Mohamad Baajour – AIM HIGH (The Story of The Old Woman From Bani Israil )

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The Hadith discusses hadiths and lessons from the Hadith, including a brother's football game and a woman named Moana. The importance of high and small satisfaction is also highlighted. A narrator recounts a story about Islam, including a woman who wants to use her body for a job and a man who wants to build a fence between his land and a neighbor's land. A woman sold his house for a tree and gave him a tree, but she refuses to give it.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Before we start, I just want to

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introduce you to a brother that you all know but maybe you forgot

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this is our beloved brother. I don't know if you remember that face on YouTube. brother Harry. He took shahada around October

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October in the gym, when we had the COVID and now his name is Hayden.

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And Haider.

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His background is Hindu. He's from Hyderabad, from from India, and hamdulillah bad Amin. He's a practicing lawyer in Los Angeles. He came for 24 hours. As a matter of fact he's leaving after Fisher straight back to the airport. So keep him in here. And may Allah make him a reason for others to enter the deen inshallah. Allah.

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So Allah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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what is Musa

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none of this one here Musa.

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Quick reminder Subhan Allah, especially I'm so happy Allah you don't know how I feel when I see our youth attending fish. It's a it's an amazing feeling amazing feeling. May Allah bless them and protect them.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Hadith isn't mustard Rachael Hakim and the Hadith saya Rasul Allah says salam.

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He visited a Bedouin in Arabi

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and Arabi honored Rasulillah Salam

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and took care of him and he was very hospitable.

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So as Rasul allah sallallahu Sallam leaving he said

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that couldn't fill Medina thena

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if you are ever in Medina

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visit us. So a few days later,

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this bedwin came to Medina and came to the city of LA Salallahu Salam, Salam wa sallam honored him reciprocated the hospitality.

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And then he said,

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Sal hydratech

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What do you want? Say whatever you want.

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So the man bedwin He said, Now cotton be roughly what Luzon Yeah, Alibaba Ali.

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Salam was very surprised.

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He said Sahaja tech is so again said no cotton Berala well as Antoine is on the Alibaba alley, I need a camel with a saddle and a few goats for my family to get some milk from

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sort of solace I said and said I just turned Hakuna Mithila Jews Bani Israel in

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Was it hard for you to ask what the old lady from Benissa eel asked for? So the Sahaba sitting down. They said you had a Salah What's the story of the old woman from Bani Israel? So Salah say salam said when Musa took bene Israel from Egypt to Sham and they were leaving, they were running away from crown. They get lost.

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They get lost. When they get lost. They will have bene Israel. Musa Islam she was wondering how can we get lost? So although the scholars have Benissa they said we know why we get lost. Because we promised use of Alayhis Salam we made the covenant to add with the use of Alayhis Salam that we do not leave Egypt except we take his body with us Ivana use of

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so he said where's the grave of use of? He said they told him nobody knows where the grave of use of except one old lady from Danny Israel, bring her.

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So the woman came

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Musa alayhis salam what is the grave use of

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Allah I'm not gonna tell you until you give me what I want

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at that teeny Hockney. The word hug me Subhanallah Annie, if you don't give me I'm going to stand in front of Allah and it hadn't been enough to use the word helped me said What is your condition? He said I want to be with you in Jannah

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That's what I said I'm narrating the Hadith. He said the curry ha Musa Dalek. Musa did not like the request. The anima said for many reasons. Number one, he does not Anjan he cannot see you Okay, yeah, Allah. And second. Any I'm asking for a small request. You want the company agenda for just an answer.

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But he said, also Allah subhanaw taala revealed to Musa tell her to hochma give her what she asked for.

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So he said, Where is the grave, she said, Come, she took them to a small pond, said take the water out, took the water out of the pond, they found the grave. They took the grave of Yusuf alayhi salam, And subhanAllah the Hadith ended. The path was muddy, it was lit and light lit up for them to see very clear how to go to Sham and Hadith ended like this. There are many lessons from from this hadith. Let's quickly inshallah first look at the flock of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when he visited somebody, he immediately asked them to visit them again. And

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the main lesson here is Allah will Hema

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is to aim high, and that's why I'm mentioning it because we have a lot of youth aim high. Allah subhanaw taala told us well lately either Yaksha one hurry either gentle. Well, my fella called Zakharova untha in Messiah comme la shatta. After Allah swore by the night, and swore by the day and swore by the creation of the male and the female. He said in this area comme la shatta, your goals, your aims, your efforts vary. Now when this when someone asks you, What do you want? You look at the person asking the request depends on who's asking. If a king came and asked you and he wants to offer you money, and the king asked you, you don't tell him give me $100 Right. The King is asking

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you asked for a million dollars. depends who's asking. So now what Allah Islam is asking you, yeah, Robbie.

