Harmony between the Material and Spiritual World

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And hamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva La Mata Mata Mata Yola, katabatic Italia kitabi when I Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Ada COVID is

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Fanta Shiro fill out the water hoomin fatherly said a colloquialism.

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My dear respected elders and brothers Today's the first Juma after Ramadan Mubarak. And there is no doubt that in Ramadan, there was a spiritual energy, there was a spiritual environment that can never be regained after Ramadan. Actually, you can actually feel the environment, it's absolutely palpable here today, compared to the environment that was in Ramadan, we can actually feel that that environment that was in Ramadan is not there today. And while we might say that and it's a reality, we still have to continue to comply with the commands of Allah in all walks of life. In Islam, there is no dichotomy between the spiritual and the mundane between the dunya and the asset. And we this

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is all one you know, Dean is Dean, religion is religion, in Islam, even dounia and world becomes Dean with a correct intention. And with a correct method, Islam men, accurate or rowhani yet, or dunya we are Kukui dunya McCartney, we find today in this world many times, it happens like this, that those who are in the world, when they are in grace in this material world, they forget religion. Religion plays no part in the life and those who many times are in religion, not always, in the true sense of the word is not supposed to be like that. But many times those who are in religion, they forget the worldly responsibility. Board Mathias say what the heck, Eva Ashima

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Snowdonia Mei Jin lagopus dunya which is here What didn't say door or Jin dough dinar kehlata waka socket apne dunya Cindy Jericho, Brunei better. Audrina who said, Ramesh or doretta applies in Morocco I was put on a carton. Now we find that even in the previous world, people had created this dichotomy. This was the world This was the Mark Twain it said East East West is West in the twain shall never meet in the ancient world and maybe perhaps in pockets of the modern world. You found that many times people felt the only way to come closer towards Almighty Allah is to stay away from this world. Many times people head this the only way to stay away from or to come close to Allah is

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to stay away from the material world you find in Christianity, the monasticism and then you find amongst Hindu monks and Buddhist monks who stayed away from all aspects of dunya you know, God cinecon A Kaka gjennom Allah tala cerca de bajo la Santa Jakob hamdu dunya Segura. Now there is no joy left in life after that. What joy is there in life in a person stays away from the halaal and legitimate pleasures of this world. Now therefore natella in the Holy Quran has told us

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de la cuchara motivasi mahalo Lola come, oh believers to not make Haram. The worldly pleasures that take you back. The wonderful pleasures the halaal pleasures which Allah has made halaal for you a letter and say stay away from this worldly pleasures, and then a yakka Hey, Joe dounia we cheese Joe halali Dora na, and Anita Cusco haram carto Why do you make it around? Yeah, you and me You live up to Halima Hannah Luna, why do you make her Ah, but Allah has made Allah. So there are those people who felt the only way to come closer to Allah is to stay away from this material world. On the other hand, you found the other extreme, you find that which has been perhaps encapsulated and manifested

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by the western civilization, who fell there The only thing you must do in this world today

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Is that you must have dunya without dunya there is no joy. There is no pleasure there is no life there is no ambition there is no desire. They have said the only thing is only dunya in here in La Jolla tuna dunya Nevada hamanaka Poussin says Allah in the Quran, the mindset is, we only have this dunya we do not live in it, there is no accurate there is no resurrection, there is no accountability. That is also something that all upon humanity by this is to is to manifest for us to describe what has happened to this world. Everything is only dunya. What has happened is we have taken away spirituality we have taken away mortality, we have taken away ethics, people make jokes

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with regard to it. Sometimes people say, you know, my wallet is like an onion. Every time I open it, I cry. There is no money. Sometimes people say, you know people tell me after I've done good to them, you have done so much good to us. We don't know how to repay you, as if they never heard about money. You know, so everyone people only looks upon money is the only way for a person success. People have made this into a situation and we find this

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many times in the way the western civilization has put it in Islam. We find that this is not the way Islam has taught us the right balance. Islamic said no, no. material world is not everything. The material world is not everything Allah tala warns us about being too engrossed in this material world. Well, Mahajan, Hayato dunya Illa, Allah,

