Ajay Accepts Islam after asking, Is it Compulsory to Accept Islam for Entering Paradise?

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Marina J.

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Rosa has a question that is it compulsory to accept Islam to go to Jannah

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it is like asking that

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should I get good marks to pass the examination.

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If you want to pass the examination, you should minimum get passing marks

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as far as to go to Jannah. The criteria to go to Jana is mentioned in Surah. Al Azhar chapter 103 was number 123 says well as in Al Insana equals 11, Amanu, WA masala hottie whatever So, Bill Hackett was over Sabra. By the token of time, man is rarely in a state of loss, except those who are faith, those who have righteous deeds, those who exalt people to truth and those that got people to patient and perseverance for any human being to go to Jannah minimum four criteria required minimum first is having faith having a man any man will come believing in one God, believing masala so I'm in the last messenger, et cetera, et cetera. Second is righteous deeds. Besides having faith, Eman,

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Gala, righteous deeds, a Mullah salejaw

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The third is what there was so Bill hug, inviting people to throat and the fourth is inviting people to patient and perseverance for any human being to go to Jannah minimum four criteria is required. And if Allah wishes, he may forgive anything, but the sinner still can never forgive. ALLAH says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse 14, and is there any such April 4 116 That if Allah pleases He may forgive anything but the sin of Shigera never forgive for anyone who has committed sin. He has committed a Hindi effing Sheikh is a major thing. If you do hear that no chance of intervention at all, other than if Allah wishes he may forgive but for being sure that you go to Jannah minimum four

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criteria as required Eman, righteous deeds, exhorting people to the truth and exhorting people to patient persimmons Beisa mapset was Naja down do you want to enter Jana

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diamond yep go may ski level no Mera Dil Se will remain calm up but again Marcia

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wants to go to Jana and he wants to read the Kalama is anyone forcing you to accept Islam rather? You're gonna

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be in a

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very malleable economic pressure Nene name

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Caribbean a couple Yeah, subject Natasha Bhaskara Islam a miracle skillup

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Mashallah brother fee? That third good piece in Islam and in Islam there's only one God therefore he wants to accept up Monday Hey tabooed piracy gala de

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booth piracy.

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Up man Baker Muhammad salah, Salah, mockery, beggar Marie Muhammad Salah Salem, Mama Salah Salem pica, Maria La Monte man, Mashallah.

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So Angela Merkel, ma Palanga. Perabo, Dora, orange Allah midwifing Allah Medallia, yes, thank you. I shall do I shall do Hola. Hola, de la ilaha illa Allah illallah wa shadow. What should I do Anna anna muhammadan Mohammed Abu Abdu, what are solo, whereas Lu megawide data

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may go away they may go away data. A like a lava? A lackey? Ibaka koi Mabuni me or

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Muhammad, Muhammad? Allah Allah, Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah to escape and escape and they're all by Gamma Ray Ray Gamberi Mashallah.

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the brother wants to suggest a

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road pay gig number stay skilling, Mirko Ebola Niara. Again, I'm Debbie Mera naam Ajay Kumar, Ajay Kumar. Yeah. Bicep Yamaji kumara to my ha Co Op NAPCO Abdullah Abdullah medulla, the servant of God

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Abdullah servant of God or midwife Abdullah inshallah Allah Tala puja not Nephi for mine, Amin thank you I mean Abdullah dua manga in ski Jeanette Killa dua manga