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Allah Will Cut Ties If You Do This

Zahir Mahmood


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And whoever service kinship, whoever service relationships, then let him know that I was aware my relationship with him.

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The borough's Allah Salam said that Allah says, I am a man.

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I am the man, the Merciful beneficence and I have created kinship. kinship in Arabic is known as the Rahim. Rahim from my own name.

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Family kinship is made from the name of Allah, and is no Allah from Brahman, the beneficence

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and then Allah says,

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Whoever joins kinship, I will join with him.

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And whoever surveys kinship, whoever surveys relationships, then let him know that I will survive my relationship with him.

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I say I let him know that I will somewhere my relationship with him.

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Imagine what relationship is greater than a child relationship with the father or the mother.

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And this is proverbs I really, I really want to change our perception on this.

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Even if you have a family member or even a close family member, many go through divorces. But you have to be just to that child. It's a proven that children who are deprived from one of their parents says statistics. They say not so well at school.

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Crime, they're more prone to crime. They're more prone to you know, behavioral issues, everything. Why? Because I only have you deprived that child of its father or its mother, but all the extended family as well.

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All the uncles and Auntie's