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Allah Allah says this material world is amusement and play, you know, inhale don't don't regard it as your actual you know, get your actual objective in the 28 CFR 37 support of the Holy Quran in surah Hadi most beautiful description of this material world he Allahu Allah Hayato dunia Allah, Allah was enough to what the

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what the Catherine family will Allah three phases Allah makes mention and listen to this brothers. Allah says know that this material world is entertainment and amusement. Well Am I right? In the Tafseer of this, that this is the stage in our youth. I'm Giovanni Giovanni Mata Calle code, a llama animal Daniela Eva, we only worried about amusement entertainment playing playing games on the phone, smartphone all the time. Nowadays elders also playing games on the smartphone

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to Daniela was ina to what

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Then comes a time adornment zerah to waterfox Rubina calm and competing with one another with regard to your possessions. Now, what happens after you are middle aged after you get married what happens? Now, you know more so much inclined towards amusement and play in games. Now, in your middle age, what happens is you start taking pride in your possessions and your clothes and your car, look at the people who are middle aged how they are competing with one another you got this guy got this guy, you got a mug I got a BMW i got i got a Porsche. So, see the two whatever

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Then comes a time with a Catherine film Hollywood Ola, then comes a time you take pride in the amount of wealth and children that we have. Now when you got when you old what happens now, when you become old This is now you are saying tomorrow

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look at my son how he is look at my grandson. Now what occurred through film was this is the reality of this world.

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Ebola was in a

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watarrka through family whether or not this is the reality of a human beings life. The three phase after that what happened you go into the cover. But this Allah tala warns us with regard to it. Let me saucer make dua that Allah Akbar Amina

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Amina La Jolla Tomatina Allah don't make this material world the be all and end all of our life now

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Amina do not make it the be all and end all. Allow monotony Tanya bara homina Mala Mala elmyra to not make it the reason why we gain knowledge. Today everyone by and large is gaining knowledge how much money I'm going to make. My degree in my profession, how much I'm going to earn. I think it is a tragedy that we choose our professions on the basis of how much money you're gonna make. Choose your profession because of your passion. You want to do something with your life. You want to serve people you want to make it make a change in people's life in your life. When I was at Illumina via Tara, Bettina don't make this material world the end of all your desires. This is Marisa slums da

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Subhana Allah so this is the way we are so Islam on one hand is do not say that you

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was make this material and everything. On the other hand he did not say that forsake this material world. It did not say stay away from this material world. Islam has taught us Islam does not approve of monasticism, Islam robatayaki harmony, Islam didn't say that you must stay away from this legitimate pleasures of this material world. He does tell us he does not tell us to permanently isolate ourselves from this material world, the pleasures and from material and worldly responsibilities. It does tell us to take periodic breaks from the material world. Listen to what I'm saying. He does not tell you to stay away from the world. It does not tell you to stay away from

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worldly responsibilities. It tells you to take periodic breaks why you take that periodic breaks I will come back to tell you why you take it so now for example richardo luckily he tiara to one obey and decree law economist Salah eater is we take we take periodic breaks, Islam nicaya can walk them for walk them up near dunya accept. More Nika subak dana data khemka hamara Salim t Han na can dunya Sephora mucho Jai or dunya se Dora, Amara Celine Dion. Yay. Dunya marakkar and Nakia ma dhamaka poppin Hawker. That is a reality. We must stay in this world and do a Nautilus command. It doesn't tell us tell you stay away from this world and only responsibilities. So for example, take a

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periodic break time of namaz calm you stay away beleived Numero Uno. So once once you went into the marketplaces, the moment Zoho Roseanne came, people started going towards the masjid. He said Subhana Allah. This is about what Allah tala says in the Quran. region will not will he him try to obey and decree law.