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What do you want? Twice? He requested dunya matters. Rasulullah Salah was asking him at least Jana. ask Allah to forgive my sins. ask Allah to have mercy on me. Salah Salem, Mr. Jab, you tell me Give me a comment and a couple of hands like somebody asked you give me a car and a house. You had to ask us now. Okay, get out of Sula. I would like to have a house and a car Subhanallah this is exactly what the RRB did.

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Aiming High, aiming high for any I don't want to only come to Fisher I want to be from the first row.

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I don't want to just to

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read the Quran. I want to perfect reading the Quran. Aim High, and also in dunya matters that our children Subhanallah my young brothers are

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a young 1112 years old and we all know his story. He used to sit at the door for Salah Salem for one reason only Subhan Allah in case of Salah Salem get up in the middle of the night. And he wants water to make wudu Robbie is sitting there with the water. This is his job. Subhanallah so soulless, SLM, one night he gets out he's out of here Subhan Allah, Bobby I came and gave him after he finished. He told them the same statement. I don't know how lucky are these people who get that statement from Rasulillah Salam. He said, Sal hydratech What do you want to be?

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What do you want to be? In one narration 11 year old, you could imagine what would the 11 year old ask you right now.

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And the 11 year old you know what he said in one narration? Can I get back to you?

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11 year old he said can I get back to you?

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Because this is a golden opportunity. This is once in a lifetime Rasulullah sallallahu is asking you so the next day he came and said Rubia

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medica did you think about it?

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So we I said yes yeah Rasul Allah. I want your company in Jana.

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I want to accompany you in Jana.

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Is Derek anything else? said no. That's it.

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Imagine he asked him again. Aveda Delic anything else? So no, that's it sort of sorta said and said in the Delica. Because that is sujood

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helped me help you, like we say here. If you want that, then do a lot of social, which means do a lot of salaat. So if you noticed here, it's not like you ask and as soon as I said and said you got it? No, no, he you have to do something. He didn't tell him. I want your company in Ghana and he said, Okay, you got it. No, no, no. He said do something in order to serve to deserve my company in general. One last story about the same thing. Subhanallah which is the story of a man whom was want to build the fence between his land and the neighbor's land. As he's building the fence, a tree upon tree came up, right? And he asked the man to give him the palm tree so he could continue

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knew as far as the man refused, this man went to Rasul Allah Islam and he said, Yeah rasool Allah, I asked this man to give me the palm tree to sell me the palm tree. He doesn't want to give it and I cannot continue my fence. So there was also salam asked the man to come. And he said, give him the tree, and you have a tree in Ghana.

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You know what the man said?

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Give him the tree and you have a tree in Jannah. When you have a tree in Genoa does that mean that means you are in general?

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The man said, No. I suppose I said, I was very upset who was there? A man who knows how to aim high, a man who knows how to take advantage of an opportunity, I would that

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I would that went straight to the man. He said, You know, my Bustan, you know, my garden. He said, Who does not know your garden? It has 100 palm trees. Anyone who is here a palm tree, and 100 sources of income.

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Take all my Boosterthon and give me that tree.

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He's Allahu Akbar. Great deal. The man took the booster and gave him the tree. But that immediately went to the man and he said the tree is yours. And he went running Trishula cisilion era so Allah, I did this, this, this and that. Do I get a tree in Jannah?

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A tree in Jannah Sol Sol Sol Sol and set his famous statement can mean that if Kindra da da da, Phil Jana. How many fruitful branches to have with that data in Jana. Some of that went back and told his wife Yama, dada,

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get out.

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So what happened? He said I sold the pasta and I sold the garden. He said to who? He said to Allah. He said I'd be held bear luck. But look at this woman. What a great sale you have done. Imagine you got your wife right now. Get out. I sold the house. Have you been what's wrong with you? called the police. So

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Allahu Akbar what a great offer. What a great deal you have made. Yeah, with that. Look at the Subhanallah so yeah, one, the main story of Salah Salem. He was surprised with the request of the Arabi. So we ask ourselves, are we like the RRB? Or are we like the old woman of Bani Israel? May Allah make us from the people who always aim high. That's why rustlers SLM he told us when you asked for Jenna asked for

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for a dosage Allah. You know how many people she just want to

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be make right agenda to the door and that's it. That's all I want. You know, you have you know, Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, Ask for the full dose of Allah. When you ask Allah Moroccanoil for the dose will ALLAH ask Allah azza wa jal for everybody who's here everybody's watching us. May Allah bless us all with the full dose of Allah, Amin, amin, Subhana, Allah, masha Allah Allah, Allah and iStockphoto Corona to Bolick

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