it will take. That's all it will take.

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So for Allah subhanaw taala, to bring this entire humanity to a halt. All it takes is one screen into a trumpet. And

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if you don't believe in that,

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then just believe in what Allah subhanaw taala did to humanity. In the recent years.

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Everything was going, as everybody had planned, everything was going as economists had anticipated, everything was going as all of the industries had thought everything was going as everybody that plans the global direction, had been planning, everything was going just like that. But then suddenly, there was a variable that no one thought about. And that was a small virus that the naked eye cannot even see. So Allah subhanaw taala took the entirety of humanity by surprise, and everything came to a screeching halt. This is a message from God, Allah is trying to tell you that I am powerful, no matter how much strength you have, remember there is someone superior to you, and

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that there is a body and entity there is God before you. There is God that is planning everything. And Allah has the ability to bring things to a halt if he so pleases, so he did that. And that should be a sign for you. And that should be enough of a reminder for you that Allah is capable of this. And Allah is telling these people the same thing. He's saying they're saying way up una Mata, that word, when is his promise of destruction coming? Tell us when it's coming because we're prepared for it. Allah says guys, all I have to do is one screen. My own Verona Ilsley Hetton Wahida

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that Hulu home and that one screen will cease all of them and they will be arguing and they will be bickering and they'll be disputing. Fella, you're still to your own, they'll see it.

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At that moment, they won't even have the time to be able to write their wills. Allah says what are either ally him your own, and nor will they have the ability to ever go back to their people as well. So when a person is dying, it's a moment where a lot of people they take the opportunity to write their wills, they've got you know, debts to pay off, they say take this asset liquidated, do this with that donate this and and so I don't have any responsibilities. I go back to Allah Nalli Allah it, I have no responsibilities that I have to bear, you know, on the Day of Judgment, nothing against me and nothing for me.

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But Allah says, when that screen comes when that trumpet is blown when that happens, they don't have time for that. You don't have time to write your wills. You don't have the ability to go back because that's it. That was the final moment and and you'd been given enough respite and time. Allah continues, and he says one over coffee will soon and then the Trumpet will be blown and yet again, for either hoomin Ajay, Daffy ADA or bohemian see rune then they will be coming out of the edge of death, they will be coming out of the graves. Now there are many words in the Arabic language for a grave among the words is another word that Allah will use very very soon after and that's the mark

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but the Mercado Al is

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A akhira is basically the grave and also another name for a grave as a cover as well. Another name is Jed death and this can also be pronounced Jeddah with a thought as well. And the word dread death, it literally means to dig, okay, so and dig with your hand and to poke a hole into the ground. So, when Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the trumpet being blown such that people will be coming out of their graves, Allah use the word uses the word Judith, because Judith means for, for dirt to be lifted, and when people are coming out of the graves, the dirt will be lifted. And that's why the appropriate word to be used over here is the word death. When you feel called for

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soon, and then the Trumpet will be blown for either one minute edge death, then suddenly all of the people who've been buried, they'll come out of these edge death, these graves that are slowly digging themselves up as people are ripping themselves out of the grapes, eat out of Bahamian saloon and they will be coming to God, they will be coming very hastily, they will be coming very rapidly and fast. And the word NASA like NC two has two meanings. One of them is from NASA which is which is procreating creation and progeny. And the other one is unnecessarily which means which which basically means for something to happen really fast. And so, Allah is using this word over here very

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account in a very calculated way just as any word in the Quran is used is used in a very calculated way, because they will be coming out of the graves and the graves will be ripping open so Allah is painting a picture and that will be happening happening very fast. And another thing that will happen is Allah subhanaw taala will send rain down and the earth will be kind of like impregnated, and people will be being reborn from these waves as well. So the word nessa is the most appropriate thing to mention how fast they will be coming out of the race because it also alludes to the fact that there'll be there'll be granted a rebirth almost by God as well.

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Eight out of the Himalayan sea rune call to Yahweh Elana member Athena, member Kadena and then these people will say, Yeah, where you lead. Oh, destruction be to us. Whoa to us, may we be destroyed? We feel so such pain and grief by seeing all of this chaos over here. Member I think I'm in my Kadena, who is the one who took us out of our deep sleep and our grave had the right man. And now a call or response that has been designated by Allah. He says this is what God had promised.