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These are the people who don't allow the material wealth when it Chara, they don't allow the teacher to divert them from remembering Allah and from performing so that we take periodic breaks from our worldly things. We don't cut ourselves off. And then of course, we find in Ramadan that's what we did. In Africa, for example, people who said they took a periodic break from the worldly responsibilities from the worldly pleasures to set in the houses of Allah to gain the pleasure of Almighty Allah and they get the clear clear closeness to Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala so we take periodic breaks to strengthen us and this worldly responsibilities is part of our team idiota

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cemetery Hey, what did he say? What a beautiful example has been made mentioned in one of the incidents and manifest Sylvia Lozano was paired with

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Dr. de la. So when they were paired together in me salsa made them brothers. So Salim is a manufacturer of gelatin went to the house of a good dub dub. When he came to the house he was shocked. The house was untidy, it was not kept clean.

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This was before Partha

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cam came in the fourth year after his re Hitler took place first second, he maybe saw some paid the Mahajan answer. So midata in shabby clothes, absolutely shabby clothes, not worried about appearance. Some Mufasa said Amita What is this? Why are you staying like this? Look at your house. Look at your appearance. She said Your brother

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has no desire of this world.

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Why must I dress myself up? Why must I look after the house? He has got absolutely no inclination to this world.

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So then at the time of eating came, she presented the food because now some nfrc is a visitor or she's part of that. He told someone Farsi Kala Buddha let us speak I got Rosa. So submanifolds He said, I won't eat until you also eat. So sermanni Farsi raviolo Newtonian this, a Buddha broke his Rosa and he ate with him. At the time of the after Isha. He said, allow me I'm going to pray the whole night. So many Pharisees said no, you can pray. You sit here with me. And you sleep for a while. And then you get up and then you can make it and go make it you know? And then he said no, I want to pray. I said no. You sit here till you sit with me. You rest a little while you go and sit

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with your family and then you pray the hatred towards the latter portion of the night. And then the next morning. The next morning both of them went to Nivea cream sauce. Listen to this brothers. Both of them went to nemea creme de la jolla Salem when they went to Nivea cream sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We saw Sam heard both of the views. Do you know now you and I would say that No, nobody saw slim would have given a decision in favor of a Buddha that he wanted to spend the entire night.

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Anybody that we saw silom gave a decision in favor of salmaan FRC and you know what he said? He said, Oh, I'm

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in le de Nikolic, Huck manikarnika, Minnesota konica. And all our mu delta. Your Dean has a right upon you. Your wife has a right upon you. Your wealth has right upon you. The dunya has right upon you.

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This is what it is you have to do. This is what Islam is all about. It's not sitting in one corner of the masjid and not going out and doing your dunya work it is yes. Now maybe give you an example. Our alumni have it written. There are two types of the budget directly and indirectly budget but a harass a keyboard or a joy ibaadat Banta Nia Casa also hidden hatch carnitas at one is a directly about it, which is like our namaaz zeker, our tilawat etc. These are something that we know as directly about it right now directly but it is everyone knows it. It is something that we can understand it and that Allah tells us a female Salah, establish your Salah, there are so many

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rewards with regard to the budget that I don't need to tell you, but everyone knows about it, then you have indirect about it. Now, what is indirectly about it understand this indirectly budget is our mundane activities, what we will call worldly activities,

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which can become a bar that was correct intention, correct method of doing it. But I harass about it knee, those things are not directly about it. But they become about it with the correct intention and the correct method of doing it. Right. Understand that like for example, we are going for a job, we are going to open up our business. Now why are you going to open up your business? Where are you going for a job, you can go for a job because I want money to keep up with the Joneses. I also want the luxury things of life. Other people got the luxury things of life, I see that the disbelievers living I also want to live in that particular way. And I want money to be able to enjoy myself you

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feel that money will give you pleasure, when it will give you pleasure not is a different matter. I'm just saying that how people think that is one way. If you start doing your business and you do your halaal risk because of that, there is no there is no reward. But sometimes you say no, I am going to go and fulfill my worldly responsibilities. I am going to open up my business. I am going for a job because I have to fulfill responsibility of looking after my children and to looking after my myself and not making myself dependent upon other people. I'm doing it because the sooner that nummy sauce limited, tolerable halali for either one bottle for either to acquire halaal risk is a

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religious obligation after namaz after Zakat after Ramadan, and it is a religious obligation. And then when you do it, you do it correctly. You do it correctly. You do it according to the Sharia. You make your businesses according to Islam, you make your you're going in a path of power you bring in the path of risk sake English, according to Islam according to what the Quran is said according to the Sharia, that becomes deal. So we see now these directly and indirectly by the directly but our Salah zeker to our soccer so for example, and indirectly but not only I'm talking about the seeking Hilary's sleeping one is your sleep because I have to sleep everyone has to sleep I'm number

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one is to sleep, I will gain strength when I will sleep according to the Sharia according to the Sunnah when I sleep I will take a last name when I get up I will be left Manila Isla de Nevada Montana I will gain strength to be able to fulfill my commands to Allah tala to be able to fulfill my responsibility towards my family. Now that sleeping becomes an hour on Am I right? Right this remember this we gain

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strength from our direct ibaadat.

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And then that strength we gain from our directly but we bring it into play into our indirect evidence that those mundane activities we make it into Dean we make it with a correct intention and we make it according to the commands of Allah. So the strength we have gained in Ramadan through the means of our director but now we use that spiritual strength to be able to make our dunya de that spiritual energy we gain from Ramadan we utilize it to make our in direct our mundane activities into the world.

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Nita Johanna from Zambia hustle Chi Cusco Laker Abuja Machado or dunya codina now, that is the reality. Let me give you two examples from the Quran. Allah Allah in the Holy Quran says for either for fun sub

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two examples I will give you one is that you I in Indonesia then you come to the no dichotomy between Deen and dunya Allah Allah tells maybe sauce alum and by extension as when you have fulfill your responsibilities, although nobody saw some responsibility we're we're Africa responsibility for either for After you have completed your responsibility, die yourself exert yourself in Arabic Africa by devoting yourself to Allah apne dunya becomes a foreign worker Allah tala kita for GA. When you fulfill your responsibility now turn to Allah. When you have fulfilled you are now you have done your Tanya. Yes. Now turn towards Allah and the word use paisa for after fun sub sub means tire

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yourself, exert yourself in remembering Allah. Now this is one side of the argument. Now look at the other side.

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I read this at the beginning fader qulaity Salatu fantasio there was one Sahabi I think his name was a bad bit Moloch after Juma when he used to come out of the masjid after Juma he used to say these words allow my indie adapt to that what was selected for erotica.

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And when a shark to come I'm attorney for soup nine for a supplement fabric for in the cafe Rosicky What a beautiful door and what a beautiful harmony between the spiritual and the mundane over now I have responded to your call what was a call

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for Elektra says either no deal is Fatima yo Mel Giamatti. First Oh Isla de la. Oh believers when you are called for Juma go and perform your salad. Right? Oh Allah I have responded to your commands. I have performed Joomla salad. Right now remember that for either positi salad now Oh Allah, I have facility for erotica. I have done my era. And I am now going out into the world the way you commanded me to do so. Failure to do that when you finish your salad, go into the world and seek risk. So Allah I have fulfilled your freedom to come to perform tomorrow. After Tomorrow I am going out now into the world the way you commanded me to ask for

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Allah grant me this because you are the best who can grant this there is no other Islam. There is no other ideology. There is no other religion that teaches us this harmony that teaches us the most beautiful fusion between the spiritual and the multi. Let me say that again. So that we can get the right balance along mainly can adapt to the Kabbalah we have responded to your call, if you told us to come for tomorrow. Either no deal is salata, Miyamoto Mufasa Villa de la we have done so well Selita farinata we have we have performed our Juma when I shot to come Amati after to my you told us fun tissue filler go into the earth and go and seek Hello risk. Now we are going out into the earth

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seeking classes for acne for in the recipe or the grant has allowed risk because you are the best who grant as this. May Allah give us this beautiful balance and keep us both towards the deal. And doing dounia according to the commands of Allah was the one and