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But Allah is referred to as a rushed man over here, the most merciful, because despite all of the chaos on the Day of Judgment, that day of judgment, is going to be a day in which Allah will be very merciful to humanity. So Allah subhanaw taala allows this color to respond to these people who are coming out of the grave by saying this is the promise of the Most Merciful. This is the promise of the one who will have mercy on you today. How do I know what are the man and Allah always reminds us of the mercy when the day of judgment comes? And that's why he says I will cuyama evening and help Coolio man, what can a young woman handle caffine nasira but remember, for the disbelievers it's a

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hard day, the dominion on this day it will be for the man that ever Merciful but it will be a hard day for those people who disbelieve and that's why it's an opportunity for people who disbelieve to believe in God. My wife, man will solder call Musa Loon And he'll also say all of those prophets and messengers that were sent to you by God.

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They were all honest, and they were truthful and you didn't listen. While sadaqa Musa rune incarnate ill so hurtin Wahida it's just one blow of trumpet is just one shout in one screen. That's all it was one single shout and scream for either home Jimmy or Lena lagoon, and suddenly all of them they will be resurrected before us. And all of them will be brought and collected before us. If we go and flip the page, and we go to the last page.

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When did all of this conversation start? It started when Allah said 11 year old Latina Cobla whom Meenal Qurani unknown la Himalaya Jerome. Didn't they see how many people I had destroyed before them these people and they're not going to be returning back? What in Kulu lemme Jamia. Hola Dana, I'm Lauren. But the one thing that will be sure to happen is that on the Day of Judgment, every everyone will be brought before me God. Allah subhanaw taala sing, and then Allah gives you all the evidences of why there will be a day of judgment and why people will be collected before Allah on the Day of Judgment. Now after he's given all those evidences, and after he's had that conversation

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with the people who disbelieved ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, You know what guys all it will take his one scream

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And every one we will be recollected before Allah. Everyone will be resurrected before Allah. Everyone will be gathered before Allah philleo Mela Tulum, Western che, and today there will be no soul that will be harmed. There'll be no soul that we oppressed, there'll be no soul that will be that will go through learning, difficulty and trial and oppression. No one will go through that Wella to Zona Ilana quantum damage Oh, so neither will you be

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oppressed by God

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by being

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one voided of your good deeds, and nor will your evil deeds be misplaced, as well you will be held to account but Allah subhanaw taala may forgive you for your evil, that's a choice that Allah can make. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is ever Merciful, but Allah will not account you Allah will not take you to account for more than what you did in terms of evil. One or two Jonah Ilana quantum Tamar moon, and you will not be given Jezza and you will not be compensated, the Reckoning and the compensation and the recompensing that will only happen based on the actions that you had Allah Subhana Allah will bring the actions of other people and hold you to account. In this world.

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Sometimes you may have not committed a sin, but you may be held to account for it. You might have not done the crime, but you might end up doing the time on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala saying he's the one who gathers all the scrolls, he knows what his slaves are doing, who ILM who because he knows better of you. He knows exactly what you did, and what you didn't do. You don't have to tell them that Allah has account of everything he has angels will keep record. And those angels don't even need to keep record because Allah already has record. And Allah is the One who created you and the record as well and your action. So Allah subhanaw taala knows everything that's

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there. Allah doesn't need any information. So there's no way that Allah will treat you unjustly. That's what Allah is trying to tell you. The only reason why there's a record keeper is so you don't argue on the Day of Judgment. Well, now to Jonah Ilana quantum damage alone, so that Allah subhanaw taala said, and you will not be compensated except based on your actions. And right after Allah talks about the compensation on the day of judgment and the reckoning on the day of judgment in the recompensing on the Day of Judgment, Allah gets into the Day of Judgment itself. Allah talks about the two groups on the Day of Judgment. There's a group of people who will be in Jannah and Allah

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will speak of them as well. And there is another group of people who will be in hellfire Allah will speak of them, and then Allah will speak about how the hisab will take place. And all of that insha Allah will learn about in the next episode of the deceit of Saudi Arabia seen Kazakh Kamala hunting for listening while some Allahu Allah say you didn't know Hamilton was early he was IBH remain